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SEAL Team Six Brings Out Powerful New Political Ad

  • GramE

    I would like to have a transcript of this video. But then, Democrats wouldn’t believe it, would they? I’m 86, and scared. But then I probably won’t have to live under this man’s rule for long. But many of you do. Sorry.

    • HorseTeethSam

      When I was young, I wouldn’t have understood your comment. Today, I do. I get it.

    • John

      What a bunch of sh&&&&&&T

      • Libnuker

        Yes, John, what passes for your brain is just a bunch of sh&&&&&&T.

      • caskinner

        What the H*ll are you talking about?

    • Robert Johanson

      I am 70 and I am worried, more for my grand children than myself. We need to get rid of any politician who has been in office over 2 terms and start all over. We need to get the pride of this GREAT Country back to where it was and get God back into the schools so that the children learn the right history and not the changed history they are now learning.

  • Keenan Fletcher

    Very powerful ad WOW!!

  • Ted

    Is the narrator of the video an active duty soldier like he says? Isn’t it illegal for active duty personnel to use their military status to campaign for particular candidates?

    • Jamie

      Status? Using status? It would be “illegal” only if they’re conservative, of course. How about the presidents “status” as president – should that be legal? And anyone else with “status”, say, like ministers, CEO’s, Police, all politicians, oh & how about illegal alien”status’? Oh but wait, they would be voting democrap, so no, that should not be illegal.

  • James Monaco

    The Sea Air Land Special Warfare teams are the best of the best – absolutely incredible. They have a special brand of crazy, but I mean that in a good way. I am very proud of our Navy and its finest traditions – honor, courage, and commitment. .

    • HorseTeethSam

      It’s a good crazy.

  • Bob

    Active duty military members cannot participate in any radio, television, or other program or group discussion as an advocate for or against a partisan political party, candidate, or cause. I think the narrator and his buddies might have just bought themselves a court-martial.

    • Jamie

      You hope. Cuz you don’t like the message?

    • Patriot3

      They are retired from the military.

    • Vicki Lewis

      And obviously you don’t share their views.

    • Patti Farrow Poulson

      Just like Ty Woods, the navy seal who died trying to save other in Benghazi, I don’t think these guys care about the consequences of telling the truth. Somebody should be telling the American people the truth instead of hearing a bunch of lies to cover this attack up and blame it on a video.

    • Libnuker

      He did not endorse a candidate. He said he served so that no American president would have to bow down before another. Do you have a cognitive disorder?

  • HorseTeethSam

    I don’t know if the voice I heard was of an active-duty soldier or not. That really isn’t the point. There are a lot of very powerful people in this country who HATE the military, who HATE American exceptionalism, who HATE everything this country stands for. I don’t know about the legality of the voices and images, but I do agree with them. Please vote the cowardly, treasonous, hateful Obama administration out of office!

    • Ken

      Yeah, but do you really want the cowardly Romney who was a Vietnam-era draft-dodger who hurriedly escaped to his mansion in Paris, France, to do missionary work…and then failed to convert a single person to Mormonism over the next couple of years? Or Obama who helped America bring Osama bin Laden to the fate he deserved?

      • drdgonflyr

        okay so he got Bin Ladin, but he stopped it from happening twice before he actually let them. So we don’t have a body to get dna from, So you can’t prove to me that he actually got him and not a double. I can’t see Obama killing one of his own. Also he let 4 of our men overseas die because he told our seals to stand down. I really believe that he wanted the ambassador kidnapped by the terrorist. Then he would look real good before the election when he negotiated with them to get him back, but that backfired due to our loyal men who went in to help even though they were told to stand down. Obama is a traitor. He should be tried for treason.

        • jude


          • Tpatriot

            Yep, the power behind the thrown, Iranian born Valerie Jarrett called that deal. It was only after they kept it away from Obama and Jarrett and gave the seal team the go ahead, it finally was carried out.

        • flash

          Finnaly someone has the right idea. Lets not have a long drawn out trial, just compile the facts and let the Military decided what type of punishment fits the crime of a traitor. We need to learn a leason from this and that is to have every bit of information necessary to vet an American to the Presidency, not after he is already in.

      • Patti Farrow Poulson

        You call Romney a Coward – What do you call a president who lets 4 Americans, our ambassador and navy seals, die in Benghazi under the attack of terrorists while HE watched it in real time and DID NOTHING.?….. OBAMA is the coward and this administration covered it up so it wouldn’t reveal the the terrorists are alive and well and NOT on their heels as Obama has been stating. SHAME on him, HIllary Clinton and the rest of this administration who let these Americans die and then lying and blaming it on a video…… ThESE PEOPLE ARE THE COWARDS, Not Romney.

        • sandman

          On top of that he and his minnions are right now distroying the reputation and career of the only Gen. Officer that was willing to try and help them, his name is Gen Ham! look it upu! these “people ” have no soul, heart or love of Country!

        • Taquoshi

          If you really want to raise your blood pressure to dangerous levels regarding B.O. and Benghazi, read this blog…

        • howe71

          Amen brother, as a vet I am disappointed with this wannaabe leader.

        • Fred

          Let’s get this straight…Obama is NOT a coward. He is a traitor…a lousy, slimely, conniving, treasonous traitor. Anyone who doesn’t believe this needs to do some fact finding asap. He is in bed with the banksters, extreme Islamists, Marxists and global elite, power-mongers. Knowing the little that I do, I hate to think of the things Obama and his cronies have done that we don’t know about. We don’t just have to stop Obama, we have to stop all of them. And, I haven’t heard of anyone who is suggesting how to do that.


            Let me sad as a disabled vet from Desert Storm 1991, Obama is not my president of my Country, this great country is being killed from the inside and Obonner is at the head of it. Seal team 6 needs to use Obama as a target at the next shooting class.
            God save the United States of America and cast the devil back to his hell!

          • Charlee

            If the voters bring Obama down, that is a good start. Without power he’s lame. One thing at a time!

          • RBrown

            Fred: I’m an old guy who has seen a lot … Remember pulling the shades at home during WWii … Like the way you said that. No BS; just straight up talk.

      • Connie Gargrave Swanson

        Your messiah didn’t get bin Laden, he didn’t even order the military and the CIA to hunt him down – it was Bush who set the original order in place. The Navy Seals who took the man down while your guy was dragged in off the golf course at the last minute to view what was going on – not even knowing the SEALs were in country. Obummer kept following Valarie Jarrett’s advise to refuse to agree but eventually Hillary and Panetta wore him down to get the go ahead (he didn’t know they were already in place to head start the last helo ride to reach the bin Laden compound. BTW, Bill Clinton refused the offer (before GW became POTUS) to have bin Laden handed over to the USA.
        FYI: Young Mormon’s are expected to go on a mission before they go on with their professional lives, just as Romney did in France.

        • Ted

          Your allegations are completely without any factual basis whatsoever…unless you regard Rush Limbaugh’s entertainment radio-show as a source of facts.

          • sandman

            man has that kool aid realy screwed you up! you need to get your head out of your a$$, and out of bho’s also!

          • Domino

            if so, then why was he in the “little chair” n not in fact sitting w the Hill n Panneta at the table…Panneta gave the order n called your shill in to view it! keep drinkin your kool ade tool! pbftt!

          • jude

            I think bho was photoshopped in that pix, not “present”

          • voter suppression

            How is fantasy land Alice?

          • Taquoshi

            Oddly enough, Ted, when I used to be at home during Rush’s show, I did some serious fact checking on his claims. More often than not, he was quoting from a MSM source such as the New York Times, the Washington Post or the Boston Globe. I haven’t been at home to listen to his show in the last few years, but I know he is always very careful to document his information sources.

          • voter suppression

            how is the weather in the park?

      • HorseTeethSam

        We obviously have differing opinions on this, don’t we?

        • flashf

          I belive the only difference is You refuse to accept the truth, cause you want to keep Obama on his race and not on his credit, which is zero. Nothing else makes sence, what has Obama done for our Country. Nothing but harm.

      • chuckster

        Neither did obozo or clinton serve so stop the b.s.

      • TheSunDidIt

        Obama had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH GETTING OSAMA. Get that through your head. Read the reports. The only “hard” part of the decision was that the staff that almost resemble Americans, sometimes, had him over a barrel and if he failed to order the strike AGAIN (already turned down several previous opportunities) he would not be able to find a hole deep enough to hide in.

      • TheSunDidIt

        Also, Ken, I was in the Marines during Vietnam. I wasn’t sent despite volunteering. Was I hiding too? Glad to intro you to my K-Bar.

        • Ken

          You did not hide, but Romney did in order to evade the draft. Obama was too young for the draft. I myself served in the Navy. And I acknowledge that it is a close call between Romney and Obama, but on balance Romney stands a much better chance of destroying America than Obama–both domestically with his Herbert Hoover economic policies, and his bellicose foreign policy which will almost assuredly lead to another Republican war. How much American blood and treasure must be expended to benefit big corporations like Halliburton and the oil companies when better alternatives exist!?

          • Victor Bell

            How much OIL did America or American Companies get from Iraq? answer 0

          • jude

            boy are you drunk or something

          • Robert Myles

            If Romney has a better chance of “destroying America than Obama” just what has Obama been doing to America for the last 4 yrs? If he geets another 4 we will have the UNpatrolling our streets and going door to door confiscating American’s firearms as we get put in FEMA reeducation camps and America gets dragged to the 3rd world leve of Obama’s “Dreams FROM my Father” wake up, drink some coffee not the koolaid and learn to read for yourself instead of take msnbc as the “leader in factual news”

          • JMWinPR

            There is an advertisement on TV 1800-BadDrug; I suggest you call it and get some serious help. And please get a new supplier before you make further posts.

        • sandman

          he actualy thinks you want to take him to a rainbow bar! and by the way thanks for your service to our Great Nation!

      • caskinner

        He was on the golf course. They got Bin Laden without his approval. The SEALS did the work. Obama wears pink panties and doesn’t have the courage to disagree with his mean wife.

        • flash

          Obama’s Marriage was arranged by the Jacksons and the Revern Wright. While Obama was in Colledge it is reported he had a Pakistan boyfriend/roomate. I don’t know how true it is, but I do know it is impossible that he could of meet Mitchelle there cause she Graduated in 1988 and Obama did’nt go to Harvard till that fall and Graduated in 1991. That is the problem, everything Obama say’s turns out to be a lie.

          • Bob33

            Seriously, just take a look at Wiki to see how they met (WHILE he was going to Harvard, not AT Harvard). You people are certifiable nut jobs. Conspiracy theorists who don’t care about facts. You just love drama and will believe anything you read on the internet. Use your heads people. W Bush started a war to line his pockets, and Obama is the one you call treasonous? Yes, the SEALS did the work to kill Bin Laden while Obama was in an office. Because that is their jobs folks. And then, Flash, you bring up a supposed boyfriend from college. REALLY??!! You are ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. You should be ashamed at how stupid you are. I don’t even agree with all of his political ideas, but, this rhetoric is just over the top stupid!!!!

      • TM

        obama is the enemy you stupid fool he hates this country and wants to destroy it. I’m a vet and there are a lot of people in politics that never served the country, Mitt may not be vet, but he did not throw God and this country to appease his terrorist muslim SOBs.

      • dirtbag

        not old enough to be draft dodger, nice try, demoncrat

      • Terrylee

        right, and you probably were in the Marines and you were a Sniper, tunnel rat, recon, special forces, etc. and had such a high clearance you can’t talk about it… Ken, you and your ilk make me sick…. do you understand? SICK! I served in that era and have no ill feelings towards anyone who didn’t … but you, who probably have the width of an elephant ,,is calling someone a coward….

      • Victor Bell

        With the work of the Bush administration Intel

      • kaeuqs

        Ken, Do you consider Obama a draft dodger ?? What is his reason for not serving ? Do you know ? You have it all wrong, you need to get your facts straight…Obama is a murderer & a coward, who allow four heroes die needlessly… Hillary, Obama & Penneta need to answer questions under oath !

        • flash

          That is the problem, they won’t answer that is why Obama keeps saying it is under Investigation. He is got a gag order so noone will be able to get to the truth. , So he will either be our next President or he will take all the money he got under the table and run before he has to answer any questions or better be charged with Treason.

      • jvb1980808

        Where the hell did Obama serve. I don’t recall seeing Obama’s father marching for civil rights….that would be Mitt’s FATHER. And the same Obama who is QUICK to take all the credit for the death of OSB is too COWARDLY to accept his role in the murder (torture) of 4 Americans ON HIS WATCH. You’re barking up the wrong tree trying to spread your crap around here.

        • flash

          Obama’s runnaway father was and is from Kenya., which I wish Obama was right now.

      • voter suppression

        how is alice?
        must be hot in wonderland?

      • flash

        Hey Ken! Romney did not go to a church like the one Obama went to and listen to a Paster Wright say’ ” Not God Bless America, but God Dam America. There is no way Obama could of meet Michelle in Harvard, cause Mitchelle Graduated in 1988 and Obama did’nt go until the fall of 1988 and Graduated in 1991.When did Obama go into our Military? Maybe he needed to be legal first.

        • bob33

          Obama never claimed to meet Michelle at Harvard. They met while working together at the law firm Obama worked at during his summers off from Harvard (in Chicago!). I guess that’s just another fact you guys are to busy to check. You just believe what ever you want to believe if it supports your outlandish theories.

      • Upaces

        The Subject matter is NOT Romney, it is about OUR Military.

      • Robert Myles

        I had more to do with the killing of osama bin ladin than obama ever imagined, wake up ken. your hero Obama is a marxist muslim and not a natural born citizen, rather a citizen of Indonesia

      • walter portier

        Ken .What planet you from. Where have you been. Obama is more of an enemy then a leader. He been lying to all of us for four years. He not fix anything but made things worsted. You must be one of the takers instead of a worker. Obama wants to take form the workers and give to the non workers. That is stealing and not very American. Obama has never served in the military and has never contributed any thing to our country. He been a taker all his life. He does not know how to make and earn his own money. He one big looser and a devil in sheep clothing. Vote Mitt a real American in the white house.

      • Jacqueline Lynn

        To which I just say, remember Slick Willy’s duck and dodge dance! And Obama’s failure to serve.

      • jime

        There is no answer for a person such as yourself, a self-deluded fool who and lacks the capacity for reason. Obama went after bin Laden for political gain and nothing more. This President is dedicated to the destruction of the Republic and that is something absolutely unacceptable. Since the inauguration of George Washington we have never had a President who has openly demonstrated hatred and contempt for American Exceptionalism, our Constitution, and the Republic. It’s time for us to bid him farewell, and offer him a ticket to anywhere else on planet earth. Our current President has a very dark heart, full of hate for America and her people. May Providence see to it he is left out in the cold the night of November 6, 2012, and May God Bless America once more !!!

      • Charlee

        Wow…you need to do a serious fact-check Ken. You are so WRONG! Shame on you!

      • Ryan Andersen

        You should get your facts straight. Maybe it is easier to just bury your head in the sand.

      • Sterling Wulff

        Ken, Ken, Ken… B-O didn’t get Obama Bin Laden… this plan was in the works way before B-O stole office during his tenure as a “Community Organizer” for ACORN and as a non voting junior senator in congress. So your self proclaimed messiah and Communist-and-Thief had absolutely nothing to do with it. He was merely in the right place at the right time and it happened. But he sure made sure he took complete and total credit for it, didn’t he ???? We know now who your Daddy is …. maybe learn how to discern truth and then maybe you’ll be able to see what an evil is really made of. obama is the poster child.

    • John

      Boy you really do not understand

      • HorseTeethSam

        What exactly is it that I apparently don’t understand?

      • Upaces

        I think Horse…, does understand and is very disturbed because these are GREAT people; courageous people who serve our country; and Obama hates everything about them.
        That bothers her just as it bothers many of us.
        Romney is not the subject of this ad…IT IS OUR MILITARY. God Bless Them All!

    • Upaces


    • tophat

      I could not agreem with you more. We need to take back this country to stop this cowards distruction of our country. This is not a party issue it is an American Issue.
      God Bless our Seals

    • HDLadee

      The voice you hear is Benjamin Smith ~ A Former Navy Seal who is traveling all OVER America trying to get the word out while defending OUR Military and OUR rights! God Bless you Sir … a man of honor, dedication and integrity to America and OUR way of life ~ Amen ~

  • RedMeatState

    Soon BHO will take the final bow and bow out!!!

  • Vicki Lewis

    WOW! I share your pain as much as anyone can who hasn’t sacrificed the way you and all SEALS do each and every day. I wish all Americans had your dedication to keep America, America. Romney/Ryan 2012

    • Patti Farrow Poulson

      I’m with you…..Romney/Ryan to save this great country…. Vote everyone on November 6th.

    • Victor Bell


  • MajicMahon

    you got me on this one. I thought you were going to show W holding hands or Rumsfield kissing his ring……..AGAIN!

  • MajicMahon

    I gues we’ll have to wait until Sunday night for the actual Seal Team 6 movie. Try to leave your prejudices at the door.

  • Thomas Stevens

    Ken, pack your bags and leave the country and find a better place to live A–hole

    • Ken

      So you do not tolerate a dissenting opinion? Hmmm…I think the word for that is…fascism. Is Romney also a fascist? You want America to become a Republican-totalitarian state? Or is there still room for reasonable minds to differ in your American future?

      • Barry Curtis

        You are an idiot wrapped in a moron.

  • HorseTeethSam

    Sure seem to be a lot of Democratic trolls on this posting. That’s okay. We’ll see who wins next Tuesday.

    • flash

      They want their Food Stamps, free Phone and all the money us Taxpayers can give. That is what Obummer promises. Only problem is, our debt is comming to an end and who will pay when it is al gone. Oh I know you will rob the rest of us cause, You did build that !

  • George E. Buttner

    Powerful stuff, when your elite military, and many others in service to our country – putting themselves in harms way, are disenchanted with our president, their Commander in Chief…for bowing to a Saudi Arabian King… Me too! Like my father before me, an ex Navy sailor and Patriot!

  • verbatim613

    One word for this Seal Team Six ad: AWESOME!

    • flash

      Not just anyone can be a Seal. I served Twienty-One years in the Army and am proud of it. You really have to know that you can be all you can be to be able to even entertain the idea. I am very proud of our Seals. You are the best!!!! Thank-you for your Service to our Nation and God Bless you all.

      • verbatim613

        Thank you for serving our country and putting your life on the line so that I and all Americans can live free and without fear. Let’s just hope all of America have the common sense to vote Romney and back up your sacrifice with the awesome privilege and right to step in that voting booth.

  • TheSunDidIt

    I LOVE that commercial. I hope I see it on my TV soon. Thanks and Semper Fi Seals.

  • caskinner

    I am in awe of the SEALS. Such courage and love for this country.

  • Ron Bedell

    A Word About The Elections by Chuck Baldwin, November 1, 2012

    A Word About The Elections

    By Chuck Baldwin

    November 1, 2012

    Archived column:
    With the 2012 Presidential election just a few days away, it is almost
    superfluous for me to engage in any kind of in depth discussion, as most
    people cannot, for the life of them, get past the political theater
    that is currently crescendoing to a climax. Therefore, I will simply
    provide readers with a few passing thoughts regarding the elections next

    I think Mitt Romney will somewhat comfortably win the Presidential
    election. This will cause “conservatives,” Christians, and most
    Republicans to go into a state of deep hibernation, which will allow
    Romney to wreak havoc upon the Constitution and liberties of the people.
    In 2012, Barack Obama is the “Boogeyman” that must defeated at all
    costs. But the fact is, with the exception of Romney’s more
    business-friendly approach to economics, the differences between Obama
    and Romney are negligible.
    As I have noted in previous columns, the differences between Mitt Romney
    and Barack Obama are miniscule on virtually every salient issue. They
    both supported TARP; they both supported Obama’s economic stimulus
    package; they both supported so-called assault weapons bans and other
    gun control measures; Obama has an “F” rating from Gun Owners of
    America, while Romney has a “D-” rating from GOA; neither man supports a
    balanced budget; neither man opposes foreign aid; they both supported
    the bailout of the auto industry; they both have a track record of being
    big spenders; they both fully support the Federal Reserve; they both
    oppose a full audit of the Fed; they are both supporters of universal
    health care; both men are showered with campaign contributions from Wall
    Street; neither of them wants to eliminate the IRS or the direct income
    tax; both men are on record as saying the TSA is doing a “great job”;
    they both supported the NDAA, including the indefinite detention of
    American citizens without due process of law; they both supported the
    renewal of the Patriot Act; they both believe that the President has
    “executive power” to assassinate and kill; both support the “free trade”
    agenda of the global elite; they are both soft on illegal immigration;
    they both support NAFTA and CAFTA; they both have a history of
    appointing liberal judges; they both believe the President has the
    authority to take the nation to war without the approval of Congress;
    and neither of them has any qualms about running up more public debt to
    the already gargantuan debt of 16 trillion dollars.

    Judge Andrew Napolitano nailed it when he said, “Barack Obama loves
    Big Labor; Mitt Romney loves Big Business; but they both love Big
    Steve Baldwin (no relation) agrees. Steve is a former California State
    legislator and former Executive Director of the Council for National
    Policy. He said:

    “As someone who was asked by one of the presidential candidates to
    investigate Romney’s gubernatorial record, I can assure you there is
    little in Romney’s background to suggest he will be a Reagan-type
    president willing to undertake bold action to save our economy and
    restore our culture. I know every bill he signed and every statement he
    made as Governor. I know who his appointees were and the liberal vision
    that governed his actions. As Massachusetts Governor, he sided with the
    big government types in every crisis he faced. Indeed, he repeatedly
    sold out constitutional rights–freedom of religion, the 2nd amendment,
    etc., every time he had the opportunity to do so.
    “He raised taxes on the private sector, destroyed job creation when he
    implemented RomneyCare, and came out in support of amnesty for illegal
    aliens. Most of his judicial appointees were to the left of Obama’s two
    appointments to the Supreme Court. As governor, he led the country in
    advancing three of the left’s most sacred issues: Cap and Trade,
    socialized medicine and gay marriage. Romney even supported Obama’s
    bailouts and the useless $8 billion stimulus. And he’s hostile to the
    notion of engaging in serious budget cuts, telling one reporter, ‘I’m
    not going to cut $1 trillion in the first year.’

    “Let’s not also forget that Romney’s advisors actually met with
    Obama’s advisors on a dozen occasions to assist them with designing
    ObamaCare! It’s no surprise that Romney is refusing to call ObamaCare a
    tax, even though it’s the largest middle class tax hike in American
    history. The reason for this is because, while governor, his RomneyCare
    plan–the model for ObamaCare–was attacked as a tax and he argued it
    “In other words, ObamaCare has been taken off the table as a campaign
    issue because Romney is afraid of being portrayed as a hypocrite for his
    past statements on this issue. This is reason number 167 why Romney
    should never have become our nominee.

    “I don’t care how his campaign portrays him today, his record as
    Governor is far more indicative of how he will govern than his campaign
    sound bites. If you’re not familiar with what I am disclosing about
    Romney, it’s because the truth about Romney was kept from Republican
    voters. Yes, the conservative movement sold out to Romney. Starting in
    2004, Romney created a slew of PACS and foundations that funneled
    thousands of dollars to hundreds of conservative groups, think tanks,
    grass roots leaders and GOP entities.
    “In return, many of these entities that normally would have attacked
    Romney during the presidential primary went silent or even promoted him.
    I’ve tracked all of Romney contributions to conservative and GOP groups
    and it’s disgusting. It means that the leadership of our own
    conservative movement is up for the highest bidder and cannot be trusted
    to do the right thing. Even National Review, the nation’s leading
    conservative publication, took money from Romney and for the last six
    years blocked all articles critical of Romney. Instead, they published a
    slew of articles portraying him to be a conservative superstar. It was
    all phony and I can prove it.”

    Even though Romney will promote at least 85% of the Obama agenda,
    conservatives have no fear or trepidation of Romney because he is a
    Republican, whereas Obama scares the pants off of them because he is a
    Democrat. Ah, don’t you just love partisan politics?
    Therefore, as I said, absent massive vote-fraud, Romney will be our next
    President. But he will do NOTHING to stem the tide of coming disaster.
    Romney will be a military hawk of the highest order. And while
    corporations doing business with the military-industrial complex will
    reap huge profits, America’s continued foreign interventionism is going
    to bring us to the brink of World War III. Furthermore, it is the “we
    are at war” mantra that is used to justify a burgeoning police state in
    America, which Romney will enthusiastically continue to implement. And
    unlike the Democrat Barack Obama, the Republican Mitt Romney will have
    little resistance–except from a Democrat-controlled Senate.

    Republicans will maintain control of the House of Representatives,
    which is probably a good thing; Democrats will probably control the
    Senate. Between the two, I had much rather have Republicans control the
    House, because trying to find honest-to-God freedomists among Republican
    US senators (you could count them on two hands) is like trying to find
    hen’s teeth. Again, Romney isn’t going to appoint freedomist judges
    anyway, so that argument is moot. But if the first six years of this
    century proved anything, it proved that neither major party in
    Washington, D.C., can be trusted with control of both chambers of
    Congress and the White House. That is a recipe for disaster!
    At this point, I must remind readers that the reason Barack Obama was
    elected to begin with was due to the eight years of the
    phony-conservative G.W. Bush administrations. Americans were
    disillusioned and angry over Bush’s huge spending habits at home and his
    military adventurism overseas. I predict a Mitt Romney presidency will
    have the same effect. As with G. W. Bush, Mitt Romney will disappoint
    and anger the American electorate, which will pave the way for another
    leftist (Hillary Clinton?) to prevail in 2016.

    “And the beat goes on.”
    At some point–maybe toward the end of Romney’s first term–the chickens
    are going to come home to roost. Neither major party has the guts to do
    what it takes to put America on a solid financial footing. They are
    both beholden to too many parasites that are sucking the life’s blood
    out of our country. And neither party will do a darn thing to stop this
    fascination with empire that is putting our troops in killing fields all
    over the world. The result: it’s only a matter of time before the
    inevitable happens. And just about anybody with half a brain knows it!

    It would be nice if a few states would elect freedomist governors,
    attorney generals, sheriffs, legislators, senators, secretaries of
    State, etc., next Tuesday. At the end of the day, freedom is going to be
    won or lost at the State level anyway. My son, Tim Baldwin, is running
    for a Montana House seat. Here is his website:

    I know of a handful of other freedomists in Montana and around the
    country who, if elected, could make a real difference in their
    respective states. We’ll see.
    So, if it makes you feel better, vote for Mitt Romney. He’s probably
    going to win anyway–but it won’t matter! But, by all means, when you
    find a for-real freedomist to vote for in the other races, be sure you
    do that, because that WILL matter!

  • pittymax

    Enough! Lets make a change in Washington on Nov. 6th, one giant step for America!

  • Lindy

    This ad is PERFECT!

  • LLinLa

    May God bless America and these brave Americans . . . Nov. 6th!

  • Paul

    Semper FI Squids

  • Carol

    Obama doesn’t have a clue how to be a president. He sickens me!

  • cottagemist

    Great simplistic ad! It speaks volumes….thank you..for your service, pain,sacrifices…..especially your blood. You are loved, and soooo…appreciated.

  • Debra H

    GREAT AD… WONDERFUL.. This makes me even prouder of our SEALS.. and so true
    , they fight and die and our idiot president bows to the very ones that want to kill us. We must, get rid of Obama. THANK YOU SEALS FOR EVERYTHING, ALWAYS!

  • Kimberly Woods

    Thank you for your service and for taking a stand against the President and his weak leadership. May GOD BLESS YOU EVERYONE. PRAY FOR NEW LEADERSHIP FOR AMERICA.

  • rosemarienoa

    Very powerful video!!! Good job!!!

  • jvb1980808

    Excellent!!! Obama is deluded but more importantly he’s BANKING on everyone else being equally deluded. He’s what I like to call WRONG!!!!

  • Mark Biolchino

    There hasn’t been a draft for quite some time. I graduated from high school in Detroit in 1968 and volunteered to join the U.S. Navy and became a Hospital Corpsman (medic) in fact I got my draft notification when I turned 19 while my ship was off the coast of South Vietnam I was a ship’s corpsman and never went in-country. I never got a welcome home parade or party and didn’t care. I knew I served my country with honor and had no regrets. Obama could of joined during Desert Storm but it wasn’t his gig, so be it. But the military knows that they are not liked by Obama and if it was true that Obama refused to render help to Ambassador Stevens and the other three Americans and this request was sent three times and denied three times then Obama and Hilary Clinton have blood on their hands. and should not allowed to serve any longer. Obama has lied to the American people repeatedly throughout his administration. He told us what to expect if he was elected (in his books) but no one read them or if they did were so taken in by Obama’s rhetoric they covered for him in their own minds after every lie. Our media has refused to do their duty and report on what Obama has done to America. He and his wife and children have vacationed 16 times at great expense to U.S. and the media never reported that it was wrong maybe that the first family, as it were have spent a great deal of our taxpayer’s money. I have no problem of the president going on vacations but 16 in less then four years and all the time telling U.S. that they feel our pain and that we all have to tighten our belts and sacrifice for the good of the country. Mrs. Obama has not only gone on vacations but has taken a few score of her closest friends. Obama has not led U.S. He has not provider successful leadership. America can no longer a ford Obama and all their “friends”. They are using our tax money as a private AMT. If you are not a veteran you have no idea what we went through. You don’t owe us veterans anything but a handshake and welcoming U.S. home. I once heard a guy say that everyone was a veteran even if they did not serve his reasoning was that it left such a scar on the American body poiltic. So now that it was cool to be a veteran they wanted to share the “glory”. It seems that they can’t make up their minds in the 60s and 70s it was cool to protest the war and during desert storm it was the patriots were cool so the protesters were back out in front waving flags. It’s stange that during the draft there was great protest “Hell no, we wont go” but as soon as the draft was over the protests stopped. Where were the protesters now? They had run out of poetic sayings so they didn’t bother to stand up in anger when the Cambodia people were being slaughtered or the Vietnamese people were going off to re-education camps so they might see the “light”. Where were you???? peace, Mark

  • Luci D’Mari

    America bows to no one.

  • Take 2

    You can trust that every stich of words out of Rev. Wrights mouth Obama owns 100%. GD America really came out of his mouth and into Mentors Jr. ears and mind.

  • Walter poretier

    It more then time to kick the Obama and his anti American Czars out the white house . Let put a real American in the white house and clean up Obama mess. Obama seem to be the enemy not a leader. He has too many bad values . He does not know how to be accountable. When we get a real AG . We will be able to hold Obama and his criminals accountable for there crimes against America.

  • Stephen Smith

    Very well done and with a great message. Obama is a disgrace to America-time to show him the door!

  • Shane

    He isn’t called President oBOWma for nothing! We must fire this cowardly man who did not have the backs of our men in Libya. Obama let those men die.

  • HDLadee

    The voice you hear is Benjamin Smith ~ A Former Navy Seal who is traveling all OVER America trying to get the word out while defending OUR Military and OUR rights! God Bless you Sir … a man of honor, dedication and integrity to America and OUR way of life ~ Amen ~

  • Caral Freeman

    These men have honor and integrity. They deserve a commander in chief who possesses those traits. Obama does not. I get sick of hearing how he got bin laden. He did not. Seal team 6 got bin laden and the search and methods were started under President Bush. From different sources within the WH, some are not even sure Obama gave the order, some say that Panetta made the decision when Obama refused to. Considering Obama’s penchant for voting present, his habit of ignoring advice from anyone who is not in total agreement with him bowing at his knees, I would tend to believe it was someone other than Obama. He only makes decisions that are bad for our country. Anyone that agrees with his policies and the terrible affect they have had on our nation, must be against our country too. Our brave Navy Seals, and the entire military might of our nation, deserve better than what this administration gives them. Under the current administration, if you strip away the lies and propaganda, we would have no military at all unless they swore allegiance to Obama instead of the constitution. That is called being a dictator. And that is what our brave defenders fight against on our behalf.

  • jb80538

    Plain and simple…..BARRY Has to go!

  • Gary

    Obama has been the enemy for almost four years, the only thing he has accomplished was campaigning and lying to Americans. You didn’t build it but I killed Osma bin Laden. Obama and his Czar administration are traitors and should be charged, arrested, held at Gitmo and when found guilty hung like Saddam Hussein in public. This way the tax payer wins, everything he has did to the country is null and void. The military should remember this b.tch if he uses NATO to try and disarm Americans and turn their weapons toward the international world order.

  • north mexico use vet

    shame we have not seen these ADDS before now when 30% have already voted, I agree all this imposter has done since he took office is bow and kiss ass. of his Muslim brothers

  • Stephanie

    I hope that ALL Americans get to see this and put their love for the charlatan aside and do what is good for this country, not Obama’s private agenda. The most frightening man to EVER hold office in this country. Can’t wait till he’s gone!!

  • 007

    God bless America…the NEW America.

  • Jo Zuber

    Where is the Video?

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