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Red Skelton’s Pledge of Allegiance

  • Lew

    I love this!

  • Shorty Stuff

    It’s a shame we do not have any great patriotic actors and entertainers like we did in the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. I miss the ones like Red Skelton, Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Audie Murphy, Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood, and the greatest one of all, John Wayne, the Duke himself. What we have now are a bunch of entitled silver spoon limp-wristed liberal low-lifes that I wouldn’t give a plugged nickel to go see the crap they’re putting out. Of course there are a very few exceptions, considering. You have to give kudos to the few that stand out, like Tom Selleck, Gary Sinise, Chuck Norris, Goldie Hawn, Bo Derik, Cheryl Ladd, Kirk Cameron, and several others.

    • gpsterling

      It’s such a joy to watch again, so moving. We had a flag raising every morning at our school with the band playing the “Star Spangled Banner”. So sad that it’s the kind of thing that has been lost for our children.

    • lfhpueblo

      I’d think twice about Audie Murphy, he may have been a hero in the war, but the man believed in reincarnation and said he’d had many past lives and he could recall many of them. Something not right there. I had an English teacher when I was in high school making everyone listen to his tapes on such. Then the English teacher wanted to know how many people in the class believed in reincarnation after listening to the Audie Murphy tapes. Everyone but me raised their hands. Then the English teacher asked how many people in the class were Christians. Almost everyone raised there hands but two that I knew were Jewish. Then he said that I was the only one that didn’t believe in reincarnation because I didn’t raise my hand. He said therefore I could only be the only real Christian, because Christians don’t believe in reincarnation. He asked me how I couldn’t believe what Audie Murphy said was real. I said that whatever Audie Murphy experienced in his mind was put there by Demons or Demonic Possession. The teacher said that so many of his accounts were proven as true about those time periods though. I said, so what demons have been around since the beginning of Lucifier and the angels that followed after him were kicked out of heaven, and since they could have been present at all those times in history. I also told that teacher I thought this was an English class and not a class to try and get people to leave their faith. I told him I wasn’t happy with what he thought he could get away with. I told him if he did it again I’d go to the principal. I told everyone to tell their parents what went on in class too. He was mad. He gave me an F for participation that day. Do I care? Nope. He was a jerk. I had him 2 different years in high school for two different English classes. I didn’t like him in either one.

  • mari

    …liberty and justice for all…

  • Poodleguy

    I was born in 1936 which means that I grew up during AM radio heyday. As such, my family listened to Red Skelton every weekend. I had never heard or heard of Red’s recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance until I heard Rush play it on his show several yrs ago & I can’t listen to it without welling up! I don’t know about y’all, but I miss the great Americans we used to have in the entertainment biz. I am looking down @ Shorty Stuff’s post & he is speaking of so many that were & are in my mind. Ol’ fart’s like meself lived in an era that the younger generation just can’t understand…..they didn’t live it, just like being someone who never served in the military…….they have never walked in those boots & can never know what it is. Sorry to be a bit maudlin but I hurt for our nation & today is the day that we honor our war dead, those who went before us & secured the freedoms that the founding fathers envisioned & set in place & now I am unsure of the future of this nation that is desperately hanging on to it’s place as the greatest nation ever conceived in the history of mankind. We must make so much noise that those who would destroy this nation’s heritage won’t be able not to hear. We are so blessed to live in America…….we must bring her back to where & why she was the pinnacle. US Army 1955-64, son an E6 Tech, USAF, grandson a Naval Aviator, both currently serving. God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheSunDidIt

      I saw him do this as a kid on a B&W TV. We didn’t get a color set until sometime in the early 70’s.

  • Robert

    Wake up America. We have had warnings, and even now God calls us back. We need to go back to Him, not walking, but running. Not out of fear, but in repentance.

  • John Hand

    The caption under the video says recorded in 1969. I think it must have been maybe 1959. He sad 48 states, and without checking I believe Alaska came in in 1959 and Hawaii 1960. And also, UNDER GOD was added around 1964.

    • John Hand

      My bad. I listened to it again and he did mention two more states and the words UNDER GOD. So maybe it was 1969.

  • Average_Joe56

    How odd…. For some reason, I looked this video up on youtube…yesterday and watched it. I have always loved Red Skelton and was fortunate enough to see him perform live in Atlanta back in the late 80’s. After the show, I got to meet the man and get his autograph. What a Genuine, great human being.His sense of humor was unparalleled and is sadly missed.
    IN Red’s own words:
    Mr. Skelton, “May God Bless”

  • Donald A Mattox

    There is a lot I have to say about this video. I would like for all who view it to share it. Save a copy and have your family and especially the grandchildren view it often. Give thanks that in this time of our Country. It can still be seen. Help those who don’t understand it. Let’s see it go viral. May God bless this Country once again. Pray for our troops and support the many organizations that are out trying to save this Country from ruin. I thank you all for your help and support and to the website for having this video shown here.

  • GinoV

    Maybe they should send this video to Obama

    • jmark72

      ObaMao would NEVER watch it! It goes AGAINST everything the liberal socialist commie believes in. ObaMao is for the DESTRUCTION of America, Not the Preservation of America!

  • TheSunDidIt

    Loved watching Red in the early 60’s.

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