Reporter Grills White House Press Secretary Over Clinton Remark: ‘That’s Not My Question’

ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl grilled White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest on Tuesday over Hillary Clinton‘s remarks during a campaign event that small business creation has “stalled out.” Karl asked Earnest four times whether President Barack Obama agrees with Clinton’s remarks, to little avail. “I didn’t see the entirety of her remarks, but I can tell you that the president certainly believes there is more that we can do here in Washington to put in place policies that will further strengthen job creation in our economy,” Earnest said. Karl saw this as a dodge, and asked the question again. Earnest said he suspects the “stalled out” comments are not a direct quote of Clinton, adding that the Obama Administration believes there are always things that Congress can to do “support” and “further strengthen” job creation, rather than serve as an “impediment” to it. Still, though, Karl was not satisfied. “That’s not my question, though, I just asked: do you agree that small business creation has stalled out in the United States?” Karl asked once again, to which Earnest repeated his earlier comments that he did not see the full remarks and said he would get back to Karl with the statistics on that.

via Mediaite

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