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Ray Stevens’ Politically Incorrect Celebration of Christmas

  • Gene A


  • Conservative

    Amen and Merry CHRIST mas!

    • Jack Barton

      Amen and merry CHRISTmas indeed!

  • Dennis VanMeter

    Good for Ray, we all should.

  • Wolfman Thomas

    We All Love Ray a true American

  • Ann Rand

    Thank you, Ray Stevens… A whole lot of truth mixed with some humor is just what we need..

    • Jack Barton

      Amen sister!

  • Patrick Henry

    Ray for PRESIDENT…He is born here in the USA and believes in GOD and the Constitution!!!

    • Norma Loquendi

      Who gives a crap what he (or you) believe in? Religious faith is supposed to be a private matter between an individual and what he believes his god to be (God, Yahwah, Allah, The Great Pumpkin.) You’re not supposed to go out and tell people how holy you are or tell them how they should act. If you’re a Christian, you belive that this is exactly what Christ said, as in Matthew 6:6.

      • jgeorgia2000

        And you on your self rightlous high horse are actually doing what u complain about telling everyone what to say what to do. Get a life and for the record Allah is only a god not God

  • stadalberts

    God bless ya’ Ray!

    • Norma Loquendi

      What does “God Bless You” mean? Did you ever stop to think before mouthing off this silly statement? Does it mean “I order God to bless you”? “I hope God blesses you”? Surely the geat omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God knows whether some person (or country, re. God Bless America) is worthy of being blessed, irrespective of your instructions.

      • Stanger07

        Any rational, intelligent adult would know it means “May God bless you”. I don’t expect an atheist to know that, though.

        • Jack Barton

          I absolutely agree!

    • Jack Barton


  • Ron Orr

    Yes Merry Christmas Ray and to all. :)

  • 32eagle

    great singing and attitude-this beats alot of songs out there all 12 months in the year

    • Jack Barton

      That is for sure. Great job Ray!

  • FedUpWithErsatzChristians

    If Christmas is all about the “Good” news. How come, Ray’s standing in front of a Christmas tree and holding presents?

    • panors77

      The “good news” is the “gift” of eternal life through his son Jesus. We give gifts in celebration of that gift as a small token of rememberance and celebration of God’s greatest “gift”.

    • everhopefu

      because he wants to share his Merry Christmas by giving gifts to others. His video/song is a true gift to our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I am delighted when I say “Merry Christmas” and receive that greeting in return. Merry Christmas everyone!

    • Ann Rand

      Guess you don’t know that is symbolic… The Wise Men brought gifts to the Baby Jesus… And, pray tell, what do you consider Good News? Guess you don’t ever have any GOOD NEWS to cheer you…. Your life must be pretty boring and sad… Everyone should have something to look forward to.

  • FedUpWithErsatzChristians

    Whatever happened to e pluribus unum? Guess that got lost in the 50s when the Christians rammed God down everyone’s throats.

    • mark

      So I guess you’re in bed with the NWO and Agenda 21??

    • ginger

      Obviously He wasn’t rammed down yours…satan loves haters.

    • beebee

      Christians never “ram” God down anybody’s throat. Any non-believer is free to tune out anything he/she doesn’t agree with or doesn’t believe. It’s a matter of whether or not one believes in God. Everyone has the freedom to make that choice. A faith and belief in God is a personal choice, and should not offend anyone. If you are offended, it is your choice to be offended.

    • Anne Rush

      No one has ever “rammed” God down anyone’s throat. However, on the other hand, those of us that DO believe have had the atheist, anti-Christian beliefs “rammed” down ours. We happen to believe that if you don’t like what is on a radio station or TV channel, you just change the station or channel. You and YOUR ilk, however, think that if YOU don’t like something, it should be taken off the airways. In short, just as here, because YOU don’t like it, you think it should be taken away.

  • Bob Finnecy

    What a Hero!!!!!!! The people who are stisfied with Happy Holiday are un-American and ani-Christian. There are several large stores who are Happy Holiday’ers and they should no be patronized

    • Norma Loquendi

      “Un-American”? Why? Firstly, there is not a shred of evidence
      that Christ, if he really existed, was born on Dec. 25, or even in December.
      The gospels of Matthew and Luke describe his birth (even if they contradict each other about the facts), but don’t say when. Nobody has any idea even which season he was born in. If the
      shepherds were tending their flocks that night, you can bet it wasn’t in
      December. Even in Palestine, winters are cold, and by then the flocks would
      have been taken down to the village for protection against predators and
      exposure, as would the shepherds. Early Christians asserted May 20 as his birth
      date, and every month in the year has been advanced since. So how did Dec. 25
      become the “official” day?

      As the Church began its campaign to “convert” the pagans in Europe,
      they found that life was generally
      nasty, brutish and short, and “eat, drink and be merry” was being
      celebrated at certain times of the year, as it had been for thousands of years.
      One of the biggest was the ancient pagan festival of Saturnalia, celebrating
      the passing of the Shortest Day – from this time the sun would rise higher and
      the days become longer. It was celebrated by lighting candles, decking the
      halls with boughs of holly and mistletoe to defy winter’s attempts to prevent
      the renewal of life, and burning of yule logs (beginning to sound familiar?)
      Many of the new generation were conceived, the prospective parents knowing that
      they would be born Autumn, the season of plenty.

      The Christian church was appalled at this exhibition of indulgence in the
      pleasures of the flesh of all varieties, so they simply stole the festival and
      told their reluctant flocks “No, no! This was the day when the Redeemer
      was born,” and the whole Bethlehem, Three Wise Men [note, the Bible makes
      no mention of the number, it just says “wise men” – it could have
      been two, or 37], manger, Star in the East, shepherds, etc. etc. myth began
      here. Eat, drink and be merry, the Church said, (so as not to lose their entire
      new congregation) but lay off the screwing a bit, OK, and remember this is the
      date of Christ’s birth, and it’s now not called Saturnalia, but Christes Messe.
      You got a problem with that? (We have ways of changing your mind.)

      Oliver Cromwell’s spoilsport Puritans tried to stamp Christmas
      out, complaining of “giving liberty to carnall and sensual delights.”
      December 25 was mandated as a normal business day, with sheriffs going forth to
      compel merchants to open their shops. Parliament met as usual. The festival’s
      resurrection began in the 1840s, with Charles Dickens reminding people of the
      of its original, non-religious, meaning of just, well, party time!

      Puritans brought their aversion of Christmas to the New World, making its
      celebration a crime. In Boston in 1706, a mob attacked a church holding a
      Christmas service. By state law, in Massachusetts children were required to
      attend school on Dec. 25, and many ministers condemned the whole idea of Christmas,
      some calling it a “foreign day.” It was not until 1885, when Congress
      declared Dec. 25 a federal holiday, that it began a renaissance in the US. So,
      far from the annual lament about “taking Christ out of Christmas”
      from religious people ignorant of its historical origins, many are simply
      returning it to its original, pre-Christian, purpose. Eat, drink and be merry,
      and to hell with the priests and prelates!

      • Angel Parrish

        You are an idiot

  • Lou J Apa

    Obama wants to “kill our veteran,….why vote for him… VA benefits are being audited because I am too rick to get veteran benefits….my cancer not withstanding….VA benefits are being cut die to “O” sequestration/budget cuts…Thanks for my service!..while the “O” in on vacation in Hawaii…..NICE!!

    • ginger

      Thank you for your service and may God bless you and yours.

    • bob machaffy

      That $4 million dollar vacation would go a long way in helping our disabled veterans

    • panors77

      Thank you for your service. Merry Christmas to you. My trumpet teacher was a National Guard vet who altho was in the band during Nam, still was inelligible for any VA benefits after he had a double stroke. After a year of not being able to eat or get help, he finally took his own life not beleiving there was anything the Docs could do. I think National Guard vets should get VA benefits.

    • aberdeem

      This is just some of Obama Care coming to a town near us.

  • Marilyn L. Lester

    Well done Ray.

  • mark

    Everyone needs to “dislike” FedUpWithErsatzChristians comments.

    • bob machaffy

      FedUp can celebrate his holiday on April 1st

  • The Bob

    Have a Merry Christ’s Mass.

  • Ed Cifelli

    Merry Christmas, Ray

  • Debra JM Smith

    Merry Christmas, everyone. :o)


  • Randolph Rivers

    Merry Christmas to you Ray.

  • Ruth

    Merry Christmas Ray! Keep up the good work.


    YES, it is a Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year !
    To all & victory for the American Way of Life !
    John Sweeney

  • Terry

    You’re the greatest Ray, When I saw you perform in the Festival of the Music street festival (Nashville Tn..downtown)some 32 years ago and knew you were a freedom fighter with your voice and piano skills…God bless you and your family…You have been singing your verses and using your talent over the years for the glory of our Father in Heaven..

  • NCBigmouth

    God Bless You Ray Stevens! Christmas was not going to be too great for me this year. That changed when I watched this clip. I’m now in the spirit that was eluding me, thank you so much! And oh yes,

  • Mazy

    Just when you think our world is so broken that it cannot be fixed there appears an uplifting video like this one by Ray Stevens. Why is it that the “happy holidays’ people are so free to express their opinions and then when Believers express theirs we are “policitically incorrect.” Thank you Ray Stevens for making my day!!!

  • Stealth

    God Bless ya Ray!!

  • Ann Rand

    I have always loved Ray Stevens… He is a true American with a wonderful sense of humor.. May God Bless him.

  • michael D

    Good work ray Impeach the current President let ray have the job 4000 week to take a xmas break Wow

  • Don

    Always love your songs, your sense of humor, and your faith in the American way. Stay well Ray, we love you.

  • Former Lady Law

    Absolutely delightful and oh so very true. If it weren’t for Christmas
    there’s wouldn’t be Easter, let alone Eternal Life with the Eternal One and Only.

  • Ray Fan

    I’d vote for Ray for President!! It would sure make a lot more sense than our current “president”!! Loved the song too, Ray!

  • AussieHibb

    Great TRUTH, Ray. Appreciated it very much. Merry Christmas and God’s Blessings to you and yours. Have a blessed and glorious New Year.

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