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Police Chief: “I Will Not Enforce Any Law That Goes Against The 2nd Amendment!”

  • Robert Gunther

    I commend Police Chief Mark Kessler and stand with him to
    defend and protect the Constitution.

    • JC

      I’d like to be the first to second that.

  • Jeff

    A true patriot!

  • Frank L Rice PhD

    I will stand with you Cheif Kessler, God bless and keep you safe. We are with you!

    • DAVEY2

      Thank GOD for people like the chief. We are with you.

  • trustedstar1

    This molly smith who organized this moronic march is clueless. Ignorance is bliss amongst idealists. Get this and remember it America,,,,ONLY 4 handguns were used at Sandy Hook. NO so called semi-automatic rifle was used. If you don’t believe me,,go research this your self. They found the AR-15 in the trunk of the dude’s mothers car in whom he murdered,”with a handgun earlier”. Don’t let the media fool you folks. The libtards won’t let a good tragedy go to waist. They will lie and make up facts and distort the TRUTH. Again,,,NO SEMI-AUTOMATIC RIFLE WAS USED AT THE SANDY HOOK TRAGEDY. NO assault rifle was used either. An AR-15 semi-automatic rifle was found, IN THE TRUNK OF the killers mom’s vehicle AFTER the shootings. Bunch of liars who try to promote an agenda at the expense of our rights.

    • Mort Leith

      Correct, ODumbo and his Commie Media constructed this story cuz the Fast n Furious scandal didn’t work…

      No so-called “Assault’ weapon was used,, in fact, I would really like to place my ASSAULT Foot up theirA55 for making up such a propaganda word to further their commie agenda

    • Peaver Bogart

      It wasn’t an AR15 in the trunk. I think it was a MINI14. I watched the video of the cop that found it and he pulled the bolt back from the side. An AR15 pulls from the rear of the rifle

      • JC

        There’s some opinions that it was a semi auto shotgun too. I have one and the bolt / slide action is on the side also. One thing it “wasn’t” was an AR.

    • Arizona_Don

      You are correct in the fact it was reported that way. However, it was mistakenly reported that way. The AR-15 was used. It was the shotgun that was left in the trunk. Read the coroners report. Sorry but facts are facts.

      • JC

        And where did they find the AR? And who were the other two guys arrested? And where did the additional pair of handguns come from? More questions than answers here, just like 911.

        • Arizona_Don

          Supposedly in the building. However, non of us know for sure what happened. How can we unless we were there and a part of the investigation? Consequently, I’m just as confused as anyone else. We only know what we are told by unscrupulous reporters (left wing press) and unethical government agencies. However, the coroners report is a legal document (I know that really makes no difference either). All seem to have a single purpose. That being to create distrust of each other and a split in our localities in each other. It is I’m sure part of the divide and conquer concept first suggested by Cloward and Piven and being carried out very well by this administration.

  • Michael Kennedy

    But what exactly does that mean? You see, Scalia got it wrong – the 2d Amendment does not define the fundamental right of all to possess weapons to protect themselves, their families, their homes and hearth and others. To be sure, that fundamental right exists, it was recognized by the Framers, it predated the framing of the Constitution, but it is of the class of rights perceived in the Declaration [inalienable right associated with freedom and pursuit of happiness], and protected by the 9th Amendment. The 2d Amendment was intended to be a federalism guarantee amendment that allowed people to own their own arms for protection of us all against national government evisceration of states’ rights. Scalia got it right that the framers recognized the fundamental right of gun possession, but he got the location of its recognition wrong, and his error is wrapped up in the inability of most to understand the difference between constitutional rights [those enumerated] and fundamental rights [some of the constitutional rights are fundamental also, some are not, and many fundamental rights are not listed anywhere]. I presume the chief is intending to mean he will not enforce any law that goes against the fundamental right of gun possession by all citizens/people, and not merely the 2d Amendment right associated with repelling the usurpatious national government. I shall discuss all of this in my presentation to the Murrieta/Temecula Republican Assembly on March 1 in Temecula.

    • Mort Leith

      WRONG !

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Just your name lowers any credibility!

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      So, why must you interdict another Amendment to prove your point? Because on the merits of each Amendment that are questioned soley, you don’t stand a chance! Effin lawyer type crap that America is EXTREMELY TIRED OF. ESPECIALY THE KENNEDY’S! GO THE F>>K AWAY! BUT DON’T KILL ANOTHER$ INNOCENT PLEASE! MARY JO KOPPEKNE!

    • kaline

      I’d run that by Mark Levin if I were you

  • Jesse Ranee

    Chief Kessler and those others who have openly stood against those who would undermine the 2nd Amendment are to be commended as real heros of our time.

  • Debra JM Smith

    The second amendment came to be for times like these.

  • Mort Leith

    Thank God that we still have real Patriots in this country that refuse to be bullied by these Communists like the libTard Media and the ODumbo and Dummycrat Anti-American traitors !

  • Jerry Shuck

    Amen brothers! We’re with you. May God bless and keep you safe as you stand up for our God given rights!!

  • Mark Barnes

    Got your back Chief Kessler. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

  • Bull57

    I would like to see a bill that repeals current gun laws. They want more, I want less!!

  • Guest

    Chief Mark Kessler is a true and great American. I commend him for his brave stance. Honor is worth more than any job or position.

    All law enforcement and military personnel take an oath to enforce and uphold the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America. To violate that oath would render them as being as phony as Obama and his minions. Thank you to our brave military and law enforcement fellow AMERICANS for being honorable and standing by their oath.

    Like always, you will be on the front lines as first responders to protect your fellow Americans from tyranny. We, the American people, got your backs. God’s speed! God bless! And God help us all.

  • Career Soldier

    Thank you Chief Kessler for taking a stand on foolish legislation and proposals of those who cannot read or understand what the Second Amendment stands for. March On, Stand and Fight.

    • Paul Metcalf

      The laws that they have made in the past are as unconstitutional as the ones they want to make now, so we do not follow or obey or recognize any law that is unconstitutional any of the ones before or after or to come. THEY ARE ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL, ALL OF THEM

  • Dave Miller

    Awesome Chief Kessler. As a fellow LEO in Delaware I stand with you.
    Molon Labe

  • Robert Cosenza

    we the people,who are the real government.police chief mark kessler,we applaud and commend you sir,all we the people by me will stand with you sir,we the people should start a politician control bill,

  • mrsawdust

    We need more people with a backbone to stand up to Obama. What we need is that Impeachment charges be brought against this fraud president

    • John

      Wa wa whine whine. You LOST – get over it.

      • billl77

        get lost turd

      • Arizona_Don

        The chief in this case is correct in his decision. I, as I’m sure many other do, applaud him. Everyone, who is not a traitor to America will support his decision. Furthermore, I applaud those Pennsylvanians who also stand with him. After all he is only living up to his oath of office.

        The question is are you a traitor?

      • mrsawdust

        No John, with Obama as president we are all looses

      • LLinLa

        John, you’re sadly confusing “whine” with “warning.” There is a distinct difference much like when Thomas Jefferson “whines”:

        “No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason
        for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last
        resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government”
        — Thomas Jefferson, 1 Thomas Jefferson Papers, 334

        • JC

          “Tyranny is defined as that which is
          legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.”
          ~ Thomas Jefferson

          • LLinLa

            I missed that one. Thanks, JC.

      • janinelargent

        Brilliant commentary. You should consider go into broadcasting with those opinions you’d fit right in. Another example of fine liberal public education.

      • brabbie2002

        Sir..Is that you again, oblowhole? Everytime I get on a site that is trying its best to bolster our freedoms and give some relief to the populace, this guy shows up with a different name and call sign, but always with the same message – oblowhole is the saviour incarnate and will save us all from our wrongful thinking. How long have you tried this ploy and how long will it continue? This is a site for true Americans that defend the Constitution as it is written – not a site for people like you that want the gubb’ment to wipe their butts and blow their noses from cradle to grave. Some of us want our personal – GUARANTEED by the Constitution – freedoms to live our lives without gubb’ment interference…If this goes against your beliefs and pokes fun or takes personal potshots at your personal “saviour”, then, why sir, are you on this site to begin with? Why aren’t you over monotoring the sheeple on some liberal, anti-Constitutional site?

      • Daniel Wolfe

        get lost ahole!

  • Charles McVey

    I stand with this Chief and every other Officer, and Soldier who refuses to go against their oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemy’s foreign and domestic. I took that oath in 1960 and it does not have an expatriation date attached to it.

  • Guest

    The age of anarchy has arrived. And its birthplace is our White House.

    • John

      No this Sheriff is the anarchist. He’s saying that he will interpret laws the way he thinks fit instead of as interpreted by the Supreme court.

      • William McClure

        Well the Supreme Court needs to stick with the Constitution and quit reading into it garbage that isn’t there like the mythical wall of separation of church and state.

        • William McClure

          The sheriff is not the anarchist in this picture. He is interpreting the Constitution exactly as it should be interpreted.

      • JC

        Nope! The good Sheriff is tho one NOT interpreting the Constitution, which by the way, needs no interpretation. The Supreme Court is as guilty as sin in doing so.

  • mtmountainman

    A lot of police, sheriffs and military are taking this stance. We the people will not take a gun grab lying down. We are not Europe and the Libs aren’t smart enough to see the distinction. Lock and load and stand ready to defend our Constitution.

    • John

      And it’s all completely meaningless. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t even mention guns.

      • Arizona_Don

        What may I ask do you think bear arms means? Wearing a sleeveless shirt?

      • LLinLa

        You may have a point, John! “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free
        state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be
        infringed.” I guess the protrusions from our shoulders are protected and can’t be confiscated. You were educated in a gov’t school, huh?

      • JC

        So what does the term “Men at Arms” mean?
        Go back to Starbuck’s Johnnyboy…the other latte lickers are waiting for you.

      • madmemere

        John -Would you still think it “meaningless” if some bad guy was holding a gun to your head and there wasn’t a “good guy with a gun”, in sight, to save your worthless butt?

  • ruko

    This reporter should not leave his day job.

  • Endthedivision

    God bless you! Wish that all peace officers understood as you do. I hope our military is there also, the administration is now trying to cut military health benefits also. This issue should be what brings Americans together at a time when our intelligence agencies are telling us of the growing number of terrorist cells here in this country. Those without guns, should hope a few neighbors do have them, and keep them.

  • Delores109

    Thank you for defending and protecting the U.S. Constitution. As a citizen, I refuse to comply with any orders that attack our U. S. Constitution.
    Delores Smith

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Oblowhole has bitten the toe of the dragon, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! I love all of the “Official Discourse,” being thrown at him NOW!

  • GSoros

    Do NOT take the uniform off! That would play into their hand. Just like they are making troops life dificult, hoping they’ll quit. Stay in uniform and protect the constitution!
    O’s new gig is to rally his campaign volunteers into the streets protesting for MORE gun laws. Do not let it sway you!

    • Dave Miller

      Right on the Money

  • StarDust Dolittle


  • The Old Man

    I support him and others like him… thank god we have good men in these positions.

  • gbandy

    It just seems too many are ready to trash and destroy our Constitution. First it will be guns and certainly next would be the “Freedom of Speech”. Just look at the facts anyone who says “anything” against Obama is already a racist. Now it will be very cold when the day comes when someone can take my guns away. We are Americans and I am ready to defend my beliefs.

    • freebird777

      They have already infringed on our freedom of speech…quietly and sporadically….the political correctness is one way. Oh…by the way, only the liberals can get away with using any words they want and ignore that they have been offensive. When it comes to “freedom of speech”, the liberals are exempt. The conservatives, republicans and Christians are held accountable and swarmed on by the liberal media for weeks…rallying up their forces. If a liberal does it, it’s ignored. (What difference does it make now????) —–doesn’t have anything to do with the freedom of speech – but, just to show….liberals pretty much can do whatever the heck they want without being accountable, in words or actions. Thank You Sheriff Kessler for standing up for what is Right! We need More law enforcement on the same page as the Constitution and for the people. Corruptness is all around us…from the Judiciary to the President to the Senate, etc. We do NOT want to become defenseless against tyranny or protecting our loved ones. Stand Firm Sheriff Kessler and find more officers that are on the side of freedom to stand with you because, we the people, ARE.

  • kaline

    God Bless you Cheif Mark Kessler…We stand with you….
    Thank God we have people like you on our side.

  • George Vieto

    Thank you Mark Kessler for your service to law enforcement.

  • Sinatra98

    Chief Mark Kessler where are all the rest of the police officers like you, i dig you 100%
    So much BS coming out of the mouths of our glorious lawmakers who most of them are more than likely armed or have full protection around them at all times.
    The old saying good for me but not for you, pry it from my cold dead hands.

  • deadhead

    God Bless you and keep you safe, Chief Kessler.

  • Peaver Bogart

    God bless you Chief Kessler, Like you, I have taken the oath many times and I wiil NOT sway from it. Stay safe my friend.

  • Patricia

    God Bless you we all need to stand up.

  • whitebird

    That’s what I’m talking about! A man with courage that will fight for what is right. I’ll bet you he will have millions backing him up.

  • Dan from Ohio

    funny that no media is reporting that Feistein stated she wsas working on this bill for over a year,right around the same time that the Fast and furious scandal happened.Also the bill exempts retired policeman and government workers….[politicans]

  • TPCK353


  • Charlie

    Any legistrator or a president that thinks he is a king should really think more than twice about trying to stomp on our second amendment. For yoo see it is there to stop people like you it is an amendment to stop TYRANNY. What is tyranny? Answer : Tyranny> the absolute abuse of asbsolute government power. We are americans not to be bullied by our employees, yes senator, yes represenative and yes president you are our employees. This is how our country works. We are not a nanny state as you all are trying to make us.
    To the PD chief Mark Kessler you are a true american, thank – you for your service.

  • John

    Another right wing Republican idiot that doesn’t understand the Constitution. He doesn’t get the right to interpret it – that’s the job of the Supreme Court. More grandstanding to suck up to gun owners.

    • Guest

      He’s just following the Obama administration’s lead. What’s good for the White House is good for our house. Therein lies the anarchy and it comes from the top down. Fight fire with fire. Get it, lib?

    • Lloyd

      Hey John. You should reconsider what you say. The constitution that you speak of was not designed only for the benifit of the elite, Why do you think the language is so simple? It was designed for the general population of the U.S., or as you might want to call us, the peons or peasants. He has just as much right to interpret those writings as any other citizen. You don’t seem to realize that the scotus is employed by the people, or “peasants” just as are the rest of the government officials. So they have no more rights than anyone else. Those gun owners you speak of, well they are the same kind of people who fought for and often died just so you could post such an idiotic comment. So why are you still in front of a keyboard? Remember that when the usurpers come to take those rights away from you, that it will be those gun owners, and loyal Citizens like chief Kessler who will be defending your backside. People like you nwill be among the first to scream for help. What then? Not everyone has their head in the sand. Where do you have yours?

    • Lloyd

      BTW JohnYou seem to be interpreting one of those rights yourself. Do you belong to the scotus? If not, then why are you interpreting the first amendment by voicing your opinion in your post? Don’t forget you are as much a peasant as the rest of us. Just some food for thought.

    • William McClure

      And the Supremes have been doing a lousy job of it.

  • Thomas Wise

    You had best stand with Chief Kessler. Because he just took a stand for you.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Another patriot stands up for liberty!

  • Guest

    The line is being drawn in the sand. Get on one side or the other, now.

  • jack stuart

    While the shooting in the School was a disgusting aspect of our society this was / has been going on for a long time. This does not make it right, however what happend when the Muslim officer killed 13 people right in a Military base, he’s still in jail! and probably be said to be insane so they don’t have to put him to death…saving face with the Muslim world. I’d kill him in a New York minute and that’s what they should have done at the time. This is the second school to have a shooting and what has changed,,,just he people that were killed. Were did the guns come from? did his divorced father leave them in the house or was the Mother a gun enthustiase? and had them stored in the house?
    jack stuart

    • StephanieF

      According to CNN, and somone who was in the house a few months prior, the guns were locked up in the basement. Don’t forget this young man was a genius and probably had little trouble finding the combo or destroying the lock (not sure what type of lock/safe was used.)


    I stand as well-per the old bumper sticker, “they can take my guns when they pry my cold, dead fingers from them”….enough is enough

    As Jefferson said, “the beauty of the 2nd amendment is that it won’t be needed until they try to take it”
    There will be “hell to pay” if and when that day ever comes….

  • countyguard

    He’s right on the mark… no pun intended… he’ll have more soon…

  • Breeze13

    I’m a biker, and I, and many of us, will stand with the brave patriots to fight for the common good.

  • andy of Grants Pass

    I guess our sheriff here in Grants Pass OR Josphine County started something and I am PROUD of the ones that are standing tall.DOWN WITH THE O-CRAP HEAD Obama he is deturmend to brake the law of the land—he is so full of crap he is brown

  • Gospel Knight Rider

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Mr Lucky

    It’s easy, he simply won’t be police chief anymore! You gutless wonders won’t stand by him! Not if it costs you a little time and or money!

  • cedarcreekman

    Hitler called the hard liners radicals same as this Marxist, Muslim is trying to call us.He raaised his right hand last Monday and took an oath to defend the Constitution. He is a FRAUD and a supreme lier, the worst of the very worst. The Supreme Court has ruled the County Sheriff is the strongest law enforcer in this Country,OBOZO we have heard enought out of you and your mouth piece Diane, who some call a Senator, not me!!

  • sukhotai

    To the Chief, Outstanding. To the reporter, get an education as you sound like an idiot.

  • Donna MacDonald

    Good for him. Another Good Guy. We need every Sheriff in America to take this stand.

  • Paul Metcalf


  • janinelargent

    I’m moving to Gilberton, Pennsylvania!

  • marmo43

    this isn’t the only sheriff/official that has made statement to defend the 2nd amendment. i pray that every sheriff and military personnel will step up and support the american peoples constitutional right to bear arms. the double standard in this country is appauling. the senators/reps/president do not want to be unprotected but they want us to be. we are starting to see the tyrannical dictator in his true light. he is marxist/socialist and in his speech he was even more daring to expose his true agenda against america and all it stands for…

  • VeeDub57

    The Chief has obviously learned by example. Holder hasn’t obeyed they law, obama hasn’t Clinton hasn’t and the list in the District of Corruption goes on. They get to pick and choose which laws they obey and which parts of the Constitution they choose to enforce, so why can’t everybody else?

    In a Nation of laws, with a chain of command, laws start at the top and work their way down. If those in power have determined that laws don’t apply to them, then the rest of us may as well too! Is it right? NO! But neither are we a nation of elitists…. At least that’s not what the Founding Fathers gave us.

  • Joan

    Thank God, the people are finally waking up. Alleluia. Tyranny is here and thank God we have the guns to resist.

  • cyber_hackster

    That’s nice ’till you are looking down the muzzle of some Government Enforcers rifle——-

  • SFC

    Chief Kessler knows who he will becoming to for support and help. It will be his local citizens not the politicians. They will be held up inside luxuary they have miked public citizens for. It is not politicians we need to survice but real citizens.

  • brabbie2002

    God Bless you and keep you and yours, sir!!!

  • Charles Linda Bond

    Who is to protect our borders if our own government wont do it?

  • wmagg

    so what I want to know is how do I get the law enforcement in Colorado to pass a similar law in our state.

  • bobbi

    Everyone needs to get on board–the pres. is trying to chip away at things and, as I said before, all the congress, etc. that were elected, need to grow a pair and do something; people are waiting and willing to take a stand and it need to be done soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobbi

    Since the pres. is violating the Constitution, I think that the duty of the congress is to “do it’s duty”; maybe they all need to be reminded what their duties are and who they serve; a movement is upon us!!!

  • KittyKittyKit

    The ONLY THING that will save America from this COMMUNIST / MARXIST / MUSLIM EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the United State Government is if ALL THE PATRIOTS will arm themselves and carry their weapons every day in ALL PUBLIC PLACES and then support and defend one another AGAINST any public official, in any capacity, who try to disarm any American CITIZEN age 21 years of age and older who is not actively engaged in a crime, and charge that public official with TREASON in ACTIVELY participating in the OVERTHROW of the U.S. Constitution by INFRINGING THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Then arrest that public official, put them on trial, and if the evidence shows they are guilty of TREASON, then permanently EXPEL THEM from the country and zero out any benefits they would have received at tax payer expense.
    We can ONLY do this if ALL OF US step out on a set DAY, DATE, AND TIME, just like we all do on OPENING DAY of every hunting season.

  • Andy

    Hope we have a Chief Mark Kessler here in California! A true American!!

  • rulken

    This fine patriot, and Sheriff, reflects the majority of all Americans. “We the People”, are in control, as long as we have the means to resist tyranny,(the Second Amendment) in the government.
    Way to go, Sheriff Kessler!

  • lindairish

    What a great guy!

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