Off Her Meds? Cokie Roberts Has A Message for Trump and His Supporters

Alleged journalist Cokie Roberts lost her marbles in a recent discussion on MSNBC about Donald Trump and his supporters. She seems to think that calling them everything that her and her liberal party truly are is going to disenfranchise anyone who is already in Trump’s camp. She also thinks it’s racist to support the police, support law and order, stop the flood of illegal aliens and protect Americans from terrorists spreading jihad in the country.

Her message seemed to be loud and clear. On Morning Joe, NPR’s Roberts [and Joe Scarborough] proclaimed both Donald Trump and those who support him “morally tainted.”

For good measure, Roberts cited her roots growing up in the Jim Crow South and suggested Trump’s candidacy was a “stain” taking the country back in that direction.

H/T Conservative Firing Line

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