How to Give the Media Great Sound Bites

Being concise will help you give media outlets useful short audio pieces to use on their news shows. Staying on point and giving them answers that get your message out will help you control the debate, on camera. Randall Terry gives you examples on how to give the news what they need, while getting charged…


Amid Ferguson’s Turmoil One Man Stands Up To The Looters

(Content Warning: Language) Messy doesn’t even begin to describe the tragedy taking place in Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting of Michael Brown. The toll so far: One young man dead, businesses destroyed by looters, police practices condemned, and a nation divided by questions of race and class, law and injustice. The tone of the national…


Kayaker Captures The Shock Of Her Life On Video

(Content Warning: Language) Youtube user Cimeron Morrissey: While kayaking in Monterey Bay and watching a huge raft of sea lions that had come up right in front of us, a bus-sized humpback whale suddenly rose up out of the water only 10 feet from my boat. He was making a b-line toward me. Humpbacks are…