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Scarborough Explodes On Jay Carney: “I’m Not Someone You Talk Down To From Your Podium!”

Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough took a detour during his interview with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Wednesday morning to dress down the spokesman for bringing “talking points” on his show. Scarborough’s fuse was lit when Carney invoked “phony scandals.” Carney argued that the “scandal” part of the IRS affair was mostly the result of “cherry-picked” and “selectively released” information by House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, then ginned up by an eager media that forgot the story once the evidence didn’t support the salacious headlines. The MSNBC host, a former GOP congressman, didn’t appreciate the IRS scandal being referred to as “phony.”

  • MannyMoeJack

    Freudian slip by Carney – “activity that occurred at the White House” when talking about illegal activity at the Cincinnati IRS.

    • Brady

      Exactly right!

    • gaylewb

      Yea I caught that one too, they lie so much it becomes natural when they attempt to talk about their devastating agenda , carney is a puppet and should be ashamed

  • Joeblk

    This guy is getting sloppy at lying,,first he admit it happened,,then he said they were actually phony scandals and when confronted one more time ,admitted again that it is being addressed.
    Obama please train your monkeys to be consistent at east..its embarrassing man!

    • Bob2002

      Yea, and Scarborough let him off the hook because they are “buddies.”

      • Hank

        Wow! We are paying this guy for this puck he is spewing?

    • daves

      It did happen. It’s just that republicans are unable to prove the president had anything to do with it and so they are crying like babies.

      • Joeblk

        Hold on to your hat are surfacing that Obama’s fingerprints are on the entire matter.

        • daves

          Despite all of the testimony that the orders were internal to the IRS?

          • klr56

            “All of the testimony” is NOT IN- thanks to Lois Lerner taking the fifth (admitting guilt), and then AG Holder (the fox) is suppose to “investigate” the IRS (the henhouse) that is a joke. Good try about “all of the testimony”.

          • daves

            Of course all of the testimony is not in. That doesn’t mean you can discount the testimony that has already been given.

          • klr56

            Daves – then you are very selective in what testimony you believe. Testimony points to the White House Counsel as being the person that pushed for the extra scrutiny into conservative groups along with Lois Lerner. That made it impossible for these groups to continue to form during an election period where they would have had the potential to effectively turn the tide against the Obama Administration. If the WH counsel is involved, the administration is involved. Or do you really believe that the POTUS only gets his news from the local channels? That’s laughable. Our POTUS is as dishonest as the day is long. And you are either ignorant of truth or complicit in the lies.

          • daves

            If the purpose of these groups was to influence the elections then they do not qualify for tax exempt status.

          • klr56

            AHHHH, Daves, you again are highly selective in your subjective assessment. If the IRS was even close to being honest in their assessment of groups trying to “influence the elections” then they would have denied “”, Obama’s dear cousin’s application and other highly partisan liberal groups. But they elected to go after groups that wanted to “clean up the voting rolls”, “pro-life groups”, “religious” organizations that work with the poor, etc. Not necessarily groups that “influence the elections” just ones they disagree with. So your rebuttal is bogus – just like the current POTUS.

          • daves

   Civic Action is a 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions are
            not tax deductible because they will be used to influence legislation.

   Political Action is a federal political committee, and
            therefore contributions made to our PAC are not tax deductible.


          • klr56

            Thanks Daves for your info on as a Political Action group that is not tax deductible but you didn’t bring up any reasons that would justify making the conservative groups that were denied or mostly delayed for tax-exempt status to be targeted by the IRS. Please remember if they can do it now and get away with it when the Dems are in control they will do it again when they are NOT in control. You might not like that too well.

          • daves

            It did happen to many liberal groups when President Bush was in office.

            And I agree completely that it is wrong, should be investigated, and and guilty parties should be punished. We got off on a bit of a tangent here.

          • klr56

            We come to an agreement – that targeting of groups for ideological purpose by the IRS or ANY government agency is WRONG. By the way – this behavior started with JFK (or before) it has just been put on steroids by Obama.

          • daves
          • klr56

            My reading of what you just sent from the above website would indicate that the majority of the conservative groups that were targeted should have received a tax-exempt status and were summarily denied or delayed. That would be further evidence of the injustice and criminality of the IRS targeting conservative groups. Thanks for the website!

      • gaylewb

        Dude dont u know a liar when u see one? Guess not since u r right there with them, u dems are disgusting

  • SandraJ

    What a lying weasel! A bad one at that. He needs more Obama training.

    • Joeblk

      Carney can lie like a second skin….oh wait O’s people all have that syndrome.

      • gaylewb

        Yep, OLD , obsessive lying disorder

  • ste1021

    He gets upset NOW after supporting these thugs for years? Get real!

  • DockyWocky

    Obama could kick off an Economy Tour in Bangladesh as far as having anything but more bad effect on our national economy goes. He’s all fluff and narcissism…totally worthless.

  • Arvil Bankston

    Do these liberals ALL go to training to learn to lie, OR, are they born that way?

    • SandraJ

      Trained….in public government schools!

    • 1228wt


    • gaylewb

      It’s inbred

  • SandraJ

    Why do these ads play so perfectly and the real story doesn’t work worth a darn?

    • Keithp

      Exactly. Double weasel action.

  • equsnarnd

    That was pitiful. Joe gets upset and mad at Carney and then in the end allows Carney to give him the very same lame answer that he started with. Pitiful!!

    • gaylewb

      Joe s is in the gutter with carney

  • 19greg45

    WHERE ARE THE JOBS, JAY? All we’ve had for the last 5&1/2 years is excuses, false promises and flat-out LIES! How can you keep doing what you and your boss are doing to the people of this country and still go to sleep at night?

    • KJ

      The spin about the rate of deficit reduction is a numbers game after this administration spent like drunken sailors during their first two years when they controlled the WH, the House, and the Senate. Sure the spending had to come down quickly after that disastrous period of Pelosi and Reid having no budgets and just continually passing CRs.

    • gaylewb

      Lots of drugs I guess, wonder if obummercare covers sleep aids, oh I forgot they aren’t being forced on it

  • Val

    CARNEY is a little snivley puke. He opens his mouth and OBAMAs vile message pours out.This Illegal Impostor, OBAMA who is setting his big nasty Communist ass in OUR White House, I RESENT EVERYTHING about this SO CALLED PRESIDENT.His ass should be out in the street.He has and will never be my President.

    • fort9erdon

      No, his AZZ should be in prison, for impersonating an American citizen, then running for President! I hope AF1 has a major malfunction soon! And remember, it ain’t AF1 unless “you know who” is aboard.

      • BigJohnL

        The Chimp Ship.

      • Val

        I think that’s one way, but maybe enough parachutes for all Except Obama.Also a lead injection would cure him too.

        • fort9erdon

          Oh no, I’m not going anywhere near talking about a lead injection. I don’t need ANY black SUV’s in my driveway.

      • tellitlikeitis

        how about our so called congressmen and senators,for letting this vile activity continue to destroy our country.they should be incarcerated also,it’s called treason.

    • msmotown

      I agree with you about Carney and Obama. I know one is not supposed to hate, but I actually loathe this fraud in the White House. I just hope that we haven’t reached the point of no return. How is anyone going to be able to penetrate this corruption? I have very little faith in the midterm elections as they will be rigged, and if this immigration thing passes, we are toast. It’s ironic that these immigrants are helping to turn our country into the very oppression from which they fled!

      • Val

        I agree.These illegal are uneducated and ignorant to our politics, they are just coming for what Obama has promised, we need to start PUSHING BACK, rather than be so passive.

  • phxgeo

    Bagdad Bob was a intern under Jay Carney. These guys have been in office for over 4 years and have accomplished nothing but the destrution of what was a once a Great Country. LIES, LIES, LIES, Accept nothing and BLAME ALL OTHERS! So this is how you compromise to get things done. BULLIES, BULLIES, BULLIES in the Whiehouse!

  • ernie

    look up karl Mark these are the same guide lines the communist manifesto uses Karl Marx lied , went broke was chased out of town and continued to press forward with his philosophy. Deny, lie blame the rich deny the black people ad use them to keep the country separated(divide and conquer) eliminate truth (bible) Bengazi, IRS, NSA,Hillary’s brother, Solandra, Wall Street bail out, Muslim Brotherhood, Millions to Egypt, No money to Israel (God is going to take care of them Has His Angel’s watching over them) Pray USA,

    • BigJohnL

      Why can’t you construct a sentence properly?

      • 1228wt

        Well put or this site takes it down. All this that you mention and the republicans are silent. What’s wrong with this picture? It’s we the people against the ‘one world wingers’. By the way, it’s over a bil to the Brotherhood but Egypt took the weapons and got the brotherhood out. Very important for us Americans.

      • carolchristine

        She got her message out. Big freaking deal. Are you hired by obama to correct peoples grammar?

  • Jack Parker

    Does Carney even know when he’s lying? Or is he like Odumbo. He actually believes everything he says, no matter how false?

    • gaylewb

      Sad but u states it correctly and as low as joe is I guess his moronic brain couldn’t take the lies

  • ATLDave

    Carnwy is a dumbazz! He will lie to anyobne who will listen to him. I’m glad that MSNBC may be waking up but its too little too late. Sorry Joe but they think you are just as stupid as every other American in the US. Welcome to the club.

  • jvb1980808

    Carney is a parroting puppet. Come on. He repeats exactly what he’s told to repeat and nothing more or less. He is ground zero for low information.

  • Admiral America

    Barry has been focused on the economy for over 4 years. Clearly he’s a moron who doesn’t know a thing about economics. Also it must be hard for Carney to keep up with all the lies, and propaganda.

    • Beedogs

      Barry has been focused on Barry, not the economy.

    • 1228wt

      He is focused only on what he is told. He reads from a teleprompter, what should that tell us? He knows very little of “Obamacare”. What else does that tell us? No, not that he is an idiot but who is behind all this? One world. They are the richest people in the world. Very smart too.

      • Pineapple

        Ovomit is nothing but a puppet for the one world order people, and so is Carney and all the other Obama stooges

  • sgt524

    Sorry Joe, you still can’t stand up to the Obama administration when Carney rolls you over.

    • pkaboo

      He’s pathetic at debate … even with the low-hanging fruit carney presents. But then that’s what “Morning Joe” wants.

  • Mort Leith

    Jay Carney will burn in H3ll for being one of the most dramatic LIARS in our American political history !

    • BigJohnL

      Do you mean Hell or whatever H3ll is?

  • jollygreen

    Decreasing the deficit faster then ever but he failed to say he increased the deficit faster than anyone ever di before also. So if it was higher then dropping would be fastest ever, just goes hand in hand. This administration lies more than they tell something close to the truth but the media lets them get away with junk as if it is true.

  • 4USA2

    What is such a big farce is Obama has been saying all along “THAT THE MIDDLE CLASS IS DOING JUST FINE”. He campaigned on that line and still says it. He also has been saying… THE ECONOMY IS JUST FINE. So why is he out campaigning now that he has “A PLAN TO FIX THE ECONOMY”? if HE CLAIMS THE ECONOMY IS FINE, MIDDLE CLASS IS FINE, THEN WHY DOES HE NEED TO FIX IT. We all know the economy is not fine…. half the people in this country are on food stamps; Detroit is going bankrupt, predictions are that Chicago will be next, most jobs are now part-time jobs or temporary, we have more people on disability than EVER in the history of this country, Medicare is in financial trouble having just had $500 billion taken from it’s fund, to fund Obamacare, A doctor shortage is looming because of Obamacare, Government has printed over $2 Trillion new dollars to keep government running and stop the “spending clock from ticking up”, etc. etc. AND YET, Obama has been declaring the economy is just fine. But now he is out to campaign on how he’s going to FIX the ECONOMY??? Do you think he ever hears what he’s saying? Sounds a whole lot more like he wants to distance himself from all the investigations in Washington that are starting to crawl up his back! The IRS scandal is at his front door and that is an arrestable offense.

    • KJ

      Obama is the first president (small p) to preside over the country when the real average household income has declined. Furthermore, the job participation rate was recently at the lowest level since the end of World War II. The facts are the facts. And Obama owns this crappy “recovery” which, by certain measures, is the worst one in our country’s history.

      The scandals are real; the Obama administration is rife with crony corruption and incompetence; and all of the lies in the world won’t change the facts.

    • 1228wt

      That’s why Rush Limbaugh said from the start “I hope he fails”. His teleprompter tells him what to say and his fax machine tells him what to do. He is a wrecking ball that only “we the people can stop”. He has intentionally done all you say and much more. The “one worlders” are behind it all. Americans seem to have found out they have cancer and are just going to complain about it. Everyone is afraid to act.

  • jockstrap1234

    My hands go off to Scarborough…I mean really – this is MSNBC !!!

  • TheSunDidIt

    Ever seen an adult screaming LIAR at a computer terminal? That’s what my office looks like hearing that liar Carney. Anyone else know the meaning of “carney”. It’s an insult.

  • GeneralSpecific

    I just keep waiting for that street sweeper to finish its job, but by the end of the clip that ass Carney has still not been swept up. “Someday a real rain will come and wash all this scum off the streets.” – Taxi Driver

  • Reid

    He’s Obama’s mouth-piece he can and will do and say anything he wants cause no one can do anything about it.

    • Joeblk

      Bingo..he gets a nice carpet ride by the Left wing media

  • john

    so what he is saying is that we should dig a DEEPER debt hole so America can never, ever, ever get out without selling the Country to Saudi Arabia??????? try cutting the DHS, EPA, and all the other useless agencies… We would get out of the hole pretty quickly… but that is not how DC works… cheat and deceit is how communism and DC usually work…. never tell the people the truth.

    • KJ

      Don’t be so sure that we’d be anywhere close to digging out of the hole by time soon. The numbers are absolutely staggering on the surface and become stratospheric when unfounded pension, SS, and healthcare liabilities are heaped on top. The numbers vary widely but coalesce around $60 TRILLION.

  • racindavid

    The new Baghdad Bob….

  • Gee

    Joe Scarborough Finally Got Some Gonads, Jay Carney Is A Mouthpiece Pimp Of The Olebunghole Clan. Cheers Semper Fi

    • carolchristine

      It is so obvious that Carney is been given orders to try and change the news discussions on all of the “phoney ” scandals out there about the IRS,Benghazi, and what ever else is out there. And I am sure there is more out there.

      • KJ

        The AP/FOX snooping by the DOJ is bad; Operation Fast and Furious is bad; almost everything to do with honesty and integrity surrounding Eric Holder is bad (lying to Congress twice pales next to numerous as yet unproven instances of obstruction of justice); using the IRS as a political weapon is bad; Kathleen Sebelius’ illegal fundraising for Obamacare is bad; lying about Benghazi to the country and the victims’ families is bad; BUT OBAMA’S DERELICTION OF DUTY in the Benghazi attack is inexcusable, shameful, and worthy of the scorn of every thinking, feeling, and caring American alive today.

        We have always saved our people in harm’s way until you came along. Barry Soetoro is an UNAMERICAN disgrace.

  • Gary Walterscheid

    Actually, Carney is RIGHT. And I’m NOT an Obama supporter, trust me. But this whole thing is a SET-UP for coming changes that will be PRO-IRS, not anti. You can’t SEE that? Sometimes the sheeple deserve to be hoodwinked…

  • Henry

    Carney is a liar, he spins everything.How come obama never knows about any of these scandals in his administration> I thought he said he was in charge.

    • Bob2002

      Yea, but Obama denies there are any scandals.

      • 1228wt

        Yeah, but the republicans do nothing about it. They are the problem as well.

        • Bob2002

          I agree the Republicans are part of the problem because the leadership in the House and Senate just capitulate on all issues to Obama.

        • gaylewb

          No idea wht the republicans dont grow a backbone and stand up to these lying bafoons

    • gaylewb

      It’s the Limbaugh theorem, never attach your name to it, just go blame others for your failures

  • Froggy


  • Sharky9

    Carney is a paid liar – nothing other than that

    • 1228wt

      This is a gov’t controlled by the one worlders. That’s why the willing puppet president reads from a teleprompter. Americans are not aware of what many outsiders know.

  • The Truth

    what afuckin lyin scumbag, invest in education, infrastructure…? didn’t we dump a $Trillion in “shovel ready” jobs? or is that “shove-it-ready” jobs…

  • Steven

    If he thinks he should be treated differently than anyone else, THAT is as good a reason as any to talk down to him.

  • Mark Kuykendall

    This is a fight I’d wish they’d both lose. Dumb & dumber.

  • sunnyblues

    Liar, liar, pants on fire.

  • Ajfrench

    I love the way he says the media stalls the reports when it is actually the administration who is demanding non-disclosure signatures from participants in scandals.

  • Watching_and_Waiting

    If “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” were really true, J Carney would have spontaneously combusted years ago (as would his boss). The best way to tell if Carney & his boss are lying is to see if their lips are moving. If lips aren’t moving, they might not be lying (they could be texting though!). How can such bags of dung look themselves in the mirror (they probably can’t!).

  • pysco

    Look don’t blame Carney, he don’t think for himself, He has Obama’s hand up his butt, moving his mouth parts.

    • Phrank stein

      And Barry S has George Soros’ hand up his butt moving his lips.

      • pysco

        Very articulate discription

  • guest

    It’s all the Republicans’ fault that the economy is being ruined on a daily basis by Obama and his co-conspirators. This is not the worst recession since the Depression, Carter’s disastrous 4 years were even worse than now, but Obama is working hard to take over first place.
    This Carney is starting to stutter more and more. He can’t keep his facts straight. He is a liar like his boss, and he changes his story daily. If you tell the truth, you don’t have to worry about what you said yesterday.

  • skipgainer

    Same bull sh-t different day!

  • RBlakeH

    I had to stop the video and go buy a deeper pair of boots. That was a huge mountain of bandini Carney spewed out. Bet he needed a lot of mouth wash after that.

  • DE Navarro

    Jay, you are a bona fide liar. You never answered the question. The question was “now that we found out by investigation the bona fide fact of the case is that high levels of the IRS were involved, all the way to Washington DC, are you going to admit that when you said it only involved a few rogue agents in Cincinnati that you were wrong or lying?” You skirted the question and so your answer is obviously “Yes, we lied.”

    You get NOTHING done in Wash DC – your WH is a mob family, organized crime at its finest. You lie and cover and cover and lie and you are covering for Obama taking over the country as a Dictator — so what Republicans are doing (and it is not enough) they are standing against the nation becoming a SOCIALISM — that’s your obstructionism and YES – We the People are all for OBSTRUCTING you from taking over this country as a dictatorship.

    You are twisted people, so sold out to your evil ideology that you don’t even see how treacherous you all are and how little you care about people.

    You are disgusting.

  • HappyG

    Baghdad Jay can’t even lie good anymore…

  • HappyG

    His mouth is growing weary from repeating the same old talking points for five years running…

  • carolrhill814

    Talking to him is like talking to one of Barry little idiots.

  • DebraJMSmith

    I still did not see where he got Jay Carney to tell the truth.

  • GinoV

    I have to say this # 1 LIAR taught # 2 LIAR very well how to be a big LIAR the whole rotten bunch should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Tim jackson

    Why is it allowed that these Ya holes that work for us, are allowed to blatantly lie to us? That should be a jail able offense. this bull of calling it “Political spin” cant be allowed to go on any longer. We must demand prosecution for public officials lying to us!

  • ProudAmericanCracka

    Carney is definitely living in a universe of untruth and backward-thinking. Not one word he stated has any truth in this (our!) universe. I really wish he and all his untruthful, backward-thinking colleagues would stay out of our universe!

  • ARMYOF69

    “The president”, has absolutely no idea how to grow this economy, just how to crash it.
    Jay , please go home and stop embarrassing yourself and all whites.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Carney is so full of **it!

  • poptart



    The Whitehouse has no clue on what is goig on in this country. Jay Carney is either stupid or a dupe. Who is he kiding when he talks about the IRS or Bengazi or the spying on reporters. I am suprised the reporters at the Whitehouse don’t laugh at him wait they are in the pocket of the Whitehouse so they can’t be trusted either

  • LLinLa

    One word assessment: SLIME.

  • 1228wt

    We know there are many scandals that they cover up. The question is if you look at just some like fast and furious, Benghazi, Solydra, not paying their share of taxes, China getting our secrets, Snowden blowing the whistle, he “saw something and he said something” where are the republicans on issues that are criminal. I know like most Americans do that the dems lie but why do the republicans keep quiet after fighting a short time on everyone of the sandals.The republicans are more of a problem then the leftist who own them. It’s the gov’t against we the people. It’s that simple.

  • 1228wt

    Like me, are you tired of these ads.

  • hibp

    If the president is ‘FOCUSED ON THE ECONOMY’ why is he inciting racism through the Zimmerman case and working on immigration and gun control? All of this has NOTHING to do with jobs.

  • regulus30

    what ; we all know the media is owned by obimbo.

  • regulus30

    here is one from Rush Limbaugh;; “if the media created you, they will destroy you;” as odumbo slides farther into the cesspool, the two faced traitors will attempt to gain status with ” we the people”; there is NO NEWS MEDIA ANY MORE THEY JUST HAVE NOT DIED YET.

  • CaptGene

    Obviously jay-bird has long since sold his soul. There is no way he shaves with a real razor; he has to use an electric razor.

  • 1228wt

    It seems to me if you place anything to the point on this site it’s taken off like the republicans being silent on all these scandals. Scarborough said much more than I was allowed. I said nothing wrong except the truth. The black sites let me talk, this one not. We are digging our own grave.

  • smartgranny55

    Is Carney really that stupid? Blind?

  • bamissfa

    jay carney that that red head girl have the same lying mannerisms

  • 1228wt

    Cannot get away with this without the media. They, the media just got away with stirring up hate and got away with it. Where are the republicans?

  • SheNemo

    He hates himself when he goes nite-nite, he can’t sleep, how could he? He also has paint on his mirrors, hard to look upon the face of…………………I would hate to think I was that “used”, to play Simon Says every day, and pretend it’s the truth.

  • Donro

    Like Adolf Hitler and his henchmen, B. Hussein Obama and his henchmen employ the “Big Lie” at every opportunity.

  • 1228wt

    This is not a joke. They all get away with lies so why not keep lying. The republicans lie when they are silent on the lies. The leftist media cover for them. When the republicans are silent (like the people) they dig their own grave. I think many republicans are bought.

  • 1228wt

    It’s up to we the people. No one else.

  • myfordtruck

    big as lier as his boss and just as full of it

  • caskinner

    Carney is a worm. Get some self respect please.

  • Ann

    Carney just another minion following orders

  • Rue E. Mccain

    Carney… you are nothing but a lying mouthpiece for your idiot boss!

  • Paul454

    And meanwhile back at the chicken house, the chief investigator Mr. Fox reported to us that the investigation was proceeding smoothly and that several “suspect” chickens had been held for questioning about their activities at the time of the murders of eight innocent chickens… Later, Jay Carney was quoted as saying that only the retarded Republicans would suggest any wrong-doing on the part of Mr. Fox and his team and that although several recipes for chicken had been found on their person and the fact that chicken bones were found in their own personal trash, they had been given “sensitivity training” and were back on the job! Carney also denied that his actual intelligence quotient was below 50.

  • John

    All democrats work under the influence of big daddy, Bill Clinton.., tell a lie long enough no matter how ridiculous and people will start believing it! That’s what’s happening now! Lie after lie!

  • Joseph111

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, jay carney needs to be thrown in prison and raped … repeatedly

    • CrustyOldGeezer

      You sure it would be ‘rape’?

  • Johnnygard

    Anybody else notice the mini street sweeper make at least 5 round trips in 5 minutes on the driveway behind Carney? That is government efficiency. A private contractor getting paid by the job and not hourly, would have cleaned it in one trip, two at the most.

  • pistofftxpyr

    Carney must be allergic to the truth because he couldn’t come close to telling it even if his life hung in the balance. In this respect he reminds me so much of Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s former Foreign Minister. We all know what awaits him, don’t we? Actually, that might not be a half bad way to handle this guy.

  • jose


  • madmemere

    The only thing “jay-wacko” makes clear is he doesn’t lie well and the Republicans didn’t “cherrypick, or manufacture” any of the IRS scandal. All of US are cognizant enough to clearly understand those cases that were testified to, in front of a Congressional fact-finding committee, by the “victims” themselves! It was all on video. They were all well spoken AND factual about the kind of brazen, illegal treatment they were subjected to! And if their testimony does not, clearly, “speak to scandal” then nothing ever will. We also “know” it did NOT originate in Cincinnati- -it “originated” in the oval office with the help of “viper jarrett”; the impostor doesn’t have the ability to think up something like that himself.

  • djw663

    That is the guy that TM should have ground and pounded. The spin master of destruction.

  • ForrestByers

    For simplicity sake, why cannot we just call all big government types, whether they be Democrats, liberals, socialists, establishment Republicans, fascists, crony capitalists and finally Marxists, since they all are in favor of the growth of the state over the liberties and freedoms guaranteed by law, of individual citizens, they therefore all have a certain commonality, so let us just call the whole bunch of them, what they either are or what they wind up being and that is Marxists and the rest of the body politic, will have the simple title, “Patriot”. Barack Hussein Obama was, is and will always be, a Marxist in the tradition of the old Students for Democratic Society, who grew up with the final aspiration, reminiscent of the old Soviet Politburo, who were always willing to be swayed by the likes of an apparatchik like George Soros, whose “Open Society” is really just a suck up, for his own self aggrandizement, aimed at A One World Government with himself as either puppetmaster, director and special effects supervisor. Just how stupid and how long, through the likes of Jay Carney and the rest of the socialist cabal of the White House, the executive branch, the Senate and the rest the bloodsucking leeches that make up Washington DC, think of the American people are gonning to keep swallowing their cauldron of noxious poison!

  • Detroit ! Obama model for U.S.

    who watches the lame stream media anymore? they are just all amusing themselves with lies and more lies about all of the lies!! ( I am losing track lol ) YEAH they want to focus on the economy???Maybe they can have more “GREEN” billion dollar implosions= stealing from the treasury,
    The people deserve what they get,
    Please another” lets focus on the economy moment” !! my foot, everything they do is meant to undermine America- Maybe the liars in the media and washington will have an epiphany lol but I doubt it. The Destruction wrought by these imbiciles is beyond comprehension, the media and the political class are one in the same.
    Watch the food network at least there is a semblance of reality exposed therein.

  • KJ

    Jay Carney would be hired by no respectable media company after his “stint” of shameful obfuscation and deception in the White House press room.

  • kenneth russell

    Is Jay Carney a real human being or just some Android that Obama programs every day?

    I think the latter.

  • Kioga

    Mr. Carney may go down in history as the best “Liar” ever, representing the “worst” President in History ! Also, the target for the most shameful example of disinformation ever produced from the White House steps, that real patriots will not forget.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    The lies have been flowing down to the Peons faster than anytime since the serpent lied to Eve.

    Jay the Canary it the lying codpiece of BS-Barry, IMO.

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Jay, the FULL FACTS will, if anyone can manage to get the FULL FACTS from the WhiteOUThouse basement, will show there is ONLY ONE SIDE TO THE STORIES – BS-Barry is a Marxist foreign invader and most of DC is complicit!

  • Jeff Brodhead

    If Scarborough believes Jay the Canary, he’s stupider than dirt.

  • ItalianScallion

    The lunatics are running the asylum.

  • The happy warrior

    Feed the lies and half the country believes them. I don’t know where joe is coming half the time. Once in the while he surprises me.

  • The happy warrior

    Some how last quote got combined with someone else’s. read it and it is ok. I agree. Could not change it. I tried. Let us know who wrote most of it.

  • Duke

    Carney’s new monica is JAY PHONEY. The little weeney is nothing but a puppet. I hope reporters startcalling him by that name, JAY PHONEY

  • Donald York

    Being the president’s mouthpiece only makes him look stupid since we know that Oblamo

  • George E. Buttner

    The only thing phony here is scandals, and double talk from the podium at the White House…Just listen to this evasive chatter from Carney…

  • drattastic

    What happened ,did Joe NOT get invited to a mixer ? Seemed his panties were in a wad at his good friends in the White House .

    Yes obama’s speech was different this time ,Seems that’s all he does and rarely does it resemble the actions of his administration . I believe this was his speech that had “oceans of tomorrows” and “skies of tomorrows” in it , I mean how vapid can you be and how gullible can you be to buy into that nonsense.

    I’m pretty sure conservative groups are still being stonewalled by the IRS .

    Funny how out of one side of his mouth Carney (obama) speaks of bipartisanship and working with Republicans while in the same breath out of the other side of his mouth he blames them for everything .

    BTW bipartisanship to democrats means they get everything they want and you help them do it. Then when it goes south you blame the Republicans and the media helps you do it.

  • 1228wt

    The people of not only this country but the world are being threaten. We know the politicians are corrupt and the country in ruins. The discussion needs to be, are we going to continue to fiddle while we burn or are we going to act like adults and get serious. Obvious complaining doesn’t work.

  • spidermike

    Jay made a Freudian slip. He said, “Activity that occurred at the White House, [ I mean ] the IRS was inappropriate. . .”

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!” ~ Sir Walter Scott

    “Did you ever notice that when you put the words “The” and “IRS” together, it spells “THEIRS?”
    ~ unknown

  • willhen50

    Obama doesn’t know anything about business or economy, his economic advisors left him in droves after the stimulus went bust. He wants to take more of the business’s profits which will cut into employment. It was refreshing to see that businesses were fighting back though, with the threat of cutting into a workers “profit” Obama is no longer as popular. It will be interesting to see how much more capitulation of obamacare mandates is going to happen. Now he wants to spend $700 million of taxpayer money to promote obamacare, wonder if he will fore go a round of golf for that?

  • trueright

    Very plainly put, carney is a total liberal hyprocrite. and a total phony two face.

  • servant1jkb

    Well now, let’s understand this, correctly, Joe Scarborough, the RINO a Republican in Name only
    and Jay Carney are turning on each other?
    Sounds like the beginnings of circular firing squad?

    Talk. talk and more talk, but no positive action unless you think 1,000 of new regulations qualify as doing SOMETHING, but it’s not the right things for jobs now is it!

  • Tom

    Notice the Freudian slip? Carney said “White House” and then quickly shifted to “Uh, the IRS.” In dong so, without meaning to, he let it slip that the administration DID direct this harassment of the Tea Party.
    Oh, and by the way, it goes MUCH deeper than the public knows. It’s STILL going on. A friend of mine, who has written the White House directly several times complaining about the president’s overstepping his authority and violating our Constitutional right, and who happens to be a board member of his local Tea Party group, has suddenly found himself being audited by the IRS. Audited? He’s a truck driver! He’s your average American working man, who has little in terms of personal wealth and lives a modest life with his wife in small town Mississippi, and he’s now being audited for multiple years. And the IRS representative, who has been very smarmy and condescending with him, called back and said they now want to go back to the year 2000, after first nothing they want to review his records from 2005 thru 2007. When he complained that he doesn’t keep records that long, she came back stating he’ll be lucky they don’t demand more. This guy is in a low tax bracket, he doesn’t have a huge income. In fact, two years ago he was out of work for six months due to open heart surgery; he needed a trip bypass. He didn’t have health insurance at the time and had to get covered through the State of Mississippi’s program to assist such people. So, he really has been hit financially in recent years. But now, right after he wrote his letters complaining, suddenly the IRS is coming to him and noting they’re going to question every little write off so he’d better have his records ready.. As an independent trucker, he had business write offs, but we’re talking meals and other such things. We’re not talking the kind of tax write offs someone like say, Charles Rangel, has taken! Leave it to your political elites to abuse their authority to repress those who don’t like their politics.

  • astrojohn

    “The MSNBC host, a former GOP congressman…” Which is why the Republicans have lost for the last few years – Joe is the kind of RINO we don’t need – or want…

  • astrojohn

    Geez, Carney could be replaced by a tape recorder…what a bunch of BS he’s spewing…nothing but buzz words and BULLSH!T

  • John Schëar

    What a farse. Neither is worthy of listening to. Joe could not ask a sensible question nor permit Corney to give an answer of value. Just simple blame others for the failures of Obama and Joe let him get off without sinking a hook. Typical MSNBC. Garbage. Typical Corney. More garbage but really stinky too.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Is Jay Carney any relation to Art Carney, the actor that played a dimwit named Ed Norton on The Honeymooners?

  • msmotown

    I thought Robert Gibbs was a suck-up, but Jay is a total puppet and wuss. I honestly don’t know how he sleeps at night! I guess he thinks about his bank account. I can’t stand a person who puts aside all reason and conscience to please someone else or himself. Of course, I guess I am describing all liberals!!

  • Stan Parrish

    Funny. Obama says he wont tolerate incompetence or criminality but he keeps appointing people that guarantee that the scandals will keep on coming. Then when the administration gets called on it they say “Lets talk about the economy.”

  • popham

    Poor Jay Carney getting skunked again by someone so much smarter…….Scarborough.
    The lies, double-speak, misinformation and propaganda just keep flowing from the White House,
    like a never-ending flushing toilet. But we allow this to happen.
    We are not paying attention. We are complacent, distracted by Obama speeches and told
    that the five current scandals (IRS, NSA, EPA, DoJ and HHS) are phony?
    Astounding what we are made to suffer at the hands of these liberal leftists.
    Good luck, Amereica.

  • parlayer

    will this “Cracker” (myself) being influenced by my “Lean buzzon”
    give me an excuse?? for my divisive comments. Are you supposed to get
    accolades for doing the right thing, No that’s what your supposed to do
    !!, wasn’t she a “Victim” of her own decisions??” or perhaps
    desires???? ” woooooo I ain’t gonna hoe, no, mo” la la la isn’t
    there a mag cover for me???? substitute carney for the porn star gone straight.

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