Obama’s Hilarious Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video Parody Highlights His Worst Moments

We were able to hack into Barack Obama’s personal facebook account and get a copy of his “look back” video… you’ll be shocked at what we found! Or not, whatever.

via ijreview

  • Old1946vet


  • Randolph Rivers

    Government won’t let it download :(.

    • Sunshine Kid

      Go to YouTube and look at it. a search of “Obama look back” in the YouTube search will get it for you.

  • K2mbs

    That video sucked, and made it look like there wasn’t a mountain of evidence that could be used for an action packed half hour of folly, and destruction levied on the USA. This video didn’t even fill one+ minutes with discernible evidence. Scrap it. Conservative videos.com looks stupid showing this mess.

  • pysco

    Go ahead and laugh, but I think the worst is yet to come.

    • vega388

      You got it right!! We have not seen anything yet.

  • WayneOvolcano

    Yep, worthless.

  • combatvet52

    Looks like a big AH

  • PhylBoyse

    actually the pictures do him justice since he is so sickening and nauseating to look at anyway, especially him with his “boyfriends”. ugh ugh ugh. But he still is a narcissistic arrogant monoric idiot.

  • Al Chemist

    It’s funny, but what is not funny is that we have three more years with this occupant of the White House and his commie government in charge.

  • Sunshine Kid

    Interesting that he’d put obviously photoshopped pictures of himself on Facebook, unless the clip was a prank.

  • joepotato

    The “I” (imposter) POTUS is still getting by on a con and a (Muslim) prayer… The Imposter in Chief has to know that his bogus cover stories of all things scandalous, are as transparent as his bogus LFBC and other “documents” are to the experts… The Bull___ stories are not inspiring trust that they once were… But the BS Media will protect him until they are no longer able to… The CFR Networks are not only pathetic, but traitorous in their obstruction of truth… The Indonesian Imposter is losing his charm, even with many of his former followers … Indict Obama/ Soetoro… or whoever he is…

  • ECwashr

    This video could have been 2 hours long! This clown pathological LIAR muslim usurper has done nothing but create embarrassing moments and comments. Obama couldn’t run a lemonaid stand, WHAT AN EMBARRASSMENT he has been to our nation!

  • TAM44

    Where were the pictures of his bestiality? he has sex with a baboon AKA moochelle obama.

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