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Piers Morgan: Both the Bible & Constitution Are Inherently Flawed

On Monday, CNN host Piers Morgan invited Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren on his program to discuss gay marriage and the bible. Fresh off his feud with Second Amendment rights activists following his full-throated defense of stricter gun control laws in the wake of the Newtown massacre, Morgan inspired further outrage among the religious when he told the pastor he thought it was time for an “amendment to the bible.” In Morgan’s opinion, the bible, like the American Constitution, is “inherently flawed.”

  • Ron Obvious

    The king of rudeness, Piers has not room to talk about a discussion becoming “rude” in, as soon as he starts loosing an arguement, he starts the name calling and trying to talk over the other person… ask Larry Pratt of the Gun Owners of America! Piers is the king of “the Truth is what I say it is!”, as well! Mr. Morgan’s belief in the Bible being flawed is no real surprise, but should explain a lot of what is wrong with him!

    • seektruth

      Exactly what I was thinking. As with most of these commie leftists, they fail to acknowledge their hypocrisy. It’s in just about every one of his position statements. To think he claims that there is a higher standard than that of God Almighty? Where does he get this standard? How does he know it’s right or truthful? It is really a form of blasphemy.

    • Poodleguy

      What you posted about when liberals resort to insults & speaking over an adversary is right out of the commie/lib playbook!!! They never fail to take the low road!

  • Don


  • Larry

    with his attitude, he will never trust Christ, so he will spend eternity in hell, psalm 14;1 very correctly calls him a fool!

  • Russ Fowler

    Obama throw out Piers Morgan and while your at it, you go also.

  • Arkbuilder

    Watch his interview with Ted Nugent and you will see fear in that coward Limey’s eyes. Don’t worry Piers you’ll have the chance to explain to GOD why his word is inherently flawed. Should be an interesting performance on your part.

    • Phillip_in_TX

      That would be very interesting to see! Gee, I wonder who would “win” that debate? My money is on God!

  • Dale Tibbett

    Hey Piers! Enjoy the flames!

  • Phillip_in_TX

    The only thing “flawed” is what Piers Morgan uses for a “brain.”

    • Show Me

      And that would be somewhere below his pelvic bone!!!

    • Richard Holmes

      You are wrong about this dolt using what he calls a brain. He has no brain. Unless you count a rock in his head. I can’t stand to liusten to his inane rants.

  • CQ

    Does Morgan know of ANY document that isn’t flawed? Does he really think he is so smart that he can correct the flaws? Well, of course he THINKS he smart. I’m glad he is not in charge of anything more than a TV show.

  • Show Me

    He is the rudest, most opinionated, arrogant, self-righteous, obnoxious, hypocritical, disrespectful, discourteous s.o.b. I’ve seen on TV. As far as I’m concerned CNN needs to send his butt packing back to the UK where he belongs. His self-importance is staggering. His ego evidently has no bounds. I saw more than enough of his rude behavior on “America’s Got Talent” to last me forever. And just why do we have these foreigners on our TV shows telling us how to live our lives or run “our” country?? We handed them their hats and kicked their butts out back in the revolutionary war. So do we need to do it again? Apparently we do. Let’s start with him and let him tuck Sharon Osborn under his arm and take her with him!!! I no longer watch CNN and this is one of the reasons. They kicked Imus in the Morning off the air for his remarks, yet they let this ego maniac keep running his mouth.. CNN must be desperate!!!

    • Show Me

      I don’t mean that CNN Kicked Imus off the air, but the network he was on did. Just to clarify that.

  • TheTexasCooke

    I think his passport is flawed…he needs to take his *ss home and get it fixed….then stay there!

  • SandraJ

    Piers knows rude and disrespectful, for sure.

  • marineh2ominer

    I am not surprise this egotistical whackjob thinks he is more intelligent than the men who drew up the guidelines for what would become the GREATEST country in the world , but now he is proclaiming to the entire world that he is more intelligent than GOD . Is it then , any wonder why we kicked the crazy b–t–ds out of the country and formed our own nation ? I feel that if this country is not satisfactory to him then he should just GET THE HELL OUT .

    • panors77

      Morgan’s ilk think that marx is superior to Thomas Jefferson and our founding fathers. THAT’s the problem.

  • T Rowe Lamont Bentlyprice

    Can’t wait to hear about this melon headed limey being in a hospital.

  • johnnywoods

    What a shock this fool will be in for when he judged by GOD who will measure his sorry life against the Scriptures. The Holy Bible will never be revised.

  • RightStuff

    I’d love the opportunity to kick Piers Morgan’s worthless hiney into the next county. He is a major-league jerk.

  • SallyE

    Piers is an ass. I resent his elitist attitude. He needs to go back where he came from.

  • Puddles

    You’re flawed Piers! Close your mouth, you’re ideas stink!

  • firedup49

    Why would Rick Warren go on this show. You cannot teach stupid. People with common sense should avoid Piers like the plague and not go on his show.

  • waterman

    It’s time for you to go, you slimey limey faggot, get the hell out of our country and don’t even think about coming back, we don’t want you and if you try to come back we will take you back and drop you out over the your slimey country so after you hit the ground you’ll finally resemble the way we see you in our thoughts, nothing but a pile of sh*t.

  • Lipstickmomjrpfingsten

    He is inherently flawed.

  • Gary Jones

    Piers Morgan, we understand your leftist views because you all think your right and by your anointment should rule over the rights of others. The people who are flawed are the ones thinking they have control through politics and laws. So how did the war on drugs work, how about those gun laws where by having gun free zones or politicians reducing others rights to grant rights to a select few. Morgan how does it happen your own country don’t want you back, maybe for breaking laws. Morgan can you swallow all that hypocrisy when you have armed protection. I’m an atheist but people of faith have a right to worship, believe their convictions and live within their group. Gun owners have a right to own any weapon of their choice, religion has a right to operate and believe what they want, these are not privileges these are inherent rights. Assault weapons would have been the weapon of choice of Americans if invented and available in 1776.because the militia carried their personal weapons from home. Any weapon is an assault weapon which is true if not why own it, this is the lefts meaning as to ban all weapons. Most families believed in god in 1776 and didn’t like taxes and I would say a big portion still do believe in religion and no one with a brain wants to pay taxes to a corrupt government.. If you challenge religion why not the Muslim belief that wants all others of a different faith to be killed. If you don’t like guns don’t buy or own one. Morgan you live in America and please feel free to tell the criminal that you trust them more than law abiding citizens. Why is it that you don’t like your civilized country of taxation and a population of controlled subjects / servants. I guess being a freeman scares you after all those years as a slave to your government. The Englishmen I know don’t like their government because of overreaching and high taxes. Try being honest so that hypocrisy don’t choke you.

  • cyber_hackster

    They need awards for morons and misfits — He’s on top pf the list…..

  • mikeledo

    The Laws in the Bible were “civil laws” that applied only to the state of Israel? Oh wait some were not and applied to everyone and only Rick Warren knows which ones are which. Great spin.

    • panors77

      Rick didn’t get to explain that fully. The Old Testament law is divided into three categories. The Moral law, the dietary law and the ritual law.

    • dtyson

      Obviously, Mike, you are not a student of the Bible. I wouldn’t join in the discussion about what God has or has not done. You’re not qualified!

      • mikeledo

        If you did your homework you would know I am an author on the Bible. The conversation pertained to only moral laws, not dietary or ritual.

  • Noni77

    Don’t be surprised if Piers receives what God mockers get… and it won’t be a long life.

  • Mr Lucky

    I would say, most Americans think the way this guy thinks! Most of the gutless wonder Christens weren’t so lazy and gutless it wouldn’t be happening! The Chrestean are the biggest organization in this country! Toooo bad they are so gutless!!!!

  • Dennis VanMeter

    What gives this person the right to say God is flowed? God has the right to decide what his laws are and are not and not for us to say he is wrong. One more thing what makes this man an expert on God and
    Gods laws?

    • panors77

      It’s obvious that Morgan comes from a communist/athiest world view thinking that the BIble is only a singular book written by a couple of men. He doesn’t see that it’s the inspired word of God written as 66 different books by different authors living hundreds of miles apart from each other and sometimes 100’s of years apart from each other, yet the messages overlap one another, yet the prophecies written come true 100’s of years after their utterance. An example is Jesus himself proclaiming his fullfilment of Isaiah 53 which was written about 400 years before he was born. Prophecy then sets the Bible apart from any other “religious” text that hasn’t the track record the Bible has. For Morgan to call it “flawed” and then the constitution itself “flawed” is the epitomy of arrogance where he sets himself up to judge God. For him to judge our constitution as flawed also shows his arrogance and of course his lockstep belief with marx.

  • CalIdaGirl

    Piers, and the point of this subject was what? What have done today to make your life and the life’s of others better today?

  • Capstone MJ

    Yes Piers is annoying lib, but he’s right about the bible. It is man made through and through, written by various men with various political agendas in their own time. It’s stories were selected by other men to be included in the bible according to their own political agendas. By saying that part of it is divine and other parts are politics of the time make Rev Rick sound silly. He can’t make a convincing argument when he’s claiming the book is perfect, and in the next sentence he claims the right to pick and choose what is mere historic politics. The bible has lots of good and bad teachings in it. People who choose such guidance should stick to the bibles good teachings and admit that, like its many long gone authors, the bible is flawed.

    I’m a conservative because I deeply believe that the vast majority of conservative values represent the best course for this country and indeed humanity. I’m neither overly proud of, or in anyway embarrassed about being a conservative, it is simply the most reasonable position to take. Equally, I am an atheist because of the same reason. Understanding what we now know about science, evolution, cosmology and human history, I find atheism the only reasonable position to take. Religion is going away in the world not because of evil, but simply because humanity is ready to move on. We will do that by holding the best teaching of the past and releasing others to the libraries of fiction where they truly belong. Conservative atheism is where I believe humanities moral, political and economic future lies. The only words that are sacred to me are those in our Constitution, including the ones saying that we can change it. (Personally, I’d vote to keep the second amendment just the way it is!).


    This buffoon (P Morgan) is a blathering, drooling fool. Where did they dig this bozo up? And when will they return him?

  • Jeff Brodhead

    Just like EVERY ONE OF US, Piers Morgan is inherently flawed.

    If he doesn’t like our Constitution, he can GO HOME!
    If he doesn’t like the Word of God, sorry, but there is little any of us can do for him…

  • Just sayin

    Piers is a hypocrite. Don’t you hate hypocrites?

  • Richard Holmes

    This ass wipe petter puffer faggot must be shut up. He is a spawn of the devil.


    Piers is just a dumb liberal twit.

  • Poodleguy

    Seems to me that the flawed party is the liberal limey hisself!!!!! It really chaps my hide when someone from another nation criticizes ours. This is AMERICA & Morgan is an Englishman with the common malady of the combination of ignorance & arrogance so endemic with commie/libs. I would love to be able to get in his face & yell “Shut the phuque up about MY country – your home country doesn’t EVEN want you to come back!!!”

  • har82

    Discourteous, and rude ???, did he say lol. That about sums him up in a nutshell lol.

  • George Hotaling

    Why does anyone listen to this ignorant moron? Do what the liberals do, write go the sponsors of this trash and boycott their products until this idiot is taken off the air and sent packing.

  • dtyson

    Rick Warren did a GREAT job of deflecting Piers sick thinking. He was cut off everytime he wanted to go more in detail, but overall, stood his ground for the Bible and Truth in the midst of the lion’s den! Good job, Pastor Rick!

  • Tapestry

    Obviously Piers Morgan has never read nor understands what the Bible is. It’s the written history of prophets and includes the history of their lives and lives of Christ. It was written by these prophets as a guide to how we should live our lives. So if the world now believes in disobeying the advice and commandments of God’s prophets, we should just change their words? Or edit out the parts we don’t like? That’s insanity. Why doesn’t Piers just write his own book!

  • REID

    we, live in a flawed world , fallen according to Christian Theology , and we cannot create a faultless society . But we can create a better or worse one. Our older , nominally Christian America had it’s faults .But is our present , “pluralistic ” chaos preferable , or even viable ? As in Millendorfer’s bon mot: “the future will be christian , or it will not take place”.

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