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Public Reacts to Fake News That Obama Appointed Kim Kardashian As Secretary of State

  • Tim Casey

    These are the low information voters that put Obama into office. In case you dont know all these questions are baloney.

    • CaptGene

      You are absolutely right, the questions Mark does are all parody, but what it shows is how f***ed we are as a Republic. Only ONCE did I hear someone actually tell Mark to pound sand and that was over abolishing the Bill of Rights, if memory serves me right. Mark tried congratulated them guy what he was doing and he shook the guy’s hand and thanked him. I truly fear for the Republic knowing these people are (A) breeding and (B) voting.

  • Maria castro

    They will be thrilled, Obama’s followers are all pea brains.

  • Macjamm

    Only the superest -duperest dumbest people think Obama is super-duper smart, Ha ha,…

  • USAgent

    I wish he would go over Niagara Falls with or without a helmet – I would support him!

    • Truth goes 100 MPH

      Tell him go over the falls again until he gets it right

      • Don Jo Sherer

        They will not follow him they will follow the Constitution…And do not forget it, that is our by laws,never let people forget them !!!!

    • colsooonscoorner

      Yup I agree! LOL

  • Mathematical certainty

    And you are surprised to hear that the US falls below some third world countries in Mathematics, Science, and about 25 other disciplines. These are not low-information voters. These are the products of our public school educational system. When you have left-wing-liberal morons teaching left-wing-liberal-morons, the result is what you have just witnessed in the video.

  • ECwashr

    Why not Kardashian? Obama’s whole administration is a joke anyway!!

  • Jr1776

    Beyoncé ! Cher ! George Clooney !

    • Tony

      Bubble Guppies! Marge Simpson!

  • tuvals

    Well, if it were true there would still be a totally brain dead administration.

  • ActualConundrum



    She couldn’t do much worse than Kerry!

  • Stealth

    Freeking SICKENING that most of these ‘idiots’ vote for ANYTHING!!!! Airhead a-holes!

  • katjan68

    Look how stupid we have become as a country. I knew more about WWII when I was 3 years old than this lot does about our present day country.

    • Tony

      European kids know more about our form of government than ours do.

      • katjan68

        Most Europeans speak English well, and usually speak more than three languages. My husband was Dutch born and he speaks five languages. Their culture doesn’t focus on TV, in Holland they only have TV 1/2 day and it is mostly CNN news.

      • WorcesterMaNative

        Then maybe you and other parents should take more responsibility to teach your children instead of relying on public schools which you apparently don’t like or trust. Instead of blaming liberals, get off your ass and do something constructive.

  • msmotown

    These people are so stupid, I hope they won’t even know when the mid-term election is because, obviously, they would vote liberal! They should be ashamed of themselves for not even being concerned about the condition of our country. One of these days, they may say, “Duh! What happened to our freedom, man?”

  • CaptGene

    This one tears it: I am QUITTING “AA”! No wonder there are so many alcoholics in Russia. Most are left over from the days of communism. Well, I have decided better drunk the rest of my life than to suffer all the “Stu Peds” in the Republic . . . or what’s left of it anyway. America is seriously, SERIOUSLY screwed.

  • Kevlar Linc

    That’s what we like to see….an “informed” electorate! I assume that he was awarded sainthood sometime after he canoed over Niagara Falls, sans helmet?

  • Tony

    God help us.

  • popham

    This is just more proof positive of how poorly educated and grossly uninformed
    most Americans are. God help us.

  • colsooonscoorner

    OMG ’nuff said

  • JeromefromLayton

    Understandable; these are the same people who voted for Senators Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Gov. Gerry Brown, and [fanfare!!] our Pretender in Chief…

  • ort

    Gullible?? Way too kind. Inbred, moronic, asinine…….

  • Work2SnowSki

    On a side note, that’s Oceanside, not San Diego.

  • Dave

    Let’s see; A bimbo who made a fortune on her looks to replace an empty headed wuss whose greatest talent is marrying rich widows. Sounds good. BHO going over Niagara Falls in a canoe sounds even better.

  • Charlie

    Heee Haaaaa Heeee Haaaaa bunch of jackasses !

  • Down to Earth Thinking

    Obamaites are a pretty sharp group, Hey ?
    The funniest one was when he asked people at Santa Monica pier to sign a petition to give Obama amnesty of any crimes he has or will commit ? And these dumb asks signed it willingly and said “oh Yeh ” Obama needs our support” ? ?????????

    Pathetic , we are in serious trouble on many levels. But all these morons will perish soon enough. Kawleefornya is already doomed.

  • Aristophanes

    C’mon people, give them a break. With all the crap that obozo has done, this could be feasible. I would not be surprised at anything the faux president comes up with. Why should this be any different. Although, I did think it was kind of funny when I read the headline.

  • June P.

    This clearly illustrates the fact that dope erodes your brain, how people are flaming idiots and how they will do and say ANYTHING to be on camera. These people are jackasses. Some need to review their English lessons. Typical, though….

  • Jake Green

    Geez how dumb must that one guy be if he thinks Obama is “Super Smart” I guess if you have the IQ of a rock everyone is “Super Smart” to you

  • hausman69

    Please lady say that you do not vote.

  • Michael J. Fell

    People who get their news from The Daily Show…

  • James

    I think she would be a good Secretary of State because she has a history of screwing people out of things.

  • abqblondie2

    Obama voters are really stupid, so this is not surprising, shocking, but given the lack of knowledge that it takes to vote for him in the first place, not surprising.

  • GOPcongress

    Just cut to the chase, Mark. Question people if they agree with the president’s executive order that bans the Republican Party, and only Democrats’ votes will count.

  • ifgliyg iug;iugb

    This is NOT San Diego. I understand Mr. Dices desire to obfiscate his location but This is Not San Diego. This is Oceanside, a military base town, and most of these people are transplants from other parts of the Country.
    San Diego beaches might be almost as bad, but in many ways we are a more conservative town, not counting all the union brainwashed immigrant communities that would be another great venue for expose video, provided there was translation as needed and people would be willing to be on camera.

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