Rancher Slams BLM: ‘Fire The Next Shot Heard ‘Round The World, We’ll Fire The Rest!’

(Content Warning: Language)

This man’s name wasn’t available, but you can bet that Cliven Bundy knows who he is. He talks of the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Gestapo tactics saying, “This goes way the Hell beyond Cliven Bundy. They can throw an army of men around anybody and maybe they’re going to throw that army of men around you.” He continues, saying, “And then these guys that somehow feel they’ve got the right they can drop a damn tripod into the ground and put a sniper rifle on it, so that if you cross a line they can put a bullet in you.” He asks, “Who the Hell is the man behind that trigger?” He talks of the precedent being set and other areas in the West where similar actions are being taken. He then makes a very poignant reference to the shot heard around the world. It should be heard to be fully appreciated.

via GOPTheDailyDose

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