Russell Brand Gets Testy When Reporter Confronts Him About ‘Super-Rich’ Hypocrisy

Russell Brand has made a name for himself as one of the most outspoken revolutionaries in the celebrity world. This year Brand has spoken out publicly more and more about politics and class warfare and has, on more than one occasion, called for revolution. A more recent cause he’s involved in is speaking out on behalf of New Era estate tenants who worry that rent increases will make their homes unaffordable and will end up forcing them out. Brand spoke to Channel 4 about how unjust he believes the situation is, but the reporter brought up the issue of “the super-rich buying property in London” and asked Brand, “How much did you pay for your place?” Brand said he rents, and got really testy with the reporter for changing the subject:

“I’m not interested in talking to you about my rent, mate. I’m here to support a very, very important campaign, and you, as a member of the media, have a very important duty to help represent these people.”

via Mediaite


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