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City Tries to Crush Veteran’s Small Business

Joey Vanoni and Nikki McGowan are Baltimore-area mobile vending entrepreneurs. Joey is a Navy veteran and the owner of Pizza di Joey, a New York-style brick oven pizza food truck. The truck gives Joey the opportunity to not only serve delicious slices, but to also hire his fellow veterans. Nikki is the owner of Madame…

This Guy Has Had It: Simplifies Economics for Libs

This guy has had enough. He says he put this video up for information purposes, because no matter what he says: liberals don’t get it! Ha! For example: Yes! The unemployment rate has dropped but … WHY? Because… wait for it. 92% of the drop in unemployment is due to those leaving the workforce!

Top Online Editor Discusses Facebook’s Censorship

Gizmodo editor discusses the new admittance of former employees that admits they were to censor conservative-leaning articles, posts and news but manually insert liberal agenda items into people’s newsfeeds to create “trending” topics…. Via the Washington Free Beacon

Obama: Students Have a Bright Future…Unless They Want a Job

TOPICS: — Donald Trump — Cinco de Mayo — Obama Commencement Speech — Hillary and Coal — 2016 Teacher of the Year — Jeb Bush Love NewsBusted and want to receive alerts about new episodes in your email? Visit to sign up for free! Starring: Jodi Miller Production: Dialog New Media Feeling generous? Text…

One Company Fought the FDA … and Won.

What does it mean for the future of medicine when a company fights the FDA and wins? Life-changing and life-saving technologies. You don’t want to miss this video! Vascular Solutions CEO Howard Root faced years of jail time in a legal battle over off-label use that has profound implications for medical innovation in America. Via…

FBI Interviews Hillary’s Aides: Is She Next?

Justice Correspondent Pamela Brown in an interview with CNN says that the FBI HAS now interviewed Hillary’s aides regarding the scandal surrounding Hillary’s use of a private email server that opens thousands of emails above top secret level to any hacker of standard skillset. Via GOP War Room

A Trojan Horse In Wall Street’s Garden?

The Bitcoin/blockchain industry’s flagship annual conference was held this week in New York City. Eight years after this technology was first described in a nine-page paper dropped on the internet by a mysterious computer scientist, interest is suddenly exploding among blue chip financial firms, who are exploring how Bitcoin and blockchains can make their operations…