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Parent ‘Manhandled’, Arrested While Speaking Out Against Common Core at Public Forum

Robert Small said he wanted to express his dismay over the introduction of a new school curriculum at a public forum Thursday night in Towson, but instead the Ellicott City parent was pulled out of the meeting, arrested and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer. Small stood and interrupted Baltimore County School Superintendent Dallas Dance during a question-and-answer session and began to tell the audience that he believed the new curriculum was lowering the standards of education and was intended to prepare students for community colleges. “You are not preparing them for Harvard,” he said.

via TheBaltimoreSun

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  • StephenFR

    Interesting. I, at no time, saw anything that could be construed as assault from the citizen. I saw no provocation from him for the actions of the “Security” guard or officer. What I saw was a citizen exercising his rights under the first amendment. I hope that this goes to trial as I believe it is in fact the officer who should receive at the very least a reprimand.

  • PeaverBogart

    That’s pure BS. Isn’t that a public forum where people are allowed to ask questions and state their opinion? This is what our country is coming to. A gestapo nation.

  • CQ

    False arrest. Unlawful Intimidation of a citizen. I saw no assault by Mr. Small, only a security agent forcing him out of the meeting. I got the impression that the moderator was asking for other questions as Small was being forced from the room.

  • WRWhizard

    Our country is being taken from us. This is a soft revolution. It’s not being fought by guns, but by using our own laws against us.

    • OhConservative

      I know what you mean, as terrorists and illegal aliens are using our freedoms to say what THEY want todestroy those very freedoms from the American citizens. And, all too often, American citizens are having OUR rights taken away (the same ones non-citizens are allowed to use without repercussions. We must take back the Senate and holdonto the House, but fire Boehner, so we can reaffirm our Constitution and power to the people.

    • georgev

      They keep this up and they’ll be no other option but to go to arms.
      Tyranny has no stops. It must come from the people.
      If those in charge don’t stop it the people will.

  • Susan

    This started with John Dewey taking over curricula in our schools—-and removal of Objective Truth. The Prussian school system is perfect for mass indoctrination (we adopted it in 1800’s)…they have been doing this in Germany and Europe for over 100 years (State control of education)- (why they are godless and being taken over by Marxism/immigrants/Satanic religions/atheism (imploding)).

    Local control by parents is the only way to prevent mass indoctrination or homeschooling like Lincoln was–or a Mark Twain who only attended “schoolng” for few years and NEVER before the age of SEVEN. “Plastic Minds” are easy to flip…….which John Dewey KNEW—and why they founded “kindergartens” etc. Get kids minds aways from their Christian parents. The Curricula is vile—Charlotte Iserbyt/John Taylor Gatto—thousands have written about the “operant conditioning” in curricula to destroy Reason/Wisdom/Virtue in children.

    Actually CS Lewis wrote about the destruction of curricula in his “Abolition of Man”. You can’t eliminate Truth (God) and have unity—have Truth—you get chaos—no Right and Wrong….where Rights—can be Satanic Rites like that of sodomy and actually force little kids to take “Pride” in anal sex.

  • ARMYOF69

    POLICE state is here.

  • Freedomforall

    That black cop acted more like a member of the black panthers. If looks could kill, this cop showed disrespect and abuse of his “power” against a concerned parent who opposes this new curriculum devised by none other than the progressive/liberal communists. I hope the guy sues this cop for abuse as well as the school council. The parent had ever right to question the council. If this is where we are headed, we will have a war on our hands. This cop should be removed from the force.

  • John Beam

    At the point when that man is thrown out, every one with a spine should have gotten out of their seats, and walked out too. And notice who they had as their “security.” That thug was probably hired because he was a Whitey-hating punk who wasn’t shy about expressing how much he hated them.

  • Guest

    And they wonder why shootings happen? Nutjobs like these School Board members should be treated in the same manner that they treat those who put them there. Unfortunately it won’t be that type of person. It’ll be one of their own mentally deranged creations.
    Oh, the irony of it all! To be removed from the Earth by the very people who they have turned into unthinking, witless, immoral copies of themselves! Can’t say I’d be sympathetic or caring.

  • The_American_Way

    I’m outraged by this. At the beginning of the tape look at the morons on the board. No wonder they don’t want to answer a real question. They are clearly liberal pin heads.

    Thank you Robert Small for standing up and asking the liberal school
    board when they are going to stop lowering the standards. This is going
    on all over the country and we are producing a generation that cannot
    even get an order right at McDonalds. In my own state of Arizona they
    did a survey of the 2013 class of public high school graduates and 60%
    of them couldn’t name the first President of the United States. In New
    York City 90% of the high school graduates couldn’t comprehend what they
    read and many of them couldn’t even read.

    This is Obamaville. The teacher’s unions do anything they want and
    they learned their lessons well form Obama. Take unemployment as an
    example. When Obama saw the real numbers he decided that we must take
    out the people who have stopped looking for work so he could keep the
    number looking respectable. If you actually add back the people who
    have stopped looking for work the unemployment number is 15% not the
    7.3% they try to say it is. The teacher unions and administrators are
    failing our children. Instead of teaching they use the time to
    indoctrinate our children into all the social liberal nonsense. The test
    scores show this. So what is their solution? It’s to lower the
    standard. And what is the result of this? We are producing a generation
    of incompetent morons who are more interested in who Kim Kardashian is
    banging or who gets voted off the island.

    If you doubt this just go out to eat or go shopping. The service has
    gotten so incompetent that it is rare any longer for them to get the
    order right. We are producing functional idiots a.k.a. Obama voters.

    • Americans Wake Up

      I ate out last week. Bill was $19.13. I gave the girl $20.13. She gave me $1.87 back in change. When I tried to give her the $.87 back and told her she only owed me a dollar, she got really incensed and said” I know how to add and I am right!” Won’t be back to that restaurant. Makes me wonder what they do to my food if they don’t even know simple math and have an attitude problem. Hope they withheld the $.87 from her pay so she can learn a lesson in math.

  • MIKE6080

    obamas great society in action, the country is gone.

  • TravisT

    That is it. Once the police answers to the corrupt politicians and not the people then democracy is truly over. We must stop allowing these types of acts and start revolting.

  • Kevin

    We are witnessing a systemic disease within our country caused by the liberal left with Obama as its core. Obama has set the tone and established the agenda. These local government and school officials are empowered by this new, shut your dam mouth or I will have you arrested, Mode of Operation. Anyone who witnessed what actually happened should come to the aid of this man and demand that those responsible for his arrest are themselves arrested and fired. enough is enough.

  • Grace

    I think this really goes too far! To break the law and take away our rights. Why didn’t the parents in the room all stand up and leave!

    • holdyourhorses

      That’s exactly what I said when I watched the video. Too bad the parents didn’t get up and go stand with this father and demand he be heard. I would have, but then again I have been speaking out against Common C.O.R.E. for the past year. It is nothing but regressive “progressive” a.k.a. marxist communist indoctrination to put the dumbing down of America into warp speed. It is very much like China’s education system. The federal government will eventually have control of our gifted children and they will be educated and trained as the federal government sees fit “for the good of the collective” of course. Yeah, that’s real freedom alright.

      • Tom K.

        Even IF I was for Common C.O.R.E., which I am not, I would have stood with Mister Small for his God Given Right to Speak. What if EVERYONE stood between this ERRANT Officer and the door ? They are not going to arrest everyone and even if they did, America would be outraged and there would be he!! to pay. Freedom NOT Tyranny. Mister Robert Small is a GIANT !

    • fran x

      I agree everyone in that room should have stood with the guy and walked out what a shame

  • fran x

    ? is this what our country is coming to , where parents have no say in their child’s education, this guy had the balls to stand up and speak out, the shame is that every one in that room should have stood up and backed him up. This gov. wants to take over everything especially this administration, does anybody remember Hitler. We must stand with this guy, these are our children not the governments and the morons that agree with the gov. lets stand by the first amendment

  • Tom K.

    The Security Guard / Ploice Officer has violated his Oath to Support, PROTECT and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He should be at least suspended and at most, Fired. This Maryland County needs to immediately Re-call this school Board Member and Fire Him. If anything even close to this Tyranny is happening where you live, you better stand up and fight for your Constitutional / God Given Rights, before they are gone.

    • Americans Wake Up

      This is Maryland. They are second in line behind California for liberal views.

  • Toni J. Johnson

    Why on earth did everyone else in the audience let that happen? He was right, they are sheep!

  • Dingus

    That was BS. School district boards are BS. They are not educating our children, they are training them to pass tests.

  • Adam

    James Dobson told us years ago to take our children out of public school. How many parents listened to him then – obviously not enough and certainly not all. When government provide anything free, later it can take it away. Get your children out of public school – now! Or live with Common Core and the after shocks.

  • Americans Wake Up

    I would sue the school board, the city, and the officer (personally) for assault.

  • BarrackHussein

    This was totoally racially based… union slu! Hope this travesty goes to a jury trial and the cop is fired.
    Seig Heil

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