Scout Leaders Destroy Ancient Rock Formation To ‘Save Lives,’ Now Face Felony Charges

Three Utah County men could face felony charges after a 200-million-year-old [sic] rock formation was toppled in Goblin Valley State Park. One of them filmed the incident, and it surfaced on the internet. Critics call the act vandalism, but the culprits claim there’s more to the story. In the video you can hear David Hall from Highland reciting a phrase from a popular pop song: “wiggle it just a little bit.” Then his buddy Glenn Taylor topples the boulder, known as a “Goblin”, as his son watches. The three erupt in laughter, giving each other high fives. “We have modified Goblin Valley,” Dave Hall said in the video. State park officials don’t find it funny. Those “goblins” date back to the Jurassic period [sic]. Jeff Rasmussen, deputy director of Utah State Parks and Recreation, said they are worried about the incident.

What do you think? Is this being blown out of proportion or are these men ‘saving lives’?


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