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Sandra Fluke: Opposing the Contraception Mandate Is Just Like Opposing Leukemia Coverage

  • Cas Michel Gerarrd

    The decision for Contraception starts when ones OWN legs FIRST Fly open to engage in your right to hedonistic self satisfaction or recreational pleasure……NOT at the expense of an innocent life or from the pockets of others when you open you legs the second go-around for the abortive procedure you call, condone & claim maniacally as “birth control”.

    Self-Control should serve you MUCH Better than a societal foist upon & forcibly seduced to pay for & cover the expense of the slaughter of innocent blood in child-sacrifice to the god moloch.

    But what do I know??. Fluke is clearly the more educated of the species.

    Oh, also??, if it’s just a lump of nondescript “fetal tissue”, then why does it have or need it’s OWN Heartbeat & blood-supply??.

    Merde substantiell!!

    • BlueViolets

      The only thing you forgot was to inform ms. fluke (purposefully not capitalized) that unlike having sex the person who gets leukemia doesn’t have a choice. Otherwise you put into words my very thoughts only better than I would have.

  • Mecki

    And such ignorance from someone studying the law?

    • Graywolf12

      She will fit right in the ACLU. Only left lobe of brain required to be working.

      • Larry Viles

        Hey, c’mon, she’s as qualified for anything as our Pres- OH DEAR GOD!

    • Micheal Stone Sr.

      She’ll make a fine two bit ACLU LAWYER or a trial lawyer to rape the US economic system! If I were a deranged militant progressive I would wish some calamity on her like the big wheels on CNN or MSNBC do to conservatives, but I won’t! Instead I just wont miss her if it does! haha!

  • Mike B.

    Why is this women ? trying impose her morals ? on everyone else ?

    • smartgranny55

      Perhaps she needs to have a CAT scan to see where the holes in her brain are located. I’m guessing they are widespread. Otherwise, how is it possible to be so stupid?!

      • 15cent

        I would not leave my DNA in any of her Holes!

      • Donald York

        Ms. Fluke wants us to think she is a special kind of stupid. She sure is proving herself to be.

        • ff_emt

          proving herself ready to run for some political seat, a very special kind of stupid, indeed.

      • RacerJim

        She’s not stupid. She’s a ‘Me, Myself and I’ liberal. But you know that, don’t you smartgranny55?

        • smartgranny55

          Yeah. She is totally devoid of moral and common sense, which are just as important as intelligence.

    • RacerJim

      She is a liberal and that’s what liberals do. Plain and simple.

    • hensonsan

      Lack of morals, mon ami!

    • Hudmar

      What morals?

    • El Camino

      Or lack of??

  • sly311

    This is just a small sample of why this country is circling the drain. Thirty-three years old and still whining about contraception. Forget the leukemia coverage–another specious argument by the lefties.

  • Vojkan Spasic

    This Fluke “girl”, at the age of 33 is still going to school, and wants FREE STUFF? Grow up moron.


      Baby = deadly disease

      one and the same!


      Can you contract (“catch”) a baby?

      Is a baby…




      Does Leukemia…

      have a heartbeat?

      have its own DNA?

      react by recoiling when the abortionist injects the deadly saline?

      If you don’t want to get pregnant then don’t have sex!

      Sex is a gift from God, to be enjoyed as He designed it; exclusively by the married man and woman. Any other use of that gift is a sin, including murdering the fruit of that gift, the baby!

      Abortion is MURDER in the first degree!

      • rocky63

        Well said “Truthisabsolute”!

        • joanc

          What college taught this floozy? It certainly failed in the moral behavior department. Yes, you read right. I called her a floozy,which is the name called any woman with a lack of respect for the college they attend, for themselves and for her parents. How did they feel hearing their daughters sexual needs aired on National TV? She was pleading her case for free condoms and birth control pills for her own use and for classmates. Speaking of class, Sara’s associates,dressed as Vagina’s at the Democratic National Convention in a classless display of crass behavior. Who is waging war on women? I think it’s Sara and her tutors in the Soros funded organization of radicals,who condone the horrors of assembly line murder of innocent babies. Sara, pay for your own needs,as responsible people do. One last remark– Leukemia is not something choose to have, your education sadly failed you if you equate it with your chosen life style. Time to grow up!

          • The Brigadier

            George Washington School of Law.

          • Richard Engebretsen

            what a shame…………it teaches crap

    • boone1

      Hey man she needs them rubbers so that she can get layed more often dude.Also give her free beer so the men won’t know that they are laying an ulgy woman.

      • art arlo

        So is just another pathetic liberal who probably thinks communism is good and after that I don’t know what

        • Donald York

          Somebody beat this girl with the stupid stick.

          • swede41

            Idiots like Fluke think if the government provides all these FREEBIES ,they are free,,What idiots like her don’t seem to understand is that the tax paying hard working americans will have to pay for her free condoms,,She is supposed to be studying nor screwing every male on campus,unless she screws the proffessors in order to get passing gardes

      • CQ

        Boone, she doesn’t want rubbers, she wants free pills and abortions when the pills don’t work.

    • Hudmar

      That’s why is taking her so long to gradumanate.

      • Richard Engebretsen

        Funny………..Miss Fluke…….you missed the final exam!……Oh sorry professor, I was trying out my new condoms on the fraternity next door.

    • ff_emt

      You mean MORE “free stuff”. I’m sure you & I are already paying for her schooling (Notice, I did not say “education”.).

    • Baf

      Obviously, the higher education system has failed this individual. What a waste of money educating this person.

      • Richard Engebretsen

        For sure……….but look closer……..the problem is already in the public elementary and high schools……..many of them especially in the urban areas are completely useless. They teach nothing of consequence and spend all their time on PC garbage………many of them do not even teach kids cursive writing………because “they have ipads, computers etc”…….dont need to actually “write anything”……or learn to spell……never mind history, science or economics.

  • Ralph A Hunt

    This female is obviously doing the work of Satan!!

  • ajfrench

    Sandra’s mother should have used them. Furthermore, Sandra is a 1%er who can afford to pay her own healthcare.

  • Bradley Jones

    what a moron, birth contol is a choice, Leukemia is not, you can life a long healthy life without having birth control, you cant say that about Leukemia

  • COTom

    Only MSNBC would have this flake Fluke on. My Lukemia fighting daughter would relish a debate with her!!

  • The_American_Way

    Please stop putting this idiot on videos. She is a brainless liberal whose arguments are so ludicrous they don’t deserve to be given any publicity. She is an absolute bird brain.

  • ITGuy

    Sandra you glittering jewel of colossal ignorance, please tell me which religion does not want someone to have Leukemia treatments or blood transfusions????? Your 15 minutes are long over, but please keep talking. You are a great representative of the morally bankrupt left.

  • CQ

    So Fluke is equating pregnancy with a fatal disease! I swear, the Democrats have NO understanding of logic or reason. How can she possibly think she should not have to pay for her entertainment – she obviously only wants sex for the entertainment value.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Around “Progressives”, pregnancy is a fatal disease, curable by abortion.

  • Etm50

    What an IDIOT!!!!! That’s all I have to say about this MORON.

  • Susan

    After this cow did her “abortion tour,” she married some guy with a lot of money who I am sure could have paid for rubbers. She is a pathetic “fifteen minutes of famer” trying for another fifteen. How could she afford law school but not contraception? Why would anyone want to have sex with her, anyway?

    • RacerJim

      On first thought I feel sorry for the guy who married her.
      On second thought I don’t.

  • Pakinpastor

    She is so fluked up!

  • Buck Nekked

    This girl is as dumb as a doorknob. Please stop giving her publicity.


    I guess the LEFT wants “US” the TAX PAYER to pay for all these things because it’s not the governments money. She should ask for TOOTH PASTE,TOILET PAPER, SOAP etc, to compare it with “CANCER” is truly a person that cannot TAKE CARE OF THE SIMPLEST THINGS OF LIFE!! THIS SHIP IS SINKING……

  • Micheal Stone Sr.


  • har82

    Did some freak dye this blond bimbo’s hair brown or what ???.

    My shoelaces ,, have more brains than this piece of trash does.

  • Take 2

    Free Female (global Order) G2 Condoms is what Obama (a male) chose for Sandra (s). It’s such a HUGE joke if not slam in her (s) face.

  • calmo

    It’s amazing that any human being this abysmally dumb has lived 33 years. It’s dangerous for her to even cross the street.

  • marineh2ominer

    Is she saying that every woman that has sex should get leukemia ? Or is she saying that every woman that has sex deserves to get leukemia ? I say that every woman that gets ANYTHING for free from the government should be considered government prostitutes . ( Or man )

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Reminds me of a breakfast cereal named “Prostituties”. Advertising slogan went something like this: “They don’t ‘Snap,Crackle [or] Pop”, they just lay there and bang”.

  • parlayer

    And UGLY to boot. I’m surprised she needs birth control. Her face is control enough.

  • calmo

    The way her mind works, I think she must’ve been mentored by Pelosi.

    • caskinner

      Might be her daughter…

  • ste1021

    Congrats to the American voter. You have made it possible for all of us to pay for Fluke’s contraception. Thanks a lot!

  • Art arlo

    She is a stooge for the socialist or the progressives. Maybe the communist party you never know

  • Tom Dunne


  • Bobwojo48

    If she charged more she could afford to pay for her own contraception.

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      ROFLMAO!!! (Big time.)

  • blinddemocrat

    Sandra Fluke, you are the very first person in all of history of mankind to be this blatant about who GOD talks about in the bible. Psa. 14:1 “The fool hath said in his heart,
    There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is
    none that doeth good”.
    An atheist doesn’t truly BELIEVE there is no God; he just SAYS there is no God.

    One of the most foolish types of programs on television is the average news
    commentary with two or more people “debating” the issues. They have nearly every
    characteristic of a fool’s speech that the Bible gives!

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    My Dear Miz [” … You are a ‘Fluke’ of the universe … .” (“Deteriorata” – National Lampoon-1972)],
    I have a question. Since you’re comparing rhetorical apples and oranges, do you smoke after having leukemia too? This empowering mind wants to know; Oh Ye, named after a saltwater flatfish also called the “Summer Flounder”, which is indigenous to the Atlantic Seacoast of the United States from about Cape Hatteras north to Maine, could Ye “Enlighten” we poor plebeians?

    Addendum: “What’s that that smells like fish?”

  • Charlie

    With no disrespect intended, but dang what a digbat !!!!!

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    How about free dental dams for her? She must think Linda Lovelace really did get pregnant.

  • dntmkmecomoverther

    This dizzy bich would have us believe that recreational sex is the same as having leukemia? For God’s sake woman! If you can’t afford contraceptives to support your sexual affinity on your own, then why don’t we include coverage for my personal affinities? Yah, I want free fishing gear…AND I want free guns and ammo; they are WAY too expensive right now since Odummernshidt went on his ‘gun grabbing’ mission. I shouldn’t be expected to ‘pay my own way’ for my recreational activities if you don’t Ms. Fluck..ah, I mean Fluke.

  • ufosrreal

    This “ho” (Fluck) put contraceptives above her country.

  • Larry Viles

    Oh Gee, I never knew my religious freedoms depended on what people thought about them. I see now, if my beliefs are unpopular, they are not protected. Especially if they are not liked by a whiney 30 year old professional student who apparently has never had a real job in her life.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    The pig continues to oink.

  • LLinLa

    Simple solution, trollop. Hold an aspirin between your knees. Case solved!

  • Debra JM Smith

    Whenever I see Sandra Fluke, all I think is “slut.” –She really is a slut.

  • Samurai_Sam

    I think she may be on to something! Kids born to irresponsible sluts tend to become irresponsible adults. By preventing the births of these kids we cut down on the number of liberals that are born every year. See! There is a silver lining!

  • mrbp

    She is the presidents personal “Slut” spokesperson. I am waiting for the new dept. of homeland “Sluts R US” to be formed. Run by “Fluke & FLOTUS”.

  • faesydaisy

    Is there any way to get rid of this idiot. Lets not compare lukemia to contraception in any form. Get a grip Sandra.

  • junebug

    U R Trash.fluke .

  • Focus on Freedom

    At what point do even the people that like and agree with her see how absolutely stupid she is????

  • tommyboy

    I’m Sorry I sent my daughter to Georgetown, what a mistake.

  • axmickl

    Does she also want us to pay to wash her dirty underwear? Where does this moron draw the line?

  • joanc

    Theres a brothel somewhere for Sara’s needs, and they’ll even supply her with the free items to prevent pregnancy. If there is a real war on women in the USA, it’s caused by the Flucks who wage war on womens virtues of modesty and morals. PS: correction, I meant to write Fluke, but the other name works too.

  • Hudmar

    Is she really a law studen or is that just a fluke.

  • junkmailbin

    fluke is giving a soup sandwich a run for being the most f___Ked up thing around

  • caskinner

    Fluke is the poster child for the dumb bimbos of America.

  • Michael g.

    Okay… Which one does she have? Contraception aids (unable to get), or Leukemia coverage? This is a person who has a silver rod stuck up her rear, and wants a gold one…

  • Marlene Berggren

    Please keep this flaky fluke off the air. It is a complete waste of airtime, she knows nothing, except maybe about having sex for which she wants free condoms. Get her off the air.

  • Ilene

    This miscreant needs to take her Marxist self and be educated about decency. When will liberals learn to mind their OWN business. Birth control is NOT a fatal disease. It is the cycle of life that woman possess. Sandra should give up hers,

  • 2egypt

    F_ _ k off Sandra. Why should my taxes have to pay for your screwing around? Pay your own or abstain….I know it’s hard for you to do that too. You have no morals…..

  • Mike

    Keeping your legs crossed works better and there’s no cost attached. But on second thought, we would all be glad to pitch in if it would prevent you from replicating yourself.

  • Susan

    Sandra — your fifteen minutes of fame are over. Get used to it.

  • usluv

    Who let her out of her cage?

  • Tank

    Sorry stupid, you can’t get leukemia by going home with that guy across the bar and screwing him without using protection… I know it is a word that escapes your generation, but the “responsibility” is yours and yours alone when it comes to your private parts… Now, if you were looking for donations to go get sterilized so you can’t add more stupid people to the gene pool, I’d chip in for that…

  • Don

    OK Put me down for opposing luekemia coverage for sluts.

  • The Brigadier

    Sandra Fluke argued that the state had an obligation to pay for contraception that women couldn’t afford to pay for themselves. Here’s an idea fellow conservatives. Let’s not pay for abortions, but let’s do pay for contraceptive devices. Birth control pills, IUDs and and any other contraceptive device. Preventing births of future liberals is a worthy project for every conservative. We can call it the Fluke Prevention Program to rid of ourselves of liberal progressives like her through non abortive contraception. Think about it. Can you afford a hundred dollars a year to subsidize a liberal from not becoming pregnant? Let them screw their hearts out. They make lousy mothers anyway. Lets not put some unconceived child through that horror.

  • Paul Metcalf

    Just a pure idiot is all that you can say for her.

  • eddyjames

    Open wide and say ahhhhh! And you won’t need contraception.

  • art arlo

    I will try to be as nice as Fluke is a fluke that She needs contraception. (if so) I have an answer for her she should put a Trojan over her head.

  • CalIdaGirl

    When will this “Dildo” go find somebody to play with?

  • Ralph E. Zecco

    If this wasn’t so stupid, it would probably be funny. I guess you could say it is funny in a bad way, because if you decide to act the whore, contraception is needed but normally it is up to the people who have the sex to see to their own needs where contraception is concerned. Leukemia is not a choice and you get it through no fault of your own and I do not believe there is anything you can do to prevent it. Oh well, I guess there is no more shame in acting like animals in heat and having others pay for your birth control.

  • BobH

    So she wants us to pay for her to have recreational sex. I want the government to pay for a new motorcycle for me to have fun with.

  • fcutch

    What a pig Certainly NOT a girl to bring home to meet mom and dad

  • Proud mother of 10 sons

    All anyone has to do to keep from getting pregnant is DON’T. Our tax dollars are needed many other places but no in a place to kill God’s creation of life. Man and woman only provide a body and unless God has envisioned a soul for that body no baby is conceived. I for one do not want to support killing one of God’s creations. This needs to be made plain to Congress and our President. I’m tired of the mouthy minority trying to tell the rest of us what to do.

  • neomatsu

    You know there is no free lunch! Contraception for the use of sex is not a right, but a personal choice! If contraception is used for a medical reason to work against an illness is no problem. But if i was in the plan and was being forced to pay extra so a woman could have sex, then that is not right! YOu want to have sex, then you need to pay for your contraception, not me! If I want to have safe sex, I use a condom! I DO NOT WANT TO PAY FOR A WOMAN TO HAVE SEX, ITS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY NOR IS IT TO BE SHOVED DOWN THE THROATS OF A BUSINESS THAT IT VIOLATES THEIR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS!!!!!

  • llardog

    Fluke is talking about people that work. That’s maybe something she should try. 33 and still in school. Your either living off the government or your parents are rich and your very stupid.

  • Joe D.

    Hey F_uck—–have you ever tried a vibrator? Or did you try a hole bunch which failed to satisfy your GARGANTUAN sexual appetite? OR, when you DID try a vibrator, did it suddenly go limp after looking at you?? Your father should have gone off in a napkin the night you were conceived.

  • Joe D.

    Hey F_uck——Why don’t you try to solve your nymphominiacal problem by giving AURAL sex a try. It would not make you preggers and just MAY fill your frontal lobe with something productive other than worrying about where your next free birth control device will come from.


    Just wait until this whiney crybaby, professional student finally gets a job. It’ll probably be with some government entity, where she will sit around looking for other instances of “victimization” she can make right. Shut up Ms. Fluke, I’m sick and tired of hearing you complain about something that should be a matter of personal responsibilty.

  • El Camino

    You can’t avoid leukemia by keeping your knees together. She needs to be honest with herself.

  • skipgainer

    If this what a so called college education creates, Sandra Fluke, then I am glad I learned a trade something useful. Are all the ones coming out of college with their useless degrees really that uninformed about life. Do you realize that we are graduating dumber and dumber students every year? Yep our lowering our educational standards to supposedly help minorities has really worked well for all involved in our educational system.

  • Protechcpa

    I probably would oppose leukemia coverage……for her. Why is she so proud to proclaim herself a prostitute whore? I seriously doubt she has many takers. Pocket change from the couch should cover her needs.

  • CQ

    Opposing Ms Fluke’s access to free contraception is like being opposed to free tickets to Disneyland. She obviously uses sex as entertainment, and I don’t want to pay for her entertainment, or any other woman’s.

  • jdangiel

    What does SHE need it for? You KNOW nobody’s doing that.

  • ff_emt

    Hey, fluke, take a step back and pull up your panties!

  • BlueViolets

    Good grief she is as dumb as she looks. I didn’t think that was possible.

  • hmmathis

    So sad that her mother didn’t use contraception!


    WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE A WOMAN THAT READILY ADMITS THAT SHE NEEDS A LOT OF “PROTECTION” FOR HER LIFE OF MULTIPLE SEX PARDNERS? Could a few condoms or a months worth of pills at $7.00 a month break her? That is, unless she is giving away that much sex, and if so, maybe she should sell it and pay for her own contraception. Personally, I would not DO her with YOUR your equipment much less mine!

  • bull57

    She is a child only a parent could love. Her choice in lifestyle surely is not conducive to finding a husband other than her current one, (the federal government )! Not my kind of woman…

  • Randell Danner

    With all that sex she’s having where did she find time to give an interview to spew her crap.

  • Bucko27

    Lets hope this HO gets a nice case of AIDS!!

  • brianjconway

    This ignorant b i t c h is studying to be a lawyer? Where in the Constitution does it state people are entitled to government provided contraceptive material or services. She goes to Georgetown Law where typical graduates start at $175,000.00 per year. She can afford a pack of rubbers for her and her boyfriends pleasure with out involving us. The right to bear arms does not mean congress must buy me a rifle either. Liberal bugwits.

  • Jo Hughsie

    Sandra Fluke is just a whore looking for free stuff.

  • neomatsu

    Sandra Fluke it is not my responsibility to pay so that you can have sex, period! You want to have sex, then its your responsibility! If I want to have safe sex its my responsibility to buy my condoms! and to equate contraception to be used for sex with leukemia is down right bogus and a scare tactic! The idea of you bringing a child into this world scares me!!!!!!

  • paw

    Using Leukemia coverage as a comparison shows just how out of touch this free-loader is. The difference here that this idiot doesn’t seem to understand that people with Leukemia are fighting for their lives and have no choice in the matter…..she is fighting for consequence-free sex. She however has choices….she can either abstain or get a job and take care of her own contraception. On the other hand, people like her should not be allowed to reproduce…..she needs to have her tubes tied!

  • tedthebear

    Sandra can go fluke herself! She’s a real doll! Doll = Empty headed plaything!

  • Richard Engebretsen

    Who in the Obummer regime is still paying this moron to keep popping up in the news? Fluke is still going to college? It doesnt seem to be doing any good she’s still stupid. This fool is just a tool to create distractions……… is the entire abortion topic, gay marriage and all the other garbage the mainstream media wastes time on. Fluke should be sterilized……so she hopefully doesnt inflict the nation with more idiots like herself……….I would agree to taxpayer money for that.

  • Gringo Infidel

    Fluke. That is an appropriate name for her. Clearly she never learned how to use logic in school.

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