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Rand Paul Slaps Down Liberal Energy Secretary On ‘Freedom of Choice’

Deputy Assistant Secretary For Energy Efficiency Kathleen Hogan of the Senate of the Energy & Resources Committee has her liberal hypocrisy exposed on what ‘Freedom of Choice’ means. By the end of the video, she realizes she’s been had by Senator Paul by the circular reason of her logic.

  • Vicki Remmele Follis

    I am so fed up with this government telling us what is best for us.They can’t run the government so why in the hell are they trying to tell me how to run my life.

    • Retired MSGT USAF

      Very true, I worked in the Government for 24+years and was told that any new idea that could save money and actually work correctly was not up to the standards of the Government. I tried to save money one time in our own equipment that we had. I got so fed up with it that I put in a suggestion after our unit spending thousands of dollars on a $2 dollar part to be sent to the Depot level maintenance when it could be accomplished at the unit level maintenance. It was just a small spring that held a hinge down. I figured out the cost of repair by sending it to Depot level at $1200 each. I finally got it changed after four years and the spring ended up costing $12. All because some civilian didn’t get his/her hands on it.
      This environmentally minded bunch at the EPA pushes so hard to get their agenda through that it ends up costing all of us a minimum of ten times what the old systems we had that worked. You know you cannot even buy a standard 100w incandesent light bulb in the United States anymore? It is rediculous. The new Mercury Flurencent bulbs won’t even work outdoors in cold weather? Why do we need light bulbs with mercury in them anyway? I thought that mercury was a poison.

      • RacerJim

        God Bless and Thank You for your military service, and DITTO your comments. Mercury is indeed a poison, so much so that if/when a Mercury based Compact Flurencent Light bulb breaks the government recommends evacating the area and calling a HASMAT team to come clean up the mess.

        • canucanoe2

          Why don’t people like you have a problem with all of the mercury spewed into the air by the coal burning power plants? The amount of mercury release when a cfl light bulb breaks is negligible compared to the toxins emitted by coal plants all day, every day, but you conservatives always try to block the EPA when they set new emission standards. Hypocrisy much? Also, there is a huge difference between PERSONAL freedom to do what you want with your body and the freedom to buy what you want. Having to buy an energy efficient appliance may limit your choice, but you can still choose between a number of different appliances. Some cost more, some cost less, but you will realize a savings in energy use. In other words, the limiting of your choice ends up benefiting not only our environment, but it benefits you as well. I’m a plumber and you are right about the low flow toilets. They suck, but it has been 20 years since they came up with a better product that flushes just fine and they cost about $250 plus about $150 to install. Hardly the thousands of dollars that AYN Rand Paul uses as an example. Think about it. With Paul’s logic you should have the choice to dump raw sewage into any body of water you choose, but it is illegal. Why? Because everyone benefits from clean water for drinking and recreation. The regulations you all rail about benefit everyone by reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy and lowering demands on energy and water, which helps to keep the prices stable. Does anyone at this site even have a thinking brain or are you all just regurgitating your conservative talking points. I’m going to guess it’s the latter.

          • Richard Engebretsen

            pure b.s………..there is no such thing as “saving energy” as soon as a product uses less energy…..the politicians give the utility a rate increase…..means nothing. The auto is a perfect example…….when cars got 10 mpg 50 yrs ago……..gasoline was $.35……now cars get 30+ mpg and gasoline is $3.50 and up………so where is the savings? Most of the time these “forced” by govt products are garbage, made in china and do not function well. Toilet for example to save water….now requires 2 or 3 flushes to do what old toilets were designed to effectively do in 1 flush. The govt is a bad innovator of consumer goods. Yes , many inventions came out of war inventions, the space program (killed by obama), but only became viable to consumers after civilian business redesigned or improved upon the item. Having choice invokes inprovement as consumers require greater efficiency or longevity of a product. How about considering the “throw away” mentality of today over the old days where a product lasted a life time and often passed to a next generation………from furniture, housing etc. You libs always seem to think you are smarter than everybody……..that is why you idiots hire lawyers to run programs in agriculture, labor, military, science and health care. Instead of hiring trained competent people you insist on making all topics a legalism or a race issue. Your concern about environment is weak. You libs refuse to discuss the filth produced by china, which pollutes the entire planet…..yet you keep buying their junk that needs to be replaced more often from clothing , toys, appliances everything…….but they spew into the air………and your answer is to punish Americans……..go close their filthy coal and wood burning plants……go close their new huge power plant on the damns of the Yangtze river…………you libs only insist on control……not innovation. You love the fine/punishment system and not common sense. You prefer followers not inventors………your entire concept of progress is buried in a govt morass and regulation.

          • canucanoe2

            “Does anyone at this site even have a thinking brain or are you all just
            regurgitating your conservative talking points. I’m going to guess it’s
            the latter.” Yup, I was right. Nothing but regurgitated talking points that don’t even touch upon, nor negate anything I just said. Sigh… I’m still in search of a worthy opponent.

          • Douglas Gillard

            Do you have proof that this is the conservative talking point or are you just talking out of your rear end?

          • canucanoe2

            So you’re saying that conservatives, (quite the misnomer, conservative is in describing the right, but I digress) you’re saying that most conservatives DON’T support dirty energy sources? You’re saying that most conservatives aren’t in favor of mountain top removal coal mining. But, yes, you are right. The comment Richard Engebretsen made wasn’t full of talking points. It was full of non-factual conservative rhetorical gibberish. Mere opinion masquerading as fact. Can you support his statement, “..there is no such thing as “saving energy” as soon as a product uses
            less energy…..the politicians give the utility a rate increase” or “when cars got 10 mpg 50 yrs ago……..gasoline was $.35……now cars
            get 30+ mpg and gasoline is $3.50 and up………so where is the
            savings?”. BTW, what’s with the derogatory, “talking out of your rear end?” comment. Did I throw insults at you?

          • rosech

            Read my responses to your baseless stupidities you call logic. Bet you never took a logic course in your life to even understand the reality of what this government and the Demo controlled Congress for 4+ decades have brought about ruining our once great way of life in this country. May I invite you to go live for a few months in Europe, Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, etc. Because I have been there and experienced the same stupidities of this department and others in our present government and have no desire to go back to that lifestyle?? if one could call it that. So stop regurgitating your idiotic factless rhetoric because you have said nothing that backs up your statements in all this blathering from you

          • wbtt

            The white liberal could not care anything about clean water, clean air, the environment, the polar bear or life on Mars. What you do care about is proving the bible wrong and the government taking all freedom from the people. We know that you rich white liberals (“useful idiots”) want to make sure the people can’t get what you got. You use America capitalism to get what you have and will make sure the people cannot moving ahead by stopping capitalism and real education. The white liberal keep the blacks as slaves by making sure they are kept uneducated just like the slave owners did so they can’t see what you white liberals are doing to them. The white liberal gives welfare (for now) and makes sure they can never move ahead.

          • Michaellaborde

            Because idiots like you are truely in the dark and need a life.

          • canucanoe2

            Wow, I don’t know how to respond to your profoundly insightful argument against my position which is supported by basic economic theory.

          • rosech

            No support that I who is an economist can see. Just blathering to see yourself in writing inanities and nothing scientific or businesslike.

          • Douglas Gillard

            It’s the liberal opposition to nuclear power plants that lead to more coal power plants and more air pollution. I have worked in power plants so I am not ignorant on the subject. I am a conservative but I have been against coal plants because they have very dirty emissions, so you can stop with the generalizations of conservatives. You are a plumber, which anyone with brains can be but your unions have put up a lot of barriers to keep your wages high and competition low. Rand Paul did not even talk about putting sewage into waterways but like a typical liberal, you toss a non-sequitur into the discussion.

          • canucanoe2

            Nonsense. If the right didn’t fight the EPA at every turn by cutting EPA budgets and fighting new regulations, our air would be much cleaner. As for “liberal opposition” to nuclear; who is over generalizing now? If you look at this link you will see that “the left” is divided on the nuclear issue.
            Also, nuclear needs huge subsidies from the government to start up and
            those subsidies are not forthcoming. That is what is holding up

            It was not a non-sequitur. My sewage comment, “With Paul’s logic you should have the choice to dump raw sewage into any body of water you choose, but it is illegal.” was in response to Paul’s assertion that his choices are being restricted. He talked about the government getting in the way, with regulations and laws that don’t allow people to do what they want. So, as I said before, using that logic I’m saying that people could save money by not installing a septic system or tie into a pay as you go public sewer system and dump their sewage into a nearby stream. Why can’t people do that? Because government restricts their freedom to do for the good of society as a whole. Quit throwing out these disingenuous arguments that make you look nothing but ignorant.

          • MIKE HARRISON

            I am so tired of hearing what the EPA thinks! They, and many others need a reality check! I will believe the ‘air quality’ rhetoric when the United States builds a bubble over the entire country. Until then ‘we’ cannot control our air.

            Of all the landmass on this planet, the United States represents only 1.9 percent. The other 98.1 percent do not have the restrictions of the EPA.

            We (the United States) are the equivalent 2 non-smokers locked in a room with 98 smokers.

            The most important reality is that ‘the wind blows’. So, here in southern California, we are now breathing the polluted air China produced 2 days ago. Where is all this clean air so strickly enforced here?

          • canucanoe2

            “Of all the landmass on this planet, the United States represents only
            1.9 percent. The other 98.1 percent do not have the restrictions of the
            EPA.” So you are saying that no other country in the world has emission standards? China has a higher mpg standards then we do.BTW, we produce 25% of the CO2 emissions while supporting less than 5% of the world population. Yes, we pollute more than China. Try reading a book, moron.

          • rosech

            We really shouldn’t go on wasting our breath and time on this troll who is braindead. He has no idea of real life and real facts, so Adios! and go get a real life.

          • canucanoe2

            The US has 5% of the world population and we emit 25% of the worlds pollution. BTW…China has stricter auto emission standards than us. That is not to mention all of Europe and their strict emission standards. How about Australia? They too have strict emission standards. Your argument seems to be falling apart.

          • 4kidsandacat

            Yes in fact I do have a problem with coal burning plants. My dad worked in a nuclear power/coal burning hybrid plant and the nuclear power side of the plant was MUCH cleaner and put out less waste. The problem is, the always-interfering left has opted OUT of building more nuclear plants, and also negated the idea of recharging spent nuclear fuel as France and other countries do, in order to reuse it and therefore virtually eliminate the problem of what to do with degraded radioactive materials. Coal slag is radioactive material, and there’s a problem with its disposal as well.

          • canucanoe2

            If you look at this link you will see that “the left” is divided on the nuclear issue. Also, nuclear needs huge subsidies from the government to start up and those subsidies are not forthcoming. That is what is holding up nuclear.

          • rosech

            We have way too many people more than willing to do free enterprise and build whatever is needed. You, obviously, only read certain columns and listen to certain rhetoric but with nothing to support your observation.

          • rosech

            I agree. We need nuclear plants for clean energy, that is also safer. Yep, the Demos over several decades are afraid of not getting richer on letting nuclear plants not proliferate because how could they take care of their friends and shaft us.

          • 4kidsandacat

            Also, I’d like for you to point out the stable fuel costs that exist. I don’t know about anyone else, but my fuel prices have at least doubled in the last 4 years or so. And I’d also like to see how our dependence on foreign sources of energy have been reduced.

          • canucanoe2

            “In 2011, about 45% of the petroleum consumed by the United States was imported from foreign countries.1 This was the lowest level since 1995”. This info is available on the US EIA. Look it up. When I say stable I’m saying that there are no huge swings in costs because efficiency and green energy are helping to reduce the demand for . The changes in price are generally gradual. As for your supposed doubling in price, that’s bull. If you discount the huge drop in costs due to the recession, and the resultant recovery where costs increase as a result of increasing economic activity, you will see that prices are close to what they were before the crash. Use this chart and punch in 5 years as your historic window and you will see what I mean.

          • rosech

            Green energy is consuming more of our money than anything else before in our history, and most of the companies get bucks from Obama and then go belly up while this friends come out richer and smelling like roses. Gasoline was 29 cents for the best and now over $4 for poorer quality gasoline. Get real, you are a liberal Obama idiot with no knowledge of much of anything but blathering on and on ad nauseum.

          • canucanoe2

            Sources, sources, sources. You have posted not a single verifiable source for your inane comments. If you can’t back up your opinion with facts, you are just another useless lying conservative. Asshat.

          • rosech

            Are you aware how expensive it is if that mercury killing lightbulb gets broken? You cannot clean it up yourself due to the poison, and must call in a HazMat team and they ain’t cheap. Get better informed. Coal mining has been around for centuries and fewer will have died digging out coal than these terrible and dangerous lightbulbs! The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland went bonkers because he cleaned and blocked hats with mercury! They are getting rid of mercury in tooth fillings too because of the diffusive nature of this chemical. As an uninformed liberal, your supposed arguments are baseless and without factual background. Go study some science first and stop listening with half a brain to sound bites. There are, obviously health regulations that are necessary, but what we are getting from this agency is crapola, just like your spouting inanities.

          • canucanoe2

            “As an uninformed liberal, your supposed arguments are baseless and without factual background.”

            WHO’S the uninformed one? “Coal plants are the biggest mercury contributors. Approximately 1,100 such units at
            more than 450 existing power plants emit 48 tons of mercury into the
            air each year” Forbes is a conservative publication so don’t give me that “liberal source” crap. Get better informed. Go study some science first and stop listening with half a brain to sound bites, moron.

          • canucanoe2

            “Are you aware how expensive it is if that mercury killing lightbulb gets broken?” Hahahahahaha! You’re not too big on facts are you?

          • savychris

            Mr.? Canu , your wrong, wrong ,, There is no mercury coming out of any exhaust stack in America.Trace maybe on certain maintanance (Temporary and monitored) dumping no unless you have a flood that overcomes the system the gov decides most of the parameters on that type of waste system so its FEDZILLA’s fault . a private company would kick there seiu ass’s by any measure you want performance cost maintenance etc etc , Mass dumps or discharge to air no way if you are doing that your about to be busted and it will bankrupt whomever let it happen. It is not allowed Unless of course your the Government! The equipment to control industrial mess’s of any variety is well thought out required and checked at nauseumThese systems have been improved constantly at great expense word from a Detroit industrial hygienist of 35 years experience doing design manufacturing install of systems of every description Your hyping up a lot of crap man. These punks gave away our manufacturing base esp since NAFTA you name the problem the guilty party is FEDZILLA

          • canucanoe2

            Wrong? I think not. Do you have any sources to back up your claim? No? I didn’t think so because what you said is total nonsense. Here is my source from a conservative publication called Forbes magazine.

            Also, the new mercury standards apply only to new coal and oil power plants. Try again.

      • Kerry

        I happen to be a civilian, myself, albeit a GS-11 Electronics Technician. Your frustration is common. The government is held by it’s own volition to corporate apron strings. The spring, in question, would mean going back to the manufacturer and, in essence, getting permission to make the change. Eisenhower warned us of the link between civilian manufacturing, contractors, and the government. There are a lot of high ranking officers looking for a sweet post career job, that belly up to the corporate bar. That is the root of the issue. The manufacturers want to make as much as they can, and, they are a SPI that the government listens to.

        I know of other situations that parallel your case, and the answer is the same. I happen to have worked for a company that makes the linear motors for missile guidance control of the flight control surfaces. There is one coil in that assembly that has the same number of turns as one next to it. Only the =bad- linear motors are acceptable, not those built to specifications. The error was found, by the company, but the government did not want to make the change. So, the issue you name, are on both sides of the track.

      • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

        Because of the mercury in the new lightbulbs disposal of them is hazardous waste. They are a danger to our environment, especially our groundwater. A new problem is created trying to solve an old problem. Insanity reigns. Sen. Paul has valid points. We don’t need a self-serving, self-righteous nanny state.

    • R.Young

      Remember this Resistance Is Futile, YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED, the REGIME!

    • Shane

      They think we are all stupid and need Big Brother Barry to tell us how to run our lives.

  • texan texan

    What a cool little bully. He’s your guy for 2016. He’s natural and is against everything that government does except control my vagina and my legal right to an abortion. So much for limited government. I hope he stays your candidate. Hillary can just stay home and rest.

    • jdgalt

      True, he isn’t pro-liberty on abortion. But on everything else, yes. Go! Go! Go!

      • Nunnyah Biz

        You people actually think the U.S. Military Veterans fought, got wounded & died to protect your “Liberty to murder Children”???!!!
        Do you ever listen to yourselves talk?! Or do you CHOOSE to be sick, perverted individuals???!!!

        • RacerJim

          Vietnam Veteran

      • Phil Weingart

        He isn’t “pro-liberty” on murder, theft, fraud, burglary, or aggravated assault, either.

        See a pattern? Do you suppose, perhaps, that what our nation’s founders called “liberty” did not include the license to commit immoral acts with impunity? That perhaps it has something to do with allowing choices that are not criminal behavior?

    • Kevin Squires

      got news for u,its a freedom to choose who u have sex with,but as u cant kill ur child after birth,neither should u b4 birth,u r an ignorant person who has no valur for life

      • texan texan

        I’m an American but I don’t agree with you on life at conception. So therefore, my view that abortion of a non viable fetus is not murder. It’s protected by Roe v wade. Ron is a hypocrite. No government intervention except for what I believe. I do not support killing a killer…capital punishment. That person is very much alive. You if y support a capital punishment you are an ignorant person who does not value life. Imprisonment without parole would not be killing. We’ve had far too many reversals of capital sentences.

        • DJC_46

          Your argument is not with pro-lifers, but with medical science, which refutes your “view.” And if you think partial-birth abortion is not murder, then you are not really thinking. Which generally is the case with liberals.

        • catnip24

          talk about a hypocrite. so it’s ok to kill a ‘nonviable’ fetus, which has a heartbeat and is alive and completely innocent. but it’s not ok to use capital punishment against people like ted bundy, john wayne gacy or timothy mcviegh? or what about the ‘non viable ‘ people in nursing homes. by this hypocritical logic these ‘non viable’ people should be aborted too. liberals have some really warped concepts.

        • Nunnyah Biz

          You’re right, the death penalty should be replaced with mandatory quadriplegia!

          Then, after you murder your unborn Child you can rot in the shell of a useless body thinking about what you did for the rest of your miserable life and we the taxpayers will NOT pay for your care! That’s up to your family, if no family you’d better hope there are some charitable people in your village!!!

        • fedupwithlibs

          First off, it’s RAND not RON, brainchild. Second, compounding one crime (indiscriminate/careless sex resulting in pregnancy) with another (murder) is not only irresponsible, it’s witless and stupid. If you must screw around all over the place, at least have the decency to carry the child to term and then place him/her for adoption.

        • Phil Weingart

          The definition of life is not a matter of personal feeling or opinion. “Life” is a relatively simple, biological definition (there’s some variation at the margins, but it does not affect this discussion.) There is simply no valid question whether an implanted, healthy human zygote is “life” or not. It is, by any reasonable definition of life in any sound biology textbook. Nor is there any question what species it is; it’s human. Ergo, it’s human life. This is simply not debatable, and has been understood since the Bronze Age.

          Moreover, it’s not Rand Paul that goes around touting “freedom of choice,” so he is not the hypocrite. No, the hypocrites are those who, like you, claim to believe in “freedom of choice” but only apply it to your “right” to murder your offspring. Why doesn’t “freedom of choice” affect your thinking about that incessant urge of yours to force other human beings to live the way you want them to live? “Get the government out of my womb” — but get it into the kitchen, the basement, the laundry room, the living room, the yard, the garage, the car…

        • eman

          It is a REAL shame that your parents did not share your “pro abortion” view.

          • RacerJim

            ^5 DITTO 5^

        • Joyce Wells

          When you are in an accident or have passed on the first thing responders check for is a heartbeat, a fetus has a heartbeat at 6 weeks, soooo if there is a heartbeat then it is a life form

        • RacerJim

          You may be an American entitled to your opinion but that doesn’t make you entitled to your own “facts”. Modern day science proves that life begins at conception and, therefore, any/every abortion is indeed murder. Roe v Wade was premised on medical professionals of the era not being able to detect life until a viable fetus had formed, but modern day medical professionals can detect life at conception therefore Roe v Wade was based on a now proven false premise and must be over-turned — kinda like advancements in science eventually proved that the earth was not flat but, rather, round. That you support murdering someone who has not done any harm to anyone but not someone who has murdered someone makes YOU the ignorant person who does not value life. I would support imprisonment without parole vs execution but for the fact that far too many imprisoned without parole have either been released or escaped only to murder again. While I agree there have been reversals of capital sentences, some even too late, the number PALES in comparison to the number of abortions each and every day.

        • Douglas Gillard

          While I would not support outlawing abortion, I certainly don’t want to pay for it either. You liberal women cry about the government controling your vagina while at the same time expecting that same government to pay for your abortions! I guess you have never heard about partial-birth abortions, judging by your ignorant posts. Also, you probably want to disarm Americans based on what they might do to children while supporting a procedure that does kill children. Thanks to fools like you, some of our most viscious killers were spared from execution (does the Manson family ring a bell?)! You don’t want us to protect ourselves and you don’t want to kill murderers; just innocent babies that are too inconvenient for you to let live. You are truly screwed in the head!

        • 4kidsandacat

          I’m pro-life, and Catholic. I don’t believe in capital punishment and I also don’t believe in abortion or euthanasia. All three of these beliefs have the same root, that it is no one’s place but God’s to decide when a life ends. However, capital punishment and euthanasia and abortion are NOT equivalent. Capital punishment actually affects far fewer lives and as others have stated here is usually carried out on a non-innocent. Euthanasia is a looming threat that is being addressed more and more, but it still has not attained the epidemic proportions that abortion has. There are also other issues involved in abortion and its safety for the woman that must also be addressed. That is why the pro-life movement fights harder to end abortion. Your statement that abortion is protected by law is confusing to me. Many, many unjust laws exist in this world. Because something is legal does not make it right. Slavery was once protected by law as well.

    • REVDR

      He’s not a bully, he speaks the truth. Something you liberals don’t like to hear, and yes Hillary can just stay home.

      • texan texan

        Hillary will stay home if you guys run another inarticulate white man. Not gonna work. Been there done that with Mittens.

        • David N Polister

          I do agree with you there…

        • catnip24

          here we go again. the ignorance of a typical liberal. throw race into the discussion. race has nothing to do with this article. it’s too bad people are too pathetic to get past race in their liberal delusions.

        • eman

          Anyone innate enough to make “abortion rights” the criteria for choosing a president should not be allowed to vote. Just go watch “dancing with the stars” and stay away from those of us with a brain.

          • RacerJim

            Anyone so Kool-Aid inebriated to forget/ignore “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” when they voted for president should have their American citizenship revoked and be deported to “Fantasy Island”.

        • RacerJim

          You are a disgrace to the LONE STAR STATE.

    • Cornell_1983

      Close your legs, you ignorant welfare whore and you won’t NEED another taxpayer funded abortion

      • Joyce Wells


    • cae973

      Hillary should stay home as many of us indepedents will taunt her with…What difference does it make,,,,,,,,dead americans whose families have a right to know and all americans have a right to know….the truth!

    • eman

      NO ONE really cares what you do with your vagina, but if you are so inept and out of control that you cannot figure out how to effectively use birth control, maybe you should “sew it up”.

      • patriot2

        he-she-it could commit sideways,just one way to keep from screwing up the gene pool.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Number 1, you do NOT have a Right to commit MURDER! Number 2, the gov’t. does NOT want to control your vagina, that’s your RESPONSIBLITY!!! The gov’t. only wants to control the hand that you hold your abortion coat hanger in!!!

      Abortion should only be used in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the mother’s life……………………………….anything else IS MURDER!!!

      • Mary

        Any abortion is murder no matter the circumstances. Different circumstances do not change that.

        • Sunshine Kid

          Rape and incest are criminal acts and to condone the results of criminal activity is the same as if you are caught with someone else’s property and allowed to keep it. NO advantage should ever be given to a criminal, whether his offspring by rape or incest or material.

    • williaml

      You sure are a effplant.

    • patriot2

      you should change your name,texan is no name for a pathetic liberal that doesn’t or can’t see the damage obama is doing to the country.why don’t you stay home & rest.if anything you should be sent to kenya with him it’s where you both belong,instead of here screwing up the & him are a waste of air.

    • Louis Burrell

      Staying home is exactly where Hillary should be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GG

      It is your choice and responsibility what you do with your vagina…so take some responsibility for a change…you want an abortion…go ahead, that is between you and God…just don’t expect me to pay for it. Don’t want to get pregnant.? .take responsibility …the choice is yours. Perhaps you would like China better…they won’t have a problem limiting your ability to reproduce.

    • rivahmitch

      Personally, I don’t care what you do with your vagina, or with whom or how frequently but I do object to paying for your sexual amusement and any follow-up remediation you feel you require.

    • Birdie

      Your vagina is in YOUR control….so control it! There is plenty of contraception available before getting pregnant, and if you can’t abort it within the the first trimester you should have it and give it up for adoption. No brainer. Boom then you’re free to do it all again unless you can learn from your stupidity.

    • Michael Ejercito

      6. He’s natural and is against everything that government does except control my vagina and my legal right to an abortion.

      Somehow, i doubt that anything happens in your vagina that is of interest to anyone in government.

      • Sunshine Kid

        Except for the liberal sexually immorals we have in the government.

    • Pamela K. Cahoon Laub

      If people were more dilgent about birth control and more responsible about having sex abortions would rarely be needed. Abortion should not be birth control for irresponsible people.

  • Gary Wells

    rand will never get through to them with a common sense aproch, they have only the support of the makers of these products that cost out the butt and don`t work!!

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Who Cares?! If he gets through to enough of WE, THE PEOPLE, then we’re back in business again and can avert an armed revolution!

      • Phil Weingart

        Avert one? I would have thought you’d have wanted to CAUSE one!

        • Mike Austin

          We pity your ignorance on how we feel about tearing our Country apart. We did not become a great nation by the Gov’t telling us what light bulb or toilet we could buy. All that does is stifle innovation.

  • gbsmitty

    How can you work freedom into a planned politcal economy? You’re either for freedom of action or freedom from want, you can’t have both. You must chose between with either being a sheep or possibly being without material things. I personally will take liberty and get my own stuff. The Soviet way doesn’t appeal to me.

    • 4kidsandacat

      Not to mention the Soviets and the Chinese made (or make ) REALLY crappy products!

  • cae973

    Three cheers for Rand Paul….if all republican congressmen and women tried to be like him we would have a better country. We would have manufacturing back and freedom back!

    • Marci Saint-Jean


    • Tuxrebel

      Sal “Luinsky”. LOL!!! I think Ohummer used to give ol’ Sal the Monica.

  • silvernotes

    I wish we had him for a Senator in MA. He is right on target, and he needs us to keep supporting him. Thank you Senator Paul, keep up the excellent work.

  • Joan Carson

    The Dept of Energy of this corrupt administration needs to go. This woman is another brainwashed beholder to Obama! These Congressmen/women and Janet Incompetano (mostly lawyers) have no idea about business, manufacturing, jobs etc. Along with the energy agency the Dept of Education also needs to be abolished on a federal level – we are breeding idiots instead of well educated young people – many have no knowledge of American History, the Constitution – much less a Republic which esposes freedom and liberty. Thanks to the liberal socialist Democrats.

  • begining

    Should we let the government tell us how and what to use ? I like the common sense of Rand Paul !

  • Patricia Zoller

    Horray for Rand Paul. All these democrats want is power to tell us what we should and shopuld not do.

  • Dave

    It is amazing, Something that is growing has to be alive.
    Conception starts the instant the male sperm attaches to the female egg.
    The birth process starts.
    The growth process is so precise doctors using ultra sound are able to determine when conception took place and set the anticipated date of birth.

    • Phil Weingart

      If it eats and grows, it’s alive.

      If its parents were human, it’s human.

      Problem solved.

    • Marci Saint-Jean

      Thanks Dave, simply stated — what is so difficult for anyone to understand. Life from its moment of conception is amazing. It is to be cherished not rubished.

    • 4kidsandacat

      My husband used to be on the fence about life until he saw our oldest child at 8 weeks kicking his newly formed leg on an ultrasound (which he was technically not supposed to be able to do). I don’t understand how you can say something is not ALIVE if it is growing, moving and has a heartbeat. The only reason to make such a supposition is to make yourself feel better for killing it.

  • GG

    Typical liberal shrew not answering a simple question…it is their way or no way..Rand set her on her heels..she had NO answer…as usual. they just cannot stand the truth or the American way.

  • jimdandi

    This is an old video. I like Rand Paul, but if he has a problem with his toilets, he should call a plumber to install some good toilets in his house. He probably has some of the early 1.6L flush models that didn’t work too well. There are many good flushers available at Lowe’s or Home Depot these days.

    • Phil Weingart

      It absolutely does not matter. No governmental entity has the slightest business coercing a free citizen of the United States into purchasing any particular type of toilet, no matter how well it works. That’s part of what liberty means; the citizen gets to choose what suits him, so long as no crime is being committed.

      • jimdandi

        I do agree with you, but was not addressing that issue in my post.

    • eman

      I am a plumber and the new toilets do not work well either. I make a small fortune off clogged 1.6 gpf toilets.

      Besides, the point is that the government should NOT be telling us what toilets we should buy in the first place.

      • jimdandi

        I agree with your sentiments about the govt. telling us this stuff. However, it’s where we are. BTW, I also do some plumbing. I have 2 American Standard Cadet 3’s (1.28L)in my house for two years now. Never clog.

  • tsagas

    Hurray!!! for Rand.

  • Traci

    She’s been had, alright… whether or not she is smart enough to realize it, I don’t know.. These Lib chicks are mostly stupid!!

  • Phil Weingart

    Did you see the smug look on that lady’s face? My God, they’re not even capable of hearing the truth. What revolting, evil human beings progressives are…

  • HerrCapitanFick

    They only put an ocasional person in to give you false hope! You will never get your country or freedom back! You people have slept and lost the country! Now go sit down and be quiet!

  • jvb1980808

    She can’t think without a lobby of liberals to protest for her, advocate her rights as a woman, threaten lawsuits for sexual harassment In other words, like every lone liberal on the planet…she’s a lightweight who can not walk and chew gum at the same time without help from other liberals who also can not walk and chew gum at the same time…but they take comfort in strength being in numbers.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Kick butt, Rand!

  • marineh2ominer

    Rands the man !! don’t forget between now and the next presidential election .

  • Winona Wacker

    I LOVE it!
    Never heard of a better term for the nanny-state liberals!

  • Tony Chaney

    This is what lefties want. Government in every faucet of our lives. I really believe that this country is headed to the same situation we were in, in 1776. Evil politicians are going to force us, to take back our country.

  • scrambo

    you da man rand ! how can I be da man when u da man ! SMACK wit da truth ! problem wit da libs is dey can’t handle da truth !

  • Mike Austin

    He is right. Make a better product and if it is good, people will buy it. Convince people they need to conserve, don’t threaten them. They are liable to turn and bite you.

    • RacerJim

      Making a better product does not necessarily mean that people will buy it, at least not in this country. In this country it’s not what you’re selling that matters but, rather, it’s how you market it — form over substance — look who’s POTUS.

    • 4kidsandacat

      You have a point there Mike. I’ll bet that the low flow toilets would have sold if they were marketed as money saving and not mandated by the government. I’ll bet they would have worked better too. The problem with government mandates is that they push innovations to the market before they are ready (ie. electric car). This is why the toilets suck. GM was developing some great hybrids before the govt .intruded, bailed them out and insisted on the Volt. They scrapped the hybrids and concentrated on getting this expensive, faulty, worthless piece of crap to market. The lightbulb is another case in point. I hate the compact fluorescent, in fact I am not a fan of fluorescent light at all. Now we have all of these light bulbs on the market that are poor light sources, for which there is no decent disposal should they fail. A few more years in development would probably have solved all of these issues (and we have a Republican president to thank for that!). Plus, my daughter has an EZ Bake oven that we can’t get a new bulb for (and the new EZ Bake SUCKS!!).

  • Michael Rowley

    I am insulted too

  • Ballistic45

    They are so obsessed with controlling us they themselves are out of Control…

  • Frank Vincent

    People pay attention. The old GOP guard, will do their best to demean Rand Paul, suggesting his ideas are libertarian. That is a ridiculous ploy.. He believes in fighting for our Constitutional Rights and if anyone can find something on which they don’t agree with him, write it up and post it.

    • Richard William Faith

      If there is one single functioning brain cell remaining among the entire leadership of the Republican Party, the Republican Party will SHED its ties to globalist organizations, restore LOYALTY to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and GET BEHIND RAND PAUL in FULL SPONSORSHIP. In the LAST election, I HELD MY NOSE and voted for Romney. NEVER AGAIN! The GOP needs to get the message: put forth full and unwavering support for candidates who have UNDIVIDED LOYALTY to OUR COUNTRY and its FOUNDING PRINCIPLES.

  • elki

    Love it. Sock it to them baby

  • Guest

    they want us to save more money for them to spend aer tax dallors on what they want.

  • beowulf32

    they want us to save more money for them to spend are tax dallors on what they want.

  • Montie Rumsower

    A great partnership between the politics and those who want TOTAL control.

  • Lou Morales

    Rand, you give me hope for our country, when that woman condescendingly offered to help you find a toilet that worked I started getting up to punch my monitor, but you came back with “will you buy it for me?” and that brought a smile to my face,these people consider themselves royalty and everytime you stated that she made the choices for us, or else that there would be fines and jail time, I could only think of her with a gun to my temple…oh wait, she wouldn’t soil her hands touching an icky gun, she would have one of her goons do it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you and your family are in my prayers, please watch your six.

  • david squidly

    Well Said

  • Joyce Wells

    Send all your burned out mercury light bulbs to the whitehouse, you can’t dispose of them in the trash, you have to take your children and pets out of the house when changing them because they might break, but, someone has to be there to change it. So I guess you have to buy a haz mat suit to change a light bulb.
    3 gallon flush toilets that you have to flush 3 or 4 times to get the results of 1, 5 gallon flush. Where will it all end?

    • 4kidsandacat

      I had to invest in a plunger. Was actually a pretty good investment, I use it a lot!

  • June Gagnon

    Yea, tell her again Rand; he kind of left her “speechless”!

  • Dave M

    Got to love it when progressive liberal hypocrisy and stupidity are shown for exactly that. Progressives have been anti-free-market since Karl Marx wrote his manifesto and will do what ever it takes to wrest control of production and distribution away from free market ideals and into their own control.

  • RubyBlu

    Well said and well done, Sen. Paul! I particularly like your ‘busy bodies’ comment – I run into them all day long telling me what I should do while they offend my intelligence – I take that as a total insult.

  • glowry

    I know exactly what he’s talking about. I travel a lot and one motel I stayed in, the regulators sent people in to replace the shower heads with “water saving” shower heads. So….I had to run the water way longer because so little water was coming out of it that I could not get the soap off me and the shampoo out of my hair. Motel I’m in now, I have to flush the toilet repeated (the toilets have all been upgraded to new ones).

  • R.Young

    WAY TO GO!

  • William Johnson

    Rand Paul,PLEASE run for President in 2016!

  • Richard Engebretsen

    Like somebody opened a window……..Rand Paul’s methods are outstanding. It’s long overdue that somebody exposes and puts these unelected bureaucrats back in their place. They constantly harrass, and drive people out of business, cause undue hardship and force products on consumers that are bad, overly espensive and threaten everybody if they do not comply………time to end the oppression . Good job Sen. Paul………..keep on plugging.

  • Faye Sarren

    he is a bully, but he is getting old, so he won’t be bulling to mush longer. bully

  • Lloyd

    Well done Rand. Now if you could change your stance on illegal immigration. I think you would make a very good choice for president. Most of your ideas agree with the general wishes of the people. But I guess everyone has their own ideas of right and wrong.

  • Jim480

    What a ridiculous response from Ms Hogan, which in reality was a non-response. This is the kind of statements that needed to be made directly to the President during the debates. I would loved to have watched Obama squirm trying to respond. He and his administration are fools. Sadly, they have proliferated to the point of winning elections.

  • Michaellaborde

    This so called woman needs a life.

  • BLH557

    Rep Paul, it’s called FASCISM plain and simple.

    Call it what it is.

  • Just Tired

    I think the point was that the Govt pushes energy savings and conservation measures on us without the appropriate research to determine if the products or services really do work. We’re forced to buy products made overseas that simply don’t work and then have to spend more money to fix the junk. I work with many muncipalities and govt offices everyday and can tell you that these people are not smart and many times repeat the same old stupid mistakes from the past because they are lazy and find it easier to send out the same old documentation that I’ve read over 10 years ago. They simply don’t do the research to get it right.

  • brabbie2002

    Good Lord. She actually didn’t have an instant comeback. Hoorah for Rand Paul! I can tell them where to put their energy saving lightbulbs. It is impossible to read by the light put out by said bulbs and not wanting to live like a bat, I will be glad to start up a black market for light bulbs that actually work. And I am sure I will have millions of customers.

  • Richard William Faith

    Most politicians are incompetent in technical matters, AND they are so arrogant that they think they know better than the scientists and engineers who design products for our marketplace. Either one of those two attributes is dangerous in a person of authority, but when BOTH of those attributes (the INCOMPETENCE and the ARROGANCE) exist within a person in authority, ALL HELL HAS BROKEN LOOSE. If it isn’t bad enough that they are incompetent, now they conspire to FORCE THEIR incompetence upon US. Some evil person once said “as long as you’re being raped, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Are WE going to allow ourselves to by hypnotized by that mantra? ARE WE???

  • rosech

    Rand is always right on every point. We can be assured that her life is not energy efficient, but just want to control ours. The new light bulbs diffuse mercury which kills and they don’t emit as much light. The toilets I made sure were not in my house when I purchased it because if you have to pull the handle 3 times to get the caca out, where’s the saving. I have not found “energy efficient” appliances any more efficient than the older models. The EPA and the Energy Dept. are criminals and have no concept of real life, but love their big bucks salaries and power. It is up to us to cleanse the Congress and the Executive Branches and start fresh and back to the America we were without these people policing our lives.

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