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Ray Stevens Has Some Questions For Obama

  • Robert Mo

    How true, how true, haven’t a clue.

  • Susitna

    I have only one question to Mr. President: How many doctored voting machines did you buy with stimulus money?

    • Michael S. Smith

      I think you got that backward most if not all of the voting machine companies are owned by conservatives

      • Susitna

        You forgot the word: doctored!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          Don’t worry about him because now he won’t be able to find a “Doctor.”

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        You are so wrong. The electronic voting machines are tended to by SEIU!!! A pro oblowhole, communist union, to which I am forced to belong for my present employment. Want proof?
        Andy Stern, past president of seiu, and a publicly professed communist, was the most visited person at the white house in 2009-10! Go figure as to what those meetings were about!

      • Pam

        Wrong. George Soros owns the company who makes electronic voting machines and the SEIU services them.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Actually, it does not matter who “makes” them. What does matter is who “programs” them. Every last electronic voting machine should be run over by a bulldozer! We need to return to “paper ballots,” hand counting, and plenty of observers.

          We do not need to know which candidate won even before the polls close.

          • panors77

            I was lucky enough to have a paper ballot. Now I’m wanting to take my receipt and double check my ballot to see if it’d been tampered with.

      • Rustytruck

        There’s a typical liberal response, blame it on conservatives when you know all well it’s one of your dirty little tricks. It looks like we are not going down without a fight tho, we’re calling for the FBI to confiscate those machines and to do a forensic investigation. If history holds true, they will do their job and show the truth, the FBI has no love lost in DC so maybe they will come across with this theft. And that’s putting it mildly, in reality he’s guilty of Treason which warrants the death penalty by firing squad.

      • bananafanafo

        THEN COMPLAIN to have them checked! Cheat 2 POWER ELECTIONS where the electronics of hardware & software & voting companies owners R the VOTERS!

      • voter suppression

        you sound liberal a troll making outrageous commencements designed to distract or frustrate. The is another way to say disinformation campaign. You could also say outrageous lie and bold face lie.

      • Gary Jones

        Soros owned the company counting the votes, typical liberal bull cleansing a traitor and criminal to be re-elected. Get ready for the soup lines but it won’t be conservatives inline at the liberal bowl in hand lines. Businesses will sell or go into bankruptcy to protect their wealth pay the tax and offshore or go abroad. Unions will help Obama kill manufacturing and all other jobs for people to work and live. I’ll be on a beach watching you freebie people starve due to the lack of money to support Obama’s plans for his minions and Food stamp generation mongrels ,the monthly beer allowance crowd and the illegals with their ankle babies.. Liberals believe individual rights of certain groups more important than the country.

    • Dianna9490

      Go to the Canadian Free and read about all the VOTER FRAUD in America – since our news media has been bought by the Obama Cult! Heck read about the truth as to what happened in Benghazi – The Cult leader should be tried for Treason! Yes, its really said that we have to read another countries news to find out the truth as to what is going on in our country!

      • Susitna

        Thanks for the info!! I still think that we should do something regarding the voter fraud.
        Maybe we need new founding fathers to fight back…….

        • rwduncan

          Susitna; Do you think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No one is ever going to do anything to Obama!! It is like he is untouchable. All the crimes he has done all the lives that have been lost under his watch is outragious and any other president would have been brought up on charges. This tells me that everyone in the house and senate have been put on notice by the communists (Soros and his cronies) to keep their mouth shut and go along untill they take over this country with communism. Anyone who does not see this is a fool or idiot!!

          • Phillip_in_TX

            Or, both.

          • Susitna

            This is why I am soooo depressed and hoping that something is going to happen, just to cheer me up, I guess. Just read an article in the Canadian Free Press – an interview part 1, as more are going to follow about Benghazi and the Obama/Hillary connection to Saudi Arabia………the content is terrifying! Why do we have so many traitors and traitor’s supporters?

      • panors77

        High crimes and misdemeanors…….of course murder aint no misdemeanor. Rest in Peace to our 4 Patriots who lost their lives because of BO.

    • Guest

      He didn’t need to do that. UNIONS maintain the VOTING MACHINES!

    • Paul Brown


    • gypsy314

      Democrats have already sweep this under the rug and our leaders do not have the back bone to follow through with charges so what else is there? Some say only hope for America is civil war?

      • Susitna

        I don’t like the idea of a civil war because this would beneficiate Obama to put many of us in jail or kill us before we even start…….. I am waiting for the cavalry! We have overthrown some dictators in foreign countries……. why not do the same here at home? It is time that our Armed Forces fight for us!!!!

        • gypsy314

          I know I’m afraid too but there will be loss of life and if we do not reach our love ones and make dame sure they do not obey Obama orders to disarm Americans it will be a longer battle and we will lose more then need be. Our edge will be knowing our love ones will not follow his insane orders to disarm Americans. So in away the military will be on our side. Yes the liberal democrats have been planning from the get go by changing America history to our children take time and see for your self and guess who our teachers are controlled by Unions and democrats so face it civil war is bound to happen and I think sooner than later. Mark my words liberal media will try and cover up the move when it is called and cover story’s will be control of riots will be the reason. Look what happen when Katrina happen collecting arms , NOW U. N. Treaty will finish with U N coming in to enforce world peace by disarming America.

          • panors77

            I’m asking Santa for more ammo this year.

  • Ilene


    • Phillip_in_TX

      I believe a “do over” is more in order. Paper ballots, only 1 day to vote, ID required, and once you have voted dip your finger in dye (just like they did in Iraq). Then, I’d like to see how many places have a 158% voter turn out.

    • panors77

      I agree…but yet learned of a stoopid law both parties agreed to back in the 80’s which gave the dems free reign to do almost anything to win and ties the GOP’s hands dissallowing investigation into any kind of voter fraud. This needs to be overturned totally.

  • Carol Fryer

    Too bad he will never get close enough to ask him. None of us will.

  • HadEnuf

    Cute, but we don’t need cute at this stage of the dictatorship! Ray, I suggest that you ask your fellow sheeplemen what they are going to do! The Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler is carrying out his communist agenda to the tee, hell even the old communists over in Russia are trying to tell the braindead idiots and the scared rabbits that he is a communist! – they ought to know. So the question should be addressed to the AMERIKAN sheepleis this: How much more of this communist, destroying of the middle class are you punk^sses going to put up with before you’s start doing something, such as: a national work stoppage, or a tax revolt, or a movement to start manning states with militias! That, Ray, is the 64 million dollar question that need’s to be asked! F the Muslim-Marxist, new Hitler and his communist minions!

  • Jff Kenyon

    i’ll second susitna’s question.

  • ICorps

    I would like to know why, a supposedly conservative website, carries a leftist ad, disguised as an attack on Carl Rove, to counter the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that allows corporations to contribute to conservatives, and even to the Republican Party. Are we conservatives as ignorant and stupid as the liberals claim us to be?

    • voter suppression


  • Debra JM Smith

    I love Ray Stevens!

  • junebug

    Love this.

  • bananafanafo


  • mystic70

    The Fraud and Imposter is not the president because everything about his “squatting” in the White House is illegal. Mr. Stevens, The only thing he is going to do is DESTROY AMERICA JUST LIKE HE CAME HERE TO DO. He is the “informal dictator” and no one in this government cares and AIDS AND ABETS EVERYTHING THAT HE DOES. CONGRESS ARE ALL INCOMPETENT TO HOLD THEIR POSITIONS as well as everyone in this crooked government. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Dr. D

    Fraud? Doctored? Dishonesty? No no no, this is America, we would never do these things in the land of the free. Surely, you are mistaken~~~NOT!!!!!!

  • LANI

    LOVE IT!!! I also say. Mr. President, I mean Wanna Be Dictator…….. what are you going to do????? Oh nevermind we already know


    Personal expenditures for the Fraud in the WH are at a Billion Dollars a year…all tax paid of course for the good times and avoidance…

  • Gary Jones

    The liberal trolls can troll but how will they feel when Obama throws them under the bus and they stand with their liberal minions in the soup lines. The country can’t afford the freebie generation and Obama will have succeeded at his agenda of bankrupting the country.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      Yes, they will have a “very nice view” of the underside of the bus. They might have the bus back up and go forward to few times for good measure. If they want to find out their fate, they just need to read up on the Russian Revolution, and find out what happened to the “useful idiots.”

    • panors77

      Soup lines……grocery lines….clothing lines(former Walmarts, KMarts, etc.) No more currency or dollars just monthly rationing vouchers from the state. Everyone has an odd or even day too to get in a line.

  • joepotato

    In “fairness” to Obama/Soetoro or whatever his name is, he’s just a sock-puppet for the NWO aka Fed Reserve in conjunction with the CFR and the Bilderberg group, whose mission is to dismantle national sovereignty wherever they can. They have a real good start here with the impending financial collapse. We should be Greece 2.0 very soon.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      We are the major road block to their plans.

    • panors77

      And of course his pals in the CPUSA.

  • gypsy314

    impeach this fool or prepare for the worst civil war

    • Phillip_in_TX

      With the way things are going, option # 1 won’t work. That only leaves one other option.

      Now, in Texas, we are planning for seceding. A lot of people think it is a joke and they are entitled to their opinion. However, Texas has the 15th largest economy in the world. We can survive without Washington D.C. It will be interesting to see if Washington D.C. can survive without us.

      • gypsy314

        Texas does not need Obama okay it just needs enough Texans to pressure from within the state to make it happen. Then Texas will have a upper hand on the nation when crap hits the fan.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          Amen to that! Being ahead of the game never hurts a thing. We are in for some very interesting times.

      • panors77

        I have family in Texas, with a stoopid sister in Mesquite who’s an obamabot,…doh!@!! She and her husband just started a new engineering business and brag about million dollar contracts. I hope BO taxes them 90% before Texas secedes.

        • Phillip_in_TX

          When we secede, we will put her & her husband on a bus north. ; ) I’m sure by time “it’s not my fault Obama” gets done, the “million dollar contracts” will be worth about $9.95 (if they are lucky!).

  • sarcasticswede

    How’s that hope and change workin out for you?

    • panors77

      Bob Hope is dead and I have about 56cents in my pocket for change.

  • servant

    In another 4 L O N G and P A I N F I L L E D years of Mr: ACORN and his corrupt Chicago Machine, we the vast majority of voters will have had our belly full of Democrats, in office for the next few elections, and then some! 4 truth.

    • panors77

      IF… really IS 4 years. I’m thinking more than that.

  • T. Copps

    THIS IS GREAT… and would be even better, except it is so true.. so sadly true!

  • panors77

    GET EM RAY!!!

  • swampwiz

    Of course, the reason Barack HUSSEIN Obama won is because the voters have figured out that the last Republican POTUS was a turd …

  • Helen Tritt

    Obama is so evil, just amazing there are so many “clueless” morons that would actually vote for him without so much as questions. Instead they and the rest of America are being “lead into the tank” by this fraud, who is not even a U. S. Citizen. Stand up Americans and do the right thing by calling Congress everyday if necessary to remove him.

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