Oklahoma Officer’s Heart-Stopping Near-Death Experience Caught on Camera

A Midwest City police officer’s near death experience is caught on camera. The dash cam video inside Midwest City Police Sergeant Brad Rummell patrol car first captured what appeared to be a routine traffic stop. Moments after, Sgt. Rummell said that everything changed. As the officer walks back to the patrol car, he notices a distracted driver barreling toward him. “We are always in harm’s way [during traffic stops], and when something like this happens, it just makes us count our blessings that we don’t have an officer that is dead or seriously injured,” Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said. Chief Clabes is proud of the quick thinking of his officer. Sgt. Rummell narrowly jumped to safety before the car crashes into him and the driver, who had been stopped for a traffic violation. The driver was said to be traveling in the same lane as the traffic stop, but because she was on her cell phone, she didn’t see the police car until it was too late. “We feel like God’s hand was on Sergeant Brad Rummell,” Clabes called it a miracle no one was seriously injured.

via KWTV

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