The Power of Prayer: Most People Missed this Video of Donald Trump

Pastor Paul Goulet is the senior pastor of the International Church of Las Vegas. GOP nominee for President, Donald Trump stopped by.  What happened next has a lot of folks praying right along with the church members but it has liberals and judgmental Christians crying foul for all the wrong reasons.

Donald Trump has a destiny. Whatever is in God’s plans for his life will unfold as it was written. We are not to cast judgement upon how his past may not have been the straight and narrow. As fellow Christians we are to pray for him and ask God to help him understand HIS Word.

The liberals and more have come out of the woodwork to bash Trump, not only for his past, but also for his present. While we are to honor the Lord in all things, we are not to be judgmental. Oh and we are sure to get panned with that statement. The point is why would anyone not want to heap more faith, scripture, and blessings on this man. He is a new Christian based on the word of beloved Pastor Jeffries and more. Are we not to help those who are new in Christ?

Donald Trump is not perfect. We are not perfect. No one is perfect except the Lord Almighty. Many people have unresolved issues with Trump from the primaries. Why continue to harbor the hate? When we allow the hate to fester it hurts us more than the ones who have offended/hurt us. Let go and Let God. Pray without ceasing. This has all been predetermined and we know how it all ends.

We hope all those who watch this are blessed and we pray that the good Lord allows His will to be done on November 8th, 2016.

Let He Who Is Without Sin, Cast The First Stone.

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