Pro-Union Bob Beckel Blames Failed Volkswagen Vote on Racism And…Hitler?

Democratic strategist Bob Beckel on Tuesday joined with other pro-union pundits in blaming United Auto Workers’ stunning defeat at the hands of Volkswagen workers last week on cultural bias, going so far as to invoke the automaker’s past with Nazi Germany. Wrap This Segment Up!: Watch What Happens to Cable News Debate on UAW Vote After Guest Brings Up Volkswagens Long, Storied History With Hitler. “Let’s face it,” Beckel said on Fox News Tuesday, “Volkswagen has the kind of unionization it does because V.W. had a long, storied history with Hitler and the Nazis.” Fox News’ Bill Hemmer and Andrea Tantaros responded with audible groans and urged Beckel to leave it at that. “Bill, wrap this segment up,” said Tantaros, one of Beckel’s co-hosts on Fox’s “The Five.” “We don’t have enough time,” Hemmer said, directing his comment at Beckel.


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