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Piers Morgan is Slapped Down By Jesse Ventura on Gun Control Debate

  • Charlotte girl

    The one thing we must remember when listening to an idiot like Piers (he can not work in his own country!!)…when he sites #of shooting deaths in England, France, Germany, etc. he FAILS to compare the POPULATION statistics of those countries to the 350 MILLION + people who are citizens here…not to include the ILLEGALS….

    • Dave Miller

      SPOT ON CHARLOTTE girl!!!!

    • DrSique

      He also only talks about gun deaths instead of overall violent crime. Britain has 3.5 times as much violent crime as the U.S. When someone cherry picks his statistics, he usually has an agenda and he sure ain’t being honest. I was glad to see a sensible response from an audience in Morgans studio.

      • willowa

        You’re right, there is an old saying, ‘figures don’t lie, but liars figure.’

      • MYS77

        I would also like to add to compare a small country like Britain with the entire United States is not an accurate comparison. I would also like to add how many illegals are part of that statistic in our country…also related to drugs. Criminals are killing other criminals…..And I rather be free to fight, than be unarmed and in a battle for my life…waiting for my government to show up!!!

      • Sue

        thank you exactly what I was thinking.

      • Guest

        I lived in London 12 years, the streets are crime ridden

    • Rea Diane Anderson Kemble

      You are SO correct. Britin’s poulation is around 63 million compared to our 350 or so million. His numbers are not right either. Britins death toll from guns averages about 68 per year from my research. Look at the crime stats in Australia since they disarmed their citizens. It has tripled. The POS..oops, I meant POTUS at his little photo op news conferance said that in the past 30 days, 900 people in our country had died from gunshots. What he didn’t say is the suicide to homicide ratio is about 6 to 1.. And a skunk by any other name would smell as bad. These wacko killers have an agenda that they will carry out whether they have a gun or not. They will get their hands on grenades over the internet or black market, or they will throw molitave cocktails into theaters. We might as well say 6ft, 220lb, buffed up guys can’t go out in public without being on tranqs. When will the libs learn that Odummer’s agenda is full blown dictatorship? I wish Pier would go back to his beloved Britin and take Bill Marhers with him, oh, and throw in Joy Bahar and the Whoopie, too.. We need more Jesse Venturas and Clint Eastwoods and Ted Nugents to keep representing us!

      • leslie

        I am British by birth and a lifetime Canadian citizen….. just so you know…..Britain doesn’t even want him any more than we do………..I agree with everything that you have said…. plus a few million others. Fact…….Guns do not kill… only the mindset of the person holding it.

      • tellitlikeitis

        rea diane anderson kemble,you just named four of the top ten most despicable americans,all four of those people should be thrown out of this country cause they absolutely hate it, all of them are ultra libs who strongly believe in white guilt syndrome.

        • Catherine Barrett

          That theater was a “gun free zone” .. that is where the KILLERS go … just like the schools .. he had to drive out of his way to get to the theater that banned guns .. passing those that did not! Piers is a FOOL!

      • rangers53

        Jesse Ventura; Clint Eastwood and Ted Nugent: Sounds like a STRONG ticket to me no matter how you slice it.

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          Some people don’t know, and actually think of Governor Jesse Ventura as Jesse “the body”, the wrestler only!
          As a veteran of the Navspecwarcom community, T2 out of Little Creek, Virginia, I can say with authority that Jesse Ventura was also a Navy Seal in the time frame of Viet Nam, as I! Yes, he would’ve won that gun fight piers moron!!!!

      • mwl

        Whoopie cant say anything. She did an interview with the late Ed Bradley. Bradley was touring her NY home when “All of a Sudden” he picks up a shotgun. It was in Whoopies bedroom in the left hand corner. It was a ghetto gun. The forearm was held together with electrical tape, a single barrel junk drop gun. Whoopie reminded Ed that it was loaded and since she was there alone had it for protection. Whoopie like all the democrats are hypocrits. They have the gift of lies. All that has to be done is a little research and there the lie is. Take a look at the Sandy, Columbine(parents), and gifford shooting/murders ALL done by a democrat. They dont want to have this info found out. Feinstein still holds a carry permit. Bloomberg has the finest gunslingers money can buy from whatever country they came from.
        Mike in Afghnistan

        • eddyjames

          Any gun ban should first prohibit Celebrities and politicians from having armed guards. They need to lead by example. Police should be limited to Revolvers holding 6 shots and 5 shot pump shotguns. No more assault or assault style weapons for them either. Once again lead by their example.

    • LocoPit

      You are still 42 times more likely to get murdered by a gun in the United States than in England. Even if you balance out and divide the numbers.

      • Kelly Kafir

        Yeah but you are WAY more likely to be murdered in the UK by stabbing! lived there – bar fights EVERY night… duh!

        • Combat Veteran Seabee

          The U.K. is now trying to ban long kitchen knives to stave off that little problem in murder, called stabbing!
          Where does it stop?

      • Moose_Hunter

        BS, in England, you are 100% more likely to go to prison if you kill someone defending yourself in your own home, and it doesn’t matter what weapon you use.

      • eddyjames

        Not if you stay out of Big Cities that are infested with Black and Hispanic gangs.

      • Combat Veteran Seabee

        Hey fool, Death by any means is still death!!!!!!

      • jimadoo

        I think many of the people killed in the US statistic are the thugs taken down by someone protecting themselves? I have never heard anyone say different or even ask for that matter. I do know a gun is used over 2 million times a year in self defense most often without a shot being fired. The mainstream never gives credit where it is due or touts numbers that don’t fit the agenda, kinda sad really.

    • har82

      Yes, you would have to take all ,, of Europe ,, to make an accurate comparison. And in case morgan hasn’t noticed , England is a pretty – violent – island …
      It’s become so ,, violent as a matter of fact , that even the bobbies are starting to carry . :)

      • Aristophanes

        England is the most violent country in the EU!!!

      • Bucko TheMoose

        I live in UK. They carry battons, pepper sprays and tazers. Some even carry guns. we’re not even allowed to carry our keys in a ‘threatening’ manner.
        We are totally defenceless.

    • ginger

      Or, that Great Britian is the most violent country in Europe…lack of guns does not stop violent crimes…they just use other weapons…and it is gun murders a year,…not …Morgan doesn’t even have that correct.

    • Sunrise2

      Amen. His statistics do not take into consideration how small those countries are compared to ours, and he tries to make it look like all of us are killers – the legal, responsible gun owners.

  • Richard Prokopchuk

    Jesse is such an interesting person, to say the least. He swings wildly from one end of the spectrum to another, politically speaking. He’s a “reality” star who many consider a whack job if one considers his thoughts on those topics, a wise man if you are believe what the show purports to show. It makes one wonder. His event at a wake for a dead SEAL are case in point. I scratch my head to you Mr. Body.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      Governor Jesse Ventura, before being a wrestler and Governor, was a Navy Seal! I’m team 2 along time ago, and yes, he would’ve won that gunfight as I would’ve also!!!!!

      • Niggishzidda

        That’s right!!! As an DAV and have a concealed weapons permit and a woman would have taken this young man out.

  • Tom

    This Piers Morgan guy is a total douche.

  • phnxjim

    Why exactly are we giving this british brainless … person … all this publicity?

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    Governor Jesse Ventura is also a Navy Seal. Yes, he would have won that gunfight piers!!!

  • annie66

    Since Morgan is not a US citizen. who gives a da** what he thinks about anything. He needs to shut up, get on the next rubber raft, and remove himself back to the now-defunct-but-once proud Great Britain.

  • farrightextreme

    Jesse did good. Sometimes he doesn’t. He did slap down Piers and then the audience slapped Piers again.

  • dnnsparks

    Mr Morgan is paranoid just as all in the white house.

  • Richard Brophy

    HAHAHAHA! I LOVE THIS! Especially when the audience applauded in favor of Jesse Ventura!
    This is what Piers is NOT getting. The 2nd Amendment is for PREVENTING OPPRESSION. With that in mind, why would you limit Americans from buying any kind of gun and ammo they want? Is there an upper limit in defending against oppression? These liberals cloud the issue by injecting misguided emotions on this issue, totally neglecting to emphasize that our current day problem is NOT guns, but the mental state of people.
    Liberals are just such myopic and unclear thinkers, not to mention inveterate liars and slanderers. Truly despicable insects.

  • Debra JM Smith

    Piers Morgan needs to go home and get out of our business.

    • Rocky

      Online they said they were getting rid of him…we are waiting for that day to happen Peirs Morgan
      go away,you aren’t even wanted in your former country…are they (our government)going to disarm
      the terrorists as they come into our country,we have Eric Holder giving them weapons to kill USA-
      mericans (drug cartels)in mexico,their own governemt can’t disarm their own street gangs,

  • deadhead

    Please stop giving this douchenozzle all this publicity. You are making him wealthy.

  • John Patton

    when will cnn realize that piers is just another no talent talking head and fire him?

  • David B.

    I just loved seeing Piers getting B-slapped! This rube has no business here and running his yap.If he wants to do that maybe he should explain to us why the crime rate in England is four times higher than ours!

  • craig

    love you jesse keep it up

  • richard_fl

    This Piers Morgan dude is really something…………he keeps stating the same lame arguments and everyone he has debated this issue with has taken him to school……….yet he keeps on going. The best thing that could happen to Piers is that people just stop watching his pathetic left wing show and eventually he will have to go home to Great Britain (if they will have him)… least we will be rid of his infantile dribble and his total lack of understanding (or should I say disdain for) our Constitution, that was written in the blood of many a brave early American, fighting off the very tyrannical control he so desperately embraces and ironically from a past King of his homeland.

    Take a hike Piers your fellow muted and neutered citizens of Great Britain are calling you home……….good riddance!!

  • a_browning

    I love how Jesse turned that Peirs’ argument on its head at the end.

  • Maggietish

    Morgan thinks he has the right to dictate to Americans. He is arrogant and obnoxious to most of his guest. It carries himself like he is so far above everyone else and can dictate to us how we should think and feel according to his beliefs. Why is this guy still here? Perhaps all we lowly Americans (in his opinion) should put together and buy him a ticket home to England. What is wrong with CNN that they continue to give him a platform for his despicable behavior. It can’t be about ratings because I find that I now change channels “from” CNN. He doesn’t have to understand what happens in America or how we Americans think – who cares what he thinks. He thinks he royalty (or the Monarchy) who can tell all the little people (in his little mind) what to do and think. People aren’t just disgusted with Morgan and CNN they’re getting angry as am I. Shut this guy up!!!!!!!!

    • james chadden

      i quit watching cnn about 15 years ago because it is so liberal and anti-american ! but socialists in america love it and believe the crap that comes from it ! ted turner did a great job in getting americans brainwashed including his wife or x-wife jane hanoi fonda , the traitor against our american pow’s in vietnam in the 70’s ! ted and her are both traitors to america along with his television network cnn !

  • pduffy

    WOW, I have never seen such a wipeout! Jesse DESTROYED that idiot, and made him look like the fool that he is.

    • Upaces

      Well, we do have heavy hitters onto him that do NOT mince words: Jesse and Alex Jones within 24 hrs. of each other.

  • Gale

    I’m so proud of that audience! They actually listened to reason. God bless American and all of our patriots who have the courage to stand up to men like Mr. Morgan to make sure the TRUTH is heard loud and clear.

  • Samurai_Sam

    Great job Jesse! Put the idiot in his place without yelling and screaming! Loved the response at the end. What no one seems to be asking the gun controllers is just how they expect to enforce the laws on those people who have no intention of following them. They don’t enforce the laws that are already in place. Gang bangers off on technicalities, Drug dealers off on technicalities. Convicted felons and murderers off on technicalities. These people are idiots and Morgan is their standard bearer.

  • Christine Ulferts

    If he is so afraid, then he should go back where he belongs! And the fact checkers found out that there were 59 deaths by a gun in Britain last year. So if this idiot wants to have a factful argument, then he should read his own countries stats! Personally I’m sick of all these foreigners coming over here and railing against out constitution! Go home and raile against their own parliment!

  • willowa

    And I say once more, that either few are aware, or…(?), that no one throws back (publically) in Pier’s face that,according to a recent study, Britain is the most violent country (more violent crimes) in all of Europe! It is ahead of South Africa and even (when population is considered) ahead of the US. Not gun crimes, but violent crime! Crime very often committed against law abiding citizen who have no way to protect themselves! The police in Britain, in certain areas, have begun carried sub machine guns. Is that because Britain is so peaceful? I think not. In Canada, after their latest (10-12 yrs ago ?) ‘tightening’ of gun laws, had ,according to a Canadian University study, their violent crime rate jump 40%. It seems to be a mystery to these people that criminals, by their very definition, DON”T CARE about the law, so who is disarmed?! So, if there were no guns, the guy with the bat/club, machette, etc, controls the situation! Women, the elderly, and frankly most men these days, are no match for a guy with a club, or a 200 lb crackhead, etc.

    “No HONEST person has anything to fear from a law abiding citizen with a gun!” BB

  • joan

    NICE! Your rock Jesse!

  • Winstead

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  • Breeze

    I will give Piers this, he keeps getting slapped down and comes back for more. I guess he’s a glutton for punishment. He’s still loyal to King George it seems. Does he realize we kicked England’s ass a long time ago?

    • RobLA

      Who is we Breeze. There was no American when the revolution started. We fought for the righs of free Englishman. We were all English, or better yet, British, and we fought a bad goverment, like Obama and the Senate, ie the German King George and Parliament. My origins go back then, but to see some whose roots are probably not Anglo Saxon say we, it boggles my mind. Get your facts straight. It was an English Civil War, and we became American.

  • HDMania

    Why do Americans need AR-15s ?..Here is your answer Piers Moron..we need them because we need the same or better firepower than our oppressors ( corrupt government ) Obummer..really simple eh ?

  • Gary Jones

    Hey Morgan how does it feel to debate a man that stands up to you leftist Constitutional haters. WE Americans who took an oath and served our country know why the 2nd Amendment was written as a declaration of war against foreign and domestic enemies. Our military has been fighting tyrants and tyrannical regimes since we won our independence from England. The militia brought their own weapons from home to defeat the most feared military at that time in history, English. I should add as to defeat your argument of assault weapons and high capacity magazines, that we do not have the availability to own fully automatic weapons but should have that right by birth. I will challenge you to a dual weapon- SWORD vs 2″ x 4″ x 6′, both are weapons I pick the sword there used with the same mechanics but produce a superior outcome.

    • RobLA

      Uh, what tyrants has our military been fighting, other than Hitler and Japan. Oh, Saddam Hussein which created the mess we are in. He wasn’t such a bad guy because he kept the Shiites in line and proactively protected Christians, and he attacked sheiks with their harams. Who gives a rats ass, or do we go back to attacking Mexico in a land grab, or the Tonkin Gulf lie, creating the Viet Nam war. Maybe it was confiscating Spanish colonies in the Spanish American War. Oh, maybe it was attacking Canada two times, and getting our butts kicked twice by an outnumbered very small colony. We have been sticking our nose in other people’s business too long. Let’s get our facts straight on the revolution. The Americans were the English, they fought for the rights of free Englishman, so became American.
      They didn’t fight the British, because they were British, they fought the German King George III and Parliament. Oh, yes, I do believe in the 2nd amendment.

  • Barbara Rogers

    Piers is getting big bucks to stir the ‘pasta pot’ if you know what I mean. What a douche

  • Spyderdalton

    The moron is. Comparing gun deaths of a country of 60 million to a country of 300 million.

  • James Kroeger

    Now change the subject Piers…that’s what you’re so good at! Piers is also wrong about the gun associated deaths in the U.K. and other European countries…they are much higher than Piers admits/reports. I’m glad Jesse got his point across to the audience. My hats off to you Jesse…good job!

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Piers Morgan is the modern definition of a “Redcoat”.

  • Al

    Piers is a jerk. He doesn’t have a clue.

  • seppo58

    Archie Bunker was right…”England is a faaaag country”

  • bless2live

    Piers Morgan would be the first to hide behind a skirt(or a pair of pants) if something bad was to happen! If someone was to break in Piers Morgans home and were a threat to him or family ,he would offer them up hoping that he would be spared!

  • Jed54

    Why does this idiot persue this? He needs to address Britains bigger problems. Seems as though he has a personal vendetta going on with America. Is he trying to be Ghandi? or Mother Theresa? No one gives a crap about your views Piers. Stick with Britains got talent and eat your fish & chips… You winker!

  • warrenpeace

    I don’t watch CNN anymore- they always have an agenda and report only half of each story to fit their agenda. Piers is a putz.

  • Stickitwhereeveritfits

    Ventura is smarter than he looks, or smarter than Piers Morgan anyway. Ventura was right on target, but piers will continue to argue, cause that’s his job. I am sure he wished he was right though. Way to go Jesse.

  • HappyClinger

    Piers only quotes the gun deaths and not the crime rate. He’s an ass anyway. Nobody listens to him. Sounded like there at the end that Jesse actually started to get through to him. Keep bringing on gun advocates, Piers, and you may find yourself on the other side of the argument one of these days. Your stance is crumbling.

  • MalikTous

    Even that ‘Iron Sheikh’ pro wrestler has more brains than traitor Piers Moron. We should join the Brits in exiling Piers Moron to someplace harmless like Pyongyang. He’s one of the reasons I boycott CNN. Wonder what other moronic anti-gun and libtard personalities we can get Ventura to wrestle into submission?

  • Raymond Ostergren

    If the USA does what Morgan wants,more people will have died or be injured than if O just left it all alone ! BHO is using this shooting event in Newtown to help cover up his very big Benghazi problem ! The first cover-up was the crime, BO & Hillery C. cant duck out from it because we wont stop until they R removed ! Buy the way, just deport Morgan OK ! -NOBAMA 2013-

  • R

    It’s simple Piers, get on a plane and go back to your beloved England. They won’t allow you to broadcast there any longer, so just go on the government assistance payroll

  • Spence

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  • con

    A thinker is not shallow. when someone like Piers jumps at the first thing that appears to be an answer, he then exemplifies what the word shallow means. People at CNN should be ashamed of themselves having someone like him to have such a key position in the cable broadcasting. His bias is abound, his statistics are skewed thus affecting his comparisons. what is sad however, is that gullibles are also abound in this country;, look how many of them voted for King Obama whose arrogance is off the charts.

  • BruddahNui

    Piers got run out of England for a reason. Well done Jesse.

    • har82

      Yup , his own people couldn’t stand him lol.
      Pretty telling if you ask me :)

  • Terry C

    I love watching these videos where Pier’s GUESTS turn the tables on him. And for some reason, Piers always bring up England crime rates. Why doesn’t he go back there.

  • ruko

    Don’t watch this alien jerk. If nobody watches he will go away. Just delete the thing.

  • suzy

    I love this JESSE VENTURA. He tells it like it is.

  • Rick

    Ventura is as much an idiot as Morgan with many of his statements. If he REALLY thinks that there is no voter fraud then I would also assume that he thinks he is a real wrestler and athlete……………oh that’s right, he DOES think that. Has nothing to do with being a Navy Seal, I applaud him and offer my thanks for that, The 2012 election was nothing BUT voter fraud and there are not enough people in Washington with large enough balls to press the issue. While I do love what his opinions are on the Second Amendment, his views are so skewed on other issues that he becomes nothing more than another politician. Yes. Romney sucked as a candidate and EVERYONE inside the beltway is crooked, but this administration is not only crooked but DANGEROUS. I do get a laugh out of Jesse that he rips Romney for being rich, when he himself has parlayed a “reality” wrestling career into major wealth. As long as he deals with idiots like Morgan and researches lies that the government tells I will still back him up.

  • Myptofvu

    hahahah MOrgan got Schooled

  • har82

    Hmmm, seems this British piece of garbage forgot that Jesse ,, was a Seal lol.
    And , I love it when morgan’s , whole audience ,, shows him up for the – fool – he is . :)

  • Wolfman Smith

    Morgan, it is bad when England does not even want you back

  • Bob

    Piers Morgan is a joke in the U.K. No one paid ANY attention to him. They deemed him a fool. Every time he opens his mouth, he proves them correct!

    • Flunking_retirement

      Yes, I have friends in the UK, retired RN vets, who would agree with you.

  • Roswell Evans

    Good news — it has become known that hidden deep within the massive 2800-page bill called Obamacare there is a Senate Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.
    It seems that in their haste to cram socialized medicine down the throats of the American people, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Barack Obama overlooked Senate amendment 3276, Sec. 2716, part c. As peloso said “you have to pass it to khow what’s in it”, Well, apparently she didn’t know what’s in it.

  • Flunking_retirement

    Now that was a solid argument. And it shut Piers up didn’t it?

  • mes

    Kudos to Jesse!!!!!

    • har82

      Yup, a lot of people don’t ,,, like him. But – anybody – , that is a Seal ,, deserves some amount of – respect – . And he has mine for sure.
      He’s been there in the muck the politicians throw so many people and then ignore them. And , he’s come out alive :) .

  • Sarge 52


  • blizz1953

    Dear MR. Morgan Please remember you are a Guest in this Country and for many you have wore out your welcome …Delta is ready when you are ,leave and go some place where you feel safe .

  • Promptjock

    I wonder how many “firearms” Piers owns? if he wanted to demonstrate he “believes what he preaches”, he’d ** PUBLICLY ** reveal he owns “firearms” and, in the same “performance”, ** PUBLICLY ** dispose of them to the police and ** PUBLICLY ** disavow any “ties” to “firearms” (INCLUDING not seeking Police or other “Military” protection/assistance!) and ** PUBLICLY ** make a vow to NEVER, EVER OWN ANOTHER “FIREARM” and submit to 25-hr/8-days-a-week/366-days-a-year PUBLIC SURVEILLANCE to ensure he doesn’t break that vow. In fact, ** ALL ** “gun control” advocates, public and private, should submit themselves to the above demands to ** PUBLICLY ** demonstrate they’re not hypocrites!

    • Johnnygard

      And he should put a sign out front of his home, “This house is proudly gun free”.

  • har82

    Strange how a few of the comments have just disappeared ,, off this page lol.

  • libsuk

    This Limey toad is stupid and should be deported…

  • VirgoVince

    Don’tcha think he’d have learned something these past few months; he’s a glutton for punishment and dumber than dirt, must be how he gets his jollies!! he’ll never learn, so why is he still here??

  • Terry Corcoran

    Didn’t we kick Limey arse in 1783 and again in 1812? This booosey needs to go back to tea bag land…

  • rangers53

    The more I hear from Jessie Venturra the more I like this man. Appears to me he has a fine cache of common sense stored in his head. It becomes evident from this interview that the Communist reporter; Piers Morgan, was eager to get out of that situation because he lacked the ability to debate with someone with quick, solid responses.

  • eyewatcher1960

    CNN would be Better off if Piers disappeared….Fire Piers Morgan…he is a USELESS Brit who gives his country a bad wrap.

  • jb80538

    Morgan is a big windbag that doesn’t want to hear the truth. It’s all about his opinion!

  • Kelly Kafir

    piers is milking this gun thing for all it’s worth… .because no one watches him otherwise!!

  • Mike11C

    Violent crime statistics confirm that the UK has over ten times the amount of violent crimes per 100,000 people than the US does. TEN TIMES! So they have only 35 “gun” murders per year. They still have ten times the number of violent crime as we do. Piers is an idiot! He doesn’t want to compare those numbers. He’s just stuck on the “gun” crime because our overall violent crime rate is lower.

  • Laurie

    The size of England, Germany, etc… are minuscule to the size of America. Please. Who are you going to call if we are gone?

  • Ray

    Some people just make you want to puke just at the sight of them. Piers Morgan is certainly one of them. Time to boycott CNN until they wise up & fire this libturd.

  • Natalie Nicole Johnson

    dat’s what I’m talking about

  • Davy2010

    The guy’s rating is way down and he is using the gun issue to boost his ratings. Sly redcoat !

  • bdbrad

    Stop watching this guy and especially stop giving him a forum such as this. He’ll soon dry up and drop off.

  • rosemarienoa

    You go Jesse !!! Tell that idiot Piers !!!

  • MYS77

    Criminals go where there are no guns and people are unable to fight back. I think it should be mandatory that all people know how to shoot and know basic self defense…. and if they still choose to not have a gun…. that is their right….as for the rest of us… we are exercisng our right to bear arms…. and that means any gun of our choosing, following the proper ID check and screening. We the people need to be armed just as well as our foreign enemies and yes, as well as our government. I would’t want my government to have a rapid fire weapon, and me to have a BB gun!!!! Being equal is keeping the government in check and balanced as to who is really in charge…. WE, THE PEOPLE RULE!!!

  • Moose_Hunter

    I’m really tired of Morgan’s incessant allusions to the murder rate in Britain. If he thinks it’s so safe over there, what the hell is he doing here lecturing us on our constitution and 2nd Amendment right. The total population of Great Britain is 75% of the number of American gun owners, and 10% of those “Brits” are Muslims. Go home, Piers, bon voyage and all that.

  • Moose_Hunter

    Hoo Yah, Jesse!

  • Fred Smith

    have they ever shown us the actual “assault-style weapon” used in CT? according the an nbc report the mom didnt own one. it says she had 2 hand guns a shotgun a henry rifle and and enfield rifle

  • Tesla

    Fort Hood was declared gun free by democrat Clinton and helpless unarmed soldiers were massacred.

  • Curtis Bobb

    Piers is such a moron, scumbag, only a fool would accept his way of reasoning/thinking. He’s so far off base with those figures it’s ridiculous. He’s a waste of space & good, breathable air.

  • Sunrise2

    AND America is a hell of a lot bigger than England or Germany so the numbers here is compared by the bigger size of this country compared to those 2 countries. All of Americans do not kill people, only the few mental ones floating around. Get real Piers and you take your “big problem” back to England with you where they don’t like you.
    Yes, police have told us that they can only do something AFTER the fact.

  • Dave

    when morgan says that the theater would have become the OK corral, he is missing the point that the theater was a target because it was a gun free zone. with the potential for folks to be carrying in the audience, the shooter would not have gone there in the first place.

  • mwl

    Piers didnt admit that the Sandy, Columbine(parents), Gifford shooting/murders were all done by a Democrat. Tells me everything we all needed to know. Democrats KILL. obama, biden, holder and clinton all walk through coagulated blood in the wake of Fast and Furoius and Benghazi. They are murders in every sense of the word. There is no difference between who did the murders.
    Mike in Afghanstan

  • Santini1954

    Several decades ago, when neither England or the U.S. had gun restrictions, the U.S. had significantly more gun deaths so the elimination of gun ownership in England has little to due with that variable. What is critical to note is that since England has eliminated gun ownership, their violent crime statistics have gone through the roof! In the U.S. today there are (appx) 466 violent crimes per 100,000. In England since the gun ban, their violent crime rate is now (appx) 2066 per 100,000! That’s over four times higher than the U.S. and #1 in Europe. Israel has full gun ownership and their murder rate is one of the lowest… so elimination of guns or “assualt” weapons is, to quote Piers, a rather fascile argument. Ventura is correct… the key reason for gun ownership was and is to protect the citizenry from oppression from their government. There are innumerable historical precendents for this rationale.

  • missnellie

    Why does the American public listen to or give credence to this foreigner????????? Piers is NOT an American!!!!!!!!! Yet he lives and works in OUR country continuing his self annointed right to speak out against and judge the American people, their government and our way of life. Quite simply…he ought to head back to Britain…that’s his home….not here!

  • brandycreek


  • ltfbhh

    If Piers’ beloved Great Britain’s gun ban is so wonderful, then why is their violent crime rate more than 4 times what it is in the US? Violent crimes in the UK: 2,034 per 100,000 people. Violent crimes in the USA: 466 per 100,000 people. You can’t argue the facts.

  • ltfbhh

    My first visit to the UK was in 1977 for 3 months, before they banned guns. At that time I felt safe walking in London at night and the police (with a few exceptions) did not carry guns. Now that guns are banned I wouldn’t dream of doing that and most of the police are now carrying guns. So how’s that gun ban working out for you Brits?

  • GetReal

    Piers distorts the facts. Europes illegal gun problem is growing rapidly. Also, their murder rate has increases 40% while the US rate dropped 12%. People that chose to kill will use whatever weapon is available.

  • eddyjames

    If a person with concealed weapon had even just shot into the ground, The Killers undivided attention would have gone from looking for another unarmed victim to covering his own @$$ and most likely the killings would have been over.

  • Concerned American

    We have to remember Piers is here for the same reason Obama is a president here. When you stop and really think about it, The common denominator between the two of them is the media. That is not
    too hard to believe when you know they are both propped up by the bias liberal media who is looking for sensationalism, liberalism, news making, and unusual, self-gratifying conduct all of which, well, reminds most of us of people like Mr. Obama and Piers Morgan alike. Think about it.

  • RobZombie

    Comparing a gun to an automobile is not a facile argument.

    A car does have another purpose, transportation, however, a car does not need to be able to go 100 MPH to transport anyone, it doesn’t need to go from 0-60 in 5 seconds, it doesn’t need to be able to turn on a dime, it doesn’t need to weigh a ton, but these are the things that make them lethal when being driven by someone under the influence of alcohol, drugs, a distracting text message, or just plain stupidity.

    There are definite comparisons.

  • onlyme

    Look at how many people die of prescription drugs each year…about 400K. Get rid off Big Pharma too.

  • faesydaisy

    I normally am not a fan of Ventura but this time I agree whole-heartedly with him. Really shut up Piers, and he had no where to go.

  • Traci

    I suggest Morgan was as good as kicked out of his own country.. he is still under investigation.. and yet he dares to come here and try to tell us how to live. shut the hell up Morgan

  • Robert Osborn

    A gun in the hands of the civilian population is the only thing that prevents a Tyrannical Government from enacting a Totalitarian rule, but that is only if the citizens learn how to band together and protect themselves from being disarmed by the Government. The people must learn to put their petty differences aside during troubling times and band together to protect one another from the government thugs attempting to disarm them in any manner.

  • Elizabeth Cohen

    JESSE! JESSE! JESSE! Now, look folks it has nothing to do with guns, let us get that straight and it has everything to do with the 2nd Amendment and those that want to mess with our constitution. This so called president wants us disarmed. Now, perhaps some of you will take this challenge,why not find out how many terrorists sleeper cells are hiding in America. When you do you will see that this president is softening up America to be rushed by these terrorists. Wake up, smell the coffee, AND DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS!!!!

  • David Clements

    It’s probably been well-documented by now about how Japanese Admiral Yamamoto decided against a foot invasion of the Untied States because he realized that there would be a “rifle behind every blade of grass.” It wasn’t the U.S. Military he was concerned about, it was the well-armed American public. Could you imagine just what would happen today, if some maniac and his army tried to invade the U.S. on foot? If they’re lucky enough to make it out of the cities, the country folk would already be on high alert from watching their Directv/Dish Network and ready for back woods guerrilla warfare!
    Hopped up on moonshine and homemade meth and sitting on enough rifles and cartridges to supply an entire army, it might get ugly.


    Piers has FINALLY figured out how to get an audience. Take on a controversial subject and get everyone made as hell at him.

  • Crashaxe

    Will some one please kick him in the face!

  • Southerner

    Owned Morgan. LOL

  • Arizona_Don

    First of all I would suggest to this Morgan guy he return to England if he so loves it and it’s governments control so much that he keeps referencing it. Americans will never march to that tune. And I’m not just talking about conservatives. Oh, sure they (the liberals) are supporting Obama now but it seems to me they were crying foul about losing their rights when GW signed the patriot act (many conservatives were also, including me). Big government is both controlling and corrupt. The bigger the government the more rampant the corruption and more controlling it is. It feeds on corruption!

    Germany, Russia, China and many, many other countries have had many gun control laws and instituted them in extreme ways. They’re governments all marched millions of its citizens to open pits and shot them by the millions. Not twenty kids and six adults, millions of kids and adults. In the twentieth century over 170 million were murdered by government. We Americans have fought many wars to stop tyranny such as this, including but not limited to Vietnam. We will not just give up now. Consequently, I suggest anyone advocating gun control look and study history of government registration and confiscations and learn something. Anyone, liberal progressive or conservative, who thinks it could not happen here had better wake up, because that is what they thought in all those other countries as well. They were wrong! But the problem they had that we must avoid is they found it out to late. Plan for the worst and hope and pray for the best.

    Jesse was absolutely correct when he said Mexico has a total gun control law and twenty thousand Mexicans were murdered last year because they had no way of protecting themselves. Can we learn anything from that. Or better yet, will we learn anything from that. Remember our government sent over a thousand guns into Mexico (illegally I might add). So who thinks they are above turning on We The Citizens? They will gladly sacrifice many of us to reach they’re desired goal.

  • connie daniels

    the ONLY problem with Jesse’s statements, was the theater this happened in was the only one of 7 other theaters in that town that did not allow concealed carry weapons..that kid drove and extra 20 past all the others for that particular theater, no doubt for that reason.

  • Texas Pete

    Right on Jesse, and ummmm Piers, why don’t you work in your own country, we sure as h*** don’t want you here and if you don’t like our constitution and bill of rights, then don’t let the door hit ya on the way out! Try and bring that crap of yours to TEXAS and see what it gets you!!!!

  • Guest

    who is this Morgan guy? didn’t he host a transvestitie show in London, what is he doing over here anyway?????? another Liberal idiot trying to change America.

  • Aristophanes

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? Is this site going to censor conservative comments too?

  • BLH557

    America has max of 7500 per year, not 11-12k.

  • BLH557

    WAY TO GO JESSE! That’s the best (if not only legitimate) slapdown of Morgan I’ve heard yet. Most of the time he gets away with bullying his “guests” and they let him. Not this time! Good shot!

  • Carol

    Guns don’t kill people people kill people and that is a fact.
    If a cigarette sits on the table NO ONE will die from smoking same goes for guns or any other weapon you want to speak about and that is a fact.
    If it is safer in England go back to your country and let someone else have your job.

  • Mario El Capitan Raccuglia

    video was edited. the last part of the video happened before the gun talk

  • janinelargent

    How many people die from drug overdoses? Not to mention the destruction of families and all the other costs to society that go along with that problem? How come Piers doesn’t care about this huge societal ill?

  • rebart

    A Reality Check on
    Violent Crime

    U.S. 12,664 total

    8583 from firearms

    400 by law enforcement officers

    260 by private citizens.

    Rank #28 in gun homicide

    2.97 per 100 people

    U.S. has violent crime rate of 466 violent crimes per 1000
    people. Not even in top 10


    Only 62.6 Million

    59 gun murders, not 35 as Piers Morgan said.

    2nd highest crime rate in EU

    5th highest robbery rate

    4th highest burglary rate

    Britain named most violent country in EU

    2,034 violent crimes per 1000 people

  • Jim Mapes

    Piers you idiot.

    Brittain’s violent crime rate is 4X that of the USA. You are FAR more likely to be raped, beaten or robbed in Brittain than in the USA, though the UK as a whole has roughly half the overall murder rate per 100,000. So, you are half as likely to be killed, but FOUR times more likely to be raped or beaten within an inch of your life. Living in a CCW state and carrying your own firearm, you are FAR more safer than in the UK even in the case of murder because you CAN resist, most of our crime and kilings are urban drug war phenomena.

    The comparison of a car’s use in crime by drunk drivers is a very relevant comparison to a gun’s use in crime. The point is criminal behavior that needs to be stopped. We can stop drunk drving related deaths by stopping the usage of private autos – but we don’t despite the death rate being double or more that of gun homicides. Because the vats majority of us are not endangerig others in that manner and the benefits outwiegh the costs. With guns, it is a similar thing when you account the anual murder rate here over 100 years (1.1 million) versus the carnage just 5 years of government taking a tyrannical bent where millions of citizens are mass murdered by the government EACH YEAR.
    A CCW holder opposing Holmes in the Aurora theatre would have changed the outcome, and in any case by any stretch of the imagination would have reduced the casaulties. By firing on Holmes, they had a chance (fairly decent as they’d have surprise on him from anomymity in the audience) of taking him down outright while he was still throwing gas bombs. If they didn’t hit him right off, he would then have 2 options – run away back out the door (likely given what we know about his concern of being hit) or engage the CCW holder in a firefight. If he did the latter, all his shots would be directed in a specific area allowing many others to escape unharmed or even attack him from the sides. You make a greivous error like most liberal paltroons in assuming that once Holmes fired at the CCW holder, he’d get a one shot kill. You guys always think that the criminals are dead aim crackshots, and CCW holders couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and would hit everyone else instead. The reality is just the opposite. What worries me more is NYPD showing up and shooting 9 bystanders out of 16 shots…

    Had a CCW holder been able to return fire at Holmes, they’d have arrested his progress seconds into the shooting spree, whereas the police arrived later when he was just about done. Given the number of rounds Holmes fired and quit himself you can presume he inflicted the maximum amount of damage that he could have in the time he took. A firefight with a CCW holder would have used up his time and ammo on ONE person, versus the several dozen he has shot in the same time.

    The rounds fired from semi-automatic “assault weapons” are NOT high powerd. .223 (5.56X45mm), .308 (7.62x51mm) & 7.62x39mm Russian are ALL medium power cartridges. The WWII battle rifle M1 Garand firs .30-06 which is just slightly more powerful than .308 (the most powerful of the 3 listed above). Virtually ALL center fire hunting cartridges are as or more powerful, on the upper end vastly more powerful. IE, a .458 Elephant hunting cardtridge has 3-5x the power of any of those.

    You Piers, are a moron. I would venture to say you are too stupid to own a firearm, so you do not have that worry on your mind.

  • AUH2O

    Piers is still mad about those Boston guys with guys chasing the Britts out of this place.

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