Sebelius Ignores Questions On Why She Still Has A Job

Kathleen Sebelius is somehow still employed by the taxpayer, despite the rolling, continuous disaster that is Obamacare. But what if Sebelius were employed in the private sector and not government? Would she have been fired by now? Our camera caught up with the secretary of Health and Human Services to ask her just that. Sebelius, however, wasn’t too keen on answering the question, as you’ll see above. And it’s of little surprise why. In the private sector — where profit, loss, efficiency, deadlines, and benchmarks actually mean something — Sebelius wouldn’t stand a chance. Heck, it was just two weeks ago that she told Congress the individual mandate to purchase health insurance and the open enrollment period wouldn’t be delayed. And then days before the March 31 deadline, Sebelius’s department delayed both by another two weeks at least — the 17th Obamacare delay in last year alone – and inextricably claimed that it wasn’t, in fact, an extension, but was like keeping the polls open on Election Day.

via DailySurge

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