The Perfect Place to Store Your Firearm: ‘The Gun Box’

Living in the middle of nowhere we like to have a firearm ready…just in case. While owning a firearm for protection isn’t the worst idea in the world, figuring out where to store the gun where it’s easily accessible by you and no one else can be a challenge. Unless you have the Gun Box. This stylish handgun storage box is made from aircraft strength aluminum alloy, and offers either a biometric fingerprint scanner, an RFID scanner and matching wristband, or both, that allow access to the gun inside. And since it’s designed to live on a dresser or nightstand, it also features dual USB ports for charging up gadgets, a Kensington lock port, optional GPS for added security, and mounting holes if you’re looking to give it a permanent home. To me it looks like a wireless router or a modem. Place it next to your bed or on your desk in your home office. No one will know the difference.

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