Sarah Palin Family Involved in Drunken Brawl at Snowmobile Party

Several Alaska bloggers first reported a brawl at a house party over the weekend for the Iron Dog snowmobile race (that Todd Palin has won four times). And it allegedly involved the former first family of Alaska. Anchorage Police Department’s communications director Jennifer Castro confirmed to the Loop that there was a fight at a party where the Palins were in attendance. Castro said “just before midnight Anchorage police responded to a report of a verbal and physical altercation taking place between multiple subjects…”. “At the time of the incident, none of the involved parties wanted to press charges and no arrests were made,” she said. “However, the case is still an active investigation and is being reviewed by APD and the Municipal Prosecutors Office. Alcohol was believed to have been a factor in the incident. Some of the Palin family members were in attendance at the party.”

via WashingtonPost


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