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RNC Ad: Obama’s Has Had His Worst Week Ever

  • Jimmy D.

    No.  Obama’s worst week ever will be the week of Nov. 4, 2012.

    • Hoaglandterry

      Amen amen maybe he and mooshell will move to Kenya then she can say for the 1st she is proud of America like she said when he won the election.She wasn’t proud of America until Qbama won the election.I don’t believe she is still proud of America.


    Once again Obama played his RACECARD after learning of his bad showing in Kentucky. It seems that in his narcissisitic mind Kentuckians are racist because they didn’t vote for HIM.  He’s not just a RACIST, he’s also a NARCISSIST, COMMUNIST PIG.  That may be the real rerason Kentuckians didn’t vote for him.

  • AJP

    His worst week has yet to come wait until after the election he won’t be able to hde fast enough the door won’t hit him in rear on the way out. the only office he will hold will be the door to the OUTHOUSE

  • daveveselenak

    You can gloat all you want, but in the end the new Hitler will prevail with a little help from his friends: state-run media, ACORN, Black Panthers, Spanish firm for tabulating ballots, the dead brought back to life, illegal alien voters, that my friends is the hardcore reality of the next pseudo-elction. I’m laying 50 to 1 the “Re-PUNK – licans” will go down in defeat!

    • Hoaglandterry

      I agree the Repubs are letting Qbama get by with to much fraud and a lot of the American people don’t give a shitttttt or just plain stupid.

  • Bob Marshall

     Watch  Obama Romney the Same? and the Ultimate Mitt Romney Flip-Flop Collection on youtube.Then google The American Dream/17 Reasons Why Mitt Romney    Sadly,America will find out too late they are one and the same.Those who still think their vote matters,amazes me. It is the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations who determine who the president will be. The Council on Foreign Relations.The Government within the government. Presidents aren’t elected,they are selected and not by the people. “It is fortunate for the governments that the masses don’t think.” Adolf Hitler.

  • Dotti322

    Why would anyone vote for obama?It’s proven he is gay and illegal it’s all on u tube.Romney might not work for you but he will not try to destroy our Country. obama has been using illegal social security number among other things and the media has blacked out any negative discussion on obama we have no idea who this person is! He gives our money away like a child would even his Dr said he is not Presidential material and that obama is not a caring person. Please think of your children taking on all the debt for many years to come and they will never be able to survive much less own a home. PLEASE think when you vote at least Romney has a background.

  • Atmorefaye

    I hope he looses every thing included his rights to any office and charged with fraud and treason due to his lies and stealing of tax payers money

  • charles17121

    I believe before the summer is out the fraud obama will be removed from office by a Supreme Court ruling on his right to hold office . The truth is coming out about this fraud obama and the lame stream media will no longer be able to protect him . Many in the US Congress will face charges of treason starting with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi .

    • Chuck

      Read the Constitution.   It spells out how a President can be removed from office.   It must begin with Impeachment in the House of Representatives.    He can be voted out in November, or he can resign.   Unfortunately, that’s it.

  • DelA

    Dearest ‘R’esidnt Obama I hope it is the first and least of many far worse.

  • Joan C

    He will get a lot of help from his friends who never saw anyone they couldn’t make into a voter, whether they were citizens or not. Why is the Democratic party,along with Holder and Obama so intent on using a lack of an ID as a racist act?  It’s the Votes Stupid !  It worked in 2008 with the help of Acorn { They’re back}, La Raza and the unions, now the votes are needed more then ever for their reelection, and it’s time to use a new ploy.. The only thing they have forgotten, is that poor people as well as everyone else need an ID to access banks, welfare  offices,and apply for food stamps. Surprise one even needs to produce one to get into Holder’s Justice department. Imagine that! You can’t get into a building with out an ID , but you can walk into a polling place and vote on something that affects the lives of ALL US citizens. It stinks to high heaven. It doesn’t sound kosher to anyone interested in clean elections.

  • Shadowdancer_ap

    I see Obummer has had the video blacked out. Figures. This man is so egotistical he thinnks he is the “greatest”
    Sorry BO that title is alreafy taken. I have never seen anything like his audactity in any president living or dead.

    All of them have had jokes said about them and they laughed along with us., even on the late shows.  Ob’s humor is strictly written for him. I noticed it when he tried to be funny at the Journalists convention party.  He read it all. Could see his eyes scanning the telepromter. His ear to ear grin is so fake it’s real comedy in itself.

    Wonder how funny he will be in prison??

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