One Question CNBC Moderator Asked Ben Carson Got Instant Boos From The Crowd

Republican moderator Carl Quintanilla pressed front-runner Ben Carson on his association with certain groups during Thursday’s debate, though the audience made it clear when they felt he crossed the line. Quintanilla went on to probe Carson’s ostensible connection with a company accused of making false medical claims regarding one of its products. “That’s easy to answer,” he said. “I didn’t have involvement with them. That is total propaganda.” Carson acknowledged that he delivered some speeches for the company, as he did in many other circumstances, but maintained no business relationship. He seemed surprised to learn that his likeness had been used to market the controversial supplement online. “If somebody put me on their homepage,” he said, “they did so without my knowledge.” Quintanilla pushed further, asking: “Does that not speak to your vetting process or judgment in any way?” Carson waited to answer until the ensuing boos of disapproval from the audience had died down. “See?” he concluded. “They know.” His response evoked thunderous cheering from the same crowd.

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