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Obama’s War Crimes: The U.S. Drone War

  • David Peacock

    Court martial the dunce;; he is the commander in chief;;;;;;;;;;

    • P.C

      And illegal on top of it all….

    • nancy

      Not , ” Commander in Chief ; ” LIAR ‘ in Chief “

  • DustyOR

    and best way to spy on Americans also……………not just foreigners.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    I wish I could watch this video but I cannot pollute my mind any more with auditory and visual input from obamao. His total presidency has been a series of war crimes that our representatives in government have turned a blind eye to and are deaf to the please of their constituents.

    • mallen11

      I agree with you; I don’t watch him if at all possible. Everything he says has no meaning to me and causes too much negative in my life.

      • Carole Sandler Kahn

        That’s exactly what happened in Germany! “For evil to succeed, good men have to do nothing”….

        • mallen11

          Carole, that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything because I do when it comes to promoting conservative politics every day; I just don’t take time to listen to -0. I know exactly what happened in Germany since my father is from there and taught us a lot about the evil of Hitler. Thank God he came to America and became a citizen as soon as he could and taught us the greatest way of life under our constitution and capitalism.

          • KurtofLA

            History Channel runs re-runs of WW2. When I see all this Generals, Fieldmarshals and other high ranking officers kiss up to Hitler, it really makes me nervous. I am not convinced that our military would act different

          • mallen11

            There was a reason that Hitler had control over the German people; he was possessed with demons that gave him the power to do what he did. Only unbelievers can be indwelt by demons; therefore, if -0 is not a Christian he could be possessed. However, believers can be influenced by demons if they reject God and His Word. -0 seems to have a lot of people who think he is a “god” because he is so attractive to them. Why? Because they have also rejected God and His Word.
            More people need to watch the WW2 re-runs to see what it could be like here in our country if -0 gets elected again.
            Pray and keep in touch with God.

    • Progressive Republican

      They’ve been doing that for this entire century. You’re waiting ’til NOW to gripe? Where’ve you been?

      • Carole Sandler Kahn

        So when do you propose to act? NEVER?

        • Progressive Republican

          How about, oh say, eight years ago? About the time REAL patriots complained about it?

      • David Spence

        Progressive is a code name for Commie. Why do you use it?

        • Progressive Republican

          It smokes out people stupid enough to say stupid things like that.

    • just ramblin

      He should be tried for TREASON,and trying to impersonate the president,he is not the president he is in that office ILLEGALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      just rambling

      • David Spence

        Foreign terrorists are NOT traitors; they must be US citizens to get that distinction. The entire US government are accomplices to his fraud, THEY are traitors, both DemonicRats and Republicans. BOTH parties have identical agendas for big government and no rights, but they are both run by the same bankster monsters. Don’t like the Blue puppet? Then you MUST support the Red puppet! BS! Keep your powder dry…

  • diablo

    oh please, like Bush and Cheney weren’t 1000 times worse. Talk about war criminals, Cheney is wanted by an international high court tribunal for crimes against humanity.

    • Keenan Fletcher

      Oh he got the Nobel Prize so all his little sheeps are gonna flock to him if Bush had done this he would have been on the rack for weeks . Wake up diablow .

      • abbe

        The Nobel prize is good for toilet paper if you cant afford the good kind. You can see how worthless it is by the past few recipients Obozo and Al blower for gosh sakes. Al Blowers carbon foot print is larger than a small nations. We have climatic warming because he and Obumble have their mouths open..They wouldn’t know the truth if it belted them in their lying faces.

    • Harold

      Another ‘kool aide’ drinking teat sucker.

    • ARMYOF69

      Another teat sucking illegal alien from quahalkaka.

    • M. Andrews

      Bush and Cheney were not choir boys.. that is for sure.. and I never voted for either.. but given the chance, I would take them over Obama.. I never ever questioned Bush’s loyalty to this country.. he was an inept leader, but I knew he had America first.. with Obama.. who in hell knows what he cares about.. He has to go!

      • Patricia Christensen

        He cares about spreading the wealth and the word of Muhammed….by the way F**** Mohammed

      • Bob in Boston

        Bush gave us the Patriot act, so no, he’s not much better than Obama or Romney. We Americans need to just say “No!” and vote third party (Gary Johnson) so the two evil parties can just die out and we can start over. Otherwise we’re dooming our kids to living under the false choice of the lesser of two evils. There is no better time in our history to vote 3rd party and start fixing things. If you say “vote for Romney then we can start fixing it once he’s in” then we’ve already lost…

    • Patricia Christensen

      You must be getting some Obama money with that comment….or legal staus by our CIC

      • Bob in Boston

        Just because Diablo said he didn’t like Bush (the father of the Patriot Act and two illegal wars) doesn’t necessarily mean he’s an Obama supporter. Only an idiot would fail to see there are more than two choices, Republican and Democrat. The powers-that-be use that stupidity to make people think there are only two choices, but hopefully people are starting to realize the two parties are the same and we need something different.

    • abbe

      diablo how could you be a 1000 times worse than Obama, counting in galactic terms there just aren’t enough numbers. And the international tribunal is run by Marxists the same a the useless UN.
      Idi Amin was only slightly worse than your hero Obozo

  • Wolfman Thomas

    When you are dealing with crazy muslim terroist savages there are is no such things as war crimes

    • Bob in Boston

      That’s bull. If China stationed troops in the US and patriots started fighting back, on Chinese TV they would describe our “freedom Fighters” as “radical Christian terrorists”. Don’t get fooled by the propaganda – the Muslims are our enemies only because we are occupying their lands.

  • Red

    The Constitution is a document that Obama does not recognize as relevant. He will continue to ignore it, if reelected, as he shapes his socialist government controlled by the UN and Sharia law. The only way to stop him is to VOTE for Romney-Ryan.

    • GW

      The only thing that will stop him is a firing squad.. He has already stolen the election.

      • Patricia Christensen

        Bought and paid for just like the major of Chicago…

        • Patricia Christensen

          Ooppss mayor

      • VINCERE

        One good round will definitly produce an ambient temperaure being, in half an hour.

      • KurtofLA

        Rope is the favorite tool. We would have no alternative

    • realistredneck

      If he is re-elected he must be stopped or our country may never recover after another four years!

      • nancy

        Our forefathers; would be using their guns ‘ , by now .

    • Bob in Boston

      Romney?!? Romney already said he would support the Patriot Act and NDAA! Romney is practically a clone of Obama when it comes to following the constitution!
      The only hope for someone who wants to return to the constitution is to vote for Gary Johnson!

    • Larry

      The only way to stop him?…………….PRAY…………….yOU EVER NOTICE HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE AROUND TO PROTECT HIM? He is scared of earthly danger. He hasn’t a clue.

  • slimpickens

    way too much drama with this obama

  • RED

    Don’t know why they even put articles like this on the Web…….People see who and what he is, Congress and Senate know for sure what he is and follow him anyway. Nobody is going to do anything to him but talk–talk–talk!!! If he’s committed War Crimes, then go arrest him and throw him in Leavinworth!!! Otherwise, quit the Idle Blabbering and just let him finish this Country up. Shouldn’t take him much longer at the rate he’s going.


    My doctor tells me to stop watching the news which shows obozo yapping for half an hour at a time just to say hello. I stopped . Now, I am not so sick.

  • Hacthcock2012

    Alright listen carefully, I do not like master O. Have never voted for him and will not ever. I do not care about civilian casualties. It’s war. It’s not pretty or humane . We dropped a bomb that killed 100’s of thousands in two cities in ww2. Do you think that was all military? No Civilians, we broke them and They gave up! That’s war. The only way to defeat a enemy is complete annihilation . If not you get wars after wars. You fight to win and win quickly or your nation stops supporting that war, your nations goes bankrupt and you loose many lives and eventually die as a nation. That is where we have gone wrong. You pay the price of war, you get the spoils of war. Not what we are doing now. Our enemy feels this way, we Americans better understand that. I do not have a problem with any president using drones that keep us and my brothers in arms safer. I have mixed emotions about killing Americans without tri or congress approval. But they need killing if nothing more than treason.i will not stand for drones being used on American soil. Will not!!

    • KurtofLA

      I agree, we have to Nuke DC and I don’t care who does it. The only loss will be the beautiful buildings

      • David Spence

        Those ‘beautiful buildings’ are largely based on the occult. WE won’t nuke it, but Babylon the Great has been prophesied for a long time, to get destroyed by fire in one hour. Many think this is entire America. I say only DC or another city. In the OT, this nation is described as doing things during the Millenium, after Armageddon.

    • Bob in Boston

      The thing is, our “enemies” in the Middle East only hate us because we are over there in their countries. They aren’t any different than our allies over there like Jordan, they just had something we wanted (oil) so we have been meddling in their affairs. If you look at history, you can find when all of these countries became our enemies and it was ALWAYS our fault. Look at Iran – before Operation Ajax in the 40s and 50s, they were stable and harmless. WE are the ones who made them unstable and dangerous.

      • Steve.

        Yoh don’t know any history do you?.

        • Bob in Boston

          I can tell you know a lot of history by your unbridled eloquence! LOL

    • Larry

      Your exactly right……… If the Israelite ‘s had done what God told them to do, to these people, 3500 years ago, we would not have this problem today.

  • jumebug47

    Impeach this murdering piece of crap. Put him in GITMO with the rest of his murdering Muslim thugs.

    • David Spence

      If you impeach, all his despotic Executive Orders are intact. He must be ruled ineligible by the SCOTUS. And I doubt that. Take an act of God to get them to follow the law.

  • jumebug47

    I couldn’t watch the part where this monkey is flapping his lips. I can’t stand this ape.

  • M. Andrews

    I don’t know if I would call Obama’s actions or inactions war crimes or not.. but he certainly is not doing any good for this country. He has other nations laughing at us because of his idiotic ” apology tour”.. He has our biggest ally, Israel wondering it we are even on their side anymore.. he has divided this nation as never before… I am not just sure what he is good for?
    No, he may not have actually committed war crimes YET.. but God knows, I would not put it past him if his terrorist friends tells him he should.. He is someones puppet.. we just don’t know who’s yet!!!

    • KurtofLA

      Old Communist strategy, divide and conquer.

      • Beve


  • Debbie

    If that is true then his sorry butt should be in prison.

  • Bill T Smith

    he has a some land for sale and also a bridge for sale wonder how many people would buy this stuff since they cant seen to see he doin so much to kill this country and then they say helping

  • E J J

    I’m here to tell you I’ve been a lifelong dem who is definitely voting for Romney! I’m disgusted and appalled at the blatant lie Obamas told us and even more disgusted with the major networks covering for him and making excuses for him. Major networks are willingly putting American citizens at risk by concealing the truth (omitting the truth is same as lying).

    • David Spence

      Thats’ right! Throw the Blue puppet out, and lets try the Red puppet now! Sucker…

  • EE

    obama says he needs more time to finish the what he started (THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA)


    THIS particular SITE…………..SUCKS!………..BIG TIME!……state ANYTHING bad/wrong about NObama and your comment gets trashed!…this ‘FRAUD’ NObama needs……ONE WAY OR ANOTHER….to GO!….let US……ALL…….see if this comment flies shall we……….

    • ARMYOF69

      Happens to all of us. Just redo a couple of words in it. Use the $ for s….etc…don’t get upset. It only hurts you.


    ……AMAZING!……… comment FLEW!………TOLERANCE as far as this SITE is concerned……give me a break!….THIS site STILL….SUCKS!…BIG TIME!!

  • panors77

    Really?? The MSM is reporting on stuff that’s AGAINST their boy BO?

  • Enero

    Can you say Anti-Christ?

  • obamadisliker2012

    i agree with mr obozo needs to be stopped like NOW we will be lucky if he dose get voted out
    and im voting for Mitt in November

  • Frank King

    This is how wars are started. I only hope I speak for all Americans when I say, This is not the American way. Fire Adolph Obama Hitler.

  • Susan Larsen Schlickbernd Nab

    This makes me completely ill!! These are war crimes and he should be convicted of them and treated appropriately for such crimes..What he gets away with in unbelievable..murder in the US and all over the world, innocent men, women and children, For Gods sake let there be justice for these crimes against humanity. People open your eyes, research and know the truth! This cannot continue for God sees all and judgement will be upon us all..Stand up America for what is right and what is moral! God Bless the United States of America and this world that we now live in. It is the only thing that will save us..

  • abbe

    Obama is a blight on the decent Black community, only his welfare losers will love him and of course the brain dead liberWAILS. Ise gunna vote fer him he gave me a cell phone and he pay my baby daddies for meking mor babies wit me. Sumbuddy gotta pay fer me to be a no good hoe wit 15 kids..

  • Doc Smith

    They are not just being used overseas, They launch them all the time here in the states for “training” purposes.

  • menjo

    Did anyone notice, he said YOU’LL never see it coming. I’m not kidding.

  • harald

    This is Crime against: You, against America, against GOD! and all thouse who are Blind: that want to give Him four more Years. Time for Change! Nov 6, VOTE! You can git Him on WAR Crimes After He is OUT. GOD Bless America.

  • ARMYOF69

    Drones over our homes? Mount a xenon strobe light on your rooftops. That would blind the drone. Easy to get off the internet. Mine is reday to go , as soon as I hear of drones being released locally.

  • BH206L3

    Since its mostly from RT, about the only thing Obama has done the right thing, Sorry these turds decided to take us on, and now they are getting it back in spades I could care less about these people.

  • Val


  • Bob Marshall

    It is so sad that millions still don’t realize that the constitution stopped being our governing document on December 23, 1913. The United States started moving toward a Socialist type government. Those in power have been real patient. Obama and his administration is just continuing this move for a more Socialist type of government. We now have a police and a welfare state. Obama supporter who wave the signs that say FOWARD most likely have no idea that is a Socialist slogan. Beginning in 1913 to the present Socialist programs have been instituted by the majority of presidents and their administrations. The ignorance of millions of citizens about their government have made this possible in just 99 years. In 1957 Nikita Khrushchev broadcast to the United Sates this message. The USSR will never have to fire one shot at the United States. It will collapse from within. ” I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labor of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” Adolf Hitler. Karl Marx would be proud of Obama.

    • Bob in Boston

      When it comes to following the constitution, Romney is not one bit better unfortunately…

  • boone471

    This man has no morals and should be killed the way he kills other people.

  • CalifTaxPayer


  • FED-UP


  • wportier

    For some reason I just do not tursh Obama and his anti american czars. He lie to us too much and not very creditable or accountable. I wonder who side he is on. He seem to be more of an enemy sometimes………… Whose Side is Barack Obama On?
    Watch this video.!

  • Thomas Creamer

    Obama is a Lying SOB !

  • Sgt York

    in order to save our country you must understand this man and his plans.Sicking your head in the sand aint gonna get it. Listen and think how he must be defeated. This guy is the first Dictator in America and many love it,so we must defeat him in November. Vote,Voter Vote for R/R.

  • AP

    Obama @ 10:35 ” I have two words for you, Predator drones……..YOU will never see it coming… YOU think im joking……HAHA”

  • Jeff

    I can’t stand Obummer one bit, but I have to say that I will always be on board with wiping out middle east trash and radical Muslims

  • buddo19

    … Where does it all stop !?
    …To kill human life without their knowing it; is PURE EVIL !
    What diabolical mind is it that will devise a method by where you may kill someone without their knowledge of it happening !? That is a ghoulish act by a pathological mind !…Using Drones is in fact; the act of a ghoulish coward ! Killing the unexpected without the knowledge that it is happening is a Cowardly act ! Think seriously about that ! Right now, if you were bombed by a drone at this second, with no warning and died !? What is that !? It would be a pathological type trained to kill via a command station 100 miles away: possibly while eating lunch ! That is playing God with lives ! We cannot excuse it by using the term “war”

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