Why ‘We The People’ Need Our Founders’ Rebel Spirit

(Content Warning: Language) From Doug Giles & http://clashdaily.com/ For those who didn’t know this, our nation was founded by brilliant, freedom-loving bad-asses. It’s hard to imagine that nowadays because our country is currently being deconstructed by moronic, liberty-choking, dumb-asses also known as “politicians”. In particular…Liberal politicians. Liberals, you see, don’t mind what you do as…

Dumb People Shouldn’t Vote

Obama suggested that voting should be mandatory in the U.S. It’s already mandatory in 26 countries. Some agree with Obama and think everyone should vote. Julie Borowski think that’s actually a horrible idea, do you? Edit: The original post contained the incorrect video, the error has been corrected. We apologize if you felt mislead.