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People Sign Petition for “Mandatory Euthanasia” for Senior Citizens Under ObamaCare!


    These stupid asses are fucked up & don’t even know what they are actually signing, I don’t even think these fuck-ups know what the word “EUTHANASIA” means. Can you even imagine signing to have your own parents killed by the government? Talk about heartless people man, this is what America/Americans have been reduced to since Obama took office in 2008.

    • WellNowDear

      That’s why he explained that it would “put them to sleep”. These dumb bunnies will support anything if you say the word Obama with it. The propaganda has been so successful. They have used the same methods Hitler used on the German people to get them to kill thousands of handicapped people. The socialists have used exactly the same methods. They don’t have anything to fear simply because they will exempt themselves.

      • Tyler M

        What happened to the days when Americans KICKED THEIR ASSES?!?!? There used to be a Hitler and a Tojo and a Mussolinni too and we wiped them the f*** out!

        • Samuel Adams

          These “youth” of today don’t even recognise him as a Communist! They don’t know, because our schools no longer teach what it is, or that it’s bad!

          • Tyler M

            Except me and a handful of others. Yeah, I’m only 22 but I sure know and respect what was done and the sacrifice made for us to be free. Only for Obummer to usurp power and go communist.

      • BusyBee

        WellNowDear, you are so right. Half of my life I had lived under socialistic regime and when I listen to democrats it sound so familiar – the Present government use exactly same brain-washing methods as Russian communists in my home country…So sad such devil cannot be stopped.

    • Laura From Arizona

      Right you are. You can see that they are signing only because they hear the words “Obamacare”, “mandatory”, and “keep costs down”. This idiocy has been created by texting and “sound bites”. People no longer listen to whole sentences and then engage their brains. Lord help us!

    • TAM44

      Did you catch the young idiot who signed it say they have a right to live. Guess he had no idea what euthanasia even means. DEMONCRATS will sign anything, that’s how stupid they are.

      • Mileaway

        He was “sleeping” during that class.

    • Mary Lou

      These people have been numbed by the bizarre behavior of this administration and
      appear to be not listening to what they are asked to sign….or they don’t know what
      euthanasia is…..imbeciles all the same.

    • bless2live

      they are sick like our goverment!

    • GrizzMann

      Were these the same peopie that wanted 4th trimester abortions gauranteed?

  • MZAZ86442i

    Here’s a thought: do you think any of these people realize that they will one day be that person being subjected to “mandatory euthanasia”?! No, liberal drones never think about future ramifications from their immediate actions like signing a petition, they act on the here and now.

    • MZAZ86442i

      SOYLENT GREEN?????

      • Ben Ghazi

        Soylent Green & Logan’s Run ! Kill every one over 30 ! Eternal youth promised but oblivion mandated for all white people by the U.N. of course – except for the Real Foreign U.N. Untermenschen 3rd World Political Mass Leaders.

        • savetheusa2

          I recently saw both movies and think we are going there. At least on Soylent Green they give you a beautiful send off. We shouldn’t give Obama ideas.

    • ginger

      Here’s a thought…the progressive liberal idiots are incapable of thinking period. bunch of idiotic lemmings.

  • The_American_Way

    I totally support euthanasia program for all Obama supporters. They continuously demonstrate how stupid they are. We would be much better off without them. Get the petition ready. I have a feeling most of the Obama supporters would sign it.

    • klsparrow

      I am 69 so i fall under the kill the elderly bill. I like the idea of kill people who support Obama care. while were at it lets put all the people on welfare and Medicaid that don’t work. This would cut down on health care cost. Lets include all the LIV (low information voters) which is most of the democratic base.

      • voterid

        And the youngsters that signed the petition! It’s about time they are held accountable for their actions.

        • TexasOlTimer

          Note the woman that demanded that they ‘be in control of their bodies’ and get free contraceptives. They’re gonna be surprised when they get my age and all of sudden nothing about their body or their health is in their control!

        • Truth goes 100 MPH

          Make sure you vote to keep their interest rate low on the college loans they have. Why do I suspect they all voted for Oblowhole?

      • lfhpueblo

        Hey, not all people on Medicaid. My sister worked for years then ended up with Multiple Sclerosis. She has it so horrible. She is now in a nursing home, but doesn’t deserve to die because she burned up all her money paying for her care first. She had to sell her home and everything else first, and use up her money first before she got Medicaid.

        • Dee Adams

          She didn’t have to sell her home to get on Medicaid. You’re allow to keep
          your home and one car before appling for it. Plus only $4800 in savings.

          • lfhpueblo

            If you’re so bad you need to go into a nursing home you do have to sell it and use it towards the nursing home bill first if Doctor’s say you would not be rehabilitated and be coming out of the nursing home in the future. However, if she had been married, no her spouse would have kept the property (home) and it wouldn’t have been required. She was not allowed to keep no $4800 in savings. Yet, my sister was never married and never had children. She became ill with MS at an early age, though she worked for many, many, many years with it. Then it just kept getting progressively worse. She was even in more than one medication study. I don’t know how much longer she will be with us. Her Doctor thinks the MS is now beginning to hit the brain stem. Yet, no matter how bad she is, I don’t think the government should be able to step in and say no more care for her. Hospice tried to sneak in on her case without legal rights. Her power of attorney never contacted them and never told them they could take over the case. Her power of attorney had to threaten legal action and they backed off. See hospice isn’t wanted by my sister because they won’t give her all the medications she needs to not have pain and to have continue having the little function she does have. I mean without the meds it is difficult for her to swallow. As it is she already has devices assisting her with several functions. Hospice wanted to take her off all her meds. So Hospice is not the right choice for her and they did not get permission from her or her power of attorney in the first place. I remember Medicaid made her sell her car too before they took her on. So, maybe things are different in your state. I know this state is even thinking they’ll have to do some decreases in Medicaid because so many are on it here.

          • Dee Adams

            It really a sad case about your sister. Thanks for e-mail about medicaid. Will pray for her.
            My husband was in a nursing home for 20 months before he died 15 years ago. Never was on medicaid. But the nursing home want to know all of personal business. Which I never allowed.


        • klsparrow

          i understand how you feel about your sister. How do i understand how you feel. We has a daughter die in a nursing home in her 40’s. We tried the 24/7 home care but still ended up putting her in a nursing home where she died.

          To the comment I made. I would hope that most people could see this as being satirical when talking about Welfare and Medicaid. The reasoning being that if they can do this to the the elderly they can do it to anyone.

          As for this guy mocking mocking Obama’s programs that some others have claimed this is not a mocking are joke. Read what is in Obama health care law. There will be a panel of 15 people in Washington that will decide if you can get the treatment the doctor has ordered and if it is cost effective. Decision is final and no court can review. I have a bad heart and have a AICD unit in my chest. It will need to be replaced when I am around 73. The panel could say the cost is too high for my age. Medicare will not pay for the implant which keeps my heart beating

    • jenniewalsh

      Clever post.

    • jr61020

      I know I would

    • David M

      How about a mandatory euthanasia for illegal immigrants? Invaders?

      • Tess

        Like your idea. That’s a good one. Don’t forget all the demonRATS.

    • Southern California

      Wow! A way to get rid of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Hilary & Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Sr, and RINOS. The list goes on.

      • ruthinindiana

        Their exempt.

    • Lee Baldwin

      I would love to distribute the petition supporting the euthanasia for obama/soetoro/soebarkah/Harrison J. Bounel and Victor Mordecai supporters. As somebody else al;ready sad, ‘they are already brain dead” ~sign me up!

  • craig

    I live in California… and I don’t understand the problem with obamacare and youths in asia

    • Mileaway

      LOL! Good one! Can we send Feinstein and Boxer to Asia too!

      • Sam

        I really hope that was a joke and not youth stupidity. Never know with California the state that has who with the Pistol in Congress? She doesn’t support commoners having guns, just the elite.

      • Kathleen Craigie

        Don’t leave pelosi out of that!!

    • KAG505

      Craig in California is actually Joe Biden posting under a fake name

    • jenniewalsh

      Very cute and clever.

    • Melissa

      I really hope you’re joking Craig. Because if we’re turning out young people that stupid, there’s really no hope left for the nation.

  • ccalreds

    Do these people take stupid pills every day

    • Suzan Walker Spurlin

      Maybe not but I’m sure their mothers indulged while they were pregnant!

    • Tony Donaldson

      Yep! They wash them down with Kool-Aid.

  • Obamas1hater

    I would support an amendment to add to this law a distinction that it only applied to Muslims and those who have Obama in their name.

  • bct

    I hope the people signing the petition are the first ones
    to see if the injections actually work.

  • RPW

    Tea they are all for this right up until they become senior citizens. It amazes me that people this stupid are able to figure out how to get dressed in the morning let along sign their name.

  • bless2live

    If these liberals can get mandatory euthanasia for seniors, then I am all for it! That said, there are tens of millions of Davy Crocketts that are going to make sure that you never reach your senior age to fall into your program! How do you like it now! ha ha!

    • Sam

      I have Ole Betsy ready…..

      • iamcurious

        Tens of millions of us have Ole Betsy ready!

  • coloradoken

    Hey Beetlejuice, I thought the same that many of the people probably don’t know what euthanasia means. However, Americans have been getting dumber long before Mr. O came to power. Mark Dice is very good in revealing a significant percentage of southern Californians are dumber than a box of rocks. Heck, many of us Americans already knew this when Californians elect nut jobs like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, Feinstein and Boxer to office.

    • k

      The voters in pelosi’s precinct must surely be brain dead from all their Kool-Aid consumption by now, one would think….

      • Tony Donaldson

        Gay Kool-Aid winos.

  • a_browning

    These people are Obama’s base. He got elected twice so just a good indication that we are on the downward slide to atonal destrution.

    • a_browning

      national not atonal keyboard not workin well

    • ginger

      America hasn’t been “dumbed down” it has become brain dead.

    • RossPoldark

      Once these idiots drank the ovomit cool aid, their brains were irreversibly damaged. What a bunch of zombies!!

  • tom

    As the joke goes, usually spoken by a pompous politician who obviously hasn’t a clue: “EUTHANASIA? I support euthanasia. Youth have as much of a right to be in Asia as anywhere else.” These people are clear examples of the Darwin effect and if it weren’t for the welfare state they would have been removed from the gene pool long ago.

    • Tony Donaldson

      A reporter asked Moochie what she thought about Red China. She said it was alright as long as you put it on a white table cloth.

  • DG11

    They , too, forget they will one day be old. What Morons!

    • RossPoldark

      Several were middle age and bordering on senior citizen. What idiots left wingers are.

    • Sam

      Sooner than they think. And what happens when someone drops the age for termination to 21? Oh I forgot, Euthanize someone at 21……

    • Tony Donaldson

      You don’t get to be old being a fool.

  • James Maxwell

    so sad that few if any of these fools comprehend or understand what the term means in the first place
    but it also goes to show how corrupt and degenerate the youth of the nation have become. The
    next petition will be whether or not you can “EUTHANASIA” the mentality incompetent and corrupt
    politicos in public office. Or maybe those who are to dammed dumb to comprehend the meaning
    of the word in the first place. Based upon the person they show signing the petition he is no
    far from being being in that age group.

    • Texas Independent

      Oh, come on. You don’t actually believe that this was a serious petition do you? I still think it was a fake petition put forward by Conservative Byte readers to create another firestorm. And this page proves it.

      • MildBill

        You must be a idiot ! . . . . The people THOUGHT it was real. . . . . . Jeez, you would’ve signed it too !

        • RossPoldark

          She is a left winger. She was stupid enough to not get that it was a fake petition being signed by idiots like her.

      • RossPoldark

        It was a fake petition which proved how uninformed and brainless left-wingers are. They will sign anything

      • Tony Donaldson

        It’s funny! Sad, But really funny! A sucker is born every second.

      • Noreen Gawers Theriault

        Hellloooo?!!! Of course it was a fake petition! He was trying to see how many idiots would sign it! Sadly, there are A LOT of idiots and you Sir are one of them!!

    • RossPoldark

      The youth being degenerate? In case you did not notice, several of the idiots who signed the petition look middle age, or close to senior citizen age. Liberals are such idiots. They always try to look so informed and intelligent, even if they blindly sign a petition for which they have no clue to it’s true contents. Anything to look intelligent. Funny thing though, they end up looking like the complete opposite…clueless idiots!! Give them a their own death warrant to sign, and these idiotas would blindly do it!!

  • Erik Osbun


  • Jim480

    What would be funny is to have a petition to euthanize stupid people. People who do not understand what is going on, are low information voters or have been shown to be idiots.

  • Brad Gilbert

    I love the Sean Penn looking punk, who signs the petition, then says, “Yeah, they got the right to live.”

    • Donald York

      I caught that too. Dumb sons of B****es!

  • ginger

    Ah yes ,, San Diego..the city that thinks Filner should stay mayor…what else can one say.?

  • Laura From Arizona

    I noticed that each person started to sign like lemmings before asking questions about what they were signing. I think they heard the words, “Obamacare”, “mandatory”, “keep costs down” and “enforced” and therefore signed. Look at how many stopped with pen in mid-air, said, “Are you serious?” and then SIGNED ANYWAY!

  • asoro

    This isn’t even funny, This is sad And we are making fun of them, The people in this country need a rude awakening ! maybe that asteroid is on it’s way soon… Than man can start all over because the ones walking around in a coma to day are very lost.

    • iamcurious

      Notice the palm trees and/or beach settings in so many of Mark’s videos? Californication!

    • iamcurious

      That awakening is coming but it’s not going to be pretty.

    • Sam

      The RUDE awakening was the re-election of obamy. We are now going down the tubes! obamy has plenty of bullets to go around….

      • iamcurious

        So do “we the people”.

  • Eyes Wide Open

    Obviously people will sign ANY petition you stick under their noses, never mind they don’t understand the ‘big words’ used in it! People are SO uninformed any more, don’t get that their signature on a document IS valuable and DOES count in many cases, unlike this one which was just to show how DUMB John Q. Public really is.

  • TxGCB

    By changing the Medicare and putting in 15 person panel, they will kill seniors anyway!!!

    • Gramma76

      No, they will TRY though! Bet they don’t succeed!

  • daryl

    This fool is a communist moron

    • iamcurious

      No he’s not. He’s undercover with a phoney petition to prove how many Americans are stupid. He wasn’t in your neck of the woods to discover you!

  • johnfromtexas

    Why not Euthanasia for moron’s and low information voters?

  • James A. DeHart

    How about signing a petition to rid ourselves of all the deadwood in Washington, DC; 100 senators, 435 members of the House of Representative; 1 President and nine Supreme Court justices.

  • jsnh

    He should publicize their names and addresses and maybe their parents, grandparents and other elderly relatives will cut them out of their wills. Signing a petition should allow their names to be publicized.

    • Gramma76

      Great idea!!

  • MildBill

    People want to dismiss this video by calling the people that actually signed the petition just plain stupid. . . Some of these folks were older and would therefore be eligible for euthanasia before too many years, and STILL signed the petition. . . . Most people made some sort of comment, which leads one to believe they actually DID know what they were signing. . . . THIS IS SCARY FOLKS ! . . . THESE PEOPLE VOTE ! . . . .They should have had a table set up nearby, with actors dressed up like a doctor and a nurse with bunch of hypodermic needles, alcohol, and a couple stretchers nearby and informed some of the OLDER looking people that due to their age they qualify and would they like to be euthanized today as it is FREE ! . . . Otherwise, to wait will cost you a minimum of $250 for the shot alone, not to mention Doctor’s fees and Coroner’s fees, BUT WAIT, THERE”S MORE . . . . . If you’re one of the first 500 people to sign up this sensational offer you will receive FREE CREMATION, just pay additional handling ! . . . . . . . . The survey guy should have pushed these people off of the bridge and saved the rest of us a whole lot of trouble as they are probably too stupid to swim !

  • Beedogs

    If Joe Biden and John McCain would be forced to have euthanasia I’ll sign the petition as well. (sarc).

  • jenniewalsh

    Would anyone ever believe that the powers that be, the Satanic Illuminati in the healthcare system, are ALREADY KILLING THE OLD PEOPLE!?! They are.

  • Donald York

    I would laugh if this was funny, but it’s not. If i get this right, there are end of life panels in the Obamacare bill. These young liberals in California and New York are ignorant idiots. Their minds amaze me. My God, what is this world coming to?

    • Gramma76

      Whole world full of dumba**es!

  • panam60

    where can i sign the one to rid us of obama, sharpton, holder, jackson, and all the rapper thugs?

  • jenniewalsh

    I like the part where he says, “They’re going after senior citizens FIRST”. This is really NO JOKE, THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS. NO KIDDING!

  • jenniewalsh

    Murder, incorporated, compliments of Obama and all his criminal backers.

  • Cynically Speaking

    How abour mandatory Euthanasia for Demo-Libtards and other brainless ignorant untermenschen ?
    They are generally so stupid that they have no idea what it means anyway. Just space wasters !

  • Enrique4

    He should have looked at their Birth date and commented you only have 10 years to be eligible.

  • NoRINO

    Barry just nominated Jack Kovorkian as your next Surgeon General.

    • Kathleen Craigie

      kevorkian is dead…

      • NoRINO

        He committed suicide, but Barry didn’t know that.

  • Jake Green

    It must be 4:20 in Oceanside.

  • rowleya

    How about a petition for Abortion up to 26 years after birth.

  • guide7

    Don’t think this is a joke…its’ not….this is exactly what liberal demoRats want. When you become a certain age, folks, you are obsolete!!! Read obamacare…death panels are closer than you think!!!

    • iamcurious

      I’m 65 and I’m not worried about it.

    • iamcurious

      I think you failed to understand my drift. Did I really need to be so crass as to spell it out for you?

  • coconuisse

    These must be the parents of the college students that approved “fourth trimester” abortions, right?

  • Mpdmd

    How about mandatory euthanasia for welfare recipients and illegals? You would save much more if cost saving is your goal.

  • Kimcalaho

    Isn’t it interesting that a simple name of “Obama” associated with something automatically puts people on autopilot and they will agree to anything. Now we know how and why he is President. This is so sick.

  • Al47

    Mind you, the first jerk who signed it is wearing a ROSARY.

  • A Patriot

    Can we kill the signers in self defense?

    • Tony Donaldson

      Nah! People this ignorant will walk out in front of a bus one day. They will extinguish themselves. Have no fear.

  • usluv

    These freaking people had no idea what euthanasia is. They would sign anything. What a shame.

  • Sgt. York

    IM 78 and they will play hell doin this to me. My Mother was 103 and this never crossed my mind. This is another reason for NOT havin gun control. Try me and we will see who goes first

  • obadiahorthodox

    You repuglicans are stupid.

    • chevalmarin

      Yeah – We’re the stupid ones. Troll. How much are they paying you to come here and act like a fool?

  • pysco

    Why the petition, its already in Obama Care.

  • jb

    As long as Obama and Care are mentioned seems at least 52% will sign. They dont listen to what is being said actually just that the two key words are said and keep costs down also. Bunch of brain deads walking around taking up space… and voting!

  • bless2live

    When you allow idiots to vote( made possible by fraud and the fraud idiot obama regime)this is what you get,fools making laws! The result, like the fraud lying obama regime, nilation of self and your world, America!

  • gbandy

    By the way these “signors” are dressed and talk they are all obviously Obama supporters. By definition they are all low information and possess room temperature IQ’s.

  • John Hand

    I surprised that some dodos even know what ‘Euthanasia’ is. They probably think it is something about kids in China or something.

  • bwark

    Oh my goodness! The worst part of all of this is that most of these people have NO idea what they are signing. The don’t know what euthanasia is, they don’t listen to anything, they just sign their names. We are surely doomed!

  • outofsteam

    Only in California are people this stupid. I support putting those who sign the petition being “put to sleep”.


    O K, if here is not going to be any exceptions, go ahead and sign the silly petition, but the people must include a clause in which is clearly stated that the senior citizens of the Obama administration, in an extraordinary move would lead the rest of the nation BY EXAMPLE. After all, a good leader (as they say they are) must lead by example. So, ADIOS AMIGO Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary, and Harry, and many others. To the rest I say: Do not forget that whosoever lives long becomes old, and older.
    Oh, one more sober reminder: You did not give life to any one, therefore you have no right to take life from anyone. And the last statement, and I leave you to roll over your own mud: NOT EVERYTHING THAT IS LEGAL IS MORAL. I have to say it even knowing that many of you are incapable to understand what “moral” means.

  • ddean62

    Euthanasia Obama supporters. They are brain dead anyway. It will cut the cost for the food stamp giveways.

  • GQ4U

    Euthanasia — isn’t that a summer camp for kids near Katmandu?

    Public education… a major fail… I want my money back. LMAO to keep from crying.

  • bunny

    It’s unbelievable how stupid some people are. I wonder how they would feel if it really became a law and they were forced into being euthanized. Some of those kids look like they were so drugged or damaged by drugs they didn’t understand the English word, nevermind the substance of what was being shoved at them. I’m not sure if this exercise proves that people just don’t listen or that they are truly moronic. scary…

  • WardMD

    Perhaps if you just call it a 240th+ “trimester” ABORTION, they’ll like it better!

    My suspicion is that those who signed, don’t even know what Euthanasia means!

    • okihadit

      the guy explaned it to them!

  • TAM44

    These idiots breed and are clueless, wait I just described the DEMONCRATS to a tee.

    • okihadit

      and they all could be obumas!

  • pittymax

    I say kill all the young little dumb-asses first! They too stupid to survive anyway. I think it’s called natural selection.

  • diana

    no lets kill medcade, welfare, illigals, and, then we can start with the colorskin people, oh wait welfare will take care of most of them, so who about the rich so we can have thier money, any solider that gets hurt, in war, oh people hurt in cars… STUPID STUPID ASHAMED OF THOSE IDIOTS…

  • randolph.poole

    This is a cross section of Obama supporters! To say they are “f**king idiots” would demean all idiots.

  • Lorne Dey

    This is why voting doesn’t work anymore since the majority of voters in this country are morons. We’re in big trouble as a nation and I suggest that any thinking person keep his or her powder dry.

    • okihadit

      for dam sure!

  • Jewel Rodriguez

    Stupid bunch of devils I hope the ignorance half of them probably do not understand what they signed. If they do the have to be on drugs or demon possessed. Morons in the making.

  • Abby701

    Did Obama do this to his grandmother?

    • okihadit

      i bet he did, she knew too much about him, didn’t want her to spill the beans on him.

  • azeeble

    Do these people even understand what they are signing? Do they realize they are forcing the elderly to be killed? Murdered? Who would ever support the death of another human being, no matter their past or possible future? I shudder to think that so many people are willing to just blindly kill their fellow citizens in the name of lowered costs. Since when did paper and metal become more precious and sacred than life itself?

    Yea, I know this is a joke. But this puts into stark color the mindset of some people.

  • Vet2

    I’m 86, my wife of 66 years is 87. We’ll sign this petition,,,with one caveat…we each can select
    a politician to take with us. Little severe??? Okay, let’s compromise!! Wait til there are 25 senior citizens scheduled for ethanasia and this group then decides on one politician.

  • jb80538

    MY step dad (age 81) recently had quad bypass surgery. Under obamacare, he simply would have been allowed to die. He’s still very active HE goes to senior centers monthly to play piano for them. When it snows he fires up his snow thrower and cleans the sidewalk for a block or so because some of the other folks can’t do their own.
    I can’t believe people are so foolish they would even sign a bogus petition like this one.

  • Melv’s

    Liberals are a selfish bunch that is for sure

  • bob machaffy

    Bet his mother & father are proud of him….Your declared a Senior at age 60, so Seniors rewrite your Will and leave nothing to these ungrateful brats

  • Agrunt

    These fools have no clue that they will be old one day.

    • okihadit

      no, there just stupid dumb jack-asses. i would like to see one of these useless scums come to put me to sleep, i’l f–ken shoot the dam scums.

  • crusader2010

    John McCain is old enough to be the first one.

  • regulus30


    • okihadit

      f off!

      • regulus30


      • regulus30

        WHY DOES THE TRUTH jerk you libs around so much?

      • regulus30

        okie dokie;; you a Palin fan [NOT].

  • doctorbob

    This just boggles my mind! This shows how totally debased the Left has become. Too bad we don’t have manadatory euthanasia for Lefties!

  • Tonto

    I’m OK with it as long as they simultaneously pass “Post trimester abortion” so I can waste the guys coming to kill me legally. It would have to be one of my bastards coming after me…..right?

  • eileen

    These are the people that voted for him. They have no clue as to what is going on in our country!!!

    • John Walt

      They think that euthanasia is another handout!

  • hankster6

    These people seem to think that euthanasia will only be for Obama supporters!! Where are their minds??? Euthanasia will be aimed at anyone over a certain age, period. Obama is NOT concerned about anyone but himself and, of course, Obamacare will NOT, I mean NOT apply to him nor federal workers and certain big businesses. Average Americans! After people are retired and have stopped paying taxes and are living off the government, he wants them dead! Wake up people!!

  • okihadit

    these f–ken stupid jackasses. these people
    need to be put down, so we can save AMERICA from evil.

    • John Walt

      This might occur sooner than you think. No mercy.

  • NH Patriot

    These people are incredibly ignorant, illiterate, and shortsighted! I’m pretty sure that most of these people don’t know what euthanasia is, and/or don’t realize that the “them” will someday be “us.”

  • bless2live

    Just think, our goverment is working on less brain power than these individuals!

  • Wow

    How about a mandatory euthanasia program for all members of the federal government? Yea, that sounds a whole lot better.

  • Charlie

    Ignorance and stupidity running wild . Bet if one was ask any of these people that signed how many beers are in a six pack they would not know.

  • Rue E. Mccain

    This is disgusting.. horrible!! So at just what age does Obama think our elderly should be murdered? I want t find out so I can warn my parents and relatives, and so we can all move to a country that values its elderly. What an a sshole this Obama is… Makes me sick!

    • John Walt

      Why not just quit paying taxes, pick up a gun, and straighten this place out first? It’s call Revolution, and our founders preferred it to what you suggest. We are not loyalists. I think that I’ll be stayin.

    • danE DanE

      December 2000, A large group of supposedly outraged republicans broke in the Florida State voting headquarters and captured the chad counters and reeked on the counters until their time limit ran out. This now makes me think that the outraged republicans were gw NSA, CIA, black ops or some type of secret operatives sent on a real life presidential mission, to sabotage the elections, because where are those outraged citizens NOW? They should be really mad as hell this go around. (Of course we are fortunate gore did win but on the other hand gw had 8 years to set up everything for the destroyer, obozo, and during his last year as potus, gw never warned anyone that obozo was illegal usurper).

  • Chuck T

    If you think there’s any hope for America, check out some of this guy’s ‘man-on-the-street’ petitions. The problem is that we truly have become a society full of IDIOTS. The masses of people who used to make this the best country in the world have largely been replaced by morons who don’t have a clue about the important cultural and economic issues, are often illiterate, and have been desensitized, with no concept of the value of human life. These are your neighbors, your coworkers, perhaps your family members. Those who actually bother to vote are casting them for a party or character, or simply the “devil they know”. Fools like these are the fuel that powers the engine that is dragging us to Hell.

  • Melia Sese

    Not entirely sure if this is real … but if it is, how many still support having the “people” choose our leaders? Ha ha, good thing that longer happens, right? Of course, the ones who actually are doing it don’t always get it right, either. Oh well, what can ya do?

  • Stan Parrish

    More liberal loony toons.

  • John Walt

    They go first. Then, I’ll decide.

  • Cuz

    Mark Dice again. He must be sucking Obama’s d—. You can leave the country too with you butt buddy

    • michael lawless

      you probably signed it

  • lfhpueblo

    Don’t they realize they’ll be seniors one day too and then the death panel will be coming for them in black clock with sickle in hand. They’ll be shaking Satan’s boney hand as he leads the petition signers into the abyss.

  • chetohimler

    These are the same folks (idiots) that registered to vote for democrats….

  • GeneralRabble

    Soulless rats.

  • jasonusf

    you should do one supporting the Euthanasia of dumb kids who can’t process what they’re being told. If it works for Seniors, it works for them! (Not really, I support life at all stages)

  • Noreen Gawers Theriault

    These stupid people are exactly why Obama got elected! They signed that petition without even hearing exactly what he was saying…they heard the word Obamacare and everything else he said went in one ear and out the other. He was elected in the first term because he was black, not because he was qualified (which he was not) and the fact that he was elected for a second term proves that his being black is the only reason (that and voter fraud) that he was re-elected because he has done NOTHING but what he set out to do….”Fundamentally change America” (oh, and vacation every other month! ) With Obama in our White House another 3 1/2 years, the United States will no longer be the United States we all know and love. I NEVER thought I’d witness the destruction of our amazing country!! Our founding Fathers are no doubt looking down on us with tears in their eyes! :( I wish people would wake up before its too late!! Obama NEEDS to be impeached. Not because of his skin color ( I could careless if he was black, white, purple or green ) but because he is a communist dictator just like Hitler. He is doing everything that Hitler did in the beginning. Brainwashing the people with his “charm” making promises that he had NO intentions on keeping and then, one executive order at a time, he shreds the Constitution! The first thing Hitler did (as did many other corrupt dictators) was disarm the people of their guns. Obama is trying to do the same thing! The second Amendment…. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free
    State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be
    infringed…this amendment was put in place so that the “people” could protect themselves from our government should our government become too powerful and corrupt. Obama is trying to infringe on our rights! He and his cronies have already infringed on the First Amendment, Freedom of Speech….the list of treasonable actions go on and on.

  • michael lawless

    how about one to euthanasia liberal professors or politicians for that matter

  • Don L

    I’d bet that the ones signing are the same who oppose the death penalty. These people have murder in their hearts. They have no shame.

  • 1baronrichsnot1

    Well, we have the names of these low IQ folks, the program should not let these people breed if it means euthanizing them. Just guessing at the IQ of these folks, probably average 25, chimps are around 50. These folks signed petitions to abort children in the 4th trimester, to pardon obama for laws broken, do away with the 1st, 2nd, 5th amendments, etc. They should be gathered and caged for experiments searching for the missing link and autopsy of disfunctional “Humans”? We can’t let them reproduce

    • danE DanE

      Not allowing them to reproduce will not do any good as they are teaching children, in public schools, that the constitution is dead, the bill of rights are dead, killing babies is ok, killing seniors is ok, and that all this is acceptable for the betterment of society, so there you have it supply and demand don’t match up with clipping the idiots. So when all the seniors a killed off, guess we will have to go after some of the 50 + old goats until they figure it out that they will be next ones to hit the chopping block.

  • Kathy Garrett

    Now I see how Obama got into office in the first place. They would sign their own death sentence. Too bad you can’t send it to their aging family.
    Can you say “cut out of the will”. I just want to slap those morons back to earth.

    • TheSunDidIt

      Even when I get petitions from known conservative sites I READ them first. Really STUPID people. They need to have their heads examined.

  • bamissfa

    dear “young” folks u can’t imagine how fast 20 years goes by.
    or 40 years.
    and you’re still here a little gray a little more wrinkled but you still enjoy life, you love your family and friends, your church of God.

    it gets here before YOU know it. From 25 to 40 is 15 years, it’s a blink of an eye.

    Remember, you twits that want older folks euthanized means u r signing your own death warrant.

  • Eva St. Clair, NJ

    Idiots like this are nullifying my vote? Who thinks it’s a bad idea to have to pass an IQ test to vote?

  • J. H. Brown

    Anyone that signs a petition is also a murderer as you are advocating murder. If you believe in God, you know that life is sacred and no one except God should take a life. The only exception is a criminal who kills people or endangers the life of others. The names of the people who sign these
    petitions should be published so that they can be punished by the people who are of normal

  • Dennis

    It took me awhile but this guy is mocking Obama’s programs and policies. He is not for real people. But it is interesting to see how people are so dumb that they will follow Obama blindly anywhere and contribute to the destruction to us as the American people. Obama a true Black Muslim (Yes that is another muslim sect).

  • Nonne

    Mark! That was surely ALARMING! Maybe your low-knowledge signers thought it had to do with “Youth in Asia”!

    Would you ask next — “Do you plan to support President Obama if he decides to seek a third term as President?” And would you then ask the person if they are registered to vote? Thanks!

  • WickedSmaatGuy

    The second guy to sign it was like ‘there’s no reason to stick around here anyway’. I wonder how many people there are in the US that think that life is lame and that there’s really no point in being alive… but you can’t really just kill yourself…so f*^k it; kill me if you want. If you don’t place any value on your own life, how can you place any value on someone else’s life? This outlook on existence is, unfortunately, a lot more common that anyone wants to admit. If this is true, there’s no way society can ever pull itself out of trouble.

  • Bratberley

    Walking zombies…. thats what far too many citizens have become!!

  • Jeff Scism

    How about Retroactive Abortions? EVERYONE deserves a do over.

  • James Foley

    Sounds like a scenario out of “Logan’s Run”

  • downs1

    Is this for real, or is it simply a demonstration of how stupid the average American has become?! I can’t believe that anyone would sign this if they knew what it truly meant! On the other hand, if it is real, and this is a legitimate petition to make “mandatory euthanasia” a part of OBamacare {ACA], then the following stipulation should be added: “Should a member of the Congress of the United States, either Senate or House of Representatives, become chronically ill at any time during or subsequent to their serving in that capacity,if they have reached the age of 78, that member will be euthanized regardless of the will of the members or his family.” Enough is enough! .

  • me

    one step short of the concentration camp?

  • Jim

    Anyone who says, “It couldn’t happen here” is delusional!

  • AmericaAwakens

    So much for respecting the ‘aged-seasoned citizen’ WHO gave us freedom, technology, and general life lesson, with patients! What a calloused society we have become. tsk, tsk, tsk… Beetle Juice was right, these numb-nuts probably do not know what euthanasia means! But they are still willing to kill the elderly…its sad. One day THEY will be old or sick and the ones getting “put down.” I’ll bet these narcissistic ninnies go down fighting, crying, “not me!”

  • Mihangel ∞ Cusato

    is Euthanasia Near Lithuania ?

  • Ross R Blankert

    This may be a spoof but the agenda of this administration would actually support such a law.

  • Al Chemist

    Bet these guys are all those loving, caring, liberal/progressive/commie/democrats.

  • CoolApple

    I’ve seen his stuff before. Last time he was getting people to get rid of the “Bill Of Rights”. People couldn’t sign his petition fast enough. Should be an eye opener. Funny,….but sad.

  • Cuz

    I support nothing Obama or democratic nor comments from a-holes like u

  • cantbelieveit

    Sounds like that movie “Logan’sRun” wasn’t far off the mark…..scary!

  • JoyceA

    A bunch of dumb asses!

  • Frank

    To the people in California that signed the petition to put elderly folks to sleep , Don’t come to Missouri or i’ll be glad to put you to sleep, cause your a burden on my common sense. Which you have none.

  • Navy Vet

    These dumb asses would sign a petition calling for euthanasia of all stupid people, including themselves. Our education system has really taken it’s toll on the mentality of people in America. The major problem is that you can’t fix STUPID.

  • Lori Hoadley

    There is no “mandatory euthanasia” program under Obamacare! It’s a demonstration of how ignorant people are by not finding the facts out before they decide if they’re for or against something!

  • dave.

    The thing is, the people who are signing this don’t realize that one day they too will be elderly! What a passel of morons we have in this country.

  • Ken

    OK, we see how stupid they are so let’s send them flyers that explain to them that by voting for the conservative or libertarian is actually a vote for Obama. Convince them that when they go to the polls, they are actually supporting their socialist utopia by not voting for the Democrat.

  • Great Gonzo

    I can’t believe the stupidity of people!!!! I take that back- I can believe it! It’s ridiculous how many signed this and didn’t give a second thought about it!

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