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Senate Votes Overwhelmingly To Repeal Key Obamacare Tax

  • Linda C. Dines

    Horray! Now get rid of the rest of it.

    • Mark Kuykendall

      Great idea.

  • Leonard W. Giddens Jr.

    Not good enough.

  • texan texan

    The lobbyist won. It is not a major tax. Devices are over priced and cost taxpayers every year. There is no scare for Obamacare. Señor Cruz’s defund vote, failed. Number 34. Insurance pools will be increased and prices will go down. Yea won’t be implemented. You wish. Hope for failure. Nice. CBO predicted a positive impact on Deficit. Regular scare tactics just aren’t working. Insurance lobbyist like Obamcare. Too bad for you

    • GQ4U

      Right comrade; so much for freedom of choice in the good ole U.S.S.A.

    • panors77

      How is taxing the proletariate to death with a penalty going to help the deficit? Next to be repealed should be that $3800 “fee”….uh….er… if someone hasn’t been able to get health insurance. Actually your great leaders healthcare control law is causing prices to go UP not down. Please tho if you like marx and total government control on everything, move to a forced socialist country of your choice. I hear Viet Nam is nice this time of year.

    • Trish P

      Not just lobbyists. The costs get passed on to citizens who need these devices and states lose thousands of high paying jobs to their citizens. So the Dem senators fear for their reelection campaigns. This is why Obamacare should never have been passed in the first place. These Dem senators knew about this (and the importance in their state of medical equipment companies), but voted yes anyway.

      Obamacare barely passed in the first place (with no Republican votes), and only with bribes like “Cornhusker Kickback” to give Sen. Ben Nelson’s state millions and bribes to several other states as well. And a lying Obama, who signed a letter saying no government money will pay for abortions–to get a Dem Rep Stupak to the needed vote to pass the bill from the House. (Even SC Judge Scalia referred to this bribe as a kickback.) So lies and bribes got Obamaware passed. Then weak-kneed SC Chief Justice Roberts changed his original opnion (or was he threatened?), and called it a “tax” when the Obama administration lawyers claimed it was NOT a tax in order to get Congress to vote for it in the first place. After Obama claimed that taxes would not be raised by “not even one penny.” The CBO has now said it was cost triple the original estimates.

      If costs were honestly submitted in the first place (cost would have been well over $1 Trillion) it would NEVER have passed. So it needs to be called Obamacare, not the “Affordable Health Care Act”–or called the “BANKRUPT The Country Restricted Health Care Act.” Even Thomas Friedman, columnist with the New York Times, was caught on video referring to the panels to restrict services as “Death Panels.” Governor Sarah Palin had it right in the first place, calling these Death Panels (so she was attacked by the left and the media for the truth). Retired persons are not going to be getting services when this fully kicks in. Didn’t everyone understand that they, too, will be getting older? It’s not just their grandparents who won’t be getting needed services.

      • patriot2

        Trish texan is a liberal that likes to run off at the mouth.

    • patriot2

      you can go away now,you shot your wad.why do you have to be such a dyke anyway?never mind it’s just your normal pain in the a s s self.

    • The Brigadier

      I’m a Texan also and you are not a true Texan. You must live in Travis County.

    • Dave Wallace

      I have a nice, roomy pine box for you. It’s yours as soon as you’re ‘gone’.

  • sgtshel

    Better named “ObamaCareLess”

    • lorrainie

      great comment sgtshel !

    • Mark Kuykendall

      Well said.

  • JIM

    Now that the Senate has voted Obama ‘s key part to the health care tax down ,Maby we can move on to other major items like Defunding Obama care !!!also we the prople want to Know why this Administration has ordered 2700 armor vehicles ,called Street Sweepers,and bought so much ammunition ,that it could last for 20 years in a war !!!!! A war against WHO ???????????????????????? WE want to know NOW !!!!!SEnators do your Jobs !~!~! Ladt but not least SEnators do not let anyone or anybody touch the Social Security Yrust Fund for our Seniors !!!!Prorect the UnBORN ,THEY have God given rights alredy ,God knows each one of them !!!

    • fed_up_with_commies

      Jim, your kidding yourself! There IS NO Social Security trust fund, It is a box with trillions of dollars of IOU’s from the federal government. THEY ALREADY SPENT THE MONEY! Social Security payments are now being currently funded by what we take in NOW! Get over it, …. there IS NO SOCIAL SECURITY TRUST FUND. And you can thank a democrat, Lyndon Johnson, in 1964 who made it legal to spend the SS trust fund on “Genberal” expenditures!

      • suz

        you are so right about Johnson used it to fund the Vietnam War. Look out for the name Martin O’Malley he’s a Democrat and taxes anything that moves. He’s just got tax #27 &28 through. Taxes on Gasoline going up so much for the next 4 yrs and than it will continue to go up with inflation. You will be paying 2.00 in taxes for every 10.00 worth of gas you buy. $4.00 on $20.00 of gas and it will keep going up. He has ruined the State of Maryland and everyone is leaving that can. He’s going to make a run in 2016 for President . Pull the lever that pulls the floor out from under this weasel. He’s a joke , he’s Obama’s puppet.

    • abrayoungham

      They did it to stir the people up to anger, and to make the case that the people, so stirred up, are a threat and an immediate danger. Don’t get panties in a twist. Don’t overreact. Don’t play into their hands by reacting the way they are provoking you to act. Just be calm and keep preparing. The Lord is on your side.

  • APFL

    need to get rid of the whole thing….

  • Take 2

    Something is wrong a red ‘harrying’! WHAT is slipping ‘back-through’ under the table that Obama wants…a bank of Hitler for redistribution? hum?

    • autonomous1

      The term is “Red Herring” (herring is a fish).

      • eman

        Uh I think “Take 2” is referring to Harry Reid when he says Red Harrying.

      • Harold

        Red Harrying is refering to Harry Ried!

  • Tony

    Boo hoo…what an obummer. NOT

  • Jim

    Texen is an idiot

    • panors77

      More a communist enemy of the USA more likely.

  • Anthony

    True, this is a small tax, but it is a victory for the american consumer. The two large taxes that need to be repealed are the 40% premium tax and the 3-1 ration tax regarding community rating.

  • davienne

    WHOOO HOOO !!!!!!! FANTASTIC…. one small step from bummercare…. one giant step for dismanteling….. like Johnny Cash said…. 1 piece at a time

    • CharlieFromMass

      Considering Obamacare is as much of mish-mashed mongrel as that Cadillac Johnny ended up with at the end of the song, your comparison is most apt!

      • Marine Mom

        Betcha the bimbos in Washington don’t know what you’re taking about with that Cadillac reference.

        • CharlieFromMass

          What’s really sad is that you’re probably 100% absolutely correct. Too bad, too, it’s one of my favorite songs.

  • DonRS

    So, where were these rocket scientists when they voted to approve ObamaCare? These bubble heads didn’t do something right, they corrected part of their earlier IGNORANCE by voting for ObamaCare without a clue what the consequences would be!

    We must replace all these BUMS!

    • Bubblegum199

      Remember you had to pass the bill in order to know what’s in it

    • Believer

      Where were they when they picked Obama? He hid all his records – his only records is that of a Community Organizer a cleaned up name for “Rabble Rouser”. He opens his mouth and the lies
      pour out. I can hardly believe the American people voted for this fraud.

      • Don

        Sadly, the idiots that picked Obama are US! The same folks that picked the idiots we call Senators and Representatives. Clearly, our process of selecting our elected leaders has a major flaw!

  • Sam

    In the grand scheme of things in this tax law, what they wan’t to repeal will have little effect on the tax law overall. Thety knew they had to do something to quiet the voters. Keep pounding on them to repeal the entire law! They hope this partial repeal will stop the complaining

  • Patrick Henry

    I can NOT believe that the senate actually repealed that tax!!! WOW!!! I am Impressed!!! Now, lets get rid of the rest of it. Nothing but a communist, marxist and socialist program!!!

  • joysmarie53

    Repeal Obamacare piece by piece…the largest tax doled out to the American citizens ever by congress…

  • Ken Cooley

    Just the first step in undoing this diabolical law.

  • abrayoungham

    Everyone here should read “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat. It should be CLEAR to us all, that we cannot have a government who runs a program of plundering everyone and everything. When socalists came to power, they wanted to keep the anger and resentment high, so that the people will continue to support plundering each other. You can have a government of principle, or a government of plunder. Plunder is not what the government should be doing. America is different, America is special, and we have to retain that special difference so we can continue to be the free-est most prosperous country.

    Don’t let them plunder you, and don’t let them plunder your neighbor, nor your neighbor’s wife, children, cats and dogs. Make the government be responsible and just, not a gang of plunderers:

  • elcubano

    Excellent, now let’s get rid of the whole thing!!!!!

  • Carol Fryer

    What a bunch of BS. All this does is keep big device companies from getting screwed. What about the rest of us. Get rid of the forced insurance mandate. Congress better start listening to us. It wont end good.

    • CharlieFromMass

      While it un-screwed the device companies, it’s indirectly un-screwing Joe Sixpack, too, You can be quite sure that those costs would’ve been passed on to us.

      Now we need to get rid of the rest of it and implement some kind of reform that will actually work.

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    It’s a start in the right direction. Time to get the whole friggin thing repealed.

    Think Obamacare is still good for the Nation? More importantly good for you? WRONG! Here’s five simple reasons why it should be repealed beside the overriding one – it is an un-American Marxist piece of Crap that destroys our American Way of Life. 1. 18 New Tax Hikes
    2. 7 million families lose company health care
    3. Stops employers from hiring more people
    4. Cuts Medicare…this hurts our doctors and Old Folks
    5. Health Insurance cost more

    • suz

      Also they said this morning on the news that for a individual plan it will go up I believe it was 116%. A lot of companies are just dropping healthcare ins. all together and will pay the fine. I say get your torches and pitchforks it’s time to make a visit to Washington.

  • fed up

    Why can’t We repeal obama.

    • Sam

      Because millions of Repubicans will not vote against him. Why? Ask the Tea Party zealots.

  • Dghs48

    Social Security as it is run now is no different than a Ponzi scheme. Ever since LBJ it is being spent. Congress needs to replace the money stolen, and guess who pays for that? Congress and the Kenyan Man should be processed as criminals. Incidentally, where did Obummercare get his SS number?

    • Patricia Cody

      Jimmy Carter also expanded retirement and medical care funds to elders imigrating from other countries. Government says it does not come out of social security or medicare it is only administered by social security personnel…hmmm is that is coming out of some tax payer fund..


    This thing called Obamacare is unworkabel and will bankrupt our health care system. It must be REPEALED entirely and then the Feds must get out of the health care business. They Clearly don’t know what there doing.

  • Richard Brophy

    What really depresses me is how, given our legal system, Obama/Pelosi/Reid got away with cramming this Obamacare down the throats of the American people. I’m not a lawyer, so I am earnest in wondering if our legal system is so flawed that it had allowed Obama’s atrocities to get through. This includes Obama’s highly questionable background, Obamacare, NDAA 2012, Solyndra scandal, recent release of illegal aliens due to the sequestesring, fast-and-furious, Libya gun-running, Obama’s bad faith in the sequester where he tries to make it as painful for us as possible, Benghazi negligence fiasco, massive purchases of ammunition and armored vehicles without giving us clear reasons why … I could keep going on. But these kinds of inconsistences and atrocities would never have slipped past in the old rational America that I knew.
    It is only a matter of time when each and every one will feel the brunt of all these injustices Obama has inflicted on us. He and the Democrats are treasonous traitors for abandoning our traditional values and opening the gates to the Islamization of America, abandonment of our Constitution, and the incessant lies being spewed to the ignorant among us. I long to see the day when Obama faces the music for his misdeeds.

    • Ohconservative

      You said it! I have been trying to figure how he is getting away with his dictatorial anti-American, Pro Muslim manipulation and congress does nothing. I have been calling and asking them to Impeach this evil person since Jan. 2009. And they do nothing.

      • RubyBlu

        The most confounding thing is they are ONLY elected officials – elected to do the job they were hired to….for the good of the people and the United States of America. We DO have the right to FIRE THEM – one way or another.

    • Rustytruck

      All the guns and ammo are going to exactly who he is planning them to go to, all the liiegals he’s releasing. Here is his civilian army to fight us with, and they will be armed by our own govt. Well, I can’t say that, it hasn’t been our govt. for quite a while now. Then when we are deep in trying to stay alive from the fight with his illegals, the real plan will be initiated, the Muslim brotherhood will step in to try and defeat us all. The illegals don’t realize he doesn’t care about them any more than he does about us. It’s just a means to an end, at least this is what it looks like to me. Pit the two against each other and then when we are all exhausted and weakened, the real force will step up to win it all. There has been too many moves in too many directions and the reason is to keep it all confusing so we don’t figure out his real agenda and I think I discovered it with this. I really hope I’m wrong but it sure looks like I got it figured out. I hope some of our intelligence figures this out also. I am going to ask them, not the govt. but the people I knew when I was in the Military.

  • squeak

    We Americans want the WHOLE thing repealed, not bits & pieces to your liking !

    • JRRS

      Sixty million voters want it and everthing else Obama will “give” them.

      • squeak

        My Sentiments also !

  • ccenova67

    GREAT!! Now throw out the rest of Obummercare and the dingle berry in the White House!

  • CharlieFromMass

    One step at a time. This is a major nullification of the extreme-left, and even many of the extreme left are being struck with horror, or at least a momentary bit of clarity and doing something intelligent.

    We’re making progress, I just wish it would come a bit faster.

  • George E. Buttner

    ObamaCare just took the first hit in the Senate, and now they are looking at the cost which will kick-in next yea in some cases, ObamaCare will double your Insurance premiums. Dollars to Donuts they repeal ObamaCare altogether. I think it is as good as in the trash! a Patriot!

  • mallen11

    Get rid of the whole un-Constitutional -0Care and work hard to vote out the demoRats and RINOs in 2014 — it is imperative that we win the Senate and the House with more conservatives who will serve their country and themselves. Also, in the meantime, get back with God and His Word.

    • hbg6044

      Separation of church and state, anyone? ANYONE?

  • HKC

    You need to repeal ALL of the Obama Care taxes, because there are 4.2 TRILLION DOLLARS OF NEW taxes. To repeal Obama Care tax without the other tax increases would be unforgivable, because the the impacts the other new taxes (other than the Obama Care Tax) would cause a breakdown of our economy.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    1 step at a time. You have to read it before you repeal it.

  • Sinatra98

    Dump the whole Obamacare BS use the 1,700 pages for AW and while we are it dump the beady eyed Pelosi.

    • Chuck

      Can’t, because it is a tax law, not healthcare. The budget anticipates that money being there to spend on illegals, blacks, Muslims and welfare folks. You had best check the number of pages. There are now over 15,000 and growing! The application for receiving help under ObamCare is 15 pages

  • eve

    tear this piece of socialist crap up!


    65% of voters hate the scam;; mid term elections may undo this joke.

    • Jen

      If the elections are as crooked as they were for Obama then elections won’t mean a thing. I pray I am wrong about that.

  • Michael G.

    It’s about time Congress did something right. Keep going and dump the whole thing!

  • TheTexasCooke

    Don’t get excited yet. You know how these pricks like to do the bait and switch? What if their very action sets up a means to set it aside?

    U.S. Constitution
    Article 1 – The Legislative Branch
    Section 7 – Revenue Bills, Legislative Process, Presidential Veto

    All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

  • Frank J. Austin

    Repeal Obama !

  • suz

    They need to get medical cost down so people can afford the care. We have always made a payment plan with hosp. and work out the payments. The problem is illegals are abusing the system and don’t pay they just walk away. I’m so glad they voted on this but it’s going to stay. Hosp. should have to list what they charge and we could compare the prices and the outcome ourselves.

  • CaptTurbo

    Buck Ofama.

  • chuckster

    Why not start all over and read the dam thing next time

  • Gary M

    I said this 4 yrs ago: you can not simply add 30million people into a health insurance program without serious side effects. namely in no particular order 1. too many people demanding traditional insurance based healthcare, 2. too few Physicians and auxilliary healthcare providers, 3. no attempts to increase the number of physicians graduating from Med School, 4. not enough time in the day to see people, hence forced rationing, 5 skyrocketing healthcare costs. I could go on and on. I also said that unless the states allow insurance companies to sell their products across state lines, thus in creasing competition between carriers, insurance rates will continue to go up. Today, major insurance companies announced that people/employers/unions will be getting notices soon that state that health insurance premiums for the next year will be increasing on ave. 55-116%. Who can afford that? So much for Obama’s promise that with Obamacare, your healthcare premiums will decrease by $2500. To date, premiums on ave. have increased by $3500. That’s a $5000 swing. Obama also promised that “you can kep your Dr.”. Another lie. Many Physicians are retiring instead of having to deal with more pts, lower reimbursements and an inability to spend any quality time with their patients. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to have seen this coming. I predicted it and I’m no rocket scientist…It was another liberal progressive ideaology that may have looked good on paper, but was and is totally unworkable. It will be a disaster, guaranteed. And then what?

  • Big___D

    So we have an unaffordable overbearing bureaucratic violation of individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and now its even MORE unaffordable.

  • Al Chemist

    Don’t worry, the democrats will be back with more taxes. They will just be sneaker about it.

  • voterid

    One tax after tax another on Obamacare will start to be tossed on the rejection heap because the 2014 elections are coming into full view. One of our democratic senators from NC, Kay Hagen voted for Obamacare only today votes to de-fund it…guess who is up for re-election next year? The democrats believed Pelosi when she said “we have to pass the bill to know what’s in it”…now they will begin to pull the pins that hold this whole health care fiasco together…it will implode within a short period of time…no money will be approved to keep pouring into a failing health system…Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall….

  • Ross

    Obama would tax us out of most of our income if he could.

  • dak

    If the useless vermin we call Congress had done their jobs in the first place and actually read what they voted yes for, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. They just were so interested in kissing the King’s ring nothing else mattered.

  • Sunshine Kid

    For something that was touted to reduce health care costs, I do believe the politicians are waking up to the facts of their voting for legislation they did not read.

  • Driver_S

    They need to repeal all of Obamacare. It’s all about control over people and taxing everyone and everything. It will ruin businesses, employees hours and wages, drive up unemployment, dive up cost of insurance premiums & co-pays, increase costs for seniors and special needs people, put health care workers jobs on the line to be eliminated just to name a few of the devasting consequences you will see.

  • ccannon

    Now if we could just kill the rest of this hellish program we would all be vastly better off! Government out of our healthcare as they have no business whatsoever meddling in it!

  • voter suppression

    Canada, UK, and other EU countries are having trouble funding the version even the death panels and other accelerated death plains to cut cost.
    Do we really want to follow, or learn from others mistakes.

  • Phil

    Obama’s plan is simple, open up so many situations that there is no way for us to hansle them all. Then draw our focus to the ones that have the most focus by the people but the least impact on their overall plan (like the Whitr House Tours, releasing large numbers of illegal immegrants- mostly harmless but including just enough bad actors to get your attention) then while we circle like rabbits on that stupid item, the bigger more important items slide thru the cracks. AND GUESS WHAT—— THE PLAN IS WORKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The only way to stop him is to completely shut down the Government, stop everything thats going on in the various agencies ,furlough all his monkeys and take a time out to sort thru all of the destructive things that are happening by having House Committee Meetings on all of the problems like National Dept, Bengazzi, Fast and Furious, Keystone Pipeline, Energy Policy, ect. People will start to notice and when you have their attention then you can start to make the case for reasonable programs like the Tom Coburn Bill to eliminate the list of wastfull programs that Tom Coburn has identified, highlight the savings and then get every Representative to make a similar list have seperate bills named for the sponser and pas them one by one.
    By the time your done you will have identified enough savings that Business will decide that your finally getting serious and will start reinvesting which will give the Economy a kick start.
    Then get to the major programs like a rehaul of the TAX SYSTEM, here;s a program that deserves to be scrapped and restarted with a simpler 2 or 3 step syestem where everyone has skin in the game.

  • Roger

    Finally…they read it!

  • Melia Sese

    This tax hardly was enough to “fund” anything. It was a lousy $29B and so unnecessary. Targetting the medical device industry was hardly going to be popular – even 33 Senate Dems understood that.

  • obhfwb

    Deep six the whole disastrous obama health care crap bill in it’s entirety.

  • digdeeper

    It’s a really good start! Let’s keep up the good work! Bet Harry is having conniptions. Keep ’em coming!

  • Tasha22

    We need to defund obam and joe biteme and have them pay us back for their hotels, parties, golf outtings and numerous vacations.

  • Joe

    But…but…I thought Obamacare was all free stuff. You mean it aint so? You mean the Messiah lied to us? Dang! (another low info voter wises up)

  • Clifford Ball

    Now it is time to repeal Obama.

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