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Remember When Obama Vowed Not To Take Vacations If Elected President?

  • Arationofreason

    Thank god for golf courses. He might be doing even more damage.


      It would be nice if he took a permanent vacation and left the means to access any activity involving our government. We could then say “Oh, what a relief it is”.

      • cajanone1

        Only if the prick goes back to his birthplace of Kenya!

        • Paula

          And takes all the Progressive Liberals with him!

          • TheLeast

            Come on, friends. It’s LEFTISTS. None of those b/s euphemisms – “liberal”, “progressive” – work, never did, and it’s time for total candor from here on out.

          • Paula

            The goal of socialism is communism…. Lenin. What is after communism? Progressivism is the name now that represents big Government, societal, business and personal controls, It is communism and thinks ‘the people’ are stupid and must be controlled. Progressivism sounds so ‘forward thinking’ and open to progress and people, doesn’t it? The truth is, when going back and unfolding its cancerous core you see it everywhere and backed by big name people in our history and currently in the White House.

            I’m not disagreeing with you… but whatever one wishes to call these pukes, they are destroying our country and we’ve been to soft on them and therefore, they “know” what they can get away with and have been for a long time.

          • TheLeast

            I guess the crux of my comment was that it’s not important to refer to them by whatever label they’re comfortable with today…there’s just too much else to do to waste time picking nits about what the insane Left wants. But I think we’re on the same songsheet…

          • Paula

            You’re right! The lefty loonies are a major waste and we need to crush them and soon! They are taking us down a dangerous path and they think they are right!

            I can go on and on! But I won’t…. but the one thing WE The People have to do is: Organize and Unite! Clip the loon’s wings and kick them OUT of government!

          • budman

            May be but George Soros allegedly owns Progressive Insurance so it is interesting it was named this. They are just codewords for Socialist and one of their recent slogans which was “Forward”.
            You don’t see any of them admitting they are Socialists but there are at least 70 in Congress and the Presidents Cabinet as well is stacked with them. Some I know that are registered Socialists are Nancy Pelosi, Henry Waxman and Barney Frank who still has his hands in the mix. Almost all of the Black Caucus are and Allen West created a real stir when he outed them and they still would not admit it was true but the list that was on the internet said they were before it was taken down. It is important that people know who they are because they are the one pushing for the “New World Order” and I do not think the citizens will go along with it.

          • Paula

            George Soros is a bad guy! And Putin Issued an Arrest Warrant for Financial Terrorist George Soros!!

            whoever owns Progressive Insurance, is a real creep!


            I have thoughts about anyone being a socialist and wonder just how far their heads are up their rear ends! Fools. All it is … is money and power.

            There is right and there is wrong and in between an abyss filled with society’s whiners, people who had inherited the luxury of safety & freedom while having done nothing to earn it!

            If we don’t organize and unite and put this “movement” down then we will have no choice in what they do to us!

          • KayO

            Oh, I don’t know about that. I read an article about an anti-capitalist college professor who will be paid almost $250,000 for teaching 1 class this fall.

          • TheLeast

            Sorry – did I forget to mention the universal truth that all Leftists aspire to personal material enrichment and are happy to amass it in any way they may find convenient, no matter the ethical or moral hurdles?

          • KayO


          • Paula

            There are 2 things liberals agree on: 1) they never have enough money and 2) everyone else has to much money.

        • Evermyrtle

          Look up Hawaii, Kenya, where he was born, it is shown on the map there.

        • obozohater

          Maybe the natives in kenya might annoint him with a baseball bat. He is such a coward; all talk and not ano action

      • Looking for hope and change!


    • Looking for hope and change!

      Good one! And true!

    • joepotato

      He’s done plenty already… The Obots (imbeciles) still defend Obie Wan Ebola in the face of uncountable lies and his phony ID’s … but lying to infidels is what Islamic goat fornicators do…

    • gotroy22

      How could he do more than he has already?

  • Co-Reigner

    Some of us were not bamboozled by Obamboozler–many of us saw through his jive talk from the outset. He was a liar from the beginning.

    • Paula

      I agree! Didn’t know he was such an outlandish liar… but I “knew” something was wrong with him! The color of his skin didn’t bother me…but his name did!

      • Co-Reigner

        I had no problem with his skin color either. I agree and understand what you said about the name bothering you. The name was an indicator of a larger problem looming. Too bad so many Americans foolishly chose to ignore that. Now we’re all paying the price.

        • bluff bunny

          The blacks don’t care about his politics, his philosophy or his actions….as long as he has a black skin, they will continue to vote for him.
          Look at what THAT accomplished- in South Africa! And Detroit. And New Orleans……

          • Aunt Dot


          • Paula

            Two words: White Guilt. Obama and the rest of the black racists are an accumulation of P.C.

        • joepotato

          The larger problem is national security… Soetorobama claimed he was born in Kenya for 16 years or longer and only changed the story prior to running for the WH… Now we have an invasion ongoing, the dollar shrinking and jihadi A-holas all over the place…

      • Rick

        You are right about his name. With a middle name like “insane” who wouldn’t wonder.

        • Paula

          In the beginning the newscasters called him Osama remember? Those “Freudian slips” I’ve always heard about… maybe, but then obama is as big of a terrorist as osama was/is.

      • homer1057

        maybe but: God said in Genesis 9:20-27 KJV (I DIDN’T write it) that the black man is NOT to lead or be as in that position etc. BUT I will let you read for yourself what “HE” GOD, actually did and said to the father of the black man..Ham! You read it and then consider history! There has Never been but 1/0ne successful black man as a leader of any country on the face of the earth. That one and ONLY successful leader was: the Pharaoh of Egypt when the Jews were in captivity! Since God said in Gensis12:1-3 that He would bless them that blessed the jews, he did as He said and blessed that Pharoah! There has NOT been one since then. Because of Genesis 9:20-27 (Esp. vs 25) Now don’t get mad at me, I did not write that book, but I will abide by this word..We don’t need another barrier! We sure don’t need another curse!

        • Paula

          There has never been one country (or state, city) that has blacks running it that has succeeded! I’ve been called a racist for that, but no one has EVER proved me wrong.

          In Africa the elite ruling class live an opulent life, separate from everyone else. The elite enjoy luxuries that the little people never dreamed of…. and it’s no different here in the USA!

          For example that mutt Charley Rangel, whose net worth is $2.5 million (at least that’s what he reported) and Rangel’s constituents has an average household income of about $35,000, and more than a quarter of families live below the federal poverty line. The unemployment rate is more than twice the national average…and now, Harlem is politically weaker than in recent memory.

          I would bet I’d find more of the same with Sheila Jackson Lee…. it’s all for them and they only get in office because of the color of their skin. Because, in Jackson Lee’s case, it’s not because she’s brilliant or even good looking!

          And BTW we have a curse, it’s called obama.

      • makrov

        Which color? 12% black, 38% Indian or 50% white? His friends were the worst indicators of what we were getting.

        • Paula

          During the 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama told audiences, ‘Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.’

          OK, we will.

          And that is precisely the problem with Obama.

          In order to understand Obama one must look beyond the official, Congressional-approved Cabinet choices to the truckload of unofficial ‘czars,’ ‘special adviser’s, and ‘officers’ and other “folks” he has chosen to come to the White House to have direct access to him.

    • RGS48

      Living in Illinois an not being a lib lapdog I knew what he was an what a mistake he would be. Stay strong.

      • Paula

        I have a friend in Chicago and she claims that obama wasn’t much of a Community Organizer…because Community Organizers love to get their pictures in the news and he was hardly there. I don’t know, just repeating a story.

  • edward

    Well over the past five years or so we have LEARNED THAT WHEN HE OPENS HIS MOUTH – LIES SPOUT FORTH…..

    • Clint

      He can tell the truth a number of different ways to keep from telling a lie about. Sounds like a shyster lawyer, huh?

      • Paula

        Yeah like a shyster lawyer that lost his license!

    • bluff bunny

      The only time he doesn’t LIE….is when he “mispeaks”.

  • Erik

    He tells you what you want to hear and when you catch him in his lies, he doesn’t care. I do believe this man is a sociopath.

    • budman

      Right, he blames George Bush or the Republican Party when he knows he and his buddy Harry Reid are the ones doing the damage.

      • Paula

        Vladimir Lenin: Always accuse your victim of what you are doing. Sounds familiar.

    • Paula This is “enlightening.”

      And so is Rules for Radicals and anything written by Vladimir Lenin and Karl Marx and Frederick Engels…these are the rules and guidelines that the Progressive Liberals are following and forcing on us!

    • PYPYPY

      He is a sociopath.

  • munkybiznus

    If he ever told the truth I might listen——————–NAHHHHHHHHHHH

  • redheart

    I don’t want him. Please, send him back to Chicago.

  • Bob Farkas

    There is only one promise that this dirt bag has not lied about and that is to fundamentally change America.

    • msueh

      100,000,000,000,000 upvotes here!


    Remember when he said, “if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” ?


    ps: he gives himself to the voters? phah… utter BS and lies! What this video shows and proof is, he is a pathological liar!

    • Paula

      What he meant was: I like my doctor so I’ll keep him.. the rest of you peons, tough sh*t!

      • PYPYPY

        Basically, he lied !

        • Paula

          Big time!

  • cajanone1

    So what makes that lie any different that the 99% of the time lies he tells every day? If would be a pulitzer prize winner if anyone ever caught the prick telling the truth!

  • roanymacaroni1

    What do you expect from the Liar in Chief? He is practicing Taqiyya, lying to advance the Muslim cause. That is what they do.

    • jerrys

      You are right! Not many Americans understand what it means to be a dhimmi or how islam uses taqiyya to destroy civilization. Or JIZYA , the BO hussain unaffordable health plan is a JIZYA collection.

  • tuvals

    I do not care for Obama the Bull Chitter, liar in chief… This guy is best out of the White House and on the golf course, vacation or mowing the lawn….

  • Centurian2010

    Oh I remember..but Mr. Permanent Vacation himself doesn’t.

    • Paula

      Only in America can you be a “party-do-nothing” president and still have 47% of the population love you!

      • Centurian2010

        Sadly this is true, but I suspect the numbers are a bit lower. Liberals keep dumbing down America.

        • Paula

          I was reading something on FB… I went back to see if I could find it. Anyway it was about the Military complaining about O… etc. I read the comments. Oh my goodness. The one that stuck was the comment about how brave and how hard he works for America! One said he was the BEST president ever! It went downhill from there! Unbelievable.

  • Reddkl

    186 golf games is still much better than one-third of a presidents tenure on vacation.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Instead of just saying nothing, you bring Bush into the conversation? Did I get your insult right?

      • Paula

        The obama War Cry… it’s Bush’s fault!

      • Reddkl

        Interesting that you guessed who it was. Yet, people still complain about golf. lol

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          The current CIC is viewed as weak and comical by our allies. I won’t even begin to comment on what our “enemies” think of him. Whereas Bush was deemed a “cowboy” by our allies, they would much prefer the days of “W” versus what we have today. Putin will continue to test him and I sense the unrest in the Mid East will be further inflamed unless he engages the current threat.

          • Reddkl

            I see. War at any cost. Good luck paying for that one since the others aren’t paid yet.

          • Truth goes 100 MPH

            Years ago I asked my father why the world just watched and allowed millions to be slaughtered. He told me nobody knew what was going on at the time. I KNOW what is going on and will NOT remain silent. Shame on him and shame on you. Is peace so precious you will stand by and watch the blood of innocents spilled? Obongo made this mess. The world was not on fire before he sat in the Oval Office. That Cairo speech will go down in history. Kind of like “Peace in our time”

          • Reddkl

            Innocents depend on which side of the fence you are sitting. The world was on fire LONG before Obama came into office. More people have been killed in history for God than any other reason. Oh, for the record, the sky is NOT falling.

          • Truth goes 100 MPH

            Incredible, just incredible. People living in an obscure village attacked by ISIS and you say which side of the fence?. These folks never fired a bullet and your way of thinking condemns them to death. Might want to check with some Jewish folks about those millions slaughtered. You, obviously, didn’t get that. PS- The world was NOT on fire before Obongo. He is a total failure. Only a die hard Prog fails to see it. Good luck and pay attention to events as they unfold. We told you so.

          • Reddkl

            You are the one buried up to and including your head. The world wasn’t on fire before Obama. Well, how about Jim Jones? How about 911? How about Vietnam? How about the IRA? How about Hamas and Israel fighting since the early 60’s? Get your head out of your butt and mature into an adult facing the fact that you know very little. All you’re bringing up are current issues that are deeply rooted a LONG LONG time ago. Try taking a history lesson.

          • Truth goes 100 MPH

            You left out the Civil War and Revolutionary War. WW I and WWII? Before Obongo, what was going on? The whole region is on fire and I hope your “Leader” presents his fruits at your doorstep. Your Boy is a failure “Fore”

          • Reddkl

            Obama is not “my boy”. He is OUR president, unless you don’t live in any part of the US. My point being, things are no worse now than they were 10 years ago, 20 years ago, etc. The “whole region” (I assume you mean middle-east) has been on fire since the middle 60s. Hopefully, you’re familiar with middle-eastern history. Sadat, Begin, etc. Look it up. You seem to have problems with Miller Analogies, don’t you?

          • Truth goes 100 MPH

            “Miller Analogy?” Am I being graded “Professor?” FYI I possess a “Dr” Your 60 minute shake and bake test is as useful as a Dem at a house fire. All talk and no walk. I AM glad you finally narrowed your time frame. Careful what you say about Begin. I hear the Irgun and Haganah are still active. Your Boy has not been kind to the State Of Israel, much like the British, “back in the day” If you are comparing what is happening now in the region to say 7 years ago, YOU should pick up a newspaper. Isn’t that where your BOY gets his news? I suggest you take your next vacation at Camp David. Real men met there at one time. Now, I hear, the golfing is terrific. FORE!

          • Reddkl

            Stop with the racist “boy” comments about Obama, please. Another classic example of an uneducated comment. I’m done with you, as you’re incapable of being mature. Bye and good luck.

        • rank

          After 911 Bush gave up golf…… PERIOD!

          • Reddkl

            Love that screamed PERIOD. Point of fact; he gave up golf, but not vacations. He had more than all but one president.

  • TheLeast

    Oh, yeah, he’s SUCH a prodigy of communication…so glib, so articulate, so…GENUINE.

    Uh, no. He’s never been terrific at speaking, never been some genius at public address. He’s just been carried along by the force of the dreams of the politically correct Left to get a black – ANY black – in the White House as soon as humanly possible. Just like this clown coasted through every other part of his privileged upbringing. Fraud.

    • Paula

      Aptly described!

  • pittymax

    It just goes to show that the American people are all too willing to believe what they hear. Obama knew he could literally say anything and we would believe him. That’s how he was elected twice. He lied then, he lies now and he will keep on lying until the day he dies.

  • Chris Robinette

    Just add it to the rest of his lies.

  • Mr Charlie Chan

    If Insane Hussein Ohomo ever told the truth he’ed drop over dead.Opinocchionose is not a good example for the Kenyan people huh?

  • B22

    Kinda creepy that you keep track of how many rounds of golf he took. What’s his handycap?

    • TheLeast

      Oh, screw you, B-poo-poo. I’m sure you didn’t have any smarmy backsass to broadcast when your freaking Leftist muckrakes had a fifty-item-long list – EVERY DAY OF HIS PRESIDENCY – of what Bush did wrong (according to the Left). The fact that this asswipe you pray to in the White House plays golf, vacations, fund-raises, and generally parties down every Goddamned day on the backs of American taxpayers to the tune of so many hundreds of millions – just for personal amusement (and so I’m guessing you’re not an actual net-contributor to the Federal Treasury, or I’d expect you to share the average American’s outrage at Camp Obama’s delighting in taking the U.S. public for all they can get) is cause enough for his removal from that esteemed office, as soon as flipping possible.

    • TheLeast

      P.S.: It’s spelled “handicap”, jack-a-napes.

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      His party affiliation.

    • rank

      Dumb voters!

  • Librrlintlickers

    Lyin’ ni@@er! So what else is new?

  • Clint

    There is nothing real about him. He is a tool in the hands of his socialist handlers. He is told to not think and instructed what to say via teleprompter. He is very much like talking “silly putty”. If you don’t like how he presents a subject and what he says, just mold him into what you want him to be and reprogram his teleprompter, voila. If he really screws up, send him on a long vacation until the lo-info voters forget what at he said, and dare FoxNews to keep videos and transcipts. Problem solved. Naw, not even close. Will this nightmare never end?


    don’t hold lying against him, it is in his genes and pedigree, stealing goes next, dopping is already history. he is just a chicago dick head without a hoodie

  • pysco

    Does anybody remember when Obama told the truth about anything ? Me neither..

  • George Gootee

    He’s been an outright liar all his life.

  • DollarBill

    I doubt if this SOB has ever told the truth in his BS life!!

  • reddogg1957

    Lied about that like he did everything else .

  • fobama

    so why is this a surprise..he lies 50 times an hour…but imagine for a min if Bush said that and tokk 52 vacations a year,,,do you think the Liberals would give him a pas?? yeah really…

    • Paula

      The “sensitive” liberals hung Bush in effigy… imagine how the black caucus and al ‘race pimp’ sharpton would scream bloody murder if we did that to obama? How comics made fun of Bush, almost from day-one….oh yeah, he’s White therefore, HE’S a racist and fair game to all the horrible name calling the liberals did.

  • luvzforplay

    Well he just keeps proving the fact that if him mouth is moving there is a lie coming out !!

  • vaquerobob

    PROOF that not ALL fairytales begin with “Once upon a time…” Some begin with “If I am elected…”

  • bobbill

    Go to YouTube is Barry Soetoro a Homo & Muchail his wife a man?????

  • Combatvet52

    He lied then and is still lying he takes vacations because it’s Bushes fault.

  • Dale Putnam

    Wait a sec… now… just wait a sec… First… he is a lawyer… Second.. his lips were moving… Third… every time he does the second .. he accomplishes number Three – HE LIES!… Unfortunately.. it has taken us just exactly how many years to learn this? WAY TOO LONG!!!

  • Earl

    Obama sucks at PATRIOTISM and politics…Maybe he is working on a new career for when he is out of office… just sayin’.

    • Paula

      He’s going to make billions when he gets out of office. Books that he and Ayers will write. Speaking (teleprompter) engagements…. all about how Bush & the GOP screwed up and fought him every step of the way ONLY because he’s black! He’s not only the first black president we had but the first one to USE his race to describe why some “folks” think he’s worthless!

      Jan. 20, 2014: On Sunday, The New Yorker released an interview with President Barack Obama in which the president stated that his approval ratings had been suppressed due to racism. “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president,” Obama stated. “Now, the flip side of it is there are some black folks and maybe some white folks who really like me and give me the benefit of the doubt precisely because I’m a black president.”


  • junkmailbin

    when O’gayama speaks we get shafted

  • Maggietish

    Pres. Obama takes more vacations then he spends time in Washington. He’s absolutely living as he preaches. Those people who work for a living mean absolutely nothing but everybody else that wants something for nothing gets entitlements. He obviously feels that he’s eligible to get the entitlements of free luxurious vacatons on the tax payers dime. Most people I know can’t even afford to go away for a weekend because they have been inflicted by the policies of the Obama administration and the taxpayers have been picking up the bills for all of his crisis and mistakes.

  • RGS48

    I keep hoping for a miracle. So far no such luck. This man called Barack could be the end of the world. For sure without a miracle he will destroy America and leave a most evil mark on the world. He is like the Black Plague with no cure but this time so many people don’t care. Won’t do the right things to try an stop the evil of Barack. Fool me once I can sirvive fool so many all the time we die or at best wish we were. Listen to your heart and when the time has come hold on fight back and maybe I will see you on the otherside. The beautiful side. While Barack burns in hell we will be free.

  • gmhunt4

    wish he would go on a permanent vacation to Kenya……..

  • homer1057

    So, how does anyone expect a lair to keep a promise: especially when he believes that Godless law, called Sharia, and the first law of sharia is to LIE!

  • freedommonger

    Lying is autonomic to Obama, as is breathing to us.

  • homer1057

    My question is: how can a man who is black, understand what a white person feels like? How can a black man represent me? How can a man who is a foreigner represent me and know who i am, and whats up w/me? Vote for a man who hates Americans etc and is black, I do have a problem w/that!! I didn’t not vote for the man because he was 1/2 black: I didn’t vote for the man because he was and is NOT qualified and has no idea what we U.S.Citizens are about! The man is all about himself and thats that!

    • Dead_Right

      Assuming he knows anything about manhood……

  • Aunt Dot

    Come on…. the idiot hasn’t told the truth in 50 years…. did you really expect him to change??? He has the morals of a snake… lying is not all he does!!! If we don’t get rid of him quick…. our country is doomed!!! Illegals running the show… criminals all!! He encouraged KIDS to come thousands of miles on a promise he KNEW he could NOT keep unless they came by the thousands… so they did. The leader of THIS country did all he could to destroy it… and he is NOT DONE YET!!! I want him to be impeached to LOSE his pension, benefits, and HE WILL HAVE TO GET ODUMBASS CARE ON THE GOVERNMENT EXCHANGE and EVERYONE will finally know the low-life they cast a ballot for!! THERE IS A GOD…. AND HE IS HUNTING THE PIECE OF TURD ALSO!!!

  • Edward Ducy

    Vacation after Vacation, Golf after Golf. He must be getting really paranoid since he just played Golf at Martha’s Vineyard with not only his SS Agents, but also with a full SWAT Team & Snipers following him!

  • ECwashr

    Please tell me what this low life scumbag hasn’t lied about??

  • cae973

    I find it unbelievably disgusting that obama is on vacation and fund raising while innocent people are dying horribly in Iraq..a genicide that we are supposed to ignore like obama does while he demands we take care of the freeloaders that are still crossing our Southern border! Does this man have any priorities…does he even have a heart?

  • BarrackHussein

    Well… what we have now is a community organizer with a credit card. What would be news is this cat telling the truth… now, that is news!

  • knowledgeisgood

    I don’t know what is worse, Obama making decisions, him going to the Golf Course, or allowing his ignorant, rookies in the Administration to run things without experienced Leaders in charge. Hell, It’s all Bad…. America, we need change we can Believe in.

  • johughsie

    What a lying sack of camel crap……………..!!

  • floyd

    The news media is at least 50% to blame by not holding him accountable. Every time he does just the opposite of what he said they should play his old tapes on the radio and on TV.
    Only FOX News has the credibility of playing old tapes on exactly what he said previously. He would be forced to stick to his word.
    I’m still burning up over “If you like your doctor and you like your plan you can keep it, period”.

  • Debisbusy


  • wizard

    Well, he doesn’t keep any of his other vows.

  • John OMalia

    Another false claim for the Liar in Chief.

  • Joan

    Do you think Obama was lying when he said that????? ROFLMDAO!!

  • Albert


    When I see 50,000 Christians seeking refuge from a group of terrorist (Isis) on top of a mountain in Iraq, lacking sufficient substance (food and water), and view our president vacationing in a 12 million dollar mansion holding a
    golf club in his hand, I want to vomit. If his daughters were up there, (and I’m certainly glad they’re not) what would he do?
    It has nothing to do with how many vacations a president takes; it’s the present mitigating circumstances that determine the president’s demeanor when faced with crises that can only be construed to be a pending genocide by a
    racial, ethnic religious group of fanatics.
    Thanks to the people who put this guy in office, we now have apathological liar running the country.

    • Dead_Right

      Sasha: “Daddy, Why won’t you do anything to help those christians dying in Iraq?”
      And I tell my daughter, “honey, Christians stand opposed to all the good work I am doing to bring the planetary temperature down. So it is OK if they die. And this way the world won’t be punished with any more christian babies.”

  • tins6

    Only in his imagination can he keep his promises.

    • Paula

      He’s a Legend in his own mind.

  • rank

    That must have been a video recorded by one of the Bush clan./S

    • tins6

      You can’t spin this one, Rank.

  • conservmrs

    Did I ever tell you that obama was a LIAR????????/

  • Rham

    A totally incompetent president is better away from state matters. He will however get the Nobel prize again, this time for achievements in Chemistry, for he has found the formula to turn everything he touches to $hit.

  • Austexchili

    Man! He is full of crap!!!

  • Stan Parrish

    Another promise made.
    Another promise broken.
    Is anyone really surprised.
    Anyway it is a good thing he spends so much time vacationing and playing golf.
    Considering all the damage he has done just imagine the total devastation that would result if he wasn’t off having fun.

  • common_sence

    This is just another lie from our elected sociopath if chief. I wonder if there is a list of all his lies at one place?

  • gary lacey

    Has he EVER told the truth?

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