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Rumblings of Dictatorship

  • jdelaney3

    Absolutely spot on. Take careful note, America, and be prepared. Link up. In unity there is strength. Don’t let ’em pick us off one by one. UNITE!

  • Paul Metcalf

    Where is my local militia, I am ready and armed and I am ready to take back our freedom.
    First place we need to go is capitol hill and build a hanging tree on the white house lawn and stretch the neck lines of at least 250 co-conspiritors and O’Biden and Obutthead.
    Everyone in the white house that voted for obama care and any gun legislation or any other unconstitutional law needs to be hanged on the white house lawn. That includes the crooked judges that sit on the federal bench. If we can”t trust them now, then no use letting them have a second chance. The only way that these idiots can save faith or save their own lives is to leave this country and never return, we make sure that they get on the plane.

    • grumpy3625

      Without a leader we will not be able to form anything cohesive. We will just have small factions with different opinions on what should be done and where it should be done–a lot of arguing. Small bands are chased off easily. At lot of small pots of boiling water get cold quite a bit sooner than one large pot of boiling water. A large pot of thick sauce stays hot even longer. I guess it starts by searching for the qualified leader and and staff, having secret meetings to plan intelligence gathering and find a different way of communicating other than the transparent method such as the one I–and we–are using right now. All of our chatter out here should quickly go quiet and underground. If we can mobilize with the necessary cohesiveness I would like to see a million man march on Washington D.C. with the resolve to protest in that city until our demands be met. I think one of our demands should be that all who do not support the Constitution should pack up and leave before we leave–period. All executive orders that circumvents the Constitution be rescinded before we leave. I think that monetary support can be gotten from the rest of us who stayed at home but are with us in spirit. Food can be shipped in, etc., for the duration. It’s been done before and can be done again. We need to find and vet a leader. Provisions are written into the Constitution that enable us to overthrow our government if it acts against our best interests. We must maintain moral clarity and resolve.

      • Sandra Parrott

        And how do we connect with each other? If we start on the net, they will follow us. I think you are entirely correct, just don’t know how to get it organized and carried out underground.

        • grumpy3625

          Yes, I know. A good question and questions are the start. I’m hoping that more will read this post and start to put their heads to the task. Perhaps the net will provide us what we need to get it started and let word-of-mouth take over. Then the chatter can be done in the privacy of homes or other underground locations after it gets a head of steam. News used to travel at the speed of light before the internet. May God be with us. We need to keep our eye on the sparrow, always. I just started to read a book: “How Evil Works” by David Kupelian. You may have heard of it. I urge everyone to read it–it will fortify us with the vision we will need in this struggle we are facing for our happiness and freedom. Keep your spirits up, Sandra.

          • Guest

            I have also been saying we are powerful as a cohesive unit. Without leadership and a clear objective, we are simply millions of individuals without a plan.

        • grumpy3625

          The important thing we need to constantly be is unified and of one mind–the large pot of thick sauce that stays hot I was talking about. Anything less will weaken us.

        • grumpy3625

          One more thing Sandra: As time goes on solutions will be revealed to us. We are exactly where we are supposed to be right now (else we would be somewhere else). We will be shown the way but it will not be a picnic.

        • ketma

          maybe ham radio?

      • pyrope

        There are some VERY interesting points made here Grumpy. I agree with you that small factions are less effective, and if there was an effort to unite all the factions, it would likely end in a battle of testosterone–everyone wants to be the Alpha unit. But there are advantages to guerilla units; the key is having a common purpose. All else is gravy–communication, supply lines, training, target selection, strategy, defense, etc. As the coming revolution plays out, if all involved can stay focused on the goal–to regain our freedom–the details will eventually work themselves out.

      • Gary Kimes

        Its interesting that this is the very absolutist talk that will be the excuse to call any conservative a terrorist, yet the irony is that they have already covertly started doing this and have their “SS” in place already..

    • pyrope

      Paul, you are playing into their hands if you try to do that. First of all, you’ll get whacked if you try that strategy and secondly they will spin acts of this type as the reason why they must usurp more of our freedoms. The way to win is to NOT play into their hands and use the strategies they are using against us. To be specific, play the part of the victim and illustrate to others that they, too, are victims.

  • a_browning

    He hit the nail on the head. Wake up, gear up, we are in for a rough ride.

  • 9thID

    Although my experience leads me to believe that a plurality in uniform are on the side of the Constitution, the “courts” are NOT going to be “spanking” anyone in uniform for obeying unlawful orders when Comrade Barry unilaterally declares “martial law”. The next event will make Katrina look like a picnic…

  • joepotato

    Each state (the people therein) that are willing to resist federal tyranny is where the line needs to be drawn. It appears that the undocumented “One” in the WH wants to re-play the part of King George III and bet all his chips that the USA is too divided to stand against tyranny. You must admit that the prog-commies have done their very best to perpetuate class and racial divisions, so it might be an interesting time. Can the prog-commies convince the military and law enforcement agencies to follow illegal orders? That will be the tipping point in this game.

  • Wolf-Talker1

    When will people wake up and smell the coffee! All loyal SUBJECTS of the Current Regime know that it is the Great Black Father’s way or the Highway!

  • Dave Miller

    Pat Caddell,echoed the same concerns, in a speech in Texas. He stated (paraphrasing) “America is on a revolutionary war footing”. Due to the errosion of the Constitutional rights, the inaction of Congress ,and the total mistrust of mr.obama and his regime. Mr. Caddell, and Wild Bill are on the same page. So are the Citizens who ve been awakened. NOW WAKE UP YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS!

  • MJaneO

    FDR was this kind of president—media kept him from being seen as a dictator! His death kept us from having a KING instead of a president. FDR was the cure-all, and that media was in love with him.
    He died in his third term, enough said! Thank the LORD for that.

  • Gary Kimes

    I would like to add a couple “rumblings” of my own :

    1. The government is incrementally removing what is left of
    our freedoms. How many increments beyond masculinity are we
    on the road to actually defending the right to remain armed? Do we still
    have the courage to make the necessary stand and was Homeland
    Security created singly for this imminent conflict both to track and deal.

    2. Has the pc feelings “deck” been stacked enough to support a governmental
    action to come after the conservatives with force? If the last election is any
    indication I say yes. Is Obama un-American enough to be the best puppet
    for the job?

    3. Is the winding down of the economy part and parcel to stifling the ability of
    what remains of the republic to make such a stand?

    I answer these all with the affirmative.

    And I wonder what that will look like and if it might have a connection to fema
    camps and caskets.

  • Steve Wrubel

    The blog below was written by an unknown patriot one week BEFORE the NDAA was signed on New Years Eve. I re-post it here and now to bring up the point of “knowing”. We here, all know and have known for a very long time what was coming. We hoped, and we prayed, and we voted, we did all we could do within the realm of the law, in hopes that by some miracle the forseen future of America could somehow be avoided or changed or at least forestalled long enough for some sembelence of sanity to return to this government. Unfortunately, those that betray this country and it’s people have proven time and time again, they are above the law, it means nothing to them, and never will, well at least until we finally get a chance to try, convict, and hang them for treason. But until such a time, what are we to do to defend our Constitution and the liberties it affords us? We can no longer wait for God to step in and wave his hands and make all the evil in the world just disappear, I just don’t believe that’s going to happen. What I do believe is if we don’t stand up to these bullies now, before they strip our weapons from us we will never get another chance! We Must Organize Now! Get your families and close friends organized into armed and able groups, figure out an emergency call plan, and be ready to fend off those who will come in numbers (overwhelming force) to take your weapons, lock you up in some re-education camp (FEMA familiy center), or just kill you for standing up for your rights, or even for just asking ” why ?”. To sum it all up, “it’s coming, we all know it’s coming, the only thing left to ask is – what are we going to do about it!”.
    Unknown Blogger, (Dec. 26, 2012)
    The screws are tightening around all American citizens! This current govt is the most vile, evil and reprehensible govt we’ve ever had. We have an illegal POTUS, there’s a putrid odor emanating from Washington, D.C. that reeks of death, collusion, thuggery, and anti-freedom thieves from what once used to be our hallowed halls of Congress! Our govt is out of control and is so anti-American it can’t even be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 anymore! They’ve done this on slow burn for many, many years, but now that the criminals are in charge in D.C., they’ve really stepped it up.
    If you think your govt is there to protect you, then you’ve drank the kool-aid. 9/11 is the most egregious example I can think of as to the lengths these evil bastards will go to abolish your freedoms and for them to continue on in their criminal enterprises. We can continue to fight all these little fights they put before us daily in courtrooms across the country and yes, we’ll win one here and one there, but the one thing you can’t ever do, is have that Trojan Horse Obama show up in a court of law to be vetted like he should have been in the first place. You see, Obama is above the law. He can be subpoenaed and all he has to do is stick his middle finger at the judge and the court and not even show up and he wins his case! You, however, Mr. American citizen, you try that one and see what happens. You’ll experience the full weight and mighty power of the law come crashing down on you so fast it’ll make your head spin and you know it!
    This is the result of the criminals in charge now. The illegal POTUS, the AG Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, this whole administration is above the law. They don’t have to answer to you or me, they ARE THE LAW now. They make the rules as they go along. Don’t like it? Don’t bother petitioning them, or writing, or faxing, or calling, because you’re nothing to these people. You’re just an itch they have to scratch once in a while. I used to do all of that and I’ve come to realize, it’s a total waste of time. Their plans for you and me are already in place. Eventually, when the whole thing comes crashing down on America, well they’ve got that covered too. Those FEMA camps are just waiting for the right moment. You’ll notice now that Americans across this great country of ours can be accused of being terrorists with no jury, no trail, no habeas corpus, you get nothing! When enough of these so-called terrorists reaches a certain point, then you’ll be welcomed at Camp FEMA! I know, I’m a kook and I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Fine, so be it. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see won’t we? Hang in there America, the only thing that’s going to maybe save this country is to do to them what they want to do to us — arrest them, hold them in confinement for trial (at least we’d be willing to give them a fair shake), show the evidence and then lock them up and throw away the key. Watch how soon our country gets back on track to what our Founding Fathers gave us and died for – FREEDOM.

  • William Taylor

    Just let me know where to meet for the revolution.

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