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Overseas Military Kids Spontaneously Break Out Into Singing The National Anthem

Forty children gave a stirring rendition of the national anthem after they were shown a patriotic movie in honor of April being the Month of the Military Child. According to Hannah Kunze, about 40 children at Naval Station Rota in Spain were taken to a matinee. The children ranging from 5 to 12 years old stood, and “without being asked, belted out our National Anthem with their hands on their hearts.” Stirring stuff that gives you hope for the future of America.

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  • PeaverBogart

    Great kids!!!

    • TheSunDidIt

      And “great parents” too. God bless them and keep them safe.

  • jstevensjr

    A great demonstration of the old principle that kids learn by the examples set by their parents.

  • DrBillLemoine

    It’s not unique to military children being patriotic abroad. One Fourth of July I was in Geneva, Switzerland, which held a party in one park to honor the American holiday with fireworks and more. My group of Americans enjoyed the festivities as much as anybody with Swiss citizenship.

  • Big Dan

    It is either the military personnel or their kids who will stand during a parade when the flag passes and puts their hand over their heart. I loved it in Hawaii with all the military personnel watching the 4th of July parade in downtown Honolulu and seeing so many of my kindred military brothers stand and pay honor to our flag.

    • stonemike

      Every single American Citizen should stand for our flag and our anthem, if not you should be forcibly deported ! You do not qualify to be American if you hate the nation, its traditions , capitalism , and marriage, if not GET TO HELL OUT! BUILD YOUR OWN PERVERTED socialist utopia !

      • Big Dan

        That is a little over the top. Too many are not being taught to uncover and place your hand or hat over your heart. My dad taught me and I taught my kids. I also learned in school. Kids are not being taught respect for their flag, their country and certainly not other people. But they learn this from Hollywood and people like Bill Maher, Bob Costas and many others who have earned no respect and I will give none to. Besides why would any kid today give respect to our military when their president doesn’t.

        • stonemike

          Dealing with “destroying “our Republic, nothing is over the top! Survival rarely adheres to norms , compassion or tolerance! Enemies of the nation should be dealt with regardless of excuses !

        • TAM44

          obama, bill maher, and bob costa are all anti America and a holes to boot.

          America bless God again.

  • Hossmiester

    My God, there is still hope. Thank you Lord


    Who gave the thumbs down? Tard! This is AWESOME, what is wrong with you?

    • John OMalia

      Obama was watching.

    • stonemike

      I dont know who gave thumbs down, but for just that one disrespectful action, if I could, I would deport that person! People better remember , no one ever believed we could end up with a FOREIGN TRAITOR for president , so dont rule out patriots like me forcibly deporting “traitors”, with OR WITHOUT CITIZENSHIP !

  • DaSarge

    This makes me proud… PROUD to be an American. These children ARE the hope for our future. And I guess we really may have one, as a nation. Thank God for this, and for them.

  • runing


  • SFS444

    Kinda makes me tear up…hope those kids bring that home.

  • robertdavidhummel

    This Honorable, Laudable, and Inspiring rendition ..IS… a Infinite, Intrinsic, and Powerful …Message of “THANK YOU”, to “Our Countries Defenders”, of the many who gave some, …and the many who GAVE ALL, Since June 16,

    “If YOU -POTUS- are heading in the wrong direction, God allows u-turns”, …PERIOD.

    …Capt. Hestilow, “Thank You”, for citing the FACTS, that are also, and precisely , the Din and Angst of All Our Veterans, and Patriots. .PERIOD……………………. Psst:,…. Obamaghazi -aka- POTUS>….Here is a word, …”TO YOUR UN-Wise”, …..””A blind man who sees is better than a seeing man who is blind”. …PERIOD.


    Here is a Fair and Balanced SOLUTION to the CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS and RHINO’S, …PERIOD.

    I’m not usually political, but this is something that I believe could change our direction as a country. If you agree, please pass it on. ~Josh

    Here is a Fair and Balanced SOLUTION to the CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS and RHINO’S, …PERIOD.
    I’m not usually political, but this is something that I believe could change our direction as a country. If you agree, please pass it on. ~Josh
    Photo: “Warren Buffet-How To End The Deficit in 5 Minutes”

  • shtwv_lstnr

    Afraid it’s too late to express pride in a nation that’s turned its collective back on God. We deserve the judgement that’s coming.

    • Combat Veteran Seabee

      But these kids don’t! They are the last bastion of hope that remains alive today for this country!

      • stonemike

        Read above, Im sick of religious extremists, including christians! That doesnt mean I dont want to see religion to continue to play an important part in our nation, but these fatalists infuriate me! Nothing but a hypocrit !

    • stonemike

      ?go to hell idiot! No common sense, no answers but falling on your knees, no resistance to tyranny except more praying! You might deserve govt oppression, patriotic , good Americans dont !

      • PeaverBogart

        You’re right. I think it’s written somewhere in the bible that the Lord helps those who help themselves.

        • TN Lizzie

          The phrase is often mistaken as scriptural, but it appears nowhere in the Bible.

      • shtwv_lstnr

        Wow, talk about an “idiot” You just don’t get it , do you.

  • regulus30

    thank God for Colonels and Majors and Lt’s and Sarges and last but not least the GRUNTS;; their top brass are a bunch of political hacks sucking on obam’s pojam.



  • Robin

    You would never catch any of the Obama’s doing that. Or any of the progressive liberals for that matter.

  • mallen11

    Brought tears to my eyes. Great military kids whose parents teach patriotism.

  • m141934a

    Those of you who voted thumbs down, please leave our country and take the obama’s with you. You deserve one another.

    • stonemike

      Absolutely read my post above, were on the same page !

  • Nana

    Have they been arrested yet???

  • Robert E. Springer

    God bless the military brats. For you who don’t know “military brats” is a term of endearment.
    I was one as a child.

    • PyschoSue

      LOL I was too, and it sure teared me up to see the patriotic respect they showed. Haven’t seen that since I come back to civilian life.

  • John OMalia

    Being in the military and looking at evil in the face and brotherhood of those in arms one can see the reason for this display of patriotism.

  • tins6

    Thank you, kids. You’ve made my day.

  • Combat Veteran Seabee

    I saw a video of kids playing in a playground on a Marine Base and colors was called. They stopped, got off of the swings, looked in the direction of the flag, put their hands over their hearts and stood at attention until colors was over. IMPRESSIVE!!
    Look at that oblowhole! That is love of country!

  • KellyKAFIR

    At military installations, the theaters play this before every movie. EVERYONE stands for this. The singing is an added bonus.

  • Paul Frohlich

    And the American president do his best . A to kill the American patriotism . Half of the USA people are mentally ill not to see what this guy is all about.

  • keithbreedlove

    But these kids are not taught in the public school system, and their parent(s) are serving. Great stuff, though. What an example for their peers Stateside.

    • Brenda

      Maybe, maybe not. When my dad was in the military, we had our own school system
      , even when stateside.

  • DenisetheCelt

    Their parents need to bring them HOME. The USA is swirling down the toilet. They need to do their duty as AMERICAN citizens, and stop terrorizing the rest of the world for the benefit of the IMF and Rothschilds.

    • stonemike

      You idiot , I hope to see the day when folks who refuse patriotism will be forcibly deported ! And dont think it cant happen, no one thought the insanity of obammi could ever happen, politics change drastically !

  • bix2246

    Very, very heart warming.

  • rhinestonenana .

    This is why Obama is downsizing the Military. He knows they are the patriots. The progressives have named the veterans, Tea Party and Christians Terrorists. OBAMA IS AMERICA’S TERRORIST!! These kids are a blessing!!!

  • stonemike

    Bless these kids , they are the “future of America”, but they must rid our nation of “progressives and marxists”, even if they have to do it by force! Liberty is WORTH FIGHTING FOR !


    I would be proud to have these kids call me Grampa

  • llellc

    “And a little child shall lead them…”

  • tarbella

    Absolutly fantastic. And children will lead them.

  • grunt0331

    Don’t let the ACLU see this. This is to much like honoring our country.

  • Edward Ebersole


  • Sunshine Kid

    There is hope. But the kids have a lot of obstacles to overcome to become the leaders they can be. We need to nurture such convictions, shut down the LGBT crowd and the socialist criminals that infest the media, schools, entertainment industry, unions and government. In short, “war”.

  • brabbie2002

    Rats! All I got was a Verizon ad and a picture of Mitch McConnell (and I just ate breakfast).

  • Jackie

    Feel good moment.

  • toxique

    Americans: wake up. Your country can still be saved and restored as the good ol’ #1 superpower. Take care of the US before it gets too late. Love and respects from a foreign US fan.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    Obama is already targeting these kids for his socialist re-education camps. Our politicians, even most Rpublicans, have done little to oppose Obama’s socialist coup and hostile takeover of the United States. We saw Democrat members of Congress clapping wildly in approval when Obama said he would ignore Congress, and make laws himself…..a shocking sight, and one that is directly in opposition to the Oath of Office of Obama and these Congressmen. Let us hope that at some point…since legal and reasonable means seem to be thwarted at every turn…..that the military will be the champions of restoring liberty and freedom…and the Constitution to this nation which now has the boot of eviol vermin on our neck.

  • tigerbalm2010

    Kids are so stupid. So is unbridled patriotism. How simple minded can you be? “Duhhhh….I wuv my countreeeeee….Duhhhhhhh!”
    Grow up America! Patriotism is for small-minded people.
    We live in a Global Village now. Not in some backwater-hillbilly-moonshine-drinking-backyard in Kentucky!

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