Robber Picks The Wrong Convenience Store

  • racindavid

    Next time pull. the. trigger.

    • Anthony Alexander

      ABSOLUTELY!!. Its not how to use the gun but how to manage situations to ones advantage. If the perp is by himself, the store is empty, he has a knife with HIS PRINTS ON IT, hey its open season, its the perfect PERP ASSASSINATION, save the taxpayers alot of money on room and board, the billable hours of lawyers, judges time, cops time, prison cell costs, etc, etc. PLUS set an example to the other perps that it is a dangerous profession they have.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Unfortunately, the video tape in such a situation would have condemned the clerk had she pulled the trigger. Although I agree that the perp would be better off DOA, but with no blood or actual use of the knife against anyone, the prints would be dismissed by the liberal court system. The liberals have tied honest citizens down to their level, and it stinks.

      • Stephen Rhinehart

        If she had pulled the triger The police would shut down the store for an investigation. She would have to hire a lawer, and she would have to explane her actions. thousands of $$ and hundreds man hours for the state, several days of not doing bbuisness, and a big clean up job for the store. Blood and guts is messy

  • MalikTous

    This should go right alongside the Willie Shatner one ‘Gun – Left foot – Right foot – Right knee!’


    it does not get any better than that….lol

  • Terry Adams

    now thats what i call justice. Take a look obama at one of the real reasons for the public to own wepons of their choice. oh the other reason. look in the mirror

  • fcsuszka

    Wouldn’t it be nice if it were this easy.

  • Gary Rose

    If this could Happen More often ? Crime would go down Oh Oh yes might not stop it COMPLETELY BUT SPREAD THIS AROUND THE Crime out there. This type of Handleing could solve a lot of Problems and save the Courts a lot of Money.I admire this Lady for haveing what it took to do this>

    • Stephen Rhinehart

      You relize that was a simulation

  • Dan Williams

    Knife control. You don’t hear too much about that. This should go viral.

    • Brenda

      You must have missed the article about England placing controls on the length of knives allowed.

      • James Maxwell

        They had that rule when I was stationed over there but I could still go to many shops
        in London and other town and purchase switchblade knives, flip knives or butterfly knives
        that exceeded the legal length. Have them at home in a displacy case, handy to reach
        if the need arises along with other “items”. Best one though is the Russian Balistic knief
        that will “shoot” the blade out of it at close range it is intersting to see the results.

  • Al Chemist

    The liberals, naturally, would prosecute the lady. After all, this poor man was only after his “fair share.” And, she shut the door in his face, probably breaking his nose, and otherwise hurting his feelings.

  • Harold

    As we used to say as kids: GOODY, GOODY, GOODY, GOODY!

  • Charles S. Imwold

    And if the lady was a liberal she would be using a tooth brush . How’s that working for you liberals .

    • eddyjames

      If she was a liberal, She wouldn’t know what a toothybrush is for…….To clean hard to reach places on your gun after oral hygiene has rendered it all soft and plyable.

  • Nanette Gray

    REALLY need to advertise this on gun rights

  • BH206L3

    I think that lady was in Saturday Night Fever!!!

  • Sinatra98

    God Bless her with her gun for protection better than Big Joe’s advice you know the pin head !!

    • Sunshine Kid

      BJ’s idea was to blast through the door. Don’t know who or what you’ll hit, but hey, he’s as liberal as it gets – don’t identify your target, just make sure it’s inanimate without worrying what’s on the other side.

  • Luci Tomlin

    AWESOME! No substitue for common sense and being prepared! And no possible explanation for blithering, mindless, idiots whose two brain cells live in different time zones! Hys-durn-terical!

  • Ben Rollins

    Cool! I think the convenience store clerk was played by Donna Pescow! She played the mom in “Even Stevens” and Annette in “Saturday Night Fever”.

  • Luke

    A number of years ago I moved to a moderately sized city in the Texas pan-handle. The local stop-and-robs were being held up at an almost nightly rate by a particular individual who was becoming more and more violent in his approach to obtaining cash from said establishments. The local sheriff and a couple of deputies staked themselves out in various mini-marts and a few nights later the county sheriff himself caught the fellow and ended his career with a load of 00 buckshot. The testimony from the inquest was printed in the paper.:

    Coroner: Where were you when you first saw the deceased?
    Sheriff: I was behind the chip rack.
    Coroner: Did you announce your presence?
    Sheriff: Yes I did.
    Coroner: And what did you say?
    Sheriff: I said “Wrong mini-mart M—– F—–!”

    It was determined to be a justifiable homicide.

  • Carol

    Sometimes you win sometimes you lose and if this is true it is wonderful the right person lost.

  • LLinLa

    I don’t own a Glock but bravo on this series of commercials.

  • jim

    Lucky that lady doesnt work in Colorado, or she would have been throwing snow balls. She should have saved the taxpayers lots of money. Here’s a 12 round clip for you! Have a nice day

  • jim

    Poor poor, liberal having to rob a store, with a knife. Now his self-esteem will be shattered. Obama give this poor white trash a gun! You seem to be good at giving guns to low-lives.

  • Marine Mom

    Hey, didn’t that lady look like the girl that played in Saturday Night Fever with Trovolta?

  • Brama

    Was that Albert Finney?!

  • Andy in oregon

    Lock and load

  • ConsultantInAction

    The Second Amendment, is Powerful Language….Shall Not be Infringed Upon, enough? If not, how about this……N R A…..Pretty Compelling? You bet, Don’t Tread On Me, Compelling? Yep….
    Now, What part of Shall Not do you not understand? You Bet, it’s pretty clear.
    President Obama….We really don’t want your Change, and for all those that Voted for him, How’s that change working for you now? Again, NOT….Change, what change? Just more of the same Liberal Rubbish…..As with any computer Model, Garbage in, Garbage Out….Now is the time to get the Garbage Out….2014, Vote America, Vote Conservative…..You all see what happens when you Vote Progressive, don’t y’ll……Take back the Senate in 2014, Vote your Conscience and your Future, but so much more, the Future of your Children and Grandchildren…..America, Love it or Leave it…

    • VeeDub57

      The major problem with your comment is CONgress! We all know (that is every American with at least a 6th grade education and an ounce of common sense) what “shall not” means. CONgress and every other politician knows what it means too. But CONgress and most every other politician no longer feel accountable to “We the People”. They are free to do as they wish, and know we have absolutely no recourse. Sure we can vote them out of office, but then the next lawyer comes in and is even worse. We’ve quoted the law and the Constitution to them until we are blue in the face. They refuse to acknowledge it. There is no legal or peaceful resolution to their arrogance and corruption. There is no legal or peaceful way to force them to respect or follow the Constitution. They are untouchable…. legally!

      • ConsultantInAction

        I find your reply to be one of distress, as for Congress, there is the option of Electing others to replace those that do not understand that “We The Pople” are in charge….

        You first must realize, we do have a REVOLUTION, every two and four years….We are the only Country on this Earth that enjoy the type of institutions that function independently of each other as well as collectively…Checks and Balances. We may now always like the outcome, but we get to change it, that is, if we can get our point across to the rest of the nation.

        Arrogance? Oh, for sure,There are those in Congress that want to Telecommute, how much further out of touch could our Representatives or Senators be….?

        You’ve touched on a very good point, “Lawyers” most are Greedy, insensitive, corrupt and oh so Stupid, to think we the AMERICAN people don’t get it. Sure there are those that believe Lawyers are out to assist them…Really? Are You Kidding Me? No sir, Lawyers are the most narcissistic of all….Why do you think there are so many Environmental Lawyers? The answer is quite simple, The Money, once again Greed….

        Politicians, are just that, Politicians, will say or do anything to get Elected. Selling out to Illegal Immigrant Lobby Groups….For Votes….Lawyers have been the Birth of all that is wrong with America, and for all the bad, there is also the Good…After all, there are some that represent Justice for All….

        Legal, of course there is, as I stated early on, Every Two Years, We Participate by Electing our Representatives, like them or not, we simply need better choices. How? GET INVOLVED IN YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY AND GOVERNMENT…It will work, but it takes time to effect change.
        I know the process works, it’s helped change communities, now change yours.

        • VeeDub57

          So tell us just how successful those “revolutions” every few years have
          been! Even those in the Tea Party that were elected to bring about conservative
          change have been swallowed by the system that is Amerikan politiks. There is no
          way to fix a corrupt political system that has set up the laws to protect itself and
          prevent anyone from being able to fix things.

          Our CONgress is broken. Giving it a few pints of new blood is not going to
          cure the cancer that it is. The cancer must be removed, that is to say CONgress
          must be taken apart and put back together. As there is absolutely NO WAY to
          (legally or at the voting booth) eliminate all of the corruption in CONgress and
          get rid of all of the cancerous cells, the ONLY solutions is to take their power
          from them. They will NEVER willingly give up any of it.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    he had to be libtarded

  • John A. Naguski

    The old adage never bring a knife to a gun fight still holds true.

  • James Maxwell

    Depending upon where you live that might be fun to see, I know some storys that would not even
    give you that much chance. They would be making a chalk line on the floor as the removed the
    trash. She was a very nice lady and took pity on the fool.

  • djw663

    Love the safe it will look great secured next to the nightstand.

  • sadnana

    When “American Rifleman” arrives each month the first thing I read is “The Armed Citizen”. I highly recommend it.

  • Melanie Burns

    I love it!!!!! Do some more!!!!

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