‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Think Apple’s iPhone 6 Is Worth Over $7500

On the last day of 2014, The Price Is Right decided to see if its contestants could accurately name the price of an iPhone 6. Host Drew Carey presented a 16GB iPhone 6 with a one-year calling and data plan. As anyone who has watched this daytime game show knows, the four contestants had to guess closest to the price without going over. The first contestant, who apparently thought Apple products are worth way more than they actually are, guessed a whopping $7,500. The second contestant thought that bid was pretty solid so went with $7,501. The third and fourth came back down to Earth with their bids with $850 and $930, respectively. “I hope the marketing people are Apple are watching this,” Carey remarked, before revealing the actual price was $1,169.

via Mediaite

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