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Senator Slams Democrats & Welfare As He Dramatically Switches Parties

Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory (R-Opelousas) explains why he recently switched from the Democrat Party to the Republican Party. He discusses the history of the Republican Party, founded as an Abolitionist Movement in 1854. Guillory talks about how the welfare state is only a mechanism for politicians to control the black community.

  • marineh2ominer

    Don’t ever tell me that black men are intellectually inferior to white men , this black man is more intelligent than every white man in both parties that can’t see through the racism and all other evils in the democratic party . Senator Guillory , you sir are a rarity today , no, not just because you have seen through the democratic veil of hypocracy , but because of your patriotism and courage to make the move and to explain to everyone why it is necessary . Thank You SIR !

    • Kimbo

      You sir haven’t been paying attention. This has been said for over a decade. More recently, ever heard of Allen West?

      • rosech

        It can never be repeated enough. When I started teaching, you had to repeat something 7 times so students would get it. Today, with TV and cellphones, it is something like 50 times, so this is just another repeat on the way to freedom. Hope a lot of whites are listening too. Slavery and serfdom is this administration’s goal, but we can stop it.

      • SoCal-Ex Dem

        The difference is West was never a Democrat. He has always been a Patriot.

    • elmcqueen3

      Martin Luther King saw the same debachery amongst the Democrat Party and he wanted no part of their deceit, treachery and lies…This is why he chose to be a Republican!

      • Daniel Spickard

        Exactly! Obama isn’t for the democratic party, he’s for the communist party! Let’s see his own people throw him over the cliff!

        • Tess

          Amen to that. We have to get rid of Obama and moochelle, the only big spenders this country ever have trying to get every opportunity while they are in power. Spend and spend while the whole country is in financial trouble.

          • Baliwick

            Obama is not, and has never been, an American – much less an American Black Man. He’s an effeminate Marxist Narcissist who was brought up in Indonesian and Hawaii at the best private (White) schools. There is nothing past or present that connects him to Black America except for the vicious racism of the Democratic party.

          • DeadRight

            He is the first affirmative-action president. It is weird how the media keeps encouraging him along like a little kid with low self-esteem that needs to be coddled every step of the way.

          • WarinaBuffetina2

            Your wording was excellent and true. But there is no need to refer to Obama’s schools as “white”. Obama lived all his formative years in a highly mixed race culture. It was ONLY when he needed to energize the black vote that he began to draw on White-verses-Black issues, and say that HE was treated as a second-class citizen for not being 100% white. This turned out to be a dandy political trick that pulled in about 96% of the gullible black vote because it made them think O. was an American BLACK — not an Indonesian Muslim.

          • AMERICAN

            They should be in jail just for that.

        • Chuck

          Obama is a radical socialist destroying America piece by piece and none of the wise people in Congress will lift a serious finger to stop him. The fact that he is still in office can be attributed to the intimidated T Party hot heads whose bite proved to be almost non-existant.

          • stonemike

            Nonsense, if the “criminal obammi Administration had not been allowed to target TEA PARTY ACTIVISTS through every “two-bit ” govt agency for years, they and their supporters would have been a great force in the last election, just as they were in the previous “midterms’! You must have been raised in a convent if you consider the Tea Party actions to be “unaccepably HOT HEADED, it is “militant progressivism’ that is an aggressor toward free people , and have every ability to imprison and kill free Americans!

      • Apolloone

        Being a Republican doesn’t automatically make one a champion of the Constitution and espouse Conservative Values John McCain and his ilk are prime examples of this and then we have the Carl Roves who think that the government, should be for the Rich and Multinational Corporations and the heck with the small business people and the non-rich , I’m glad that Senator Guillory has jumped ship so to speak and is sincere about his reasons as some are questioning. It seems to me his chances of being re-elected as a Democrat would be better than doing it as a Republican. I believe it is going to take a long time to reverse what the Democrat Party has done to this country if it can be reversed, time is also crucial, we have a dictator now, and he is getting away with things that are scary, our government schools have literally dumbed down this country thanks to a gift from President Jimmy Marxist Carter a Democrat who’s gift was the Department of Education (1980). Now the Communists
        were free to feed our youth all their propaganda

    • craig

      I hope other’s in the black community get behind this true leader of men …they don’t come along very often.

      • Tess

        I hope so, too. He made a right decision. God bless him.

      • mogul264

        Unfortunately, many blacks will STILL condemn him as an “Uncle Tom” or such! Others will be jealous of his successful conversion, and for showing up their chosen Dummycrap party for the elitist liberal and Communist organization that it is!

    • Daniel Spickard

      You’d better get your head out of your ass, and open your eyes! Why do you think every democrat is starting to jump ship? It’s because they don’t want to go down with Obama! Let’s wait and see what the eleventh hour brings.

      • teddie77


      • ratdeb

        “every democrat is starting to jump ship” – really? Can you back this amazing claim up with some evidence?

        • Ryan

          Bill Clintonlmao

    • teddie77

      What? And he just found that all out when Dems are being clobbered? Come on

    • G W

      Brother don’t ever accept another racist lie (black or white) which calls anybody inferior to another because of the color of their skin. It is a man’s philosophy of life which determines whether the man lives a inferior or superior lifestyle. Senator Guillory is a very intelligent man, a Christian and a Patriot. As a side note his race is black. I see him as a fellow American.

    • TAM44

      Seems like you just blew off all those years he lived and breathed the DEMONCRAT partys BS. So I can only say that he just moved to the RINO party as they are just as bad. We have very few conservatives fighting for our rights and who love this country and our constitution.

    • vinagaroon

      I agree, it is not race that is the problem , it’s culture. The culture of the lowlife gangsta, violent rap, etc. that is keeping many Blacks from moving up. The culture that call successful Blacks sellouts and Uncle Toms. And the lying, hypocritical, traitorous White liberal.

  • David

    Well Said!

  • 13th Floor Looking Out

    This is a man who truly knows what it means to be “free” and has unshackled himself from the democratic party and their plantation.

  • DebraJMSmith

    That made me cry.

  • Take 2

    I will tell you that with 97% of black men voting for 1/2 Black Obama who is intellectually brainwashed by inferior black social justice thinking black men has lowered the Martin Luther King jr bar below zero.

    • katjan68

      They don’t even have to vote, the party will do it for them

    • rosech

      Obama is 50% white, 40+ %Arab and a scant 6+% black. If you compare his features with an Arab or a true black man, the difference is obvious. O as a divider has worked well. Let’s hope this video is shown everywhere where blacks have been and are still being held back by the Democrats – their areas known for crime, poverty, poor education, and now Detroit in bankruptcy. They should all go and sign up as Repubs!

      • Take 2

        What? I have worked in east, Africa. The Obama roots are black east, African tribe…that most at some point came South by South east from Egypt via the rift Valley or were shipped via Oman etc.,

        A lot of Africans are Islamist because of the slave and spice trading with Arab Countries. Unlike most black Americans are % Native Indians – Mexican and Sub Saharan African/White. Obama’s black roots is or are from an actual African tribe… You know – Huts and Witch doctors and that captured and sold black slaves to the NORTH. Very few Black Americans roots are from AFRICA.

  • robocop33

    Too bad this man is not the State Senator! He is very intelligent and is using his head. Thank you Senator for being a outspoken man who is not afraid to talk about the facts.

    • teddie77

      Why now? Why not 5 yrs ago? Why not 10 yrs ago? or 20 or 30? Dems & BO are on the Titanic & he’s saving his job. How many times did Spector jump?


    Here! Here! What ballz he has!!! This man is truly there for the People…

  • Shelley Squires

    Amen! Hope this video reaches the people who need to watch it.

  • servant1jkb

    You have made in this video a very important statement, one that makes me to proudly say I too am an American! May I say welcome to the Party of reality? WELCOME SIR!

  • Joanne Christie

    Sir, You nailed it. Wake Up Black Community.

    • hescmbk

      We are all Americans’ the Black/White…We have as many Black friends as White friends…Someone started that, about racist deal, just to get people upset…It is NOT working..

      • Joanne Christie

        True, Thank You for your insight. It’s not about color…This ADM has made this about the color of your skin. BO is the one w. the problem. I know many intelligent people & I don’t look at their color or heritage.

    • teddie77

      Why did he just wake up, he’s lived along time and he just realized this? Or he doesn’t want to go down w/ BO?
      What he’s saying is true, but it has been true 5 yrs ago also

      • Joanne Christie

        True!! Good Point.

  • tt82

    I have seen where people are quick to welcome him and i think they should use extreem caution because of these words. Barrack the fraud obama. We can hardly count on the repubs in there now but we are supposed to welcome someone that changes all of a sudden. Could it be because the dumbocrates are in scandle after scandle and their will be an election soon. Don’t welcome him so quickly people, that’s what got us in this mess.

    • craig

      We can’t start to foresee the worst in men.. when now at this very time we need the best.

  • Erin Jenkinson

    Why isn’t THIS man our President? This is a man I could lay down my life for.

  • Greg

    We need more of this.

  • iamcurious

    Thank God for every tiny gain. This senator has escaped the yoke of oppression of the leftist camp!

  • craig

    THANK YOU ELBERT GUILLORY ..AND THANK GOD FOR THIS MAN’S WISDOM …ELBERT has done more for our black brothers than many could understand, let’s hope and pray other’s do what is right for our black community …thank you JESUS !!

  • Antimo

    I would vote for him if he was to run for president of the USA

  • Gee

    As the black leadership starts to wake up the black community our only hope is the wakeup call will spill over into fast asleep white community.

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    The Man deserves a 10 on a scale of 1 to 5.

    I hope this video goes through every inner city neighborhood regardless of race.

    • teddie77

      And he’s so smart he just now figured it out. Come on

  • DonHo

    Very well said Senator maybe some will open up their eyes and not be so blinded by the DEMS

  • don

    You have my backing, Brother Guillory!

  • Old1946vet

    Wow! This man is USING HISTORY! It was the Demon crat party that was ready to LET the south KEEP slavery, IF their man, Maclellan was to be elected over
    Abe Lincoln. It was the SOUTHERN DEMON CRATS that contolled the south. Some how, the people have been believing that the Demons are NOT racists. Just take a hard look at the cities that are locked by the Demon Party and catch up how these Demon STRONG HOLDS NEVER GET BETTER. The people are frightened into just keep voting Demon or they will lose their “their good life” that is given to them. The people just “stay” in their daily struggles, I am glad to see that some people are removing the blinders and seeing what is really going on!

  • Greg

    Powerful. Clear. Compelling. Thank You, Sir.

  • EHeassler_USNRet

    God Bless You Sir. You have eloquently stated what many of us have believed for a long time but have been belittled by MSM and the so called intelligentsia for it. I hope more people follow your clear thinking lead and investigate the truth behind our history without the political spin of historical revisionists.

  • hescmbk

    Thank you Senator Guillory, Wish you would run for Pres. You and Mr. Herman Cain are honest and truthful…The Liberals told a lot of untruth about Mr. Cain. That was a shame too, He would have been a great Pres…A lot more caring about ‘We The People’ and our America than Obama..

  • Sunshine Kid

    Every once in a while a Democrat switches to being a Republican. How many Republicans have switched to being a Democrat (other than admitting or not admitting to being a Republican in name only)? This should show where socialists are getting their eyes opened.

  • Sunshine Kid

    What’s the bet that the Republicans nominate this man to run as their candidate for President? They did it with Ronald Reagan, so . . . .

  • D. Guardian

    …..why did it take so long for him to come out with the truth?…

    • rosech

      Some people are slow learners and perhaps he also saw the writing on the wall if he wanted to be in Congress and move forward.

  • rosech

    Allen West, Martin Luther King, okay, but this man is a lesser power than the foregoing and I think his word will resonate much more. Hopefully, this video will reach millions of blacks who not only wn but need freedom to take responsibility for themselves and will help us free America from tyranny of this administration and open up the real opportunities for all of us. Glad to see the South electing intelligent and responsible blacks into office, but hopefully not the Chicago type of blacks!

  • mayeeden

    Bravo for this brave man and American.

  • Al C

    I feel that if you switch parties mid stream you should also lose your job. I dont think its not right to do that to the people that voted you in.

  • Richard Gibbard

    The video didn’t work for me. Is this guy a state or US senator?

    • Truth goes 100 MPH


  • mari

    The truth spoken with clarity and sincerity is so freeing. Thank you for stating clearly your reasons for change, it gives me hope that the blinders will be removed and the shackles will break open and the black community (and women, visitors, self-hating whites, and young people) will wake up and use reason to make decisions. It is not that the Republican party is perfect, it’s not, but there is not the subterfuge that you find in the Democrat party.

  • Daniel Spickard

    let’s see how many more democrats jump ship. They’re all jumping ship like Obama has the plaque. Let’s see how many jump before Obama care implodes in on itself and takes the whole democratic party with it!

  • BORN DEC. 16 (Tea Party Day)

    I commend the Senator for having the courage to speak the truth, despite the backlash he is bound to incur. He is why we are “The Home of the Brave”.

  • jb80538

    Read the book…”Scam” written by Rev Jesse Lee Peterson. “how the black leadership EXPLOITS black America…It will confirm everything this man said!

  • Bob Harrison

    THAT! is how you deliver a pro-Freedom speech! Brilliant, sir. And thank you for such a kind, persuasive talk.

  • peteyone

    Thank you Senator for seeing the truth! The Democrats have lied for decades about what they’ll do for black America and they still vote for them with all their broken promises! Welcome and good luck!

  • glop

    Very well spoken. However, I wonder why he was a Democrat in the first place. Glad he has seen the light and hope many listen and do something about it.

  • trader-bob

    I would Say HIP HIP Hooray!! This man is who Martin Luther King spoke of when he said; “Judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin” Thank YOU, SIR! PS you going to run in 2016??

  • Cuz

    All America should here your speech delivered and true. Thank you sir.

  • MalikTous

    Someone grew some brain cells and switched from Communist to Repub. Sounds like a good reason to celebrate, especially if it stalls more BHO treason.

  • Donald York

    This is all we’re saying. Thank you Senator Guillory. After this confession, would you please join us in the Tea Party?

  • Dan Williams

    We need more of them to see the light, to start thinking for themselves and make the paradigm shift!

  • hibp

    wow, I have a new hero. I will stand by and WITH this man. Think of the greatness – this Senator, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Star Parker, Mia Love, Tim Scott. so many great leaders to stand with!

    • Steve

      I agree with all that you mentioned.

    • Drosack


  • ste1021

    Of course other blacks will crucify him for leaving the plantation. There is no hope for the black community

  • Kurt

    Wow! This man should run for president! How inspiring.

  • Steve

    OMG another black conservative…welcome on board!

  • Thomas

    Hey people, this isn’t a racial issue, this is an issue of truth. I am thrilled when anyone espouses the truth, especially in a city where I have personally seen Democrat driven shuttle buses offer a carton of cigarets to ride with them to the polling station. That is how the unknown Mary Landreau became Senator. Of course they didn’t tell them who to vote for. They just told them who provided the cigarets. No influence there. Their claim was that they were just getting out the vote. It isn’t about race, it is about backbone. I am tired of Republicans in sheepish clothing. More Rick Perrys and less Blumbergs and Christie’s. Welcome aboard Mr. Senator. I hope to see more of you in the future.

  • scottrose

    The Louisiana Democratic Party today wished Elbert Guillory a fond farewell as the former Republican returned to the Party of scandal-plagued Bobby Jindal and Tea Party extremists that have opposed equal pay for women and expanded access to health insurance for working families.

    “In a craven display of political opportunism, Elbert Guillory today rejoined the Party that has stood with Bobby Jindal’s failed policies and against the working families of Acadiana,” said Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director Stephen Handwerk. “This move isn’t surprising given Guillory’s record of saying one thing to his constituents and then voting another way.

    “The people of the 24th Senate District deserve better than Elbert Guillory. He should do the right thing and step down from his seat immediately since he has chosen to abandon the Democratic Party values that the voters elected him to represent.”

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Hey Obama: Aren’t you supposed to be sleeping? Isn’t that what you were supposedly doing while “Benghazi” was going down? Does the truth burn your butt so much that you will attack this man? Pick up your Obamaphone and call yourself. I will wager your portfolio is far larger than your sense of decency.

  • Remington


  • Drosack

    This is one of the smartest men I have ever heard. God bless you, some faith has been restored.

  • Drosack

    The truth and nothing but the whole truth. It shall set you free!!!!

  • patricia

    I am grateful that there are those who actually realize that it was the Republican party who fought for the blacks—also, for women’s rights to vote etc.-do your homework dems. I want to choose my own charities (and although I am not rich-I have several that I support)-I don’t want the government choosing them for me.

  • Paul

    God bless sir ! The truth shall setyou free ! Amen

  • Blomsoy

    Now we need to see how he votes on all issues.

  • Paul Brown

    Now this is one very smart man, and if he wanted to, I would follow this guy right to the white house.

  • DAY8293A


  • Kenneth Bowman

    Another one sees the LIGHT! GOOD! LIEberals have been USING Black Folks for generations fooling them into a form of SLAVERY that keeps them in perpetual poverty. This man finally woke up to see what is going on.

    • TLady62

      …If more of us would wake up!

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    The Republican party must welcome such a man! Like other Black Democrats who have stepped back and studies history he sees the duplicity of the Democrats!
    Perhaps he also comprehends the false face of Barak Hussein Obama with his WHITE mother now touting his “Irish Roots”. IF BHO changed his name from Barry Sotero where and when did he legally do so? IF his father was a Kenyan how does he claim NATURAL citizenship? The Democratic Party perpetrated either a gigantic hoax or a MONSTROUS FRAUD in presenting him as a “Black American” when he is neither! The Democratiic parties claims to represent the Black community are false as well.

  • greg99

    God bless you, Senator Guillory. One can only wonder how different things could have been if Dr. Martin Luther King had not been assassinated, and instead lived to lead black men and women out of poverty, and into successful, productive lives.

  • molly


  • Jack Parker

    A rational politician. Whodathought? Too bad he will never be reelected in the socialist state of LA.

  • gbandy

    My hat comes off to a real Statesman who cares more for his constituents than he does the dictates of his Party. It is true the Democrats need to keep the Blacks poor and on the Democrat “Plantations” and that has been the way of the Democrats to stay in power. Poverty has always meant Democrat votes. Now all Blacks must realize this Democrat/Obama way just has not worked for them just look at todays unemployment amongst Blacks as compared to 5 years ago.

  • Shane

    Good speech, but his brothers and sisters are not going to vote for him now.

  • trueright

    This brave soul is going to be harassed by his fellow dems for daring to “cross over” to the hated Republicans. And especially by people of his color. They will call him a traitor to “the cause” of providing “anytime, anywhere” welfare. And all the other dumb democrat liberal beliefs.

    Now, if only more could also see the light, and switch over. Then full control of the Senate could happen without having to worry about the elections

  • Venture Guy

    Well said!

  • concerned

    What a brave and courageous man!

  • Rik Magee

    THANK YOU, HONORABLE SENATOR GUILLORY. You Sir, have exhibited for all intellignet people to see, your perspicacity to see through the Democrat’s obsfucated drive to enslave people. Thus creating a large number of Slaves to the Government that are hooked on ‘Freebies’. The DNC has destroyed their desire to achieve success through Work. The DNC was and in many cases still are, the Party of the K.K.K. God Bless you Sir, and Continued success. ~Rick Magee, FL Det.,ret.

  • Dave Johnson

    Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory you have got it right brother and I salute you.

  • G W

    Outstanding and inspirational, thank you R- Senator Guillory.

  • Jane18

    Bravo to you Mr. Guillory………………….now remind other Republicans(INO) what a real Republican is, and stands for!! GOD Bless you my brother(and I am a Caucasian sister)!

  • American

    Senator Guillory, you are right in what you have done, I commend you for that. But you are not the first black man to have seen the truth about the democratic party, there are other black men who have such as Herman Caine and many others, and why are you predominantly focused on (in your statement) black people. There are plenty of white and other ethnic races who suffer every day as much as black people. We are all Americans, however the democrats and Obama are trying to drive a wedge between the races so they can divide and conquer, and you seem to have been affected by it. Until we can speak as Americans, and not just blacks, whites, or Hispanics etc. this country will never return to the Great Country status of a really free people.

  • TAM44

    Well, he voted for obama twice and all of a sudden he’s seen the light of what has been happening in the DEMONCRAT PARTY year after year after year long before this lying sissified boy barack hussein obama entered into politics. When blacks let the DEMONCRAT PARTY treat them as slaves and throws them some food stamps for their vote, he too was guilty of keeping the blacks down. JFK once said ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country.

  • MetalMan1

    This guy makes one mistake: Being a Republican is just as bad as a Democrat today. He should have claimed Independent or Libertarian or just said he has become “conservative.” Joining the Republican party is not such a “smart” thing to do anymore.

  • stonemike

    Iwant my post about Mr Guillory posted immediatrly, it was nothing but complimentary! who does Disqus think they are , the NSA?

  • caskinner

    I like this intelligent and well spoken man!!!!

  • Doogey

    So Republicans were “Progressives” back in those good ole days? Hahahahahahaha! Times have now changed! The modern Republican party was steadfastly against the Civil Rights movement. If these Republicans had there way, we would still have Jim Crow laws, and blacks wouldn’t be voting at all…. Go back to school.

  • jfmor

    Some people are inferior to others but the color of the skin is no indication. Leaders like Senator Guillory must instill change the attitude of the young blacks males Here, if a black wishes to excel, they call him/her an Uncle Tom or an oreo. They discourage excellence among their peers. Blacks in poverty can do better.


    I feel sorry for him. He did not say how the present day Republican party represents that change that Abraham Lincoln etc championed. You should NOT join the Republican party because of that the GOP stood for in the 19th century but rather what it represents TODAY. They are racist to the core and that’s why it will remain the party of Southern old White people.

  • Legion

    That was a very intelligent speech! He has my vote if he chooses to run. Why, because everything he said made sense to me!

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