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President Obama, What is Your Plan?

  • G Gray

    4 years and still Obama has no plan because he never hafd one to begin with, we are so screwed! thanks to you Obamamites!

    • Melba Simmons Rowland

      Which comes first te Budget or te Plan…..oh wait I forgot, he doesn’t have either!

    • panors77


  • antiliberalcryptonite

    He don’t got one. 0blama phone!

  • gwa in ak

    It’s more than the idiot president. I don’t see any politician in D.C. that has the balls to call it what it is. It’s time to clean house starting from local to state government. If anyone who represents your district has their head so far up obamas ass that can’t see the light of day,then they need to be voted out. Remember that these local politicians promise the district that they represent that they will do this or that, and they usually do. But as a nation as a whole they could give a shiit less. Time to clean house local and state. Hopefully someone with balls will finally tell it like it is.

  • Clarity Jane

    I am so disappointed in the Romney/Conservative/Republican message. We’ve got to hit the airwaves with visual facts–like the last 20 seconds of this video. I’m not giving any more money to the lame message of the conservatives like:Obamacare needs to be repealed. Come on,make a commercial that says Page___ Paragraph__ says “this, this, and this” instead of “its bad and we need to get rid of it.” Without specifics, it’s all about who’s the “coolest”–we lose that every time.

  • Susitna

    His plan is he will eat turkey and we will eat carrots

  • Mort Leith

    He doesn’t NEED a plan,, he has a majority IGNORANT voter base that is giddy when he promises FREE stuff and divides the country against White people and those EVIL ones that WORK ! ! !

    How dare they WORK and make lazy generational welfare leeches look and feel bad about being LAZY and LEECHES !

    Not to mention the libTard teachers and professors that teach liberal socialistic ANTI-Logic and how The American Dream and Free Capitalsim (which btw is what made this country GREAT and why everyone in the world wants to come here) is BAD BAD BAD ……

  • R Stone

    puppet in chief needs his strings cut .. and the puppeteers need to be exposed , their game exposed, .

  • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

    illigitimate usurper of the office of the presidency – “What is your plan?”.

  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    GREAT Video! Well done. These kind of simple, no nonsense kinds of messages need to be delivered to Americans everyday and reinforced with like messages constantly. It seems as though the American Public has the attention span of a housefly…and the Criminal known as Obama knows it.

    In terms of the message to Comrade Obama, his Marxist Cadre in the White House and Democrat Morons in Congress: We have a Spending Problem Stupid!

  • good160

    less gov is what it will take. we have to much gov. fire half it’s cheeper to give them food stamps. reduce the pay to market pay only. it wont be long then we will see the light of day and be paying our bill’s.

  • Greg T Beaty

    Obama’s plan is to bankrupt our country. Why in the hell would anybody voted for this man I will never know. I wonder what they are going to do when the free stuff run out and work begins.

  • Arizonalibhater

    That communist spook has a plan alright, one to finnish the country for good.

  • Linda Sills

    You mean, you have not figured out the evil one’s plan yet? He is out to crush America. And he is doing one hell of a job already.

  • R.Young

    Does anybody remember in the beginning was THE PLan?

  • Nellie3

    He never planned to have a plan. He wants to destroy America while all the time saying he is trying to save the middle class and the poor. Taking from those who earned money is theft and he should have been talking about jobs but do you ever hear him say “I am trying to get you jobs”? No, while taking from the rich will solve nothing but a few days of government spending my conclusion is in the end he is trying to destroy every American. When the goodies run out there will be a revolution so hold on to your hats because that is all you will be left with. All who voted for him are sheep and I haven’t heard what exactly they voted for that he was running on. He was running as “eye candy” and you are going to get very bitter goods from this person that no one really knows. How stupid can Americans be?????

    • suzy2

      We have a lot of really illiterate ghetto people who are so ignorant they only vote on race because the don’t understand anything else. Many have the brain of a child that never matured. This is fact.

  • ARMYOF69

    When the hell is he LEAVING MY country?

  • Hank

    How many times do I need to speed out his plan. He is going to bankrupt America!! That is why he is not listening to anyone who wants him to cut spending. He only listens to people who are willing for him to raise taxes, so that he has more money to spend! That all folks!

    • suzy2

      The regime will go underground when Americans begin too riot amounst ourseleves, Obama promoting race riots etc. Then when they feel there are fewer of us to controll they will come back from underground. It’s all in the plan.

  • dennis.

    You voted for him.Nothing has changed.what did you think he was going to do?

  • suzy2

    Never mind Obama’s plan. Whatever it is it can not be good. Conservatives should work out a plan to get rid of Obama and his muslim friends, from Office. He is a liar, incompetant, and destructive to America! Period. He forged the election and Obama should not even be in Office. He got to the office fraudulently. That should be enough to throw him out of office!!!!!! Inaughuration??? That is a joke. How can Obama be sworn in when he has not been vetted properly and he can not speak an honest word when he opens his mouth. SO HOW CAN A SNEAKY LIAR BE SWORN IN TO RUN THIS COUNTRY. GET RID OF OBAMA

    • joepotato

      The Obama regime is anything but incompetent. That’s what they want you to believe while they systematically take the country apart.

      • suzy2

        I know this about the regime, but our American leaders can claim Obama incompetent to run this country (per Constitution) If they had the guts to do so. The problem is our leaders are spineless. There are hundreds of reasons to Impeach Obama, and those in the Senate (that block Impeachment) that do not uphold our Constitution. they too can be Impeached right along with Obama

  • panors77

    Hey….how bout that new AMT tax coming up Janurary 1st eh?? PHEH!

  • tiredofsocializm

    Obama’s plan is to let us go over this so called fiscal clif. Think about it people, Defense and social programs will be cut that they can claim was not thier fault because of Repubicans refusal to cave in and everyones taxes will go up so that will ease the deficit and then they can start their spending spree all over again. On top of this the main stream press and all the goofs who are too stupid to see how devious this President is and the Party he affiliates himself with and will continure to love him. because he is there “Lord and savior”. What garbage! If the Republicans cave in to him shame on them!

  • joepotato

    Of course the “Resident” has a plan but it’s not an original. It’s called the Cloward/Piven strategy and it’s designed to collapse an economic system such as ours, so another more controlling statist ( totalitarian or Marxist) system can be implemented. Why do you think they ordered all those hollow points. These people are not stupid or incompetent. They are dangerous!The “Resident” is a puppet of the controlling financial interests (foreign) that need to re-do the USA to implement their plan. The fix was in, now we need to keep our heads and see if there is any legal solution to the dilemma. There may not be depending on what state you live in. The next move will be by those that take it.

  • Bob Marshall

    You must have not read either THE ROOTS OF OBAMA’sRAGE,THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER or Audacity of Hope. He never hid his plans or the reason for them. publications like whistleblower pointed this out before he was elected the first time. Too many either didn’t care or were preoccupied. Ignorance about Obama and his plans for America was a choice. The facts were everywhere. youtube had put out some excellent informative videos. the fact pointed out in the movie 2016 should have been know long before by those who call themselves patriots. Millions of Americans have not only been dumbed down by the corporate controlled news media, the governments propaganda machine,but students in our public schools as well. This should be alarming. 25% of high school graduates have been found to be functionality illiterate.

  • maryfitt

    what a dumb question. if you do not know what his plan is by now then you are as stupid as a bag of nails. another 4 years of aragant, clever, lying, flag hating, constitution hating, hates America and fundamentally wants to change it, I can go on and on, what else do you need?

  • maryfitt


  • Rocketchip

    B.O. fiddles while Rome burns.

  • wizard

    The plan is for the destruction of The Republic to be replaced by a socialist order with BO and his comrads in total control of the poor ignorant proletatiat. All else are just the means to be used to reach the goal!

  • CalifTaxPayer

    His plan is to Destroy the United States Of America. He hates America and wants to change it into a Dictatorship w/him being the Dictator. That is why he is so chummy w/the Dictators of other countries. Hello((((((((( He’s a Wanna-B-Dictator

  • Phil

    Why isn’t the GOP running this video as an ad on all major TV stations??
    Those mental midgets who voted for 4 more years of misery ought to know that their ‘man’ Oduma doesn’t have a freakin’ clue about how to govern … and he’s turning the once great USA into a banana republic.

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