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Michelle Malkin Gets Heated With Juan Williams Over Obama’s ‘Lies’

Sean Hannity brought on both Michelle Malkin and Juan Williams tonight to debate whether President Obama was lying when he pledged to reduce health care costs. Hannity rattled off a list of “lies” from Obama’s first term, which included a pre-election pledge not to take a dime from lobbyists and swearing to uphold the rule of law, and how new numbers on health care appear to show Obama broke his promise on health care costs.

  • Danish girl

    Call her Miss killer Michelle….wow dont mess with her. LOL she’s awesome! Go get em woman! Beautiful and brains too.

    • Hog611

      Now that is my kind of Girl !!!!! Obama Care is B.S. for the working people in this Country !!!!!!

      • Steve Tolbert

        If Obama Care such BS Why are so many hard core right wing governors signing up for it ?????

        • RubyBlu

          At this point, some of the states don’t have a better choice. Since Obama Care is the government’s mandate, let THEM handle it.

  • Centurian2010

    I am so sick of liberals like Juan Williams who keep saying the system is broken, the system is broken. That is liberal B.S. for I want to screw the American people some more. The healthcare system in this country was not broken until liberals passed Hillarycare and now Obamacare, both were designed to damage the system and permit liberals to continue to introduce their so-called new solutions to problems they created.

    • 2War Abn Vet

      It’s certainly noteworthy that whenever government enters the equation the system really gets broken.

    • abbe

      also a good way to fill their copious pockets with the taxpayers money

    • Steve Tolbert

      THe Repuglicans are the ones screwing the American people.They have done everything they could to kill job growth so they could blame it on Obama .They demonized and opposed their own healthcare plan because Obama wanted it for the good of the country, They make up lies about him and his policies,and insult him,and are constantly making something out of nothing.

  • ste1021

    Really get a kick out of William’s faces, especially his “shock” and “surprise” faces. Then he gets his chance to speak and it’s the same old b. s.

  • tommyd

    i don’t know why Fox News hired Juan Williams. he is lucky he has a job after losing his job at National Radio. he needs to be fired from Fox News along with Alan Combs, Christin, and Beckel.

    These people make me sick. They slobber all over everything Ovomit says. he can do no wrong and everything is somebody else’s fault. Excuses, excuses. He ran down Bush for things he did and he is doing much worse. he is a Marxist,Socialist and is destroying our country.I just pray we can survive the next four years because there is no one to stop him from his socialist agenda (especially Congress). they always cave in because they have no backbone to stand up to him (ex. Boehner would start crying).

    • J Rat

      Everyone at this site seem to agree that Obama is an Obamination.This must be some sort of a reflection of the feelings of the people of our country. Then how in the hell did he get re-elected and why are his approval ratings so high?

      • Carole Mitchell Lewis

        He got elected because he has a lot friends who are as corrupt as he is only they have more money. The election was bought and paid for long before Nov 6 just like it was in 2008.

      • har82

        All those polls and ratings are bull s h i t . Manipulated by the bought and paid for MSM. How often have you seen any ,, of them report on any facts from this muslim traash hmm ??. Ya, NEVER . lol

    • har82

      The – government – , is forcing them to have their – token – fair and balanced jackasses ( that couldn’t be more appropriet lol ) , meaning democraps to keep their license lol.

  • har82

    May Miss Malkin forever ,, be a – sharp – thorn in the liberal communists side . I love that woman lol. And – williams – is just another lib patsy running with the propaganda machine of – DESTRUCTION -. May his ,, career sink like the – rock – of lies it is

    • romill

      Unfortunately, Williams’ career is flourishing with the help of Fox News. He is now rich & famous due to them. Now they are making Beckell successful on The Five. He’s another propaganda machine. Go figure!

      • har82

        Remember one thing. A light always shines its brightest , just before it burns itself out. And all that is left , is darkness. :) That my friend, is a truth , and fact , of life .
        Evil begets evil. And in the end , – consumes – itself. It is the way of all things in life. These are trials that we must endure in life to make what – used – to be called – INTEGRITY, and HONOR -. In the end , the – faster – one climbs the ladder of life . The faster one falls. Of course , sometimes the stench ,, of it sticks around for a while lol.

      • 2War Abn Vet

        Bob Beckel is the bravest man on television. He comes on five days a week to defend the indefensible, and support liberal depravity. What’s more, he does it with a straight face. I didn’t say smartest or most honest; I said bravest.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Poor Juan has difficulty with arithmetic. He’s suffered from that for years.

  • The_American_Way

    Others make excuses for the apologist Juan Williams but I don’t. It’s people like Juan Williams who continuously excuse all the flat out LIES of Obama, who are the reason this habitual liar is still not being held to account for his untruths. In liberal land there is no Personal Responsibility or accountability so someone like Obama gets away with all his falsehoods.

    Williams, and the rest of the state run media, are the enemy and I despise them almost as much as I despise the LIAR-IN-CHIEF.

    • Donald York

      The liberal dolt, Geraldo Rivera is considering running for the Senate in New Jersey. Get this, AS A REPUBLICAN! Now there’s a laugh! These people will do ANYTHING for positions of power. Hey Rove, have you screened him yet?

  • Fiesty

    Juan Williams is a waste of fresh air! I am so tired of hearing his excuses for the lieing fraud in our White House.

  • Bob Marshall

    You go girl! Does anyone remember Hillarycare?

  • CQ

    I think Fox News Channel took the easy way out in hiring Williams as a token liberal. He can’t argue his way out of a paper bag when it comes to a logical argument for Obama, no matter how hard he tries. I’m not sure he believes himself when he supports Obama, based on his facial expressions.

  • Sinatra98

    I love Michelle but i have no use for Juan Williams never liked his way of talking and never will, he is an Obama lover i think we all know that if i were Fox i would kick him off the station.

  • Wolf-Talker1

    The Great Black Father in Washington is not a liar, when he was first elected he stated that he would fundamentally change Amerika and he has done so little by little. Now with a 2nd term he will be able to change Amerika completely. Amerika must become a more kind and gentle country, Amerika must be “Ruled” by Big Government. Only the Goverment knows what is best for it’s SUBJECTS! Resistance is Futile, you will be assimilated!

  • Rule

    Michelle you are a real journalist : ) thank you for holding Juan’s feet to the fire. He really is a sock puppet. I refuse to go to any establishment that has CNN on their TV monitors. Fox is the news channel for me.

  • J Rat

    Poor Juan! He is just a lost ball in the tall weeds.

  • Judi P.

    Michelle, you are one amazing woman! Please, don’t ever give up or give in. The USA needs you and respects you. Impeach that joke of a Pres. or we are one lost nation. I hope it’s not too late.

  • Progressive Republican

    Had Obama gotten the single-payer plan HE’D proposed instead of the Heritage Foundation’s crap that is now known as “Obamacare”, this would not be an issue.

    Even the Rethiglicons, at the time, admitted that private insurers couldn’t operate as efficiently as Medicare/Medicaid and, so, had it removed KNOWING this would drive costs up. That was the whole point.

    My question is: How about Obama and a partner to be named later double-team ol’ Juan about Hannity’s and Malkins’ lies? Nah. Nobody could pony up that much air time.

    • gavinwca

      What did you do go to stupid school. The republicans were shut out of the Baracka Clause debate on health care. They were not even allowed to attend committee meetings, because they were shut out by democrats , that controlled both houses and the presidency. Now you want to blame republicans for the failed Fascist healthcare bill passed by democrats ,without one republican vote., we can tell you completely swallowed the fascist democrat propaganda.

      • Progressive Republican

        I gotta admire somebody willing standing up and saying, “Hey world! I’m a complete and utter idiot! Here let me prove it by saying something REALLY stupid like, “What did you do go to stupid school. The republicans were shut out of the Baracka Clause debate on health care. They were not even allowed to attend committee meetings, because they were shut out by democrats , that controlled both houses and the presidency. Now you want to blame republicans for the failed Fascist healthcare bill passed by democrats ,without one republican vote., we can tell you completely swallowed the fascist democrat propaganda.”

        Talk about mainlining the kool-aid.

        The healthcare debate went on for over sixteen months. Rethuglicons whittled out the single-payer portion whining that Medicare (or its equivalent) was anti-competitive since Medicare administration costs were one-third or less than that of private insurers and that they couldn’t operate as efficiently as the government and therefore would lose out.

        What we’re left with was authored bu the Heritage Foundation in the early ’90s as an alternative to Clinton’s proposal of a universal healthcare system like the rest of the developed world and a number of third world countries have.

        Thanks to this, we have the most expensive, least efficacious healthcare system on earth. Period. With few exceptions — like death rates from breast cancer — we suck. Our newborns are less likely to reach their first birthday, or their fifth birthday.

        Our adolescents die at higher rates from car crashes and homicides, and they have the highest rates of sexually transmitted infections. Americans have the highest incidence of AIDS, the highest obesity rates, the highest diabetes rates among adults 20 and older, the highest rates of chronic lung disease and heart disease and drug-related deaths.

        There is one bright spot, though. Americans who manage to make it past their 75th birthday have the longest life expectancy. But for everyone else — from babies to baby boomers and beyond — your chances of living a long life are the butt-ugly WORST among all the 17 rich nations in our peer group.

        In the health domain, America has been losing ground for over thirty years. Since the 1980s, in the sunny name of “free enterprise,” there’s been a ferocious, ideologically driven effort to demonize government, roll back regulations, privatize the safety net, stigmatize public assistance, gut public investment, weaken consumer protection, consolidate corporate power, delegitimize science, condemn anti-poverty efforts as “class warfare” and entrust public health to the tender mercies of the marketplace. All of these have an adverse effect on our health.

        The epidemic of gun violence has been fueled by anti-government paranoia stoked by the gun manufacturers’ lobby, the NRA. The spike in consumption of high-fructose corn syrup has been driven by the food industry’s business decisions and its political (i.e., financial) clout. In the name of fiscal conservatism, plutocrats push for cuts in discretionary expenditures on maternal health, early childhood education, social services and public transportation. The same tactic that once prolonged tobacco’s death grip — the confection of a phony scientific “controversy” — now undermines efforts to combat climate change, which is as big a danger to public health as any disease.

        More accidents may be shortening our lifespans. But we’re not getting sicker by accident.

        Are you SERIOUSLY telling me that you’re okay with this?

        • gavinwca

          How about giving us the liberal web site that you got your research from , once we look at where you got your misguided research then I can answer you. America has 320 million people approximately Briton has 60 million people Approximately. Do more people die in America of all causes than Briton , Absulety. Precentice wise More people die in Briton of all causes per 100,000 people. Than America.especially in violent crimes , violent crimes in Briton are double the U.S . The U.S has 300 million legal Guns Briton confiscated their people’s gun now there are more gun deaths in Briton than ever before. The Police there for the first time in history have to be armed to survive. Yes morepeople die from guns in america but the murder rate per 100,000 people in briton surpasses America. Your states are edited for liberal Propoganda purposes.

          • Progressive Republican

            I got a headache trying to figure out what you’re trying to say. Retype it using either a dictionary or spell-check. Otherwise it’s literally not worth the headache it’s already given me since I’m not wealthy enough to afford medical insurance.

  • Paul Brown

    I always knew I liked that girl, she is one mean machine and a killer going after this lying muslim pig and the Juan is so clueless as to what is going on in the real world. When is he going to come down off that ass kissing merry-go-round he is on and get in this world and see the real truth. He is just another ass kissing black who is thrilled to have what they consider one of them in the WH.
    Lets wake up people he IS NOT one of you, he is a confirmed Muslim Islamic pig and he is only about 10-15% black. He doesn’t believe the way you do, you just like his because he is giving you a few goodies to continue to sit on your lazy butts. In the mean time he is destroying the country you live in you morons, wake up before its to late!!!!!!!

  • joepotato

    Ovommit care has always been about control and stealing more money. It was never designed to improve health care. It is an introduction to fascism or communism. Delusional Juan must be addicted to Fool-aid. What a tool …

    • Progressive Republican

      It is an introduction to oligarchy. That’s a large part of the reason the Heritage Foundation authored it over twenty years ago.

  • gbandy

    In this country it is no longer what is the truth or best for the Nation. It is division and certainly not unity. We are a divided Nation. Juan and his dying desire to only defend the indefensible shows this every time he speaks. Certainly Obama has a long list of lies. Yet to defend Obama and his lies is the Democrat way of discussing anything.

  • jenjen

    At least Juan admits that he doesn’t “understand”. His fake face of “shock” and “surprise” is hilarious!

  • Mort Leith

    Juan Williams is standing by satan’s side (ODumbo) in the consumate deception by lieberal media of the American People ! !

    He should not only be ashamed of himself, he should be removed from our country as a enemy of the State,,
    along WITH ALL liberals,, who in reality if you remove the bogus name,, are COMMUNISTS and/or MARXISTS !

    • larryincamden

      If you really look at the”Liberals” they are not Marxists or Communsts they are Elitists.
      Under a communisist state everyone would be the same, no one would have more than others and that is not true in any Communist country of any stripe; Marxist, Maoistor any other flavor, they are all Elitist of one kind or another and that is where Progressives are progressing to an Elitist totaliarian one world government.

  • marineh2ominer

    Don’t try to bull—t Michelle Malkin , she has it all together and isn’t afraid to share it . Go Girl .

    • Progressive Republican

      What she’s not afraid to share is the fourth word of your comment.

  • truthabounds

    oliar, as usual, he doesn’t know how to tell the truth, hypocrit, liar, thief, anti American, and nobody has the hutspa to get rid of him, Impeach, Impeach, Impeach the liar, and corruption builder, Juan is an idiot. Long live Michelle Malkin, at least she and Sean tell the truth.

  • Gary Rose

    JUan Williams is a Yes Man Obama loves it also same Race obama loves it other wise might be a problem?????

  • bless2live

    This president only wants to destroy America! America is in need of a President!

  • Terry Corcoran

    Williams needs to get in touch with his inner fag@ot and start blowing Obama in public…

  • Take 2

    Williams time is up on Fox…! We know why he is on to T ter balance but he needs to be honest about Barry’s lies. I am an expert at lie detection…the dude lies A LOT!
    BTW Panetta BIG time lied about what Barry knew on 9-11-12; It needs to be very clear where people go that lie under oath.

  • SoundDoc

    He NEVER had any intentions of keeping his promises. His main goal is to destroy America and set up a NWO with him in as dictator.

  • rocky63

    I can actually remember when I thought Juan Williams deserved some respect!! What was I thinking???

  • Gary Jones

    Juan Williams is a brain dead Progressive that actually defends, protects losing policies and financial treason on the country and the tax payers. Juan Williams promotes racial divide and class warfare by praising Obama’s unconstitutional immigration executive orders, failed foreign policy and domestic bankruptcy of the country by borrowing to spend and increasing the debt for our children and grandchildren s to pay. Obama is a criminal, liar and a traitor charge the SOB and his co-conspirators on both sides of the aisle and when found guilty hang them all on Capitol Hill.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Love the ladies when they start pounding the guy in the argument. I have four women in my house and I love it when someone else is catching it.

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