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Verbal War Escalates Between Hillary and Sanders

Even Democrats can’t decide between Hillary and Sanders. Sanders is still drawing huge crowds and campaigning aggressively (even going to high school proms!), though Hillary continues to be leading… a rather humorous look into the Democratic race. Via Late Night with Seth Meyers

Hillary Can’t Stick to the Truth: Viral Video is a Must See

A viral video collection of her comments on various subjects through the years is bestirring Republican hearts. Most of the highlights would be familiar to anyone who follows politics — her varying takes on Bosnia, health care, Wall Street, NAFTA — but the juxtaposition of these ever-shifting views is more jarring than one might expect….

Facebook to Answer for Charges on Newsfeed Bias

Mark Zuckerberg investigating charges of political bias charges at the social media giant after former employees blew the whistle on not only generating manual “trending” topics, but also burying conservative-leaning posts and pages. Glenn Beck and others will be among those who meet with Wednesday…. Via Fox News

Mitt Romney Endorses… Wait for It… HILLARY??

Mitt Romney continues to rail against Trump — which is an automatic endorsement by default of Hillary. While this kind of diatribe is common during primary season, it’s customary to rally behind your party’s nominee (or presumptive nominee). Via Mark Dice

May is Nat’l BBQ Month: Maybe NOW FBI Will Grill Hillary? Haha!

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