Rabbi Uses WH Hanukkah Reception To Push…’Justice for Palestinians’?

A rabbi and Black Lives Matter activist used her speech at last week’s official White House Hanukkah reception to promote the Black Lives Matter movement, gun control, open immigration for “all” and “justice for Palestinians.” Susan Talve, a Reform rabbi, also altered one of the Hebrew blessings traditionally said before lighting the candles of the menorah, adding the female equivalent to the word “forefathers.” Following short speeches by President Barack Obama and Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Talve opened her remarks by pushing for allowing in “all immigrants and refugees,” then added other social justice calls to action. “I stand here today with my fierce family of clergy and Black Lives Matter activists who took to the streets of Ferguson to stand firm until all members of the community would see God in the face of the other,” Talve said. “I stand here for two groups of St. Louis moms, one working to get guns off our streets and the other working to help clean up the fires of toxic nuclear waste that are threatening our lives in St. Louis and across the country,” the rabbi said. “I stand here to light these lights to say no to the darkness of Islamophobia, and homophobia and transphobia and racism and anti-Semitism and all the other isms that dare to dim our hope,” she added. After appealing for “justice for Palestinians,” Talve chanted the Arabic phrase which means “Allah willing,” apparently encouraged by the Israeli president.

via TheBlaze

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