PROOF That Censorship Against Conservatives is WORSE as Election Day Approaches [Video]

As Written and Produced by Steven Crowder for LouderWithCrowder.comPROOF: Youtube Caught Targeting/Restricting Conservative Videos!

It’s not just one liberal owned social media outlet. It’s Facebook who is probably the WORST offender of all times. It is also Twitter, Google and now YouTube. Watch as Steve Crowder shows proof of what has recently happened to his videos and other censorship’s they are experiencing.

We would also like to point out that Crowder dresses up like Hitler, draws Muhammad and various other stereotypes of those that have suppressed free speech. It is to point out the GLARING hypocrisy by those instances or circumstances.  Apparently liberal progressive democrats get offended and scared so consider this a disclaimer.



Full Story Here:

CAUGHT: YouTube Restricting Conservative Videos!

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