On Saturday, the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host, Judge Jeanine Pirro declared “our government doesn’t have the guts to identify terrorism by its rightful name,” while praising officials in Canada and New York City for their willingness to identify recent attacks as terrorism.

Pirro discussed the threat of terrorism by pointing to recent attacks, reported “a woman beheaded in Oklahoma by a recently converted Muslim, angry over co-workers’ complaints that he was trying to convert them to Islam. Four murdered across the country by recently converted Muslims, saying it was in retaliation for Iraq, and four cops attacked by yet another radicalized Muslim convert in New York City, who attacks them with a hatchet.”

She added, “this at a time when our government doesn’t have the guts to identify terrorism by its rightful name. When, unlike the prime minister, who calls the killing of an innocent Canadian terrorism, our president cannot call that same gunman a terrorist. no surprise given that a clearly radicalized Muslim terrorist at Ft. Hood, who killed 13 and injured 32 and recently asked to be a citizen of ISIS, only committed workplace violence, and the Oklahoma beheading was workplace violence. But at least here in New York City, the hatchet attack by a recently converted Muslim is recognized by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton as terrorism.”

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