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Obama’s Photoshopped Gun Picture

  • Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    This is first rate. Too bad the Criminal Leftist Liberal Mainstream Media are so tied up in their White Guilt/Hate America Mantra to realize that Jodee Miller and this writing team could actually bring them some level of credibility. Speaking of which, they are the Propaganda Organ of the Marxist Occupier in the White House.

    May God Bless Media Research Center, Jody Miller and their work. They speak the Truth.

  • Sol_of_Texas

    Jodi Miller and MRC createsome pretty good political comedy.

  • Rob Dalton

    White House now has an ad looking for person who knows Photoshop AND something about guns for their next attempt. Reminds me of their faked Birth Cert after years of stonewalling.

  • grandchild

    I thought the “clay Pigeon” was shot high into the sky and the “scooter” had to point his gun High up in-order to hit the mark but we all know that with this man “O” the target came to him like all subservient underlings should……..He soon will ban superman so he can take his place, wait a minute he already has……………..poor us.

    • Andrew Marzilli

      “Clay Pigeons” are no longer allowed to be used because the tree hugging liberals got them added to the endangered species list

      • Jack

        Now that was hilarious….you have a good sense of humor.

      • Jim

        LOL…really funny!

  • IL Conservative

    Nice job… truly enjoyable… to bad its true, its scary.

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