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Are Public Schools Brainwashing Your Children?

  • Macjammm

    Are Public Schools Brainwashing Your Children?

  • davienne

    indoctrination centers … lenin said … when i have the children and mothers i have it all..

  • Dempseycoleman

    This should have stayed as a Kid growing UP I remember the Pledge every morning
    no one was hurt or Offended Republicans have let US down ever since Ronald Regan
    left Office. It is a Shame the only real Great President in the second half of the 20th
    Century had to get that Horrible Disease that stopped him from departing the Wisdom
    he could have still conveyed to our Younger Generations that never even got to hear
    his Voice

  • mary

    Yes…. absolutely! Schools are now CESSPOOLS FOR LIBTARDS!

  • Thought Criminal

    Sorry, the First Amendment allows you to break Five of the Ten commandments. To say the US is a Christian nation is to say we are theocratic…it is to say the Federal Government has the right to mandate what faith you are to have, and to punish you if you go against it. The people mandate morality, not governments. Governments need to remain secular to prevent tyranny.

  • Jamie

    Oh gee…I don’t know…………ARE THEY? Seriously??? A conservative has to ask? Hey, do you think America is not quite what it used to be? And do you think we MIGHT be giving up, oh maybe 1 or 2 of our minor freedoms over the next 100 years? I just love all the incredibly perceptive people who are finally on to something, don’t you?

  • albert

    While we bemoan the attack on the real history and truth in our schools, I think we have drastically overlooked on major factor in our battle to properly educate our children. That factor is the matter of the parents of these children, and American adults in general, are as, or more DUMBED DOWN than we think. I have watched many videos that show adults of all ages not being able to answer questions about America, history, politics that are basic to our national knowledge.. And then they, or those like them are willing to sign petitions that show their willingness to go along with abortion, the elimination of our Constitutional rights, and many other things that prove beyond doubt our national crisis — we are a DUMBED DOWN nation who is being destroyed for lack of knowledge.

  • don

    Our children are not the only ones being brainwashed but for the College crowed they have been brainwashed and there is nothing left to wash in the cavity between there ears. They are jest idiots and I am glad I will not be around to see what they do to the United States in the coming years. The College kids today all have there hands out for there share of all of the Obama free stuff.

  • Chris


  • ForrestHorn

    I’m with you, Bill!

  • Russ

    I was taught all of that while I was in school. Even my father would ask question what we were learning. He would also ask question of everyday life.

  • Jerry

    Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492…
    Critical thinking question #1: What color were Washington’s shoes?

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