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Scout Leaders Destroy Ancient Rock Formation To ‘Save Lives,’ Now Face Felony Charges

Three Utah County men could face felony charges after a 200-million-year-old [sic] rock formation was toppled in Goblin Valley State Park. One of them filmed the incident, and it surfaced on the internet. Critics call the act vandalism, but the culprits claim there’s more to the story. In the video you can hear David Hall from Highland reciting a phrase from a popular pop song: “wiggle it just a little bit.” Then his buddy Glenn Taylor topples the boulder, known as a “Goblin”, as his son watches. The three erupt in laughter, giving each other high fives. “We have modified Goblin Valley,” Dave Hall said in the video. State park officials don’t find it funny. Those “goblins” date back to the Jurassic period [sic]. Jeff Rasmussen, deputy director of Utah State Parks and Recreation, said they are worried about the incident.

What do you think? Is this being blown out of proportion or are these men ‘saving lives’?

  • Philip Sieve

    Yeah, that’s vandalism. They should at least be kicked out of the Boy Sciuts, unlesx any did some serious good for scouts. If the rock were on top of a kid and they had to break it to actually save a life, then save a life no matter what. Thus is childishness and unBoyScout-like.

    • Merlinever

      That wasn’t just vandalism but a particularly vile, unforgivable form of it. Vandalism is simply the malicious or ignorant destruction of public or private property – which is usually replaceable or repairable. These rock formations, formed by the hand of nature over hundreds of millions of years, can never be replaced or repaired.
      I guess morons like these would try to fill in the Grand Canyon if they could so that no one could fall into it.

    • Richard Holmes

      I think they should stand at that place and hold that rock in place until they are crushed by it when it does fall because they couldn’t hold it any longer.

  • CommonSense

    What do I think.. It’s Tragic!
    That formation has been there for thousands if not millions of years.
    and for the sake of “safety” they knock it over. They should have taught
    their scouts how to be responsible for their own safety and for the formation.

  • NoName

    The most ( ? ) obnoxious part of the clip is that these obese men too closely resemble the rock they’ve tipped over ….

  • Concerned citizen

    I find this sickening to think this is what the boy scouts are representing. They should be protecting the National treasures – not destroying them and thinking it is funny. I hope the fine is gigantic they have to pay and if this is their attitude they should be banned from our National Parks.

    • Alice Hallock

      The name Boy Scouts now belongs to a gay group, remember? The straight ones have their own group now( I forget the name), and I’m sure they would not do something like this.

      • evantoo

        I repeat, spoken like a true Girl Scout. (Those on the video.)

      • MichaelB

        What are you talking about?

      • Neal Avery

        The straight scouts are The Royal Rangers.

        • don76550

          And the other scouts are the rump rangers

      • mac7692

        Trail life usa I believe.

    • BMW Metro

      As a former scout Leader I can assure you that their actions in no way represent the values of the Boy Scouts of America. I therefore see fit to strongly recommend that they are banned from the BSA. Incidentally, Scouts often organize efforts to preserve and enhance National Parks. My son’s Eagle Project was performed in Valley Forge National Park.

      • Crystalsinger

        I loved the values of the former Boy Scouts. The new, politically correct Boy Scouts have no more moral authority to talk about values.

        • rs1123

          Even so I am certain the ‘new’ Scouts (who have had their new PC forced upon them) would utterly disapprove of such actions by these Scout leaders who did the vandalism.

          • fort9erdon

            It wasn’t forced. BSA caved into pressure from homosexual pressure!

        • BMW Metro

          I left when my son “aged out” back in 2007 so I do not have first hand knowledge on how their new policies (forced upon them by the government) have affected them at the ground level. That being said, the new politically correct government has no more moral authority to talk about values.

          Our troop was fairly independent but as new leaders will eventually replace the old, my guess is that the older values will be replaced. In order to preserve the older values, troops will have to act independently (go rogue) and face the consequences of government censure and expulsion by the BSA. At that point the troop could create a parallel program of activities using the BSA’s resources under the pretense of being a religious organization. But I am sure the government will soon be cracking down on those organizations as well.

          Silver lining: The way the people marched together and captured the memorials from the park service. I was proudly the brainchild of one such activity and I barely made Tenderfoot. Just wait till the Eagles start getting involved!

    • evantoo

      Spoken like a true GirlScout.

    • Dave

      While I think that these guys are idiots. How many people howling for prosecution on this thread would even know about this rock formation, had these guys not posted a video of it on the net? If they hadn’t posted the video, how many people who do know that this rock formation existed would even be able to discern the method by which it had toppled? How many people would be this upset had an earthquake toppled the rock formation? One hundred years from now this incident won’t even be mentioned in the history books. Let the “down” votes begin……….

      • missnellie

        What the heck is your point….excuses. The video went viral and they got caught…now they pay. SIMPLE!

        • Dave

          I didn’t make excuses for them. The point is that a lot of the people screaming for severe punishment for this incident will never be affected by it. They never knew that the formation existed, they probably will never visit the state park, and if they did, they would never be able to tell that the rock had been toppled. How many up until now had ever seen a picture of that rock? If an earthquake occurred and restructured the area, they wouldn’t be bemoaning the fact that the rock had been toppled. There are two people on this thread calling for the death penalty over this incident. Really? Over a God damned rock…………

          • CaptGene

            Dave, The test of character is this: Stopping at a stop sign in the middle of nowhere when there is nobody around to see you do it. Scouting is supposed to build character; not include vandalizing state or national parks and monuments. Scouts are supposed to hold themselves to higher standards. As an Eagle Scout in my youth half a century ago and later a scout adviser for Explorer Scouts, we lived by those higher standards. I expect no less today. I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie, “Doughboy” (retitled “The Pledge”) or not, but though it does not deal with Scouting, it does deal with character and developing character. You might want to visit their Facebook page: and perhaps see the movie. The storyline is about a young man from New York City moved to a little town in West Virginia where he’s involved egging a statue dedicated to WWI veterans. It is a great story with an excellent moral ending dealing specifically with building character. As an aside, as a disabled Vietnam Combat Vet’, I found the storyline very personal. With regards to these “scouts” doing what they did, without remorse and then rationalizing their vandalism, they deserve what comes down on them. Finally, for being scouts, they certainly do NOT adhere to the Boy Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan

            and the Outdoor Code. Finally, they look like they could spend a little less time at McDonald’s and more time at the gym.

          • Dave

            All of that being said, what would you say is a fair punishment for this incident? My take would be that if these guys knew that what they were doing is illegal then they deserve to be punished. If it is a violation of your Scout code of ethics, then the organization should deal with it. I am sure that these guys are not the only ones who have ever toppled a rock in Utah. Utah is full of rocks. If one didn’t see them topple the rock it would be highly unlikely that the rock would ever be noticed. It’s not like they sprayed graffiti on it. I think that what they did was stupid, however stupidity is not a crime in this country. We actually reward stupid people. Proof of that would be our elected officials. Egging a monument such as you are referring to, would warrant some jail time as it is obvious that the monument is not just some rock out in the wilderness. Unfortunately The Boy Scouts are in deep trouble over the gay thing. We just sent a Scout leader to prison (25 to life) for raping two young Scouts. Now that, is a crime that deserves the death penalty.

          • Richard Holmes

            Fair punishment for this incident. Hanging. They did this to get their jollies and said they were saving lives. They weren’t saving anything. They destroyed something.

          • Dave

            You are an idiot, if you really think that this incident deserves the death penalty.

          • Richard Holmes

            Maybe you should hang with them. You lousy SOB. Eat a fresh turd and howl at the moon.

          • Dave

            I would call you a lousy SOB also, however that would be giving everyone the false impression that I think more highly of you and your egg donor (the one you refer to as “mother”) than I do.

          • doc4977

            you are the idiot if you think this is funny.

          • Dave

            Actually, I think that you are insane. After reading your replies, I have come to the conclusion that the rock in question possesses a higher rate of comprehension than do you. Nowhere in my posts did I say that these guys should not be punished. However upon reading your replies and reviewing your “up votes”, it is apparent that you are another one of the insane hysterical morons to which I was referring. While I think that your proposal of a five year incarceration is a bit more sane than the death penalty (to which you “up voted”), I still think that it is a bit severe. I find it interesting that the sentence that you are calling for, is more severe than what is given to many rapists and child molesters. Apparently there are people like you who value a God damned rock more than our society values a child. That is insane.

          • doc4977

            that rock formation was there for thousand of years probably survived earth tremors weather conditions and what ever was thrown at it and it survived until these mental handicapped jerks came along and destroyed it I don’t see many people giving you a thumbs up. they should get 5 years in jail and foot the cost of replacing this land mark. I would say that’s fair punishment.
            that formation can be repaired for other people to see and enjoy too bad there is people like you that cant under stand the damage done.

          • Dave

            You are horribly mistaken, if think that I give a $#!t about “up votes” on my comments.

          • rs1123

            I think hanging is just a bit extreme. I think also that it was laughable and an insult to anyone’s intelligence to claim they did it for safety. They need to be punished but the death penalty is ridiculous.

          • Bob Haavisto

            probably take a few pounds off their fat asses as well

          • threebarrs

            I agree. The comments prior to yours were digressing a little too far off the subject, however, your thoughts on appropriate punishment for this vandalism reall hits the right note – or piece of rock in this case!!

          • doc4977

            we don’t want the rock broken up they can restore this and the equipment they have now, you wouldn’t even know it was knocked down.

          • rs1123

            If the video showed them tipping the rock and then saying ‘that will be a lot safer for people coming through here, that one would have crushed someone’ that would be one thing. But they tipped it and just went nuts with happiness over their action. They KNEW it was wrong and that is why they need to be punished.

          • missnellie

            Dave…the main point here is not so much the rock – yet I consider this inexcusable and illegal – but the basic fact that THEY knew WHERE they were and our parks demand respect and honor. Let me see…isn’t that what the scouts try to teach?? It’s sort of like “if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one around to hear it…does it make a sound”. This is dishonorable and a pathetic example of what the scouts SHOULD NOT BE DOING…let alone destroying a rock formation millions of years old – which there is no way you can convince me the scout leaders did not know – THEY WERE IN AN AREA OF ANCIENT ROCK FORMATIONS. Otherwise why the big deal. The punishment must meet the crime???????? HMMMM I don’t know what that would be but perhaps it should be handled by the Scouts and these men should be expelled from the organization. OH…DAVE…ignore the likes of Richard Holmes. If his picture reflects his age….I need not say more….young, inexperienced, ill informed and obnoxious.

          • Dave

            Richard Holmes started posting after I posted my original reply to “Concerned Citizen”. You should note that nowhere did I state that these guys should not be punished if they knew that they were breaking the law. I don’t ignore the likes of Richard due to the fact that someone needs to point out flawed thinking such as his, so that it does not become the status quo. Richard’s youth etc. may be an excuse for his stupidity. However, youth does not explain the insanity of some of the ones calling for the death penalty in this case.

          • missnellie

            Point well taken. Poor Richard….a simpleton child of the times. I did not read about the threat of the death penalty though and having now heard it consider it absurd and coming from a very sick mind. To me their expulsion is due.

          • Dave

            There are people on this thread calling for these guys to be crushed with the rock. I find that kind of sick thinking to be very “islamic”.

          • threebarrs

            If you are referring to my comment about a foot being crushed by the falling rock, you are way off base. It is entirely possible that one of them could have been hurt while vandalizing thid Goblin Rock. It is entirely possible that the rock could have fallen on one of the perps and crushed him to death. Again, they were really dumb and interested only in their good time and being destructive!

          • Dave

            I wasn’t. I made my comment yesterday. Yours’ appears to have been made today. That being said, I just read the comment to which you are referring and I agree with you.

          • CaptGene

            Dave, you are comparing apples to igneous rocks. Areas are set aside for all to enjoy as they are. If they want to topple rocks off the designated recreational area, even though they violate all that Scouting embraces and entails, they would not have violated any state or federal law. What they did was damage a formation WITHIN a designated and protected area. With regards to homosexuality and the Boy Scouts; that is another subject entirely. What this post deals with is the wanton destruction of a rock formation for “grins and giggles”. It also shows underlying problems with the individuals doing the vandalism. True, Utah is “full of rocks” but not all those “rocks” are in designated state or federal land preserves. If everyone started destroying these formations within these areas they would be of little interest to people who appreciate their geological and historical value. Schools from kindergarten through universities visit these sites. Imagine people touring caves and caverns and taking home samples of the stalagmites and stalactites. Soon their uniqueness would be lost. Here in northern Wyoming we have several world class caves. They are closely protected because of their uniqueness. A short drive from me is Legend Rock. There are petroglyphs there dating back over 10,000 years. They have been vandalized numerous times and each time a rare treasure is lost. Was the Jurassic aged mushroom formation a “rare” treasure? Some would say no and others yes. But it WAS a 65,000,000 year old formation that was destroyed by people who have no character what-so-ever. You ask what would I say is a “fair punishment” for this incident. That is for a judge to decide and varies between state and federal statutes. Since these are Boy Scouts, people who by definition KNOW better, then were I sitting on the bench, they would find themselves on the high end of the “punishment stick”. Also, you’re right: Stupidity is not a crime in this country. However, from my years in law enforcement I can tell you that cops around the world really wish there were laws titled simply “Stupid In Public”. And in a way, there are. When you drive impaired and get caught, you are cited for “impaired driving” which is tantamount to “Stupid In Public”. What it all boils down to is people must be held to standards with some, by who and what they are, higher than others. Also, people must accept responsibility for their own actions. To “poo-poo” those actions and moral standards is to acquiesce to moral relativism. Moral relativism is what is tearing down the Republic. What the scouts did was wrong. Now they have to accept responsibility for their actions; legal, financial and what else may come. That will be decided in court.

          • Dave

            Where are you getting the “apples to igneous rocks” comparison from? I merely pointed out that some of these posts on this thread are insane. Do you think that a sane person would call for the death penalty in a case like this? I never stated that they should not face consequences for their actions if they knew that they were breaking the law. For the most part I agree with your post. I do want to pose a question to you concerning your statement about people and higher standards. While I agree with it, why is law enforcement exempt from being held to a higher standard or even an equal standard to which the rest of us are held?

          • Dave

            Someone just pointed out to me that you’ve “up-voted” a reply on this thread in which it is recommended that I need “to smoke some more weed”. Are you recommending that I go break the law also? Would that not be an example of “moral relativism” on your part? Incidentally, it would be impossible for me to smoke some more weed being that I have never tried the $#!t. I find it interesting that you, who claims to have years in law enforcement, would think that it is OK for one person to recommend illegal drug use to another. Hmmmm

          • CaptGene

            My “up vote” to that was to the satirical nature of the comment. Continuing this back and forth with you is pointless so in closing I will make a simple suggestion: Dave, I am telling you this because I really DO care. There are a LOT of decaffeinated brands out there that taste just as good as the real thing; seriously.

          • Dave

            Yeah, so you say…… Oh, and your silence to my question about your statement on higher standards is deafening. Typical LEO. :)

          • threebarrs

            Thank you for your comment. Very Well Said!!!!!

          • doc4977

            that’s not the point they destroyed this just for kicks if they get away with this
            then whats to stop other nuts going and destroying other natural rock formations. 5 years in jail and restoration of the rock formation.

          • rs1123

            I would never think the death penalty was even remotely any sort of punishment for this. You’re right, it was a rock. But it was still a natural formation and those idiots knew they were destroying something irreplaceable – the fact that most of us didn’t even know about the place means nothing.

      • John Hand

        What I want to know Dave, is how you can label yourself as a concerned citizen.

        • Dave

          Where in the hell do you get that from? I only replied to “Concerned Citizen”.

          • Richard Holmes

            If you let people like these nuts get away with what they did and not punish them, severely you condone this sort of act. That will lead to more and worse acts. You stop them now with harsh punishment and you will stop them in the future.

      • Chief Bill PFD #9

        Using your same logic about this rock formation, what if someone was to shoot/stab/beat to death a person that no one knew existed? Should that person not be punished for that crime? Suppose no one knew the victim existed except for a video? I realize that murder is a far more heinous crime. However, using your logic, no one should care since the victim was unknown to the world.

        • Dave

          As you say “murder is a far more heinous crime”. No one has actually been harmed by the rock being moved. Moving the rock is only a crime because some bureaucrat got a law passed declaring it to be so. Your scenario is flawed because the murderer would know that the victim existed. It is also far fetched. Do you know of anybody whose existence is unknown? How many murderers post identifiable video of themselves killing unknown people on the net? It is quite disturbing that you would even attempt to make an analogy such as this. It seems that the rock is just as important to you as is human life.

          • Chief Bill PFD #9

            So you’re saying that national and state treasures can just be destroyed or damaged because someone might not go there and see them? Or know of there existence? There are many things in this world that not all people know about or get to see. I will most likely never get to see Mount Rushmore,the WW2 Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, etc does that mean that it is OK for some idiot to trash it? Just because something is their and someone does not like it does not give one the “green light” to destroy it. I live in a small west central town in Texas and we have an item here that we treasure greatly. I would guess that 99.9% of the population of the U.S. have no idea that it even exists. Would it be fine with you if someone decided to destroy it one day because so few people knows it exists? You say that my analogy is flawed because the murderer would know the victim. Well once again your logic is flawed. The idiots in this video knew this boulder existed. Just to answer your question of if I value a rock as more or equally important than a human life, no, I do not. I was attempting to give you a fictitious scenario. You refer to bureaucrats for getting a law passed declaring it to be a crime to vandalize a state park. Here’s a news flash for you. That’s how ALL laws are passed. Just so I get this straight, you believe that because a law was passed by bureaucrats that you disagree with, it is OK to break them? There are several laws that i don’t like and believe to be idiotic. That does not exempt me, or anyone else, from punishment for violating them.

          • Dave

            Did you not read my post? Nowhere did I say that these idiots should not be punished if they knew that they were breaking the law. I was merely pointing out the hysterical insanity of some of the posters on this thread. I was also pointing out the fact that at the end of the day, the toppling of this rock is a very minor incident in our history. I didn’t ask you if you “value a rock as more or equally important than a human life”. I stated that, “It seems that the rock is just as important to you as is human life.” As to my statement about bureaucrats and laws, my point is that everybody knows that murder is wrong and illegal, not everybody necessarily would know that toppling a rock in some cases is illegal or wrong. I do think in some cases it is not only OK to break the law, it is also a moral obligation to do so. I know of several million people from Germany’s history who would probably agree with me.

          • David in Dallas

            I don’t think it matters if they knew it was against the law. The rock did not belong to them and therefore they should have just left it alone. Period. Messing with something that is not yours is wrong, whether it’s against the law or not.

          • Dave

            Point well taken. That is one of the most logical comments on this thread.

          • zozo

            You really are all amazing. It is a stupid rock. It isn’t even alive!

          • undergraduate

            You need to shut up, smoke some more weed, finish that philosophy 101 project that’s probably overdue right now in that community college class you’re attending and realize that you’re not smart at all — just an idiot.

      • RickInAriz

        And you think your comment here makes any sense? Listen, you’re another idiot, Davie Boy. Apparently you think that as long as the culprit of a wrongdoing remains unidentified there’s no harm done, right? How about I sneak into your neighborhood and burn your house up? As long as I get away, there’s no harm done, right? Are you really that stupid? Anyway, in a couple of hundred years, who’ll care, right?

        You idiot!

        • Dave

          Nowhere in my posts did I state that these guys should not face consequences for their actions. I was merely pointing out the insanity of some of the comments that were posted. Do you think that these guys should be executed? Are you a liberal? Your reply reminds me of something that a liberal would post. You apparently are deficient in the area of comprehension.

      • BAM

        Your not only a dumbass your a true dik head

      • TesaBess333

        What does knowledge of the rock formation have to do with its destruction? Earthquakes toppling things are Acts of God (or nature, for PC folk). This is destruction for a dubious reason—they could have warned any body in their care to avoid the particular rock. Your writing shows the familiar means of diverting the attention from the actual act/question by asking another question irrelevant to the first.

        • Dave

          I wasn’t attempting to divert attention away from the question at hand. The question at hand as stated in the intro to the video was, “What do you think? Is this being blown out of proportion or are these men “saving lives”? I commented on what I thought about both the actions of these guys and also the hysterical reactions to this incident. To clarify….. I would answer “yes” to the first half of the second question. Especially after reading some of the posts on this thread in which, people are calling for more severe punishment over a rock, than what we give to child molesters in this country. I think that a child is more valuable than any of our “treasures”. Do you think that the death penalty is appropriate for this incident? Some people on this thread apparently do and have so stated this insanity. These guys are going to have one hell of a time proving that their original intention was to “save lives”, that I will grant you. As I stated in my post, they are idiots.

      • Aristophanes

        Because it was their own stupid fault for posting this video they should not be punished? If nothing else, give them a big fine for stupidity!! Your arguments are ridiculous – are you trying to out-stupid these guys?

        • Dave

          No, and nowhere did I say that they should not be punished. You apparently possess poor comprehension skills. Some on this thread are calling for these idiots to be put to death. Do you think that the death penalty is appropriate in this case? Apparently some think that an act of vandalism is a capital offense. That is ridiculous and insane.

      • doc4977

        that’s not the point these people are sick to be able to get a kick by destroying something that’s been around for hundreds of years they are a natural stone formation that is lost because of these idiots, make them pay to have it restored and put them in jail for 5 years.

      • downtown21

        An earthquake DIDN’T topple it, stupid…a human being did, on purpose. Your comment is pointless and you obviously don’t even believe any of this nonsense you wrote, you only said it to be deliberately annoying.

    • Unimoggers

      What makes you think they are Scouts? Headline? They don’t have anything on them to indicate they are scouts.

    • rs1123

      Are you looking for a reason to dump on the Scouts? Not just that they didn’t want gays as troop leaders, but now to ban them for this one stupid act by a couple of boneheads who had no business being Scout leaders? Perhaps we should ban all gays after all because of the fact that they HAVE in the past acted ‘improperly’ with boys in their troops? (Now THAT I would agree with.)

      The MEN who were behind this need to be severely punished, I would agree. Banning the Scouts from all these places is extreme and utterly ridiculous. Scouting teaches respect for the Earth and the jerks who did this have been fired from the Scouts as they should be.

  • bill45colt

    prosecution is too slow in coming. How many millions of possible tourists could have viewed that formation, now they selfishly tear it up. Like the idiots who dynamited old faithful. Ill bet they don’t go to jail and that this inspires others to be criminals too.

    • Sam

      Maybe someone should cut their rocks off; if you catch my drift. And then we can laugh at their high pitched voices.

  • PWe72

    Unfortunately in the same manner as a lot of school football coaches there have always been too many Scoutmasters who were and are bullies and who not only condone but encourage this sort of excessive macho bully attitude; totally opposite the guidelines set by the National Council. Few have been identified as there is always a cloud over any young scouts who might try to bring attention to such behavior by outside adults.

  • parlayer

    Great Scout leaders?? Fat, Stupid, laughing at the destruction they caused to the ageless landscape. Charges should be filed and at least a HUGE fine imposed. Oh yea I forgot to say Idiot’s prior.

  • Chaz

    Stupid is as stupid does!!!!

  • Jerry Gooch

    I believe in the Scout handbook at least it used to say leave no trace when camping and hiking. I think they should be prosecuted and forbidden from ever serving with the Scouts again.

    • retired cop in arizona

      Remember now, they have recently become the ‘Rainbow Scouts!’ Don’t think they’ve rewritten the scout manual just yet, but when they do, there will be merit badges for destroying monuments and Christian values!!!!

      • MichaelB

        Regular Boy Scouts (not gay) are now called Rainbow Scouts? I don’t believe that.

        • retired cop in arizona

          The comment was intended as sarcasm, but the Boy Scouts are pretty well finished, just like ‘Girls only’ shower rooms in California and now Colorado. Just saying!

          • Neal Avery

            Support The Royal Rangers not The Rainbow Scouts.

      • Downtooearth

        Are you kidding me? Not every young man who is in boy scouts is gay! Get real. Your homophobia is showing again. It should not matter what your sexual preference is when joining the Boy Scouts. The Scouting program is not about sex-quit trying to make it that way!

      • Merlinever

        “destroying monuments and Christian values”? I thought the Muslims had a monopoly on that.

        • retired cop in arizona

          It needs to be recognized there is a strong influence by the American communist party at work, driving the rainbow and muslim movement to destroy those values held dear by true patriots!

          • Merlinever

            I disagree. The rainbow movement – the gay, lesbian. bisexual, transgender people, – are not strongly influenced by the communist party; they only want to establish their sick lifestyle as normal and healthy, impose it on all the rest of us, and get special treatment because of their sexual preferences.
            The Muslims aren’t influenced at all by anything outside of Islam and certainly not by the communist party. They intend to conquer America and transform it from a Constitutional Republic into a theocratic, totalitarian, Islamic state under sharia (Islamic law). The only things that influence the Muslims are the Koran, the ahadith, sharia, and Islamic history.
            To learn the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about Islam, read Robert Spencer’s “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades”.
            To learn what the Muslims are doing so successfully in our country to take it over, read Robert Spencer’s “Stealth Jihad”. Like all of his other works, both of these books were very thoroughly researched and present only information that is factual and verifiable.
            Knowledge is power.

          • Richard Holmes

            Hang them.

        • Richard Holmes

          No, the idiots have learned to be totally stupid and destructive.

          • Merlinever

            But the Muslims are notorious for destroying monuments to religions other than theirs:

            “The Buddhas of Bamiwam, two 6th century[1] monumental statues of standing buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamwam valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan, were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, on orders from leader Mullah Mohammed Omar,[4] after the Taliban government declared that they were idols” (of a religion other than Islam).

    • Merlinever

      Prosecuted, yes……to the fullest extent of the law!! And then sued out of existence by the park. The sub-human ignorance they exhibited destroyed something that is irreplaceable and deprived all those who come after them of seeing and enjoying this wonderful work of art of nature and time.

  • Lee Dunn

    What an outrage, this rock formation had been there for years and should not have been vandalized.!

    • Dennis

      Years? 200 million years is several millenia. What formed those rocks and when? Jurassic? The dinosaurs and a few comets crashing to earth didn’t move them but a couple of fat guys with nothing better to do…

    • Merlinever

      This rock formation had been there – not just “for years” – but for hundreds of millions of years!

  • Chief86

    I think they destroyed a natural formation. They tried pushing and it didn’t budge. They had to rock it a lot to get it to topple.

  • Conservative Forum

    I’m not convinced their motive was as altruistic as they suggest. To try to remove all hazards like that would eliminate many of nature’s wonders. You have to be careful with declaring anything like this a menace or we will have to fence everything off and hire guards to keep people away.

    • MichaelB

      They’re trying to cover up their stupidity with a lie.

      • Conservative Forum

        Entirely possible, that certainly can’t be discounted by what we see.

  • Marie Gregor

    I think this was a totally senseless and irresponsible act by adults acting like idiots. If those stones stood for thousands of years what makes them think they were a threat to anyone!!! They should be expelled from scouting and fined for destroying a national treasure. There ridiculous attitude speaks louder than their words,. They didn’t care about the safety of anyone…they just saw an opportunity to look tough and took it!! How stupid!
    Saddened in Kansas

    • Merlinever

      What these morons did and the way they acted as they were doing it almost makes me ashamed to be a human being.

      • Richard Holmes

        Hang them

        • Merlinever

          Better yet, drop the rock they toppled on them…that would be poetic justice at its best.

          • Richard Holmes

            I like your thinking!

          • rs1123

            Be realistic. How about if they were made to use a pick axe and break it into small pieces and then haul the remains out of the area in a wheelbarrow, in essence just ‘cleaning up’ after themselves? That would be one hell of a punishment.

      • Mary Hajducek

        Just remember what goes around comes around they will get justice when they least expect it.

        • Merlinever

          Actually, I would prefer that they did expect their punishment and know that it was coming………so that they could suffer the psychological torment and anxiety of waiting for it and living in fear of it…

          • Mary Hajducek

            But knowing something is coming might not make them as upset as never knowing when it is or how it is coming, would live in fear of who, what, when, where as they already know the why of it. The psychological torment would would be there along with anxiety.

          • Merlinever

            You seem to be assuming that these three morons have inquisitive minds. But remember, inquisitiveness is a sign of intelligence and these sub-humans have already proven that they have less intelligence than the stone formation they destroyed. They make the three stooges look like nuclear physicists.
            Unfortunately, their deed was so evil that no punishment would suffice and nothing can be done to undo the damage that they caused.

    • Richard Holmes

      hang them

  • Craig Melin

    First rate MORONS!

  • Dennis

    They should be prosecuted for destroying something that belongs to all Americans, not just the Scouts. If Scouts had anything to do with it at…I doubt it. They’re just tryin’ to cover their humongous butts. Big fines and a lot of community service in the national parks would be in order I think.

    • abbe

      About fifty years of service each…keep them alive just so they continue to serve!

    • Merlinever

      Actually big fines, being sued by the park for everything they have, and community service eight hours a day when they aren’t locked up in their cages at the zoo would be more like it.

  • thewizardofaz

    The men are frikkin vandals. That formation belongs to all Americans, not 3 fat hikers. If they wanted to protect something they could stay home and protect the park.

  • Dennis

    Maybe they should pay to have the rocks put back where they were?

    • 5live5

      It will NEVER be the same!

      • Dennis

        I know it won’r ever be exactly as it was. However we know how the formation looked before these clowns came along. Instead of leaving the rocks laying around we have then replaced where they were as best as we can. I prefer to try to think “Maybe we can” than to stick my nose in the dirt and say “We can’t do this, no way”. We put some men on the moon and I think we can move a couple of earth rocks, if we want!

        • 5live5

          That misses my point completely Dennis. If we let them off with a slap on the wrist then where is the deterrent to others? Those formations were national treasures and they didn’t think once about destroying them.

  • 5live5

    PROSECUTE THEM! What’s next? they going to wipe out the ancient writings in that cave because somebody might be in there during a cave in? Those formations have sat that way for eons without anybody getting hurt by them. Throw the book at them!

    • Alupara

      The cave writings might offend some mu s lims!

      • 5live5

        Good! Keep them out!!!

      • Merlinever

        How I LOVE almost anything that offends Muslims!!!!!!!

    • Sam

      How about STONE THEN TO DEATH. Hannibles Law?? An eye for an eye.

      • Merlinever

        Excellent idea! They could raise the toppled stone up using a crane, put the three morons under it, stacked one on top of the other, and drop the stone on them……and film it and put it on youtube so that any other morons out there who might be thinking of doing something like that could see exactly what their punishment would be.
        They destroyed the stone; let the stone destroy them. Beautiful poetic justice!!!

  • Puncher

    I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent…idiots!

  • jb80538

    No lives saved. Just stupid people being stupid. Great values to teach your scout.

  • Mike Mazzone

    Totally blown out of proportion. It’s a rock, these are people. They deserve to counter sue for facing bogus charges.

    • Alupara

      Sez you.


      PLYMOUTH ROCK is ALSO a rock! ~ Monuments are to be preserved for future generations, be they constructed or natural!

  • Alupara

    It reminds me of years ago when some local a**hole officials dynamited “Frog Rock” in Prospect, CT also in the interest of “saving lives”. Let them pay for their crimes.

    • Merlinever

      The sad truth is that there is no way that these idiots can ever repay society for destroying this irreplaceable natural formation.

  • rocky63

    Saving what lives? They deserve a very hefty fine.

    • Mike Mazzone

      That rock could have fallen on some one and killed them, they deserve a pat on the back.


        THAT’S WHY GOD gave mankind ….EYES TO SEE, along with a brain to evaluate and avoid dangerous situations, my friend!

        • Merlinever

          God didn’t give mankind anything; God doesn’t exist; he’s just a myth, like Zeus, Odin, Allah, Santa Claus, and unicorns.
          Evolution gave man a brain to think with and the ability to evaluate dangerous situations and to act to avoid them.

          • EMIRCITNA

            GOD told me to tell you this, so ponder on these words, my friend:
            By the way, I was a staunch atheist for over 55 of my 71 years…until I SAW THE LIGHT!

          • Merlinever

            God (who doesn’t exist) didn’t tell you anything; stop talking to yourself.
            It’s a fool who believes in things for which there is not, nor has there ever been, a shred of proof or evidence.
            As for your last 16 years, sorry you opted for trading the light of reason for the darkness of lies, myths, and ignorance; I sincerely hope you regain your senses.
            “None understand the truths of religion so well as those who have lost the power of reason” Voltaire.

          • EMIRCITNA

            AS A FORMER atheist I realize that nothing I say would ever change your mind thus to attempt to do so would be an act of futility.
            God doesn’t have to ‘prove’ anything to anybody but He does leave a lot of ‘evidence’ around for those….with eyes to see and ears to hear!
            Bottom Line; You chose your path and I chose mine; peace be with you, my friend.

          • Merlinever

            “God doesn’t have to prove anything..”
            God can’t prove anything because God doesn’t exist.
            God didn’t make the claim that God exists, you did. So the burden of proof is on you to prove that he does. And you can’t.
            “He does leave a lot of evidence around…”
            You keep mentioning all this evidence but refuse to say exactly what it is.
            Could it be that you aren’t saying what your evidence is because you don’t have any?
            The bottom line is you’re evading the truth.

          • EMIRCITNA

            GOD IS ENERGY ~ PURE ENERGY; to say that He does not exist is to say that an atom or the universe does not exist. ~ In human form you could not stand before Him but in spiritual form, after leaving this mortal life you will realize the folly of your convictions!
            I do not “evade truth” as one that has FOUND TRUTH, thus any “burdens” are upon YOUR shoulders ….not mine!
            Peace be with you; have a nice day, my friend.

      • Merlinever

        And ooooooooooooooo!!! Someone might fall into the Grand Canyon. We better fill that in ASAP to prevent anyone from being injured or killed…
        You deserve a kick in the head; it might get your tiny little brain working again…


    THERE ARE two forms of human nature, either one being dominant depending on the individual; ….CONSTRUCTIVE or DESTRUCTIVE!!!

  • normandyche

    Sick, Sick, And they are leader in a scout troop. Let them come up with a method to replace it on the base rock. Costs?? who cares make them do it. the telephone pole tripod and ropes is basic enough for a try. Then possibly they can learn a bit more than “I’m sorry!!

  • leewacker

    When my brother worked for the Park Service at Glen Canyon Dam, he said that if someone got into trouble, or created trouble, one could bet their bottom dollar it was the boy scouts!
    These retards should be fined to the maximum, and charged with vandalism, crimes against the world, and anything else the authorities can think of!
    This is unpardonable!

    • jayleigh

      BTW – i didn’t see any “little boys” there with these two daring scout leaders, so who was there to protect? What idiots. They are worse than children and certainly no example for the boys they lead – boys who may earn Eagle Scout if they word hard – well, Eagle Scout badges are NOT earned for vandalism. But, where were the boys they were supposedly protecting? Didn’t hear them cheering their leaders – didn’t see them in the camera. Looks like the leaders were out “camping” without their troop, eh?

  • kathgab

    What an a$$hole!

  • Linda F.

    Yes, it is vandalism. And, going by their behavior and attitude, I think it’s safe to say that “saving lives” wasn’t their motive. They were acting like destructive, annoying children.

  • WhiteFalcon

    There was absolutely NO reason to have done what they did. I hope they get a fine that will set them back many years. What a STUPID stunt to pull. I hope they hang high.

  • Ain’t It A Shame

    Blowing things a little out of proportion. Obviously, the cameraman, however obnoxious his behavior seems at that moment, states that they toppled the boulder “to save some little kid”, not because they were doing it just for kicks. You can hear the other man say, “Look, that’s all that was holding this up – just that little bit of dirt.” Again, apparently they were concerned that this boulder could fall at any time and posed a hazard to others.

    • jayleigh

      Where were the little kids they were “saving” – and, he had to push very hard to get it toppled. i think he realized he’d make a huge mistake and he was trying to cover by saying it was just held up there by a bit of dirt and he’d saved a life by toppling the rock. If he really thought it was dangerous, he should have tagged it and reported it to the Park Ranger so that fencing could have been put around it to keep “little kids” from getting close enough for it to topple over on them. But the fact is, he had his jollies and then realized that he might be in big trouble for defacing the park, so he makes up this story about “saving some little kid” and really – where were the kids he was “saving” -???? They weren’t evident in the film nor could you hear their voices in the background…that’s because there were NO kids there to save!

      • Ain’t It A Shame

        No one said kids were present. They were referring to anyone who might come along – I think that’s understood.
        Seriously, what is everyone here so wound up about? I give these guys the benefit of the doubt. I don’t think they were out to ruin national treasures as unnecessary as their actions might have been. Wow, all this hatred toward a couple of guys over a rock. Ha!

  • captdot

    Throw the book at them! The first thing I thought of when I saw the caption was the Taliban destroying those century old statues. Maybe a bit over the top, but to destroy landmarks is disgraceful.

    • Merlinever

      “throw the book at them”? How about drop the rock on them?

      • captdot


  • Russ

    They bring disgrace to the Boy Scouts. They don’t come anywhere close to filling the definition of ‘leaders’. They destroyed something that was in place for hundreds of years. Absolutely no respect for the land, setting a p**s poor example for the kids. They should face a face equivalent to the age of the site they destroyed/vandalized.

    • Merlinever

      I doubt that these idiots would have hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • abbe

    Sounds a lot like somethi8ng muslims would do and have!

    • Merlinever

      My thoughts exactly!

  • jayleigh

    No “little boy” was going to walk down there and lose his life because that rock was likely to fall on him! That big man had to push really hard to topple it, and he obviously thought it was hilarious. On second thought, he came up with the idea he was “saving lives.” i hope they prosecute him to the full extent of the law – oh, and that goes for his buddy who approved and cheered him on! Shame, shame on the Boy Scouts (for many things, but this one is outrageous)!

  • Light_V_Dark

    All STUFF and no SPIRIT, makes Jackie an HYSTERICAL-NIHILISTIC-NARCISSIST¿¿ Even, if she worships Dr. Doom Run Pall..

    Separating the two natures of man When liberals choose the body in preference to the soul, one way they can lose their souls is through the separation of the body from the spirit which leads to nihilism. There are two paths they can take to tear body and spirit apart: (1) materialism, and (2)@ an idealism that denies reality.

    • Light_V_Dark

      Hysteria is HYSTERIA, not just Feminist.
      A Culture Dissolving In A Bog Of Feminist Hysteria

      Gerald L. Rowles, Ph.D. 14 days before Father’s Day, 2001

      An intriguing analogue to the feminist hysteric is the homosexual activist. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), within the hysterical context, has also said that “in both sexes overt behavior is often a caricature of femininity.”

      5. shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion “But the mainstream of feminism apparently believes that there is no room on the calendar for an evening in which to remember such romance. The announcement declares, “V-Day is a movement to stop violence against women. V-Day’s debut on Valentine’s Day 1998 was a benefit performance of Eve Ensler’s Obie award winning “The Vagina Monologues”

  • 1LTLos

    This is definitely purposefu8l vandalism – The rock formation is not their property to exercise any type of decision whether “a threat or not a threat” This is absolutely not in their jurisdiction to decide. These morons sole responsibility would be to take precautions that their “scouts” did not nor would not venture too near the formation as to not upset it. As for these tub of lardos, they must be required to buy or rent power equipment and a generator to under supervision carefully rock drill holes that are aligned to the increment in both the static part of the formation and the broken piece and affix the toppled piece with 3-1/2″ or 4″ rebar about 4-1/2 to 5 feet in length. That might provide a band-aid — After which these numbskulls should have to bear out there felony and pay the price and penalty.

  • Tana Lampton

    Saving lives my tookis! They’re now trying to save their sorry egos. Another example of the “now” generations forging ahead with their own puckie little Agendas born of their puny little intellects and very sorry schooling.
    Tana Lampton, Agua Dulce, Ca.

  • WesTexan

    These aren’t real Boy Scouts. They’re just a bunch of macho losers who have nothing better to do and have probably been involved in other random vandalism. This kind of attitude doesn’t just pop up out of the blue. It’s like an old boy’s club playing pranks and practical jokes on each other and others. It’s a juvenile mindset in men’s bodies. Stupid and sad.

  • BMW Metro

    As a former Scout Leader, I would question the ability of these “adults” to have the good judgement skills needed to be Scout Leaders. Rather than knock the rock down (clearly the opposite of the Scout’s credo “leave no trace”), they should have placed warnings around the rock and contacted a ranger.

    Additionally, they placed themselves and the scouts in danger by fooling with the rock. It could have crushed somebody had fallen in the wrong direction.

    Should they be criminally charged? I’d rather save the taxpayers some money and just have them shamed out of the Boy Scouts of America. But that would assume they are capable of shame.

    Just plain dumb all the way around.

  • A Patriot

    Saving whose life? What a bunch of zeros. Too bad to, the scouts need all the help they can get since they allowed gays into their ranks, and relying on leaders like these to protect your kids does not give parents a lot of confidence. I expect the gay acceptance to destroy the BSA in a few years.

    • Merlinever

      “relying on leaders like these to protect your kids does not give parents a lot of confidence.”?
      Leaders like these should give parents nightmares!!

  • Susan Agati

    This was deliberate destruction.

  • sunnyblues

    I am utterly flabbergasted. I hope they get the book thrown at them. And to think they videoed their own stupidity!!

  • Destry

    Their duty and/or responsibility, if they genuinely thought that this formation was dangerous, was to report it and perhaps make the case to the state park officials. Taking matter into their own hands was an illegal act that properly needs to be punished. I trust that the BSA takes proper measures and remove these so-called leaders from their positions and ban them from scouting permanently. This is definitely not the example that should be set. It was an irresponsible act that needs to dealt with. The very act of what they did was dangerous and uncontrolled. If they had been injured they’d have probably sued he state parks for their act of vandalism.

  • Tex

    Throw the book at the idiots. They are vandal.

  • Gary

    Some sort of penalty, yes. Felony no. It’s a rock, and all rocks go back to the “Jurassic period” (whatever that has to do with rocks). We’ve become a police state where everyone needs to fear anything they do might result in prison. This is more at makng them put it back at their own expense.

  • Valentine

    No one has respect for anything anymore. They should be fined and banned from being scouts!
    I am disgusted with these “funny guy” people.

  • mikeledo

    If it was an issue, they should have reported it.

  • the7thson

    Almost as disturbing is that [sic] is used twice in this story: once when the age of the formation is given as 200 million years, and again when the formations are dated back to the Jurassic Period. Usually, the notation [sic] is only used when the person writing is quoting what they know to be an error. Where is the error? Please tell me that the person reporting this story isn’t one of those nutjobs that thinks that the earth is only a few thousand years old. Those kind of people give the Right a bad name. The Bible may be the holy word of God, but it is NOT a science or history textbook.

  • JDH

    Proves….Ya just can’t fix “stupid” no matter what group they’re in !!!

  • CombatVet


  • luvlifesance

    I D I O T S

  • fed-up

    The headline is absurd… They basically destroyed something to put their mark on a monument. No different that the knuckle draggers that threw green paint on the Lincoln Memorial. Fine them big time and ban them from entering any National park from this point on.

  • Arnold Young

    awww come on fokes. Take a close at the video and see how much it took to tip it over. And it was setting on dirt not rock. You could have leaned against it and it would have fallen over possibly killing someone. The park service should have had this thing cordoned off as a danger and this would never have happened. This is just Another tempest in a teapot by a lot of good intentioned people wanting to blame somebody.

  • Frankie1429

    Thank goodness for those guys. That rock could have killed a kid. After all, who knows when it would fall? It has only been there for 200,000,000 years! Those idiots should go to jail for at least a couple months to teach them a lesson.

  • Lee Baldwin

    and these idiots are called ‘Leaders’ -HA! ~JAIL TIME for the IDIOTS. There was no safety issue & it is NOT up to some misguided scout leader to trash 200 million year old artifacts. ARREST & PROSECUTION should be taking place TODAY.

  • MichaelB

    Trying to cover up their irresponsible actions with a lie.

  • HappyClinger

    I’m sick of people having no respect for America. I hope they throw the book at these losers and give them some heavy hard time in prison. Maybe breaking rocks.

    • Blomsoy

      For a while there I thought you were talking about Congress and the present administration.

  • kassieB

    This is pure vandalism. Prosecute!! And it seems it’s time to more closely monitor the leaders in our kids’ lives!

  • ginger

    What a bunch of idiots.

  • klsparrow

    Hopefully they will be tried in federal court and receive some jail time. These two are irresponsible pigs Then lets see how much they laugh about Living the rest of their life with a felony. if they are gay you can bet nothing will be done. In fact they will most likely get a medal.

  • 143jeanne

    This the Bloomberg-Nanny state……disgusting …someone will give them an award!

  • Lilu Kanine

    These guys look like they need to do some more hiking and less talking.

  • johnstephano

    Throw the book at them. They are a disgrace.

  • Old_Conservative

    I’d like their punishment to be tie them to the ground under another “goblin” and wiggle it a bit!! Make it a BIG goblin too!

  • MontieR

    The only muscles involved here are between these idiots ears.

  • Merlinever

    Idiots like these three should not be allowed into any national park or allowed anywhere near any of our natural wonders.
    Better yet, they shouldn’t be allowed out of a steel cage at the zoo.
    As Goethe said, “There is noting more frightening (or, in this case, more disgusting) than the sight of ignorance in action”.
    I hope these three insults to the human race are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sued out of existence by the park.

  • Truth Teller

    Are you people kidding me? If it was your child that got killed by this rock, you would be suing the good Citizens of the U.S.! Comments like these make me really fear for my Country.

  • dbur

    Though these guys may be dumb, but if it was that close to falling it wouldn’t have been much longer until it did, likely on some unsuspecting person looking for a photo opportunity and leaning or climbing on it. That will be clear to you if you know anything about structure integrity and probability.

    NPS should look at the bright side, they have avoided a possible injury and lawsuit, and they have someone else to blame for pushing it over. Where’s the downside?

    • Freedom Abides

      I seriously doubt there is a continuous stream of children marching by that rock, so that at that inevitable time in the next few thousand years when it would topple on its own, some kidlet would be guaranteed to be turned into oatmeal mush.

      As to some idiot climbing on the rock and getting himself smooshed – Rejoice! Natural selection works!

  • Dennis

    Saving lives ? what a croc of sh*t. Prosecute the A**holes to the extent of the law. It is ludicrous tat they would destroy a 200 million year old structure. Put the boulder back at their expense and the put the bastards n prison.

  • DSmith6605

    What a bunch of idiots give the guy a medal he just might of saved a few lives if it was that easy for one man to push over it was just a matter of time before it went down but again there is a lot of commentors here commenting that voted for Obama who think the more dead Americans the better get a life you bunch of moron LibRates.

    • Freedom Abides

      Yet it is you that sounds like the uber-left, wanting to destroy anything that might even remotely offer even the slightest hint of risk to someone. I trust you never let your children dare to step outside for fear of all the horrible evils of man and nature that are lurking at your door, eager to strike them down at the first opportunity.

      • DSmith6605

        My kids are all raised and alive because I tried to protect them from evil like you so if you saw a drunk driver coming down the road and your kids were in the road crossing the street you would just let the drunk run over them I hope your kids know that you don’t give a shyt about them now shut up you worthless moron.

        • Freedom Abides

          How many natural wonders did you destroy to “protect” your spawn? How many man-made “dangers” did you kill / destroy / knock over that they might live in utter boring safety on a flat, soft, featureless world where nothing might distract or endanger them? How many Nanny State “benign” dictators did you vote for in your effort to save them from so much as a scratch?

          • DSmith6605

            Now you are really being stupid and ignorant you must be all but 2 years old it’s past your bed time moron go to bed.

  • missnellie

    This just represents the complete azz-holes who actually had the stupidity of filming themselves ruining an ancient rock formation. WHY??? Because they are illiterate, obnoxious morons. Great examples to the young. I hope anything that can be oppressed on them happens.

  • thecelt1

    These jerks MUST be removed from the Boy Scout Movement. This is a criminal act . This type of action is NOT BSA condoned. All the adults must be treated as criminals and be arrested, jailed, tried then sentenced to PRISON (not jail). Any youths involved in this vandalism should be jailed, tried then punished to the full extent of Utah juvenile law.
    Are these people “Brain Dead”? I am a retired Boy Scout (52 years) Leader, District Staff and Council Staff! This action made me sick to think that Scouts did this!
    This act will NOT save lives. These rock formations have been there for a few thousand years. Has any one been injured or killed by the Goblin?

  • Ernest Murphy

    I would have done the same thing if that rock was loose. so would yoou if your children were in the area.

    • Freedom Abides

      Do you wish you could kill dangerous animals at the zoo because they just ~might~ escape and eat your precious children?

      • DSmith6605

        If they escaped they would be eating bullets yes I would kill them.

      • Ernest Murphy

        No i decided to Move out of Detroit, and let the animals eat your children.

  • DSmith6605

    What a bunch of F ing morons that stupid rock was about ready to go this guy was not super man and had no trouble pushing it over he might have just saved your or one of your loved ones lives. So I hope all your loved ones now know you don’t care if they get killed.

  • Downtooearth

    The most important part of this video is-this is the example they are trying to set for young men. Vandalism and laughing about it. Posting it on the internet just amplifys the act of vandalism with no respect for the historical value. These men are setting a bad example and their punishment should be well published on the internet to show the youth that you cannot get away with vanadlizing something by trying to disguise it as trying to do something meaningful. That rock would not have fallen on anyone and they know it and acknowledged. They should no longer be allowed to be leaders of any youth group!

    • DSmith6605

      Shut the F up you moron what should be published is you or one of your loved ones smashed bodies after that rock came down on them.

      • Freedom Abides

        Get a freakin’ clue. If you are so afraid of nature, crawl under your bed and make sure you don’t risk breathing natural air…

        • DSmith6605

          F off you F ing moron it’s called common sense and if you had any you would be afraid of nature but sense you are not go stand under a rock and let me video it as it is crushing your worthless body.

          • Freedom Abides

            Begone, tiny foul-mouthed fearful creature. Flee to the protective skirts of Dear Leader’s Mother State!

          • DSmith6605

            F you now go back and stick your head up your azz you F ing punk moron

      • kater

        If there was a problem with the rock, they should have reported it to the authorities. Who voted it was OK for them to do this? This is a park and if everyone took it upon themselves to do this, it wouldn’t be long and everything would be destroyed. That’s why there are laws against vandalism which this clearly was.

  • bluefighter

    They should have left it alone for future visitors. Ban them from visiting parks or monuments around the world.

  • jvb1980808

    If they claim to be gay all will be forgiven.

  • David Stovall

    The celebration was indicative of mischief , not doing a duty. They know and we know it was vandalism.

  • RightwingPatriot

    Wow, grown men acting immaturely. Yes, they should be prosecuted to the fullest. If we had everybody doing this stuff, what would be left? Oh, and speaking of disfiguring, there should be a harsher punishment for those smokers that throw their butts on the ground, like everywhere!

  • DL Hancock

    Its f that rock would NO have stay inth position much loner on itown anyway. In a way, What tey did no diferent then the guys who blowup the mountain top to stop avalanches

    • kater

      you need to take an English class and learn how to spell!

  • Mike


  • Mary Emerson

    This is CRIMINAL ! These fools need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law ! Is this where we are today ? These men are supposed to be positive examples to our young men, disgusting !

  • CaptGene

    Reading the headline I thought maybe someone was trapped and they did what they did to save a life. After seeing this video I don’t buy the “saving lives” thing for an instant. I’m no fan of the petty bureaucrats out there but in this case I have to agree that this has nothing to do with “life saving” and everything to do with being “SIP”: Stupid In Public. Living in northern Wyoming and surrounded by badlands, there are not tens of thousands of people crawling all over the formations much less “a little kid who might be walking under it just as it fell”. This was pure vandalism; plain and simple.

  • Wayne

    Throw em in prison and throw away the key. What a bunch of libtards!

  • Karlyle Hemming

    They should pay… Damages and possible community service

  • Blomsoy

    Put the rock back so it can rest till an earthquake comes around. Then tackle the really big disasters we have, a 17 trillion national debt and a gutless Congress who keep putting this looming country-
    destroyer off. Can’t handle that ? Then try Benghazi, Fast and Furious along with dozens of other
    misdeeds committed by our present administration.

  • bless2live

    Sure Hope these sugar britches aren’t going to be future leaders for scouts!

  • Michael

    I hope the fine is gigantic. These so called “scout leaders” are simply vandals and attempt to hide the criminal act in a smoke screen of “saving lives.” (Which is just another way of saying “for the children” which is commonly used to mask actual intentions.)

  • Chief_Cabioch

    I dont believe safety had anything to do with it, I think these Idiots thought no one would care, and lets see the rock tumble mentality……and I think they should face jail, and steep fines….and be banned from ALL National parks….

  • DC/Tex

    If they are stupid enough to destroy the Boy Scouts of America by allowing homosexuals in the scouts, then they are stupid enough to destroy anything, they are evil, vile and deranged. They should be locked in jail for the destruction.
    The homosexual (not PC gay) “AGENDA” is the worst disease infecting the morals and family values of the USA and world.
    Homosexuals WERE NOT BORN THAT WAY, they CHOOSE their UNNATURAL lifestyle, so, homosexuality does NOT qualify as a civil rights discrimination issue.
    Homosexuals had equal rights, now they have special rights and want more.
    Every time homosexuals are awarded special rights, they infringe on our rights.

  • Richard Holmes

    These idiots should be thrown in prison for life and a day. Or be
    at to death.

  • David

    For Pete sakes folks, he tipped a rock over. Big deal! Even though they act like nerds , it was a rock. So what? All of you that wrote your shame on them posts are idiots . I mean seriously, what was hurt? The rock moved 10 feet! God help us!
    Big fine???!!? Omg

  • Michael Skok

    If there were millions of barrels of oil under those rocks, those rocks wouldn’t stand a chance. A lot of evolutionists call them 20 million year old rocks. There is no 20 million years. There’s only 4 thousand years when they were formed during the Flood, or at the very oldest, 6 thousand years when they were formed during the beginning of creation. See how evolutionists can get you in trouble over some rocks. And what about Niagara Falls? That thing has been damned, “fixed” with concrete, and even dynamited. Has anyone been charged with a felony for doing that?

  • FecUpWithNobels

    Destruction pure and simple. They should pay to have the boulder restored to its prior location. They may believe they are “Saving lives”. But don’t you think that most people are smart enough to avoid these dangerous boulders?

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    The Scouts should have reported that bolder to the Park Service, and let the Park Service topple that bolder. The fact that one person could push it over indicates that it probably would have fallen over by itself anyway.

  • Ernest Murphy

    I think they should be suspended from the use of the park for 30 days. After all there were 63 Cleveland police who shot at a couple 137 times they were both hit dozens of times. and they were just suspended. because the car back fired.

  • Susan Schneider

    This is an act of vandalism, saving lives?balloney. They would have do the whole valley, but that is not the real issue if it was so dangerous then they shouldn’t be there.

  • Gene

    Unless they were imminently saving a life in immediate dire danger, this is inexcusable.

  • Jo Swafford

    honestly,they are dumbass jerks I would not stay in the same room with them,but look at the slope around them,littered with collapsed boulders just like the one they pushed,it’s a rock and would have fallen with or without them.We can only guard nature so much and pushing a random rock is not a crime,or shouldnt be

  • Frank J. Austin

    Saving Lives ? No. Vandalism ? ABSOLTELY. Prosecute…

  • Fazeman

    That should have been left alone.

  • al green

    its still just rocks,i used to throw them as a kid,who cares

  • rs1123

    When the news program (ABC) reported this it said it had been done by “the Scouts”. Certainly those utter BONEHEADS who did this have no business as Scout leaders. Scouting teaches to respect the Earth, not to do things like that. I hope the former Scout leaders (I am sure they’ve been fired) go to prision or pay many thousands of dollars for their fun. And the one interviewed on TV had the nerve to insist they did it for ‘safety’ so it would not fall and injure anyone! Tell it to the judge.

  • Jerry Bono

    Hang them then have the trial.

  • rs1123

    The ‘leaders’ should be made to use pick axes and break the rock into small pieces and then haul the remains out of the area in a wheelbarrow, in essence just ‘cleaning up’ after themselves. That would be one hell of a punishment and would fit the crime.

  • Wrightclick

    Children can learn from good examples but they can also learn from bad examples. These leaders have taught their kids a valuable Life Lesson if they will only see it. Defacing formations in a national park, even if it is only ‘a rock’, will result in fines, possibly banishment and/or other penalties. As they watch this process unfold maybe they’ll learn that maybe it wasn’t such a smart idea.

    In the end we all lose. The idiocy of these guys will result in the government fencing off fragile areas like this from public access so we can only see it from afar, which in my opinion is defacing it far more than tipping a single rock. Thanks, guys.

  • Bob Haavisto

    Only one word fits. Idiots!

  • Jacqueline Lynn

    They are moronic vandals who later realized they MESSED up an made an effort to justify the destruction of a landmark millions of year in the making for “fun”. Proecute to whatever the full measure would e.

  • undergraduate

    They should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • junkmailbin

    first fat people should not wear shorts in public. Yards of blinding white flesh is repulsive.
    second, these guys need a vandalism charge.
    All vandalism deserves criminal punishment

    • Denise B

      “White flesh”? What about Negroes? Are big fat Negroes less repulsive?

  • jaydee

    Why, if they felt that this particular rock was a danger to others, did they not report to a park official their concerns? I am sure there is something the park rangers could have done to warn people of the dangers of that the rock formation. The leaders did not use good judgement and should be asked to resign from scouting.

  • Ranger5150

    These guys are a complete disgrace not only as scout leaders but as U.S. citizens. Their actions and attitudes completely contradict those of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies and Explorer Scouts as well as proud and respectful U.S. citizens. I say criminally charge them, prosecute them and lock them up for 10+ years. Oh and be sure to film their sentencing so we can all see how hard then laugh at that.

  • truklo

    It obviously stood for 200 million years… what would make it fall now?

  • isaiah14

    What about the nonsense history that we are being told. How do scientist know that the rock formation is 200 million years old? They don’t, all they can do is speculate. Scientists cannot measure in million of years. Since we elevate blacks as being so wonderful, smart, and kind; which is of course nonsense, I think we have more trouble to consider. Blacks are constantly killing one another and now they are attacking whites for no reason. You can take the black man out of Africa, but you can’t take Africa out of the black man.

  • hagar2935

    These IDIOTS are not representative of what the old BSA was about…. They are plain and simply city people and IDIOTS!

    That being said, the new GAY Scouts also do NOT represent what the values and principles of the OLD BSA was about. Sadly the LIBERAL MORONS in America have destroyed another great institution.

  • Denise B

    What a bunch of retards.

  • krdave

    The punishment should be severe, because other fools will be doing the same thing if there is no punishment.

  • mabarker_too

    To think those VANDALS are Boy Scout leaders is a sickening disgrace. NO, no child would have died under that rock–throw them in jail and make examples, BAD examples, of them

  • mwood13

    this will become more common sence the boy scouts gave up their morality

  • Patrick Henry

    Ah yes the new face of scouting. Since they are no longer reverent the downfall of the morality of the scouts does not surprise me.

  • Nancy Sternbert

    We will find this everywhere gays are accepted. They are going downhill fast.

  • don76550

    Funny you didn’t hear about incidents like this before the boy scouts embraced homosexuals

  • Onteo

    Dumbass’s. About 300 hours of hard community service would be fitting.

  • phxgeo

    They should prosecute these idiots to the hilt. This is not the behavior I know of Boy Scout Leaders. The Scouts should ban these idiots from their organization. This is not a value I have ever associated with the Boy Scout organizations that I have served at several levels or the kind of people I have been associated with in the Organization over the past 60 years!.
    Also, they should be banned from EVER entering a National, State, County o City Park, landmark or Preserve. With this much DISRESPECT OF NATURE AND THE OUNTRIE’S TREASURES They have lost the right to do so.
    Nice example to show young people that it is fine to destroy wHat nature has left us and laugh your idiot head over.

    I wlLl not condem the BSA for the action of these idiots. I hope BSA and all TroOps use this as a teaching moment to show what they SHOULD NOT DO!

  • BAM

    That’s what happens when the Boy Scouts start letting in the riff raff and homos to lead young men – off to the stabbin cabin way to go freaks.

  • sudsy

    That is a clear object of destruction and needs to be punished-very toughly! The men doing it are a terrible idea for the scouts to see or even think about!

  • ATLDave

    This is really a dispicable act. I guess one could say that these guys should also not be allowed around children since any one of them toppling over could possibly kill a kid as well. The boy scouts has lost all credibility and now is just in the throws of heaving its last breath. In the old scouts these guys would have been thrown IMMEDIATELY and banned.

  • max tague

    1st the “scouts” takes in boy lovers, now we have an example of how to teach your son to alter the world to suit you and your friends. Is’t the New World wonderful

  • babs

    I would love to hear opinion on this damage to this “National Treasure” from the Minnesota
    man with History show…America Unearthed. I’m in Mn and I can’t think of his name but I
    bet he’d have an educated opinion on this.

  • Laura From Arizona

    In-bred white trailer trash from “Deliverance”.

  • Fourwhldon

    This is disgusting!! I cannot believe these morons are connected with the Boy Scouts. They should be sentenced to community service picking up trash and cleaning outhouses in this beautiful area. Shame on all of them.

  • threebarrs

    If this video is any indication, these are the new “Three Stooges”, only dumb one! Maybe they are Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest! Where have they grown up? Haven’t they ever heard of not causing damage to a State Park? Too bad the Goblin rock didn’t fall on someone foot and crush it. However, I did hear one of them – the rock pushee, I believe, had filed a lawsuit a few years back for pain and suffering, inability to work, etc., from an injury he suffered. Looks like he has made more than a full recovery. He must be the one known as Dumbest! I think it is disgusting that they would so willingly and wantonly destroy something that belongs to everyone. They have no respect for anyone, and what are they teaching the Scouts the are supposed to lead?? I hope they get their arses kicked real good for their act of vandalism.

  • Ncrdbl1

    NON ISSUE move on.

  • Wayne Raines

    I think they should be banned from BSA and pay hefty fines

  • doc4977

    they should be arrested and pay a hefty fine also be made be made pay to restore this rock
    this can be done. put reinforcing bar in stone and install in matching hole in base a cement can be made to look the same as the rock color. this shouldn’t be left like this.

  • johnhorse

    These BUTT Heads call them self scout leaders?Well I guess this is what happens when the scout’s decided to allow Fags in the organization,they had to know that would leave the door open for half wits and morons as well.The National Parks Service should fine the Boy Scouts organization as well for allowing major morons like this in as scout leaders and turn them lose in a National Park.

  • Boommach

    The boy needs to grow up. However, that particular formation probably aint on no postcards. It’s not like he knocked the nose off of Lincoln at Mt Rushmore.

  • ColoradoMom

    I don’t understand how destroying an ancient stone formation saves lives…..They need to be tried, for destruction, found guilty (video proof right here), and fined and sentenced to some community service. Say about 200 billion or the age of the rock formation they destroyed.

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