See How Trump Reacts When BBC Journalist Suggests ‘Shrill’ Attack on Hillary Is Sexist

Confronted by MSNBC panelist Katty Kay with the charge of sexism for calling Hillary Clinton “shrill” during a speech, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he’d also describe Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) that way Thursday on Morning Joe. In yet another phone interview with the political talk show, Trump again attacked Paul, who was one of the main subjects of his derision at last week’s GOP debate. Kay asked Trump why he used that word to describe Clinton, and Trump countered that he felt that word did not apply just to women. “It’s just an expression that I thought of as I was speaking,” Trump said. “I thought it was a very accurate expression. She’s gotten very loud, she’s gotten very boisterous, and that can happen to men too, Katty. If you don’t mind, that can happen to men.” “We never hear that word said about men,” Kay said. Trump said many men can become “loud and obnoxious” the way Clinton has, and Kay asked whether he would call any of his fellow GOP nominees “shrill” as well. “I would call Rand Paul shrill,” Trump said. “I think he’s shrill. I don’t think that’s a term that applies exclusively to women at all.”

via FreeBeacon

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