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People Sign Fake Petition To Support An Orwellian Police State in America

  • jellybean

    Americans sign a petition accepting an Orwellian police state to keep them safe?????
    When did Americans become so stupid?

    • Sue

      They think “Orwellian” is a Senato! lol All I think they heard was get the city council.

    • asoro

      they always where,

    • Sharla Conner

      You can call me whatever you want BUT… television, music, and the rest of the media outlet that Noone said HURT anyone was left to do the bidding of those that wanted to “brainwash” the people into thinking just like these people do. We kept our heads in the sand to have a part time babysitter for our kids only to find out those kids have grown into people like this.

    • Douglas W. Rodrigues

      Answer: When they were indoctrinated by the Public Schools System.

      • MargaretJacobson

        I school the children are taught “what to think.” Not “how to think !!!” They were never taught to think for themselves or have a coherent thought . They are incapable of cause and effect thinking. They never learned our American history, geography or understand our government and how it is supposed to function . They are so very dumbed down they are incapable of doing anything other than understanding their iPhones. They never join in community activities, play group games such as softball, swim teams, unless they are supervised by some officials ! They seldom have what I call lifetime friends and buddies ?

    • yaki534

      When they voted Obama in the second time.

    • chocopot

      They voted for Obama, didn’t they? How stupid is that?

      • Panors77

        In the case of Melowese Richardson………….up to 5 times each last “election”.

  • Mikebark

    Unbelievable! People don’t listen or they do not read. Where did you do this at?

    • antiobummer

      You just NAMED yourself!! It stares CLEARLY San Diego. Please read full post before commenting. thank you, the obumer NSA is here doing it’s job trying to keep you from looking like one of our supporters!!!!

      • Mikebark

        Okay I admit I missed that. When I clicked on it I watched the video and did not read the caption. But in my defense, when I said people do not read, I was referring to the books 1984, atlas shrugged, and brave New world among others, not the caption.

        • Me_in_Canada_eh

          How about high school 20th century history?

  • MIKE6080

    lets just put all progressive demonrats into the fema camps

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      Unfortunately, I think the communists (democrats) plan to use the camps for those who will not go along with their twisted agenda.

      • MargaretJacobson

        My be the welfare class will demand admittance ? Just call them fun camps ? Summer camps ? Say free food ? No work ? They will overflow the camps !

  • redheart

    We are in trouble.

  • jb80538

    Typical of LOW INFORMATION people.

    • MIKE6080

      otherwise known as democrats

  • Jake Green

    Democrats must be proud of these STUPID people. Really really stupid people make the best Democrat voters. Obviously our Government schools are working as planned…dumbing down generations of American serfs.

  • ginger

    That is it in a nutshell in Kaliornia in Amerika..they are sheep who will sign anything and have no idea what they are doing…hence ,pelosi, boxer, feinstein and waters. They is no hope for this state.

    • Panors77

      Kalifornia is also mexifornia now too.

  • cae973

    These are not Americans..they live in Mexiforna…so either the people of that state are the dumbest people in this country or these are the tragic effects of making pot legal.

    • Panors77

      I live in mexifornia and I’m an American, but surrounded by stupid democrats and illegal mexicans. Pot’s not exactly “legal” here yet. I choose to stay here and fight for my rights and my property. Locked and loaded.

  • marylou

    These really stupid, stupid people are the product of the dumbing down of our liberal school system.
    How clueless/brain dead do you have to be to sign a petition to pattern anything after NAZI Germany and Hitler? It must be a Californians with fried brains and no common sense!!

  • Ron Berti

    We are in such deep doo-doo…………….Adams and Jefferson both said, we are a republic, and if people are not moral beings and not watching what’s going on, we will lose it. Dice here has done a half dozen of these, each worse than the prior ones.
    The mainstream media doesn’t help, they are effectively close to a monopoly for people who aren’t news junkies, and the average American is not paying attention.

  • L.C. in Texas

    Where are these people from ? Is this the result of an American education ? Do we need more illegal aliens that are unaware of what the united States of America stands for ? God bless Ted Cruz for his patriotism and don’t forget Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Gouty and all the young brave men standing up for the people. Let’s clean out Washington DC and remove all that have been their longer then needed. Term limits for everyone, especially judges. Support the Constitution and all the founding fathers papers that have proven to this day to be accurate.

    • Tom K.

      @ L.C. in Texas: Let’s re-call most of Congress NOW, before the 2014 Electuion. The longer they stay in office, the more damage they will do to America.

  • tboost

    What’s really scary is these low-info people VOTE! No wonder there are so many crooks in Washington.

  • Jabsdna

    The second he said Nazi I would have screamed and punched him :)

  • WorkerBee

    How stupid is stupid….Do people even think anymore!

    Orwellian- relating to a political system in which
    the government controls every aspect of people’s lives.

    Nazi- a member of the fascist German National
    Socialist Party that came to power under the leadership of Adolf Hitler in
    1933, and 1945. The Nazi Party governed Germany before and during World War II.

  • NoRINO

    This is the funniest thing I seen, lately.

  • Libsrlintlickers

    NO BRAINS – NO HEADACHES!! Stupid is as stupid does! These pinheaded idiots are VOTERS!! God help us!

  • Hoosier Mo

    These morons are as dumb as a box of rocks. Where on earth did they get their education?

  • Conrad Gabbard

    Where did Dice find so many Dumbocrats?

  • gatorbait88

    Although it was in humorous dialect it makes me sick to see the American citizens actually sign up so easily without a clue that if really inacted this way of life will cease to exist.Talk about Californication sheeple…They deserve whatever they get.

  • sbryant

    Uhhh Do these people have a clue? No wonder we got Obamacare.

  • CombatVet


    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      These people drive cars, vote and raise children!!!!!

  • AEC

    Petition what petition, we our already there. The NSA tracking us, traffic cameras every where NDAA, IRS in our business. 1984 in 2013 and it is only going to get worse.

  • AEC

    Bush started all this with the patriot act, I do not believe that he ever expected it to grow this big, at least I want to believe it.

  • silvernotes

    STUPID people….they should be stripped of thier voting rights.

  • Brendajanetorres

    These are the people who vote, and you wonder how we got in such a mess!

  • asoro

    most people hear only some parts of what others say, They never made the connection on what he was saying , First they dont know Orwellian even means, they never hear Nazi, But yes this is the kind of people O likes on his side, SHEEP!!!!!!!

    • Me_in_Canada_eh

      Even if they don’t really put the information together and would really understand the information if it was explained to them more fully, it is still really bad that they are signing things they don’t understand. It is irresponsible.

      • asoro

        TRUE !!

  • antiobummer

    I will bet you that 100% of them voted for the bummer. That is if they were aboe to find their way to a polling place. Is it any wonder why poles are squed.

  • Roger Berens

    Truly sad. These fools don’t care that they are losing their freedoms as long as they are “taken care” of. P.T. Barnum was right, a sucker is born every minute. The Socialists/Marxists know that if they offer enough “freebeeies” they will get the lazy and envious. Our government run indoctrination system has convinced these idiots that they shouldn’t have to work for what they want and that it isn’t “fair” that others have more than they do.

  • Patriot47

    These videos make me wonder if the USA is worth saving. This is way past ignorance and full into stupid.

    I would sincerely like to see the statistics of how many people asked were actually that clueless. That would be a very meaningful set of numbers.

  • Amber

    Are people in San Diego really that stupid or are they just high.

  • doctorbob

    I used to protest foreigners who said that Americans are DUMB. I no longer dispute them. 40 years of Liberal education have taken its toll.

  • MontanaMade

    Fine examples of the future of America… D’oh!

  • Frank J. Austin

    This is incredibly disgraceful. The “Greatest Generation” are rolling in their graves…

  • lithic

    The lemmings are out in force, waiting for anyone to lead them to the water for a nice drowning.

  • cdansreau

    OK, Mark has proved that anything liberal sounding can get signatures. How about something conservative sounding. A petition to remove dianne feinstein for attempting to remove military features like bayonets from rifles and preventing their use in home defense forcing people to use bullets. OR a petition to remove nancy pelosi for brain damage due to botox injections and a bad example for cosmetic surgery and health. Or removal of eric holder for supplying heavily armed vehicles and tanks to terrorists as part of fast and furious. petition something right wing and see if that get the same blind support.

  • jdbixii

    Gee, more of “you can’t fix “stupid.” Isn’t it wonderful!?

  • Neal Avery

    Of course they signed the petition. They voted for Obama, Pelosi, and Reid didn’t they?

  • Charlie

    Every time it totally shocks me on just how ignorant of any history and just how flat out stupid the people are that actually sign these pettions. No wonder the great state of CA has so many flunkies as their servants of their and our government. Examples Gov. Brown , Sen Boxer , Sen Fienstien and heck the list just goes to all levels CA’s govenmental servants. What shame that the state has so many dolts.

  • Ian

    I have watched many of these “petitions” put out by this guy, and it nauseates me to know that our citizens have finally achieved a seat at the rear of the “smart bus,” right behind the sack of hammers.
    A corrupt or inept government can always be changed, as long as the elections themselves aren’t corrupt, buuut…
    As the comedian Ron White likes to say, “you can’t fix stupid.”
    This is what takes my hopes and dreams away for our country. So many of our citizens are just plain stupid.
    I worked with some young people last year, and I would ask them simple questions on occasion, that you would (incorrectly) assume that most people would know…huh uh. They knew who the President was, and that was about it. They knew NOTHING about what was happening in our country, abroad, history, nada. Nothing…clueless.
    They did know the latest rap song, who was knocked up on some mindless show, when they got paid, and knew how to say ” and I was like” “and she was like”…good grief.
    The children today actually believe that the more stupid you act or are, the cooler you will be in the eyes of their friends.
    Wow. We are in a lot of trouble…

    • Panors77

      Emphasis on “elections themselves not being corrupt”. Well…….the last TWO “elections” WERE absolutely corrupt starting with ACORN and ending with the millions of Melowese Richardsons voting 5 times for BO.

  • ANDY

    Didn’t ANYONE question the petition you were presenting! Surely SOMEONE would think this is not a good idea!

  • Tom K.

    Usually, Mark Dice has one person question the petition and refuse to sign it and they usually appear at the end of his video, but Not This Time ! The Dem-Lib-Prog-Soc-Comm’s plan to Dumb Down Americans via Public School, Mass Media and Propaganda News is working way too well. We must take our country back. Let’s have an intelligence test before anyone can have a voter registration card ! These people are dangerous and clueless. That wasn’t an earthquake – it was our Founding Father rolling over in their graves.

  • Pablo Descartes

    hey kids, i see obama voters! rest assured that America’s future is safe.

  • Douglas J. Bender

    People were clearly thinking they were merely supporting the police. Apparently none of those shown knew what “Orwellian” meant, so that just passed right over their heads. And when he mentioned “police state”, they simply thought he meant “the police”. Kind of a cute video, but not as “damning” as some others he has done.

  • BettyWhite0321

    This is how the mainstream media gets their desired poll results. Follow this up with the insecurity of the average pop culture moron. Driven by their need to “fit in” but has no real beliefs or conviction to associate themselves with other than who should star in the upcoming film adaptation of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, and this could be passed off as the law that the people demanded.

  • Mort Leith

    THIS is how Odumbo got elected,, TWICE !

  • Jenny

    Wow, I really did not want to believe that there were that many stupid and idiot people out there that would sign it especially since he plainly said nazi germany. And to think that the idiot older guy signed it just floored me. I know now that idiots can’t hear or understand anything. This is the main reason that the big CROOK “Obama” was elected. Stupid is as Stupid does!

  • Dale Hogue

    These signers are not stupid, but they are ignorant about Orwell’s book “1984”. Most of the signers are relatively young, so they may not be aware of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Most of the signers started signing before the pitch was begun, so they might not have even been aware that a pitched was being given. Most people will sign any petition that is put in front of them. This video proves this, if it proves anything at all.

  • Osama Obama

    Filmed in Kalifornicate…suprise!! Frikken idiots!!

  • Osama Obama

    Bet they all had Over-theHillery stickers on their Prius’

  • Dec25Kid

    Orwellean – I don’t think these people even know what that means!! George’s title was only about 30 years short of what he predicted, though it sure looks like he did a fine job of depicting the future. 1984 is now, I think. Brave New World was Aldous Huxley s novel, which I found amazingly accurate for a novel written in the 1930’s. The police states in these novels that were unbelievable for their time, but not inconceivable now, at all. As evidenced by those epsilon minus types that signed the fake petition.

  • Kent

    The 2012 election opened my eyes to how naive, gullible and ignorant the majority of Americans have become. Now let’s see if we can get them all to sign up for admission to death camps.

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