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President Obama’s New Year’s Resolutions

  • AtlasShrugged11

    Screw America…..oh wait he did that already!

    • davienne

      and still is…and will for the next 4 FUBAR years

      • Combat Veteran Seabee


  • don

    Who gives a rats ass

  • DockyWocky

    $1 Trillion platinum coins with Obama’s face on both sides.

    • Sarah

      Who wants to look at him???

  • Don

    His resolution should be, You patriots of America suck, i’m going home to Kenya.

  • davienne

    new years resolution ???… how about resign ???

    • Dale Tibbett

      How about a 7.62 through his head?

      • davienne

        only if its self inflicted….

  • pduffy

    Frankly I am tired of the phrase “President Obama”. It’s more accurately, “Usurper Sorobarka”.

    • davienne

      that… and the first lady… those 2 phrases makes my blood pressure rise to the debt/deficet level..

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    His true resolution? EFFIN SCREW AMERICA!!!!!

    • Rose-Marie Noa

      When did he stop doing that????? That’s been his plan all along!!! Both he & that ugly wife of his!!!

  • Michael Laborde

    No wonder we are in trouble, the loones are out in droves spreading their loonesy by the bucket full.

  • StarDust Dolittle

    World bankers are going to have obama run the third term and it does not matter to we the people.

    • s


    • panors77

      BO has to get rid of the term limit first, but yep…..I can see him going after that then martial law along with total gun confiscation, then he’s in the WH for life.

  • Lowell Earl Sharrah

    contract pancreatic cancer and die.

  • pointdan

    After that montage of morons, we see why the marxist kenyan was re-elected.
    Morons – everyone of them.
    My suggestion: recount the number of States in the Union (not 57 Barack) and then return home to Kenya for good.
    BTW – not 57 states but there are “57 States of Islam” !! He is such a good muslim . . . .

    • Jim Martin

      Obama said there were 57 states that he had visited and he still had one to go so he thinks there are 58. Kenya being one of them.

  • The_American_Way

    Low information voters!

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Revealing politics … certainly revealing the profound thinking of my fellow citizens! (yes, that is sarcasm – there was no profundity exhibited by my fellow citizens who were interviewed, but lots of superficiality).

  • Harold

    I could only wish that he would make a resolution to resign and go anyplace but America.

  • urstrange

    new years resolution??? ES&D!

  • Papa Lee

    He will probably hire more hollywood comedians to come up with additional ideas on how to screw the America public. His current crop is running out of ideas. I am positive there is much more to come.

  • wandaz

    He can say whatever he wants but what I hear is “I’m gonna screw America any way I can and 51% are going to like it!”

    • believe

      Him being a HOMOSEXUAL , your remark will only apply mto the men.

  • Wolf-Talker-1

    The best idea was the one about getting rid of a do nothing Congress!

    • panors77

      Well…he’s a do nothing president….they come as a set, LOL.

  • Red

    Don’t you wish you had voted so you wouldn’t have to listen to this pompous dictaor for another God knows how long?

  • madmax

    declare himself as chancellor of america…..and must be saluted as heil obama

  • Tina

    ” SCREW AMERICA” like a good comunist. That is his only resolution.. and he is doing a hell of a job of it so far.

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