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Robin Williams Pokes Fun at Jihad & Political Correctness in Fearless Comedy Sketch

(Content Warning: Language)

Fearless comedy from the late Robin Williams, poking fun at Islamic jihad. If everyone had a sense of humor and took ownership of one’s own feelings, the world would be a lot better place.
Rest in peace, Mr. Williams. You brought a lot of comedy to the world and didn’t hold back what you thought. And people are richer for it.

via ijreview

  • toongail

    This could start a conspiracy theory that he was murdered because he decided the politically correct speech was for the birds.

    • Ralph Farmer

      Not all conspiracies are erroneous but I think it’s safe to say that won’t be one that is widely argued.

    • Edward Ebersole

      I got a kick out of this video. You could onto something though.

      • toongail

        I was kidding.

        • Edward Ebersole


    • musicswdy

      why yes it could! The thought ran across my mind immediately!

      • toongail

        I was being sarcastic folks. I take it you are too – but I do think you are also trying to be condescending.

        • musicswdy

          lol I was serious. Weirder things have happened!

        • Dennis

          As a lover of sarcasm as a way to make a point (albeit somewhat camoflaged beneath the literal meaning) I immediately caught onto your message infused with humor. Never mind the critics or others who missed your point, they will always be the few saying “Huh?”. Good post!

    • alclown

      You could be right to a muslime this video is or could be a death sentence

      • toongail

        Now that could happen – it has before – they can’t harm him now however. So sad.

  • scott

    if you didnt realize obama was behind his murder to begin with your just another sheeple.dont you keep track of how many people have mysteriously died by hanging,poisining or just no explanation.everyone and anyone who somehow has ties to obama or upsets his muslim rule is killed.wake up dumb ass,the take over of our country is happening right in front of you and you cant see a thing.

    • Lex

      Seriously! Are you really blaming Robin Williams death on Obama?

      • boone1

        HELL YES

      • Dennis

        No comment necessary for posts from the Lunatic Fringe, simply shake your head and move on.

    • toongail

      I was being sarcastic.

      • Edward Ebersole

        Man, your sarcastic remark has definitely gotten a lot of attention hasn’t it?

  • Mr Charlie Chan

    Robin Williams will never die as long as we live he will live in our memories.I cant see though why he would kill himself?Could the Ofuzznuts administration have anything to do with it??Our great nation is on the verge of collapse.I have served her in the time of war and have had the great pleasure to have been born here and lived here in the land of the free and will have the pleasure to know that my ashes will be spread in a forest of the nation I love so well.

    • Deepizzaguy

      I remember in the Star Trek movie when Dr Spock died one of the crew members told Captain Kirk that Spock was not really dead as long he was remembered.

      • A_patriot

        That was Captain Spock, he wasn’t a doctor. Dr. Spock was a well-known child psychologist. 😛 It was Dr. McCoy who told Kirk that.

    • Lordhavemercy

      Thank you for your service. Just hope and pray our country will continue to be free for our children and grandchildren but I’m very concerned about the way things are going… Can’t see the video… here goes our freedom…

  • Rocketman

    I can’t count over the years how many times that I would watch Mork and Mindy and laughed so hard that my sides were sore the next day. You had a real genius for comedy Robin and I hope that right now the angels in heaven are laughing as hard at your antics as I did all those years ago.

  • graybuffalo

    The mainstream media and Hollyweird are immortalizing the man. The fact remains that he was a drug addict, an alcoholic, and a supporter of the man hell-bent on destroying America, B. Hussein O.

    • Deepizzaguy

      You are correct. If you are one of the boys in the liberal world, you are a saint. If you are a God fearing person you are ignored.

  • Morton,G

    I am unable to view video, either OOps or political correctness is taking my freedom away so I can not judge for myself, you sorry bunch of bastards on the dials ans switches:

  • mwl

    What the hell. Conspiracy in the obama administration??? The IRS and Benghazi should tell you everything you need to know. Except, obama released the 5 generals from GitMo for traitor begdhal. Why? The generals are leading the ISIS groups through the training they got IN GitMo prison. Thats reason why obama upgraded the place with 12 million dollars make it a terrific learning place while he reduced the meals for our troops in a combat zone. obama said we’re spending to much on food for our troops. This coupled with the “border crises” and thousands of illegals crossing unrestricted. Off to the golf course until they get here obama will handle it all from the forth green.
    Even hagel the E-5 DoD says he thinks were in big trouble I guess he came up with that all by himself. Or he read it in a comic book.

  • ann

    took ownership of ones own feelings? so sad robin you could have turned to God and helped others through parkensons.

  • lenati

    Amen God bless him he is in a better place & providing entertainment.

  • alclown

    Blacked out now, blocked, censored , Too many muslimes in the white house and government . Holder to I am guessing or at least leaning sympathizer traitor .

  • rmwayne

    Ridiculing muslims and the church of political correctness is liable to make the looney left wingers forget they ever knew him.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t believe you people watch this comedy segment from a much loved comedian, a brilliant man who was so in need of treatment that he did not get that he took his own life, and you can turn it into a bunch of junk that has NOTHING to do with the original point!! How sad! Guess it will teach me not to wait too long to look at my email, even if I DO have to do other things before I can read non-crucial messages. Darn kids, school, homework help, being a mom and all the other things that come with being an ADULT!!!

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