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Programmer Under Oath Admits Computers Rig Elections

  • Kay

    This guys awesome. Over 3.5 M votes altered. Too bad Karl didn’t spend more mney in the right places. Really think y dudes need to get a new guy. He gave y a very liberal, war living W, then he chooses another liberal who can’t even win. Really I expected more from smart white guys and their faithful little spouses. NGO drown your sorrows in good ole cheap pizza. Then move to chicken and an empty chair. Seems like food appreciation days are all y guys can pull off. Oh well. We moochers are havi g fun on our steak, French wine and cellphones. Look out for the new s d ld black panthers. They are pretty scary

    • Beckery49

      Ane THIS guy votes. Can’t spell but knows where the free phone line is.

    • gadfly32

      check with any hacker.

    • Sandy

      what kind of moron are you….still in your “yes we can, hope and change” stupor? How are those doubled premiums and tripled deductibles workin’ for you, Obuggerite?

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    It is time to put Integrity back into our Elections. It is highly unlikely that Barack Obama-Claus won the 2012 Election without Voter Fraud. The vast majority of Americans voiced opinions NOT in favor of this Pathetic Excuse for a president.

    The Election Board Systems that are used today are WAY-TOO Complex. This leaves plenty of room for the introduction of Worms, Virus and thus Voter Fraud as testified to by this Voter Machine Programmer. Voting should be SIMPLE!

    Start with the basics. The Voters themselves should be culled for veracity to vote and pass:
    1. Basic Education Test
    2. Basic Civics Test
    3. US Citizens only
    4. Positive Voter ID
    5. Disqualified if you are on Welfare

    With regards to the computers that count our votes: STEP BACK A TECHNICAL GENERATION to PUNCH CARDS and SIMPLE VOTE COUNTING PROGRAMS. Where o’where is the Common Sense in this matter?

    It should be the responsibility of the voter to ensure the are NO HANGING CHADS! If they cannot do this then they CANNOT Vote.

    Even in War Torn Iraq they can vote. Let us all have Purple Dyed thumbs on voting day if necessary. Computers can be Hacked and Votes Stolen. Not so with Thumbs.

    BTW – Obama-Claus should be Impeached for the Crimes he has already committed as President. He has Lied, Stolen, committed Fraud, Kickbacks to Supporters, is Treasonous and is Complicit in the Benghazi Murders and that of BrianTerry.

    • Mys77

      Just want to know how it can be close to 70 percent of the American people think the country is going in the wrong direction, the economy is tanking, and Obama has no plan expect more tax and spend…. and he wins the election???? Something is very, very, very wrong here. Brink back the paper ballot… one black check mark and be done with it!!!!

      • grenn

        Nope! Bring back the mechanical machines.

        • Redd Head

          bring back the pregnant chads

        • CCB

          Absolutely!!! Only exemption should be the military

          • Big Dan

            There are a lot of people who work on the road and will not be anywhere close to their voting precinct, I know because I was one of them for many years. Don’t think that because you have a 9-5 job that everyone else has those as well. Unfortunately, as the democrats displayed in Florida with the “hanging chads” cases, they knew before hand to look for certain hole punches. If it was not a “Gore” punch, twist the card a few times and claim hanging chads. The new machines that I used this year gave a read-out on the side in a protected paper display. Of course, I don’t think anyone paid attention to
            that once the elections are done and electronically tabulated

      • mtncrusr

        Bring back voting on election day!!!!!

      • Tsunami

        He won because he is STILL better then the other guy.

        • CCB

          We need someone with business experience. The only experience Obama had was community organizer and a senator that voted most of the time as present. Otherwise we would be out of this pickle by now.

          • p21rev67

            Obama WAS NEVER a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER but a DIS-ORGANIZER.He was a self-appointed agitator and trouble maker.Obama is at his best when causing trouble and mayhem,look at the job he is doing as our fraudulent President!

        • 1American1st

          How many times did you vote?

        • Big Dan

          He won because of all the entitlement promises. Don’t worry about working, I will raise the taxes on those who are employers and hard working employees and give you money.

          • Lynne Allen

            Obama won because he got 4 different types of votes:
            1) The far left socialist vote – these are the people that know what he is and agree with what he is. I don’t think that there is any debate that Obama is a Socialist and while I don’t agree with it, this is the only group that I respect out of the four.
            2) The cool vote – these people can also fall into the last category also but these people see Obama as a cool guy. He is young, he speaks like they do, he drinks beer, he goes on late night comedy shows, he sings and so on. They have no idea what is going on and simply voted for him because they think he’s cool.
            3) The Stupid vote – this is most of the vote that he received. These are the people who allow themselves to be manipulated by the left which includes almost all the mainstream media. These are the people say things like I’ve always voted democrat and I’m going to continue to, meanwhile they have no idea what is going on and nor do they care to. These people are the ones who have opinions but have no idea on what side of the fence each party stands on the issues, they don’t vote off facts they vote off what they believe. These are the people that with no fact checking believe the false stereo types given to the Republicans by the Libtards such as republicans hate women, minorities and everyone else that is not a white male, that they want dirty water and air, they want to push granny over the cliff and the list goes on and on. These are the people who don’t see the big picture.
            4) The Lazy vote – I think everyone knows who these people are, they are the deadbeats of society they do nothing but take. They don’t put anything into the system and are in no way a productive member of society and never will be.

          • Erica Morse

            Lynn, I’m neither socialist, stupid or lazy, but I am “cool like that”. Oh, and before you go “ass”uming, I’m a white woman with an education who CHOSE to vote for President Obama twice. Don’t insult my intelligence by trying to make yours appear factual. Your post is nothing more than bigotry and hatred, sprinkled with candies and cherries.

            More people voted for our POTUS than you think; but since we’re tired of being called names for doing our DUTY – voting for who we think is the better candidate – we just retreat and celebrate quietly. We’re tired of racism, hatred, corporate greed, no healthcare for hard-working families, and, most importantly – no man is using an election to get between my legs. Romney & Ryan blew it with their Roe vs. Wade crap, and women put them in their places, where they belong.

            How’d you like them apples?

          • CHOATE3


          • Lori Henry-Walnoha

            Lynn Morse, All you did is prove you are #3 on Lynn Allens list.

          • AmeriBabe

            I then say you are part of the stupid vote and just don’t know it. AND BTW – you are not as educated as you think. Romney & Ryan did not want to get between your legs I promise you – you fell for the liberal lies on that one my dear and you can’t stand up for what you believe without calling those who don’t agree with your racist – which in my opinions makes your argument weak. I am a white educated woman and I want a stronger America and even if I agreed with your assumption about choice – I would never put that ahead of my country right now at this critical time. You are putting your special interest ahead of the common good of our Country at a time when it is most vulnerable and needs a strong leader who has administrative and business credentials – and OH YES…doesn’t lie to the American people to cover his butt before an election and disgrace us all!

          • genevieve

            I don’t!!!!

          • Jan Dinkins

            It’s those greedy corporations that pay higher taxes and provide the jobs that pay employees who pay the taxes to provide all the freebies such as free on demand abortion even late term which means let the new born die.That’s some hell of a vote…a great source of pride for you.

          • fred pucker

            Just answer the following questions honestly. Do believe the experts that have concluded the Obama’s birth certificate is simple fraud? Having Bill Ayers as a close friend tells me he believes in over throw of the government. Do you realize that Ayers participated in terrorist attacks. Why is Shari law in the affordable health care act? Don’s believe me, read page 120. Do know the difference between an assault rifle and semiautomatic weapon? Is an AR-15 an assault rifle? Judging from your between my legs comment, you are either a LESBIAN OR believe in killing babies. I also detect a liberal tone used by the academic community. I have very little respect for the current teaching staff. I taught, but it was in subject matter which would be way over your head (particle physics). I refused to be complicit in the dumbing down of students so that everyone could fell good. To hell with that crap. Go to school with respect and if you are smart enough to excel, then great, but telling every student they need to go to college is sheer lunacy. We lost or manufacturing because no one would take a job, which required working hard. Pass through the ghetto and check out all the able bodied residents sitting on the front porch or go on to the corner where the drug dealers are.Let me guess, you are a teacher, in a union and are just marking time until you can retire using the money of state taxpayers

          • Sandy

            Obama’s birth certificate is a fraud…the font was not invened until the 90’s, and they did not use the term “African” for race…it was Negro until the late ’70’s when Jesse Hi-Jackson coined the term African-American….

          • Dorothy Healy

            You are not as smart as you think you are and you are CERTAINLY not well informed. you are informed by the liberal media and maybe dont have or take the time to check things out. you are being led. very tribal.

          • Nathan51

            Stupid is as stupid does. You voted for this idiot, lying, community organize so your actions speak volumes!!!!!

          • Sandy

            If you voted for Obama, YOU ARE A SOCIALIST….there is no racism…we couldn’t careless if he was pink with polka dots…we care about the content of his heart, which is MARXIST….his father and mother were MARXISTS, his mentors Franklin Davis and Bill Ayres were/are MARXISTS, and his funder Soros is a MARXIST….maybe you should have read Dr. King’s speeches…Dr King was a Republican, BTW…ObamaCare is socialism..”Socialized medicine is the archstone of a socialist society” Vladimir Lenin….gun control is socialism…and Obama is breaking the law consistemtly with his by-passing Congress with all his changes to his healthcare plan!! Try reading the middle paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence…it sounds exactly like what your lord and saviour is doing now. You are educated?…LMAO….nope…the war on women is being waged by Obama in his own White House….unbelieveable….wake up out of your “yes we can, hope and change” stupor…how are those doubled premiums and tripled deductibles workin’ for ya’, huh? “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude rather than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel nor your arms. May your chains set lightly upon you. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you, and posterity forget that ye were our countrymen”. Samuel Adams…..

          • Jan Dinkins

            Right, the gimmies, the yuppies and the dummies voted this country straight to Hell.

          • Sandy

            Jan, that’s excellent bumper sticker material…”gimmies, yuppies, and dummies”….hat tip!

        • choate3

          no tsunami he won because he cheated

        • Randy G

          Tsunami—Your brains DEFINITELY are on the wrong end of your spinal cord.

        • Jan Dinkins


      • mogul264

        A paper ballot, for VOTE VERIFICATION after positive ID proof, AND an ink-stained pointer finger, or thumb if missing the former! NO REPEATS! The ink-stained digit is used for imprinting your DISTINCTIVE cachet mark ON your ballot! DEATH would be the penalty for voting twice! Any TRUE, upstanding citizen would NOT have anything to fear from this!

        • Shawn Belanger

          Another idiot resting on the assumption that voter fraud exists among the voters, when in fact, as proved by this video, the fraud comes from the Election Board. Why punish the voters then? Do yourself a favor and look up actual voter fraud statistics. And death? I really hope you’re joking, because that is just some barbaric medieval sensibilities you have there. Lastly, it’s not your call on who a ‘true’ citizen is. By my standards, you’ve just excluded yourself from civility by your childish comment.

          • Sandy

            as citizens, it IS our duty to make the call on who a true voter is…you obviously have never risked your life to defend this most precious of rights…as for actual voter fraud statstics, try the 59 divisions near Philly where 19, 065 votes were counted, and NOT ONE VOTE for Romney…statistically IMPOSSIBLE…try doing some of your own research.

      • gypsy314

        I say have another vote and do it by paper and with ID so there are now cheating going on. Do away with electoral college scam system and make it to were know way you can cheat .

    • LatterDayEsther

      All I can say is Amen to that articulate & correct comment.

    • Tsunami

      Re: number 5: I’ll agree, if, you include:
      Disqualified if you are on Social Security, VA benefits, SSI, Medicare, or Medicaid too.

      • AVA

        You can’t disqualify VA benefits…this is a perons whose been wounded for the country and has EVERY RIGHT TO VOTE FOR THE COUNTRY THAT THEY LOST THEIR USEFULLNESS FOR! You cannot say that Seniors should not vote…THEY ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS COUNTRY!
        Bottom line, we ALL become very adamant about our thoughts and feeling and sometimes EVEN ARROGANT…and that goes for both side! But I believe EVERYONE, from both sides is tired of paying for the people who are commiting fraud and taking advantage of the financial/medical benefits in place for the elderly, veterans, permanently disabled and those who are TRULY in need of assistance. We are all sick of hearing how illegal aliens scammed the IRS into giving them refunds for children that live in foreign coutries, sick of paying the Universal Service Charges so these same people can get free phones, while you are paying out the nose for yours, etc!
        An intelligent person agrees that there are those who are in true need, and must also realize that there are scammers who MUST BE FOUND AND PUNISHED! (Do you know how much money would be in the countries coffers if they put an end to this and how many more benefits the truly deserving could reap!)
        An intelligent person only wants Americans, citizens or naturalized to be the ones who vote, and only vote once! These are people who have a vested interest in our country and will vote for the betterment of America! I also believe that naturalized citizens should only be allowed to vote if they are gainfully employeed AND PAYING TAXES, only because of the fraud that is committed by a handfull of others…sadly, the MANY good must suffer for what the bad do!
        An intelligent person will also concede that many voters, from both sides are ignorant to the facts at hand and vote simply for the person they are told to vote for, which is truly the equivalent of voter fraud or intimidation.

      • CCB

        social security and medicare most people paid into through out their lives. I worked since I was 16 paying into those programs and Obama stole 719 out of medicare. These programs are not the same as welfare, Social Security has been raided and used for other purposes other than what it was intended for. The government just helped themselves to this money overtime.

        • Niles Wheeler

          Our money not entitlement as some claim. My employers and I paid over $259,000 during my working years. Give it back and I will live much better than with the $1200 I get each month.

        • Ed Cole

          By reading some of the comments you can readily see that the parasites ,deadbeats etc are outnumbering the producers .or the grass hoppers are outnumberring the ants ,if you can remember the story.In order to receive welfare you should be required to be removed from the list of qualified voters until you are gaintfully employed or contributing to the tax base.Re institute the Pole tax and Primarys paid for by the political parties and not the tax payers.

      • DaveA

        Most elderly people PAID into Social Security! It’s a benifit that was promised when they started working. Va is paid to Veterans who served their country. I was disabled in 2006 for related VN sickness. (Agent Orange) I’d much rather be working, then drawing SS, and VA BENIFITS!

        • 1American1st

          Thank you for your service DaveA.

        • Guntrucker 69-70

          Good luck to you DaveA. I too am sick because of Agent Orange,I would gladly give up all benefits to be well again.

      • Bennette Arnold-bush

        Only Citizens of the United States should be allowed to vote, not illegals, Not dead people, everyone should have a state ID card for voting purposes,now I take issue with some things you wrote, Social security that is for the Olderly or Orphans, Va Benefits are earned by veterans, SSI is for people who are unable to work due to whatever Illness or condition they have, I believe that traumatic Brain Injury would qualify for SSI or SSDI, Medicare and social security Go hand in hand, that is a Promise by the Government. those people worked most of there lives. Medicaid is for people on welfare, bka SSI, I believe depression should be taken out of reasons to get ssi, or ssdi. The Biggest Problem is not those that truly deserve the help that are american born, its the forgieners Illegals that get automatic welfare food stamps,housing, and Medical treatment quit making it so enticing for them to come here, and people that Play the system so they dont have to work, or participate in society. Living the American dream is for everyone who isnt American, we give loans to forgieners straight on the airplane or boat to open businesses, They recieve grants (free money) and low interest loans. If you are Born an American citizen you are screwed from Jump street. Stop the Madness, As American citizens we should be worried about ourselves and Not everyone else
        in the world, Our Money should be used by our People who need it. not someone who is depressed. Or someone like Octomom, I believe that if you want help from the Government you should loss your right to reproduce on my dime, Democrats want it both ways More money for single mothers who cant keep their legs closed, and for women who use our tax dollars for abortions, I know i have rattled on here a bit, but It is just how i Feel

      • Jan Dinkins

        Medicare and SS recipients earned(they worked for 30 yrs or more) and they still pay for Medicare…deducted from their SS. They are not free-loaders.

    • Ava

      As I recall, back in the day when I registered to vote (1978), it was a big deal to vote, there were no implications of fraud and everyone got a VOTER ID CARD (which is long gone missing)! I had to sign it and when I went to vote I remember them checking my signature in that big book to the signature on the card! No card, no vote…back then, so why is it racist today to have a voted ID card? I don’t understand that!

      I further agree with you that there are toooooooo many people voting that are simply voting for who they are TOLD TO VOTE. They have no handle on the issues at hand and while voting is a privilidge of being a citizen of the US, unfortunately many are abusing the privilidge (via fraud and stupidity, which is not a crime….but fraud is!)

      Every single person who goes to the hospital, for lack of health insurance, MUST have a picture ID! Every citizen of the US should have a picture ID and if they don’t they should be able to get one for free at the DMV and they should have until the end of next year to have one. No ID, no vote, no health care, no nothing! It’s like a license, lasting 3 years and then a new one should not be costly…$5.00…no more than that. It would be affordable for ALL and sensible to have.

      BUT WAIT….that was racist!

      For all you race card players, I’m 1/4 black and 1/4 spanish, just at the POTUS daughters are 1/4 white!

      BRING BACK THE mechanical machines!!! NO opportunity for cheating!

      • Niles Wheeler

        No ID and they can bus people all over town to vote multiple times using the names of deceased.

        • Jan Dinkins

          They’re afraid their favored one would have to show his ID.

      • 1American1st

        Voter ID is not racist, that’s just Democrat bullsh*t.

    • daves

      Amendment XXIVSection 1.
      The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any primary or other election for President or Vice President, for electors for President or Vice President, or for Senator or Representative in Congress, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any state by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.
      Section 2.
      The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    • Star

      l like your comment

    • Jan Dinkins

      And all of those infractions are grounds to be charged with treason.

    • Shawn Belanger

      Education test? No voting for welfare recipients? You sir, are an idiot. This is the fastest way possible to voter disenfranchisement. If you really can’t see the massive inherent problems in what you propose, then you’re too much of an idiot to waste time on. You obviously have absolutely no legal knowledge whatsoever, and your proposal is laughable even to the most novice of first year law students. What you propose is selective citizenship, and that’s entirely anti-American. BTW, this video is just as much about Bush as it is Obama. Fool.

  • Phil Weingart

    This is the same video the Democrats played to “prove” that the Ohio 2004 election was tampered with. You realize that, right?

    The video proves nothing about any particular election, because the witness never says whether his “rig the election” code was used, let alone where or when. He testifies about how easy it would be to write such code and distribute it. He also says something about exit polls that falls far outside his expertise, so it means nothing.

    He also leaves out a crucial detail about altering source code. I know this because I was a professional programmer for years, and continued to work in professional software development environments even after I stopped programming:

    Every professional programming organization uses a source code version control system to manage the changing versions of their software. In order to change software that is in use in their product, the programmer has to “check out” the source code (e.g. download the code to his machine while leaving a trail indicating that he has done so). Then, after he has made changes, he has to “check in” the new code to a “test” environment, where he or other programmers can verify that the code still works with the changes in place, and that the changes actually accomplish what was intended. Then the code gets “checked in” to the system permanently to become the current source code version, while keeping a dated copy of the previous code. Usually this requires the approval of a manager and the review of other programmers, and the levels of approval are enforced by the software itself. Historical versions are usually kept indefinitely.

    So, if any programmer did create a version of the voting machine code that created backdoor access or responded to a coded switch in order to alter the outcome of an election, it would be traceable within the source code control system of the company that produced the code. To bypass this code control system would require the collusion of high-level system administrators and would constitute a significant and criminally-prosecutable hack. It also requires knowledge of the software control product that most programmers do not possess.

    If there was evidence that this “Yang” company had actually produced code intended to alter the outcome of an election, the source code version control system of the company could have been subpoenaed by federal investigators and they would have been able to find evidence that the code existed, and would be able to see what it was coded to do.

    Did anybody see that happen? No? Then a couple of things are possible:

    (1) There was no evidence that such a thing had ever occurred, so no action was necessary.
    (2) The investigatory board we’re watching had no authority to act, and this is just some leftists creating suspicion.
    (3) The board is actually in collusion with whomever wanted to rig the election, and prevented any further investigation.

    The most likely scenario is (1), and this is all just so much hot air.

    • Sol_of_Texas

      Are you certain the software contractor is even using a configuration control and management system?

      The critical “chain of custody” question involves machine code (not source code) which is distributed to the voting machines.

      • Phil Weingart

        I do not know of any professional software organization that does not use a version control system. If I went to work for one and it did not have something like that, I would quit, as would most programmers. We all know what sorts of messes you get into if you have no version control.

        Version control applies equally to source code (a higher level language) and machine code (compiled, machine-readable programs.) The compiler creating the machine code notes what version of the source code was used to compile the machine-readable code. The distinction between source and machine code has no relevance to my point.

        The point is that the sort of shenanigans he talks about is only possible in an organization where the whole shop knows that it is engaging in vote-rigging, right up to the top of the Sys Admin staff. The likelihood that they could do it and not a single programmer blow the whistle is zero.

        And notice: you don’t hear what sort of voting machines he was working on, do you? No. Personally, I think the video is leftist crap.

        • Gadfly32

          Any programmer can change the source code if he can get the password to access the program. Some programmers put a backdoor in their source code so that they can access , .the program. from any location. Go back to paper ballots!

          • php

            Who concedes to a cheater?
            You know he is a liar and defrauding the American public that is naïve
            and ignorant, 47% anyway. He has been lying the past 50 years. This is just another reason to impeach him
            however our representatives are less of a man than he.

            A programmer can make an algorithm spit out any results. Voter seen their selection change before
            their eyes and the results are accepted?
            We need a total re-do.

        • Tom

          If there was almost a billion dollars spent on campaigning, I’ll bet there was that much or more available to throw an election… I think anything is possible with the stakes being so high on who wins or loses. I know as a aircraft mechanic, when mechanics work on top secret air craft, they break things down into sub components so you do not know specifically what you are working on or even what it is for… Why not with software coding?

        • Conservative

          There are a large number of version control products on the market and many of them are written to support a narrow group of platforms (Windows, UNIX/Linux, etc). Some are better than others and, my experience (35+ years in corporate IT management) is, that some are based on the “honor system”, while others are more robust in their control mechanisms.

          While the version control software may be robust in control capability, it is only as good as the administration of the system and the testing and verification processes you mentioned. My experience is that most companies DO NOT practice the testing and verification processes that are called for by “best practices”, but rely on testing by the programmer and an overall integration test before implementation of a major system.

          As this gentleman said during his testimony, simple tabulation of votes should be accomplished with a relatively small number of lines of code. However, based on the complexities added by management of the video/touch screen, the number of votes to be cast on a single ballot for different offices and referendum questions, the number of lines of code can be increased dramatically. With a moderately large program, it could be relatively easy to hide unscrupulous code in that program.

        • Sol_of_Texas

          Phil – I am not aware of any developers conducting version control at the machine code level, but it wouldn’t surprise me if someone did.

          I have seen some pretty mickey mouse software development companies in action over the years.- though they consider themselves professionals.

          The programs themselves are not terribly complex. They read tables, display selection options, “store” votes, and tally. I can imagine designs that require one to three stubbed modules that could be compiled and distributed in final form by a single individual. The final version could self “erase” the stubbed portions of the program before exiting – the machine retaining only vote results data rather than “fraud portions” of the modified program code.

          I agree that collusion would be required to successfully effect election fraud on a large scale (hence the “chain of custody” issue). Understanding a county’s procedure to accumulate totals would need to be well understood to effect the fraud.

          I also agree the that specific machine models were not mentioned in the “testimony”. Different counties around the country use many different hardware and software systems.

          The method by which vote totals are accumulated is also not mentioned. Does the county collect and roll-up via network? Do they collect via memory cards? It’s just not clear. So there will remain concern over chain of custody regardless of voting method employed.

          Here’s a 13 minute youtube link related to real-life election fraud involving paper balloting. It is seldom a system alone that causes problems, it is more often the people involved in the encompassing process:


    • Beckery49

      Then why were statements made about recalibrating the faulty machines when they were found? There should be NO need for a ‘recalibration’. A vote is a vote is a vote. If the machine cannot count the vote, Take an axe to it. Problem solved. No need for a 10 inch explanation by an EX programmer supporting the current fraud on a message board.

      • Phil Weingart

        I imagine that “recalibration” deals with the touch screen, and has nothing to do with the software version. Software is a separate component.

        A voting machine consists of a touch screen interface (monitor hardware) that updates a computer-maintained tally (computer hardware and software). Just as you have to calibrate the image on the monitor in front of you so it’s centered and you see the whole image, the touch screen of the voting machine needs to be calibrated so that what the voter touches corresponds to the text beneath that touch-sensitive area; otherwise, you could have the best software in the universe and still end up with an inaccurate count.

        Seriously, folks, doesn’t it make sense to do your homework concerning what is involved in an electronic voting machine before you go off declaring something fraudulent?

        • Jamie

          Doing your homework would be a good thing for you. Just do some outside your agenda for a change.

      • antonioandy

        I AGREE with Beckery49. I am not a computer programmer, but I have enough intelligence to realize that Vanishing Votes are a red flag, as are SMARTMATIC, SEQUOIA (wrt how votes were counted in Spain) and the Soros connection. It stinks to high heaven–nothing in this adminstration had been aboveboard or transparent (especially the King himself). This is a monumental fraudulent situation perpetrated on the American people–we are no longer a constitutional republic. We’ve got to admit, Obama kept his word on one thing–he did “fundamentally transform America” — from a free republic by the people to a communist style, goveernment- control- of -everything state

    • chuck newman

      or (4) the investigatory board essentially got nowhere, and the code was available, improved upon, and used in the 2012 election by the Re-elect Our President group.

    • Jamie
    • Bill Gates

      I worked in the software industry for decades. You obviously left out the discussion concerning software patches which aren’t cataloged in the version control system. Anyone having access to the code could have implemented a patch to manipulate the counting and later remove the patch to erase any traceable trail.

      • Just_an_old_retread

        I agree. Software patches could do it by modifying the machine code generated from the written programs by a Systems Programmer or knowledgable individual without leaving any traces of change. Thus a vote for candidate A could be changed to candidate B. This is an explanation for those that do not have the expertise in computer and systems programming. I worked in that capacity for DOJ in Washington, D.C. I, and my staff were responsible for the Operating Systems running on the computers under which programs ran.

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government.i sent this to everyone i know thru out the world,to the wh,and all my local politicans,ovomit/lucifer is still trying to fool we the people,god bless romney/ryan,sheriff joe and cold c ase posse,chuck norriis,frank serpcio,and all legal tax paying amemrican veternas/citizens

    • GOATIE

      Amen, Robert.

  • chuck newman

    very misleading. this video, this testimony is from 2004

  • Mys77

    So there it is…. and if there is doubt…. there should be definitive proof that the elections were NOT tampered with. And everyones gut reaction is there is something wrong with the count. This is something both dems and republicans should be concerned with. I for one, know if there is a way for people to cheat to get what they want dishonestly, they will do it…. especially if they feel no one is looking and no one is going to investigate. We need to investigate…. throughly!

  • Bob Kane

    At the end of your voting session you should get a small receipt that shows how you voted and gives you a serial number. After the all the polls are closed and the votes tallied, you should be able to login to a website run by your state and using the serial number, confirm that your vote was tallied and be able to compare what was tallied to what is on your receipt. If you spot a difference, cry foul and demand a recount, Such measures while, allong with voter id, would not guarantee a valid election, they would go a long ways towards it.

    • Conservative

      Absolutely!!! There is still room for fraud in this, but it is better than without such a system.

    • panors77

      Here in SoCal I was lucky enought to have a paper ballot. Now I’d like to take my receipt and “visit” my ballot to see if IT was tampered with too?

    • mallen11

      Thank you for this information. I am passing it on to my email friends and I hope everyone else will too.

    • 1American1st

      That’s a good idea, Bob. We don’t get squat after we vote, so we have no idea if our vote was counted for our preferred candidate or if it was counted at all.

  • Jamie

    And of course there’s nothing we can do about it, because this “transparent” administration wants it that way.

  • xoxozo

    EVERYBODY….Send this to your Senators & Congressman….AND keep calling to get this looked into OR we’re doomed!!!

    • George Pecoraro

      Just did that!

  • bleuze

    Was voter fraud comitted against the American people? YOU BET! Visit We still have time since the electrol college meets in December!

  • Sal Santos

    O boy, the 5th. point is good but a stinky one. The entitlement crowd will cry wolf if that measure is ever even suggested.

  • antonioandy


  • George

    This is what us lefties have been saying for years. Can’t be trusted without a paper trail.

  • watchdogman

    looks like the pot watching the kettle (black/black)


    we already knew that;;;; the fraud is our potus;;lousy bast666rd….

  • Niles Wheeler

    How else do you think Obama won. American people are dumb, just not that dumb. When you add in the dead vote he couldn’t lose.

    • Chris

      DO republicans have any brains at all. Everything is a conspiracy to you lot. We don’t want a theocracy, get over it. You lost. The opinion polls said YOU LOST before the election. This “programmer” was in fact asked to swing the election in favor of Republicans.

      • Niles Wheeler

        I’m not a republican just an old disillusioned Democrat. It breaks my heart to see my fathers and grandfathers party taken over by Socialist. If JFK were alive today he wouldn’t claim it. Get your head out of your rear end and see what is being done to a once grand party. No conspiracy, crooked politicians There is only one reason to allow people to vote without showing proper identification, to cheat. You can’ get a library book without one. I haven’t left the party it left me!

      • Niles Wheeler

        One republican, you are dumber than a box of rocks if you think the dems wouldn’t use it. They do it we don’t shows how stupid you really are. I don’t deny there’er people from both parties that will and do cheat. Your head must enjoy the scenery in your butt. It won’t come out long enough to see the truth..

      • Wendell Fountain

        Chris, please get back on your meds.

      • CHOATE3


  • Conservlatina

    I am CERTAIN our elections were rigged. BUT I feel absolutely alone with this. Until today, seeing this video,

    I am a normal citizen, registered nurse, living in Florida. As a simple person, it is hard to believe that we did not TRULY had the turn-out that our country has to defeat Obama. It just doesn’t make
    sense, and above all, it is NOT logical.

    I am not a disgruntled conservative. In fact, I want to break away from the mold that the liberals are trying to create. They want to demonstrate us as a withering vine population, that has lost power in this county. The liberal want to see us as fading, attacking each other and dividing. This is happening, further helping the anti-Constitutional sentiment that is being pushed. We are NOT conservatives. We are TRADITIONALISTS and AMERICAN PATRIOTS, upholding our Constitution, and thus our disappearing Republic.

    Why there is no logic behind this election…
    1. How could Romney have pulled in LESS votes than McCain?
    2. With so much in stake, why were LESS voters in 2008 than in 2012?
    3. According to the Ulsterman Report, ” “And yet, despite reduced voting numbers, which should have directly
    harmed Barack Obama’s re-election hopes, and prior data that confirmed over and over again, voter enthusiasm was strongly in favor of Mitt Romney, Barack Obama managed to win re-election in nearly every battleground state he needed.”
    4. How could (all of a sudden) the zest of 2009, 2010, 2011, seen in these campaigns simply gone away?
    5. How could the enthusiasm of wanting to get rid of Obama-Care demonstrated while it was being voted on, as it was being defended with the Supreme Court, and influencing the folks we voted for in prior elections … be gone?
    6. How could the anger of what happened in Benghazi Libya go away suddenly?
    7. How could the desperation and need to save our financial state be over-voted by a new culture
    of voters?
    8. How could the growing concern for Israel, and the despise of how our Administration has
    treated our great ally have disappeared?
    9. How could so many traditionally conservative cities (in the high-stake States) gone for Obama, all of a sudden?
    10. How could all those polls, including projections from high accurately models (Univ. of Colorado), be all of a sudden …incorrect?

    This is NOT a sudden cultural change. This is not magic.
    This is NOT a result of a storm. This is not logical. This is MUCH bigger than we know and it needs to be discovered.


    • Wendell Fountain

      Conserlatina, all which you have postulated I am in agreement with, but you asked a very important question at the end, and I must respond. We are not going to do anything about this election. The American people have no fight left in them. You and I have just witnessed the death of America.

  • Constantine Ivanov

    If you listen to this clip to the very end on YouTube (click “Watch on YouTube” at the bottom of the clip player), you’ll find how fervently the Black Congressmen are trying to cast doubt on the Programmer’s credentials and credibility.

    • willien from OH

      The female black congressman died in 2008 so this video is a little dated.

      • Constantine Ivanov

        If I am not mistaken, one of those whom I mentioned, was Maxine Waters (Socialist), and she is, like Lenin, “more live than all livings.” -:)

  • Mort Leith

    The bottom line is that the libTards STOLE the election and have continued the Corrupt administration that the Law means NOTHING to ! ! !

    Like in Philadelphia where they had ALL of the counties that had a 150% voter turnout,,,
    and NONE of the votes were for Romney ! ! !

    • Constantine Ivanov

      To be more precise, libTards STOLE the country

    • mtncrusr

      Hey, it’s the Chicago way.

      • ddt

        go back to the first debate look at him like saying what am i doing here
        i allready won its all set
        its all rigged and these dummys will accept it and move on
        so i can do my thing with russia,chavey castro and all the others that i do business with
        forget the usa they are past history
        i will throw them under the bus like everybody else that voted for me
        i still say no records before jan6th
        he does not get the W house
        bo has to go

  • Conservlatina

    We need to STOP blaming ourselves. We need to collectively unite and fight this socialistic monster machine. They are banking on us to squabble out of existence. The bottom line is we need to RECOUNT our votes. We need to have a George Washington take grassroots leadership and say … we are RECOUNTING without your machines. We NEED to have those that VOTED against OBAMA to be COUNTED again using our VOTER ID numbers submitted to an organization that will COUNT every vote that is “testified” as having voted on 11/6/12 and see where the discrepancy is. This must be a national effort, the same efforts we’ve had since 2008 but much grander!
    I am NOT convinced this is all ILLEGAL votes that Obama counted for his end. For these can be found and indicted. This is about OUR votes not having been counted, something that cannot be found (as this video suggests) and therefore not prosecuted.
    I beg us … how do we defend our vote, count our vote, and put these people behind cell blocks, where these Benedict Arnold’s belong. They have committed treason, and we must defend our Republic.

  • abbe

    And whom should this surprise big money from government entitled criminal elements would make sure their little noisy upstart snot won the election both times.

  • Redd

    How much more of this Corrupt CRAP are we going to tolerate from this Government??? They continue to play the American People for Fools, and we Just sit back and let them do it!!! And I’m Convinced it’s the Republican RINOS in the House and Senate, just as much as it’s the Liberal Wing of the Democrats!!!! But the Legislators on both sides of the Aisle that are straight shooters can’t or won’t say anything for fear of them or their Families Lives most Likely!!!! The Wolves are in the Henhouse, and it looks like they’re there to stay!!!

  • John

    This is an old and irrelevant video – in other words just like Republicans.

    • redd

      I guess you’d put up with anything they dish out to you as long as you get your Food Stamps, Welfare, and Government Cheese!! How much will you Idolize them once the Freebies Run out?? You Moocher, Leech, Entitlement Cow!!!

    • welfare Check

      republicans, democrats, who the hell cares. senseless drones like you always look for someone to hate and blame and ridicule. your loser, you need republicans to blame, when Other peoples Money (OPM) runs out, your commit to stealing and beating up old ladies for cash, if you don’t already do that already. I’m glad BO won because you losers are going to get a good taste of how socialism works and how people like you go begging without big mama gov. to hand out OPM.

  • willie from OH

    I think you need to research this video a little to see when it was taken. I believe this was taken in Ohio and the Congressman Stephanie Tubbs Jones died in 2008. This video was obviously shot prior to her death in 08. That doesn’t however mean that this fraud couldn’t have taken place recently but that this video does not reflect recent information or testimony as it appears.

  • Bob

    Of course they rig elections. The Dithering Doofus wouldn’t be in office today were it not for rigged, illegal elections, the Santa Claus bit, & lack of voter picture I.D.. He has accomplished NOTHING of positive value to the majority of voters in this country,PERIOD!

  • James Maxwell

    Whether or not this is true is hard to determine without a full investigation by competent authorities but
    considering the current administration I doubt this will ever get much past people viewing it on

    U-Tube. The politicians in Washington DC will run and hide their heads in the sand. There is enough
    to spark a full in depth investigation of all the voting machines used in the last election. Unfortuately
    the have been returned to their owner and since this is out they will have been purged and cleaned
    of any evidence of corruption. Personally I fully believe what was stated under oath but to prove

    it will be difficult at best. The fix was in during the 2008 election cycle in some states this time

    it was across the nation. When you look at the results of the polls and the exit poling there is a
    serious question that arises. But the fix is in an none of the current crop of politicians will ever

    raise their voice and challenge the results of any state election and especially none of the ones
    in Washington District of Corruption.

  • mom4gram9

    where was this hearing? and how can we verify the truth of this? this is HUGE

  • mom4gram9

    so many precincts with 100% vote to him and none to anyone else; so many places where more people voted than they have population. WHY IS NOTHING DONE?


      yes a 143% turnout in one county in Florida and a 108% in another .Was the vote on halloween when the dead rise

    • Wendell Fountain

      mom4gram9, the Congress is AWOL!

    • usetobeproud

      So now all you Righ-wing Repubs are spreading the rumor that nowadays there is “Fraud” to keep a Blackman IN Office as opposed to Fraud to get him “OUT”!! LOL…this is ridiculous !!! Get over it!! You LOST this Time….Accept it…Move ON… and if you Put all this Energy towards working TOGETHER…Our Country would be much better off!!! You are what is known as … “SORE LOSERS”…if you don’t win….boo hooo…must be “fraud”….PLEASE!!! GET OVER IT!!!

  • mom4gram9

    this shows it was just this morning — a Saturday….does that make sense?

  • guide7

    Was the obama election rigged? No kidding Sherlock!

  • Sisty

    We need to demand a new election–all paper ballots–no machines———–voter ID required.

  • Bob Battey

    I am a registered Republican, But seeing the Video nothing will happen. the fools that elected him will all say that only Republicans would tamper with the vote.

  • ARMYOF69

    And, no one will get carted to jail.

  • robocop33

    Yet this isn’t enough for the Feds to investigate this election closer and disavow many of those votes. If you do not have a government issued photo ID you should not vote. You also should not be allowed to vote unless you are registered and a proven citizen. Actually I think you should have to take at least a simple test to show you understand what being President is about and what the issues are but you can’t have everything. After that, do not dump your waste and pollute the streams and land with your propagander.

  • Wally17

    Hey Guys< a check of Wikipedia shows this guy is s Democrat who accused a Republican congressman of the vote tampering program. He then ran as a Democrat against him, then moved to CA and ran there against Tom McClintock. I don't know if anything he says is true, but it could be, but take this with a grain of salt. Also, we have no indication of the date this video was created.

  • ARMYOF69

    I vote Judge Napolitano the leader for our new Constitutional Party. A man with integrity, who loves America and the Constitution. In fact , I would love to see him run for POTUS.

  • DouglasDauntless

    Is the Presidenal eoection going to be recalled? If not….now what.Obama is a Britsh and Indoneisan subject not an Amerfican citizen. Ask his wife, when she made her speech in Kenya she Obama was born there. Welll……….Who’s got the guts to get this guy?

    • Wendell Fountain

      DouglasDauntless, unfortunately, no one. He is now firmly implanted as a dictator.

      • DouglasDauntless

        Wendell your right, no one has the guts

  • Red

    For whatever reasons, he remains as President. Fraud was rampant, illegals voted, some people voted more than once, military ballots were ‘delayed’, millions of welfare voters paid their debt, voting machines were hacked to eliminate Romney votes, and lots of dollars and dope were available in return for votes. All ancient history now, he is in firm control of our new socialism and will likely remain so for a third term and more. The Republican party is a mere memory and there are not enough conservatives to confront Obama. All the splintering caused by the Tea Party , Ron Paul, and and in-party back biting has probably put the Republicans in permenant ‘loyal opposition’ position

  • LatterDayEsther

    I would just love to know how all this evidence of a rigged election exists and yet nobody who has the power to correct the issue does anything???

    • Wendell Fountain

      LatterDayEsther, it is quite simple. BHO has become the nation’s first true dictator!

  • Kimberly Woods

    We must demand a nationwide recount of our 2012 election, A PAPER RECOUNT, ONE THAT COULD NOT BE RIDDLED WITH FRAUD. WE MUST HAVE OPEN AND HONEST ELECTIONS. Go to to sign the petition for a” Recount of Election, ” You may also want to sign the petition to”” Impeach Obama.

    • Paul

      I’m getting tired of being told to go to a WHITE HOUSE CREATED WEBSITE to sign a “petition” to oust the same president who resides in the White House! If you think for a nanosecond that any “petition” created at is going to be dealt with honestly, you might as well write a letter to Santa while you’re at it.

  • AProgressive

    You folks are a bunch of paranoid yahoos. Give it up. President Obama won it fair and square. The Republican/Conservative pollings were all of base. I’m beginning to think you are all sore losers. We Progressives were told to “Shut up and get on with it” when Bush won in 2000 and 2004. It would be a courtesy for all of you to do the same. Thank you.

    • Wendell Fountain

      AProgressive, you are a mindless idiot!

    • BillyBob

      I agree with you AProgressive! If they don’t get their way…they cry “Fowl”… Put this Energy into doing something Positive for the Country and working with the Prez like “Real Americans” would! Just because you don’t like it or don’t agree…doesn’t necessary make it Wrong!

  • dondehoff

    I am neither a lawyer nor an election expert, but t would appear to me in every instance wherein not a single vote or suspiciously lower (could be determined mathematically) number of Romney votes were cast in a precinct, the District Attorney or election official should conduct a survey of the all voters in such precincts and query them if any voted for Romney. A single sworn “yes” statement from a “no” vote precinct should be sufficient to demand a new election, using paper ballots, with lawyer “poll watchers” representating the parties and closely supervised counting of the votes. If the issue was widespead, entire state elections should be redone, using paper ballots, and then have the Electorial College reconvene and either valid the present election or publish their new findings. If the recount could not be concluded by 20 January, both the President and his VP should be required to step down and let the established rules of succession apply, until the election was finalized. (I suspect that will not carry the day)

  • The Floorguy

    Ask Ron Paul about the diebold machines!
    They were rigged in that fiasco, put in place by the establishment republicans.

  • The Floorguy

    Ask Ron Paul about the diebold machines.
    They were rigged for the GOP Establishment, during the primaries.

  • wtram46

    See Obama cheated!!!

  • The Wolf

    OUR COUNTRY WAS STOLEN FROM US THIS ELECTION!!! This is how it begins! Rounding up civilians and putting them in death camps! MY GOD WAKE UP!

  • jb80538

    Exactly why we need to do away with electronic ballots!

  • Paul Brown

    Anybody with a brain knows that this entire election was only a matter of formality to go through the motions and make us feel like we tried. This thing was fixed from day one, I have been saying it right from the start, don’t put anything past them and the media was in on it from the begining and the courts were silent about it even though they knew it was happening. It was fixed from the white house right on down to the poll workers, because many stuffed the ballot boxes with thousands of fraudulent votes and didn’t care. They all should be held accoutable and thrown in prison and fined $ 250,000 each and prohibited from ever working around or beings involved in any elections or running for any office ever again. Unfortunately they don’t have the guts to do that and the media should be held as an acomplence to it all as well and fined $100 million dollars and maybe they would think twice about what they did also.

  • Jon

    I am a died in the wool conservative, and I take exception to your headline……..this guy did not “ADMIT” he “stated” open and above board, he also said that he had been asked to do it and exposed a government official in criminal activity. That is something well beyond an extracted admission that you infer what is the action before the court , is going any where / why or why not …. get it together dude lack of specifics and underplaying has out biggest down fall and the countries greatest loss.



  • 1American1st

    Is there a Petition on the White House site for a new paper ballot vote? Oh, that’s right, BHO’s computers programmers would probably rig that, too.

  • 1American1st

    This election had far more reaching consequences than just Obama getting elected. Look at how many Democrats were “elected” to replace Republicans in our House & Senate, in our city, county & state elections.
    I knew immediately after the election it was fixed. There is no way REAL polling companies were that far off with Romney leading or tying the day before the election. No way! No way Obama won!

  • Mike Travis

    This was posted in Nov 12 but it deals with fraud from 2000.

  • CalIdaGirl

    What I found so strange about this election is the number of Counties that voted 100% for Obama where Romney did not receive one single vote. Conversely, Romney did not have one County vote for him 100% and that was in States and Counties that were totally RED. I thought the probabilities of this skew was odd. It would seems to me that software could be written that analyzed the key strokes versus the actual count to see if those machines were actually automatically defaulting to one candidate or another.

  • Wendell Fountain

    The Spanish company, SCTYL, which has an office in Tampa, FL, actually developed the software used in this election. That was my greatest fear, because Spain is a socialist country. I asked my Republican congressional representative to explain why we needed the Spanish to develop the software used in our election when we are the leaders of the world in software development. He did his usual dance around the question, and then he assured me that the votes were not going to be counted in Spain. Repeatedly, I sent him emails which encouraged him to inform his colleages of the dangers of using this software, but he stopped answering me. There has been sufficient evidence that this election was stolen, and this matter should have the highest priority, along with Benghazi, in Congress regarding investigations. I’m going to write him again today and make this suggestion. The way I look at it, he will have to run again in 2014, and perhaps he will have someone who can successfully challenge him.

  • stopthebitching


    So now all you Righ-wing Repubs are spreading the rumor that nowadays
    there is “Fraud” to keep a Blackman IN Office as opposed to Fraud to get
    him “OUT”!! LOL…this is ridiculous !!! Get over it!! You LOST this
    Time….Accept it…Move ON…

    and if you Put all this Energy towards
    working TOGETHER…Our Country would be much better off!!! You are what
    is known as … “SORE LOSERS”…if you don’t win….boo hooo…must be
    “fraud”….PLEASE!!! GET OVER IT!!!

    • safari1024

      I’m an independant, but a few hours of research convinced me that there had definately been a significant amount of fraud in this election. After the 2008 primary many of Hillary’s supporters claimed that fraud had occurred during that primary.
      Perhaps instead of mocking people you should open your mind instead. What this witness testified to is completely within the realm of possibility. I suggest you research the history of Chicago politics. Fraud has been a long tradition there.

      • trutth!

        Yes it has been a long time tradition here!! On BOTH SIDES!

        • dghealy

          and one side is excoriated for it and one side is not.

    • dghealy

      If this is true, why would it not be of interest to you or to anyone?

  • Tom

    This is from 2000

  • Tom

    Actually this is Clinton Curtis testimony from 2004.

  • smartman


  • georgiaspur

    Not sharing because there is nothing here to validate this testimony. Do not know anyones name, nor do you see anyones face. So it could be a “skit” put together by anyone. These could be actors. If this is a true item please tell when, where and who these people are.

  • John Randall

    Instead of being all over Obama and all his underhanded voting schemes the news media is all over Romney for one of his excuses for why he thought he lost. So the news media is using that as a distraction from all of Obama’s cheating This guy is no more a president than i am, To see the day the drag him out of there kicking and screaming

  • gypsy314

    Like I said Obama has a chance to leave peacefully or face impeachment by the people and it dame well better happen.

  • TheSunDidIt

    Every state needs to use Oklahoma’s machines and voting rules. We don’t get much if any “dead” people voting (it makes sense that the Zombies would all vote demoncratic). We have a combination of a physical card you have to physically mark and personally put into the voting machine with an electronic tally system. All are constantly cross-checked for validity. And, we require you to prove you are who you say you are and that you’re registered to vote at the precinct where you’re voting.

  • MenckensGhost

    “He who votes does not have the power. He who counts the votes has the

    power.” … Joseph Stalin

  • Ann Waters

    Today there are still 67,000 UNCOUNTED votes in AZ. This election was a fraud. And we police other countries’ elections??? What a joke.

  • Amy

    We need to have a do over of the election with paper ballots and ID’s. This is the only way to prevent fraud with both political parties standing watch. This election was a sham! I knew that it was major voter fraud. It was just too slick the way the votes all came in so quickly. The military vote has not even been counted. If we do not have a do over of the election then impeach the president and all his cabinet.

  • elvisearp

    Odd, isn’t it? The party that tried passing voter suppression laws is now accusing the President of fixing the election. Perhaps if the US marked an X on a paper ballot and had those ballots counted by human beings with scrutineers in the room, there would be no way any election could be rigged. It is totally ridiculous to have different voting methods in different states all across the country. I agree that elections could probably be rigged, and the election in 2000 is a prime example of one which probably was…and the result was the most inept president in the history of the country. Get over it, Republicans. You lost. Despite all the dirty money from the Koch Brothers and numerous other rich guys who pay almost no tax, you lost. And now those same one percenters are going to have to pay at least a little more in tax. Boo Hoo!

  • Paul

    I have no doubt that this election was rigged. Obama himself even hinted at the fix being in when he was caught on an open mic saying to the Russian president that “WHEN he’s reelected, he’d have more flexibility”. “When”, NOT “if”. He knew even then that he’d be reelected, which tells me this whole “election” was a farce from start to finish. Will anything happen about it? Of course not! We have lost our country, and we can’t even look to the Supreme Court to protect us from dictatorial laws.

  • Get Facts

    Umm… you do know that this video is from 2004 and in reference to the republicans rigging the vote for G. W. Bush in Ohio.

  • Betty Porter

    Either they do something to prevent voter fraud or we the people can vote sooo much, like a billion votes and then what will they do?

  • Craig Brockman

    FYI – This is a 7 year old video – and this guy Curtis is a Democrat that unsuccessfully ran against Feeney. Though I believe that a program exists, and given the opportunity that the Dem’s would use it – I question Curtis’ intentions with his testimony – I would like to have seen a neutral person to make such a testimony.

  • Maggie Benjamin

    What we can do is sign this petition ( ) demanding a recount and/or a new election. Sign it now! The Electoral College votes on Dec 18th.

  • Eric Mcclintock

    voter id laws are the only way.

  • Karen Bland

    Uhm, this video is about the 2004 election in Ohio. It suggests Bush stole the election, not Obama.

  • Ethan Kopelman

    you dumbasses do realize that the voting machines are largely controlled by heavy republican donors right? And you do realize that in 2004 exit polls in Ohio and Florida showed John Kerry 5-7 points ahead of Bush. I’m not a big believer in rigged voting, but if it happens it’s a lot more likely that it would favor the right

  • Ethan Kopelman

    even more amazingly insane is that this testimony was taken in 2004 to show that REPUBLICANS rigged elections. you people are beyond stupid

  • Wicasta

    Idiots. What’s left unsaid about this video is that it’s about a guy who was hired by Republicans to rig the election, and it’s talking about the 2004 election, not the 2012 election. Get your facts straight before you start foaming at the mouth about things you obviously know nothing about.

  • BentDemocrat

    A lot of interesting comments here.

    So you want to see fair elections? Good luck with that.

    There was no real forward thinking done when these changes were proposed and then made to the way elections are conducted. As a computer professional i knew it would be much easier to change votes if the ballot and tabulating machines were computers. But I’m not famous and all my warnings were either laughed at or met with blank stares.

    I know paper ballots sound like a good idea, but the fact is even with a paper ballot a computer is employed to actually count those votes. The only time a punch ballot is reviewed is if there’s a problem with that particular ballot.

    There are so many places were the vote can be changed it’s not funny. Worse it takes very few lines of code to change a vote and most of the people employed to handle those votes would not be able to spot vote changing code even if they looked right at it.

    I’d be interested to know how Karl Rove did it in Ohio 2000 and 2004.

  • Lauren

    I am still SICK over the fraud that took place in this past presidential election of 2012! Isn’t AG Eric Holder outraged?!? Sarcasm here… Until those in authority have the COURAGE to take action and bring charges, our elections are all going to be a sham. Once they get away with it once, they will continue to do it. I’m 100% convinced that election fraud was a HUGE part of why Obama won again. There were far too many discrepancies, too many voters who showed up to vote vs. registered voters, and several precincts where Gov. Romney did not receive ONE vote. I’m no math genius, but that is statistically impossible!!! Our system is corrupt and the American people need to DEMAND LOUDLY to prosecute these violations of FRAUD! God help us!

  • Lauren

    Please get involved! Currently Obama is trying to ram through amnesty for illegals with the aid of his own party (no surprise there), but also sellout RINO’s like Sen. Marco Rubio (RINO-FL), Sen. John McAmnesty McCain (RINO-AZ), Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC), etc. The “Gang of Eight” (four Dem’s, four RINO’s) are hellbent on ramming through a “pathway to citizenship” — the new friendlier term for AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS! Please get involved. Check out: Sign up to have Numbersusa fax on your behalf faxes to your US and state senators and rep’s. If we don’t speak up NOW, and that means RIGHT NOW — over this weekend and early next week, these American traitors are trying to sellout for votes for the next election. The Dem’s just keep promising free stuff (that taxpayers pay for!) to the illegals, and the RINO’s are in the “me, too” mode — trying to pander for votes. This is exactly why the Republicans lost. Sadly, Gov. Romney would have turned this mess around as he was my former governor and he was consistently conservative. Supposed conservatives are our own worst enemies! The supposed conservative talking heads like Rush, Hannity, Levin (one of the better ones) were too busy bashing Romney for not being “conservative enough” during the primaries, all while Obama and gang were merrily bashing him as well, uncontested! Where was all that PAC money being raked in by Karl Rove, Freedomworks, etc.?!? Conservatives — please do your own research. I tried telling everyone that ANYONE could KNOW what now US Sen. Marco Rubio is all about by his VOTING RECORD and PAST ACTIONS AS THE FORMER FL SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE! Rubio blocked every attempt to push for E-Verify, cracking down on illegals, etc. If we keep drinking the kool-aid on the right, we are no better than the suckers on the left who believe and listen to the crap on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, all the lamestream media channels. And, don’t trust Fox News. They are already in line to support the amnesty for illegals effort. I don’t even watch Fox anymore. Wake up America before it’s too late! I fear it already might be unless there is a HUGE AWAKENING AND PEOPLE START SPEAKING OUT!!!! TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY NOW!!!! GET INVOLVED! Find your elected officials at: It’s a non-partisan website encouraging voter participation. If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the PROBLEM!!! God Bless America!

  • Nathan51

    Every single one involved in any from of election fraud should spend the rest of their rotten lives under a prison starting at the very top!!!!

  • Death2Unions

    A Marxist State tends to get bloody for citizens. Their blood.

  • p21rev67

    Obama and ALL the CROOKED DEVILS in the OBAMA camp are all going to experience true justice at some point in time for the MASSIVE FRAUD perpetrated against the American citizens who for the most part are hard working innocent people trying to experience the American Dream.With Obama, America’s citizens have and are continuing to experience the Obama NIGHTMARE until law and Justice catch up with Obama.Fortunately for the American citizen,a GOD of Justice does exist and His name IS NOT allah but YAHWEH,which is the real name of GOD from the Old Testament.To the great FEARFUL disappointment of Obama and his hoarde of evil doers,YAHWEH,as the the Judge over His Universe which He created WILL NOT ALLOW Obama,the habitual Liar and deceiver just as his father Satan. YAHWEH the enemy of evil and evil doers according to the BIBLE will NEVER allow Obama to get away with all the crimes he has committed in YAHWEH’s UNIVERSE.Time is NOT on Obama’s side.Justice WILL at some point reach out and SMACK Obama in his face to the Joy of every suffering American! True Justice IS on it’s way.

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